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A flippant bet that he couldn’t become a stand up comedian in a year led Marc Hogan to discover a wealth of skills ending in a smash hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Today, Marc inspires audiences to seek out opportunities, tackle challenges, and improve their communication and influencing skills with his presentations.

Marc explains how he’s developed his ‘seven keys’ that helped him achieve his comedy goal. These keys can be applied to almost any aim: business or personal. From identifying opportunities to taking risks and preparation, Marc’s seven lessons can be applied to leadership, change management, sales, team building and almost any other business concern. His fourteen years in training and the corporate world enable Marc to understand the needs of a company or group and adapt his work accordingly.

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    Persuade Empower Perform

    From sales and communication skills trainer to stand up comedian in less than 9 months, Marc Hogan fuses psychology, common sense, and humour with real life business examples and tales from the comedy circuit that engage with any audience.

    Funny Business

    Can a sales & communications trainer become an Edinburgh Festival comic in less than 12 months – all to win a £1 bet?

    In August 2008, while giving a talk to a business audience, fellow speaker Jim Lawless challenged Marc to perform a 21 night, one man comedy show at the world′s largest comedy event – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009.

    The result is his inspiring and exhilarating presentation Funny Business: What comedy taught me about business & what business taught me about comedy.

    An ex-sales and marketing professional with over 14 years experience, Marc’s Funny Business, S.A.L.E.S. and Inspirational Communication programmes have inspired audiences across the U.K. and Europe to seek out opportunities, tackle challenges & improve their communication and influencing skills.

    His unique and dynamic style will leave your people motivated and energised