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Margie Warrell Profile

  • Author of the bestselling books Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, and Brave, she motivates audiences to live and lead more boldly.

  • She is the Founding CEO of Global Courage, a women’s leadership organization striving to close the gender gap in business and leadership.

  • An in-demand speaker and mother of four, she offers credible insights on balancing work and family.
  • Coach, author, and mother of four Margie Warrell is constantly sought by conferences, corporations, and media outlets for her advice on taking risks, living courageously, and building resilience.
    She is an international thought leader in human potential who is passionate about inspiring people to live and lead more boldly.

    Margie draws on her professional background in Fortune 500 business, psychology, and coaching to provide programs on communication, leadership and resilience to a diverse range of organizations worldwide. Her client list includes NASA, British Telecom, PWC and the Australian Federal Police to name a few.

    Founding CEO of Global Courage, a women’s leadership organization, Margie is a strong advocate for gender equality and empowering women to become more influential catalysts for change. She regularly speaks at international women’s events with organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, Accenture and Oracle.

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      Dr. Margie Warrell brings sharp insights from her diverse global experience to inspire bolder thinking and braver action.

      The bestselling author of five books, Margie’s ability to distill grounded research into actionable advice sets her apart on the global stage. A leading authority on courageous leadership, she has learned a lot about overcoming fear and embracing change since her childhood growing up on a small farm in rural Australia. She has spent the last 25 years working around the world – in Australia, Asia, Papua New Guinea and the USA – while raising her four children.

      An honoree of the Women’s Economic Forum and CEO of Global Courage, Margie sits on the advisory board of Forbes School of Business & Technology and is trusted by global brands – NASA, Google, Deloitte, Dell, Abbot, UN Foundation and Salesforce – to deliver life-changing programs that accelerate growth, inspire braver action and better outcomes. Her latest book, “You’ve Got This!: The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself” has been hailed as a ‘transformative book for these times!

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    Margie Warrell's Speech Descriptions

    Margie Warrell helps audiences get comfortable with discomfort.
    Her programs offer key steps you can use to shed your fear, make bolder decisions, and cultivate a culture of courage in the workplace. Margie commonly speaks to corporations and leaders that realize that inaction is riskier than action as well as groups of women who are looking to meet the demands of both a world class career and a fulfilling family life.

      Stop Playing Safe: How to take smarter risks in an uncertain world

      Every day we make countless decisions that impact our performance, productivity and ability to build trust and grow influence. Yet many decisions are guided by fear – fear of failure, rejection, confrontation or change. Based on Margie’s book Stop Playing Safe (Wiley 2013), this program will help you to rethink risk and the cost of playing safe, find opportunity in adversity, and adapt more successful to the changes and challenges of an increasingly competitive, uncertain and fast changing world.

      Leadership Courage: Build leadership influence and impact beyond your comfort zone

      Leadership begins on the inside, and starts with making a courageous choice. For those wishing to expand their leadership competence, influence and impact, this program will challenge the beliefs that can undermine effectiveness and stifle leadership potential, outline the crucial conversations leaders need to have more frequently, and guide audience members towards expanding their vision and engaging in their work and world with greater purpose and courage.

      Courageous Conversations: Build influence and grow trust
      The inability or unwillingness to address issues that undermine performance, damage relationships and limit success can be profound. What doesn’t get talked out, gets acted out – and the price you pay for not speaking up far exceeds the discomfort you feel in doing so. This program will provide a proven and practical frame work for engaging in difficult conversations, along with the inspiration to get started. Crucial for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively, grow their influence, and build more rewarding, trust-filled relationships

      The Resilience Advantage: Stay focused on what matters most during uncertain times
      How well you handle pressure, bounce back from setbacks, adapt to change and navigate uncertainty has a significant impact on your ability to do your job well and deliver strong results. In order to face the challenges of an increasingly complex, competitive and changing world, you must be equipped with practical strategies for bolstering resilience and staying strong when pressures mount and adversity strikes. In this program you’ll learn to recognize the causes of your stress, expand your capacity for it, and build the resiliency skills necessary to soar above the stressors that pull others down.

