Marcus Lemonis Profile

  • Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Leadership Expert
  • Chairman and CEO, Camping World
  • Star of CNBC's 'The Profit', 'Streets of Dreams', and HGTV's 'The Renovator'
  • Philanthropist and Founder, The Lemon-AID Foundation - supporting women and minority entrepreneurs
  • CNBC business superstar, Marcus Lemonis is America’s doctor for small businesses. The charismatic serial entrepreneur and owner of the multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, shot to fame for his role in the reality series The Profit, in which he offers struggling small companies capital and expert advice in return for an ownership stake. Lemonis’ valuable advice, raw authenticity, and effortless talent for connecting with show participants has made The Profit CNBC’s top-rated show and spurred an upcoming spin-off The Partner.

    Lemonis was born in war-torn Lebanon and adopted at the age of nine-months by a U.S. family. His family’s ownership of the largest Chevrolet dealership in Florida helped nurture his entrepreneurial spirit. Despite having a loving relationship with his parents, he had what he described as a “rough childhood,” dealing with an eating disorder as an adolescent, depression, and abuse from an extended family member. However, Lemonis claims that these struggles later helped him connect better with others, one of the key principles he attributes to any business’ success.

    After a failed run for Congress, Lemonis decided that in order to grow he needed to look outside his family and put himself in a situation where others would be tough on him. He went to work at AutoNation, the country’s largest car dealer, and worked his way up to regional manager. With his small savings, he founded the company FreedomRoads, which set out to transform the RV industry, a sector in which innovation was long overdue. FreedomRoads grew and eventually merged with Camping World, and a few years later, Good Sam Enterprises, with Lemonis continually at the helm.

    After appearing on Celebrity Apprentice and Secret Millionaire, Lemonis started The Profit as a means of reaching out to other underdogs in business. He receives no paycheck for appearing on the show and to date has poured over $35 million of his own money into struggling companies.

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      If you or your client is looking for an interactive Business Executive Speaker to empower and motivate the audience, Marcus Lemonis has been professionally inspiring crowds through keynote addresses and fireside chats for almost a decade!

      Millions tuned in for Lemonis’ business advice featured on the hit CNBC reality shows, The Profit and The Partner, where he stepped in to save struggling businesses and entrepreneurs while investing his own money in the process.

      Marcus Lemonis is more than a TV personality, he is a successful entrepreneur, advocate, and philanthropist. And in a world where business leaders are lauded for being cutthroat, Marcus does it all with heart and compassion for the people, process, and product he aspires to elevate. But as with many success stories, his road has not always been an easy one.

      As a young man, Marcus honed his entrepreneurial spirit while working at his family’s automotive dealership. By the age of 25, Marcus seized upon an opportunity to reshape the way recreational vehicles and outdoor equipment was sold. Under his leadership and vision, Camping World would grow to become the Nation’s largest RV retailer and would make Marcus Lemonis one of the most successful businessmen in America.

      But with each great success, the lessons of humility imparted by his mother have helped keep him grounded, reminding him that the true riches of life are found in giving back. With millions of dollars donated to charitable organizations, including starting his own The Lemon-Aid Foundation, and investing in small businesses, as well as production company, Zero Point Zero, he is an advocate for the underdog and finds his strongest inspiration by investing in people. Marcus Lemonis may have been born in Lebanon, but he is 100% American-made.

      Now viewers are gearing up for his new HGTV show, The Renovator, to premiere in 2022, where he will help homeowners fix their most valuable personal asset—their home. Marcus will rescue frustrated families who have no idea where to begin to renovate a house that no longer meets their needs. During the process, Marcus will dig deep to determine the root of the clients’ issues, provide solutions that transform their homes into ideal spaces and help rebuild and strengthen relationships. Ultimately, each family will get a stunning renovation and the tools they need to thrive in the home they used to love.

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    Marcus Lemonis connects to audiences like few other business experts can. A frequent theme threaded through his talks is the importance of vulnerability. Revealing a great deal about his own life experiences and how they’ve influenced his decisions and actions, the seasoned entrepreneur and television personality addresses that everyone has issues, but that if we communicate honestly about them we can build stronger and more cohesive teams.

    Lemonis makes the audience just as much a part of the program as he is, as he frequently invites members to discuss their personal story and business with the rest of the group. As a result, every presentation is a unique, immersive, and personal experience.

    Business Success with the 3 P's - People, Process, Product
    Hear Marcus share strategies on how you can implement these ideas into your organization for maximum impact.

    Leadership Amid Chaos
    Marcus knows how to turn around struggling businesses and will show the needed steps to not only bring a business back from the brink, but turn it into a thriving company.

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    He is an very efficient person. Doesn’t waist time or money. Lead by example. I hope to meet him one dat


    “Marcus was excellent. People loved his presentation. He was so generous with his time before talking to the president and conference team to get input and let them know he was here for them. A true home run.”
    — Suzanne Manzi, Harry Walker Agency

    “Best speaker we’ve ever had, even virtual.”
    — Robin Robins, Tech Mktg Toolkit

    “Marcus was truly incredible.”
    — Scalable Impact

    “His level of vulnerability was staggering. Because of how open he was, he truly altered the course of thousands of lives today.”
    — Technology Marketing Toolkit

    “Marcus is an emotional intelligence ninja. The interactive format was innovative and touched all of our hearts.”
    — YPO Chicago Chapter

    — Gas & Welding Association

    “One of my all-time favorite speakers we have had.”
    — Roland Frasier, Traffic and Conversion Summit

    “A resounding success.”
    — EO Powerhouse New York

    “We had a wonderful closing day of the conference and everyone really enjoyed Marcus.”
    — Roofing Insights

    “He was phenomenal! What a great human being. He was warn and engaging, took photos with fan, and made our sponsors feel very important.”
    — Madeline Littrell, Intel

    “Marcus was unbelievable! He was so generous with his time. He literally spoke solid for over 2 1/2 hrs straight in two different sessions and blew our minds.”
    — Shop Hackers Conference

    “A tremendous success.”
    — U.S. Small Business Administration

    “He was AMAZING, and exactly what our members needed to hear.”
    — Jennifer Lier, American Gem Society

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