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  • She is the Senior Economic Advisor to Delphin and the former Chief Economist for CNBC.

  • Her lively presentations take audiences step-by-step through the latest events shaping markets, their likely effects, and what you and your organization can do to map out its financial future.

  • Equipped with years of insider experience, she separates sentiment and media hype from what's really happening in the economy.
  • Dr. Marci Rossell makes sense of recessions and recoveries, giving you the information you need to know to make smart financial moves. Drawing from decades of expertise, the leading economist separates sentiment and media hype from what’s really going on.

    Dr. Rossell built her early career advising the Federal Reserve and prominent Wall Street players like Deloitte and Oppenheimer. She was the chief economist at CNBC, where she proved herself a master communicator particularly in the months following the 9/11 attacks.

    Dr. Rossell is currently the Economista for Delphin Investments. She is frequently called upon by governments, corporations, and trade associations for her fresh perspectives on the US economy, international events, and movements in capital markets.

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      A leading expert at the nexus of economics, policy and media, Dr. Marci Rossell delivers thought-provoking insight on a range of financial topics, including the implications and effects of industry regulatory pressure, financial reporting requirements and GDP growth. Dr. Rossell dissects the various economic factors at work, to provide a thorough analysis on the current business climate and what it may hold for your clients’ portfolio.

      The Senior Economic Advisor for Delphin Investments, Dr. Rossell conducts analysis that provides insight into global economic and political developments, with investment research across equities, fixed income, currencies, and commodities. Previously, as the Chief Economist for CNBC, she appeared every morning on the network’s flagship program, “Squawk Box,” covering the economy, the Federal Reserve and the bond market. Dr. Rossell’s resume also includes serving as Corporate Economist and Investment Spokesperson for Oppenheimer Funds, Inc., a litigation consultant for Deloitte & Touche, LLP, and an economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas—all of which she accomplished by age 32.

      Dr. Rossell earned her PhD in economics from Southern Methodist University, where she was named “Young Alumni of the Year” in 2002.

      With a communication style that allows her to effectively translate complex information, Dr. Rossell makes important issues accessible for all audiences. As she breaks down the decisions and events that contributed to our evolving economic environment, she outlines the likely effects and implications of today’s trends and issues, her economic outlook, and strategies and solutions for organizations to effectively map out their successful financial futures.

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    Dr. Marci Rossell turns economic complexities into relevant advice for business and daily life. The leading economist’s lively presentations take audiences step-by-step through the latest events shaping markets, their likely effects, and what you and your organization can do to map out its financial future.. Tying together politics, business, and culture, Dr. Rossell offers a trusted economic outlook complete with actionable takeaways tailored to her audience.

    A Roadmap to Economic Recovery

    All financial crises follow a pattern, and the current U.S. experience is no exception. As a Federal Reserve economist, Dr. Marci Rossell followed the Asia Crisis of ‘97. As chief economist for CNBC, she explained the financial market turmoil sparked by the September 11th terrorism. And now she continues with her groundbreaking explanation of just how we got into this mess and how we get out of it.

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    • The New Corporate Citizen: Social Responsibility, Business Ethics & Accountable Capitalism

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