      Leading Women: Own Your Power, Embrace Your Difference & Never Underestimate Your Worth
      Women make great leaders yet despite all the advances of recent decades, there is still a paucity of women in senior leadership roles. In this powerful, practical and inspiring program Margie will share how women (and men) can work to close the gender gap and grow their influence at all levels. She will shine light on the ways women hold themselves back, helping them see themselves as every bit as deserving as men of leadership, and every bit as capable of handling its pressures and challenges.

      Margie will draw on her own experiences as a working mother of four who has worked with transformative women leaders around the globe, discussing ways women can better manage the conflicting demands of family and career, how they can build their leadership brand, grow their influence regardless of their position, all while embracing the invaluable feminine leadership strengths.

    Margie Warrell on Speaking

    At the heart of my presentations is the message to live and lead with courage; to lay our pride and fear on the line for something that is more important.

    SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

    WARRELL: At the heart of my presentations is the message to live and lead with courage; to lay our pride and fear on the line for something that is more important. Depending on the audience I often share the psychology of risk taking and the unconscious biases we have that derail the quality of our decisions and impact of our actions as leaders.

    I want people to leave feeling a deeper connection to the purpose of their lives and work. I want to bolster their belief in their ability to accomplish whatever it is that brings them the greatest sense of meaning and fulfillment. By doing this I help people realize where they need to step up and the bolder actions they need to take in order to make the very most of their strengths, talents and opportunities.

    SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

    WARRELL: I always do a briefing call (sometimes several) with a client so that I can get a clear understanding of the goals for their event, the key concerns and opportunities of attendees and how I can add the most value for all involved. Then I take myself somewhere quiet and map out the key things I want to share as well as the best ways to communicate, connect and inspire new action from attendees.

    I often get letters and emails from people sharing how a talk they attended years back set their career and life on a new trajectory, because they decided to stop letting their fear of failure direct their actions.

    SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

    WARRELL: I’ve had many memorable engagements over the last 10-15 years, but the ones that stand out the most always involve someone who has had a huge transformational experience as a result of what I’ve shared with them. I often get letters and emails from people sharing how a talk they attended years back set their career and life on a new trajectory, because they decided to stop letting their fear of failure direct their actions. It’s extraordinarily humbling and affirming of the work I do and why I do it.

    SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

    WARRELL: My challenge is that my message applies to such a broad and diverse audience. While I do a lot of work with women in business and leadership, many times men who work in very ‘left brain’ fields have shared the impact of my message on them at a very personal level. Overall I would say my message most benefits audiences who are dealing with change and uncertainty and struggling with the best way to move forward.

    As someone who has struggled with self-doubt ever since growing up on a small dairy farm as a big sister of seven, the topic title is far less important to me than the ability to empower and embolden those who are letting fear keep them in the ‘safe lane’ rather than live life bravely.

    SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

    WARRELL: They’re all favorites! The truth is that the same thread of ‘dare boldly, trust yourself, lean toward risk, speak bravely, fail forward, lead from within’ weaves through all of my talks. I just dial different aspects up or down depending on the group and the goals. But as someone who has struggled with self-doubt ever since growing up on a small dairy farm as a big sister of seven, the topic title is far less important to me than the ability to empower and embolden those who are letting fear keep them in the ‘safe lane’ rather than live life bravely.

    SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

    WARRELL: I started speaking as a means to gain coaching clients and in the process discovered that I had a gift. It had never occurred to me to pursue a career in speaking. It was simply a way to meet with people whom I could support through my coaching skills.

    Over time as I was asked to speak at more and increasingly bigger events, I realized that for me to make my own biggest mark, I needed to focus more on speaking to larger audiences than working with people 1:1. I have a very small and limited coaching clientele these days but am always happy to refer people to other coaches who aren’t called to speak from the stage.

    SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes? Do you use case studies, personal stories and/or in your speeches?

    WARRELL: All of the above! A presentation without stories, humor or relatable anecdotes is going to be one very dry and boring presentation! As an Aussie, I like to think I’ve got a half reasonable sense of humor (even if my kids think it needs help)! Depending on the space I’m in and the audience size, I love to make my presentations as interactive as possible and find that engaging with audience members directly makes it more interesting and relatable for everyone! I’m also known for getting people up on their feet, but again, it really depends on the audience and I rely heavily on my intuition to guide exactly which stories I’ll share.

    SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

    WARRELL: I’ve helped many leaders and business owners get clear about the vision they have for themselves, their teams and organizations. My website includes lots of testimonials. I’ve also helped people find the courage to have the tough conversations they’ve been avoiding which ultimately have led to all sorts of better outcomes – including improved sales, greater collaboration, less conflict, higher retention, and smarter innovation. Exclusive Interview with Margie Warrell
    Building Resilience, with Global Keynote Speaker Margie Warrell
    In this interview, leadership and change management keynote speaker Margie Warrell discusses:
    • Tactics for growing resilience and reducing stress.
    • Balancing your career and family.
    • Avoiding burn-out.
    • How to gracefully say "no".
    Read the Full Interview

    "The good news is that no matter how poorly someone may have handled stress in the past, we can grow our resilience..."
    - Margie Warrell

    What People are Saying about Seeing Margie Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Our best speaker ever!”

    – ROSS STANGE, Sage Micropay

    “Margie left the leaders are our national conference re-energized, refocused and emboldened to build a bigger and better business.”


    “Margie’s ability to engage, educate and embolden people is inspirational. Her nuggets of wisdom are both profound and practical for anyone wanting to be a more confident communicator and enjoy greater success in their workplace and beyond.”

    – PROFESSOR REBECCA HEINO, Columbia University

    “Margie’s content was great and her delivery was absolutely awesome. I’ve never had so much positive feedback from an audience – not one negative comment, not one. Everyone just raved about it and believe me, this was a tough crowd.”
    – ROBERT GOSLING, Managing Director, Oracle New Zealand

    “Margie is a dynamic keynote speaker! Her message really hit home, and set an excellent foundation for the rest of our leadership campaign. We were engaged by her dynamic delivery, entertained by her personal stories, and inspired by her ability to tie it all back to our core personal and organizational values.”


    Dear Margie,

    Thank you for your recent Courageous Conversations program here at NASA headquarters. You brought both an impressive depth of knowledge and genuine passion to support our staff. Once again, the feedback we received from those who participated in your program was outstanding.

    “Margie sets herself apart with a powerful and inspiring message. She helped me craft my own vision for leading a more forward leading workplace. We welcome her back anytime.”
    President & CEO, United Nations Foundation

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    Books by Margie Warrell:

    Brave: 50 Everyday Acts of Courage to Thrive in Work, Love and Life

    Live every day with greater clarity, confidence and courage.

    Brave is a handbook for being more courageous. Written for busy people on the go, its short, focused chapters provide practical tools and empowering perspectives to help you build your ‘courage muscles’ in your work, relationships and life.

    Drawing on her background in business, psychology and coaching, author Margie Warrell will guide you in moving past the fears, doubts and beliefs that keep you from making the changes, and taking the chances, you need to enjoy the fulfillment and success you desire.

    Stop Playing Safe

    Drawing on positive psychology and interviews with trailblazing leaders and entrepreneurs (NASA, Qantas, UN Foundation, Ernst & Young), Stop Playing Safe provides strategies to help people reconnect to a bigger purpose, and engage in their work and careers with greater clarity, confidence and courage.

    Find Your Courage: 12 Acts for Becoming Fearless in Work and in Life

    Best-selling book and finalist in the USA BEST BOOK AWARDS, Find Your Courage is a handbook for achieving your goals and meeting your challenges with greater clarity, confidence, and courage.

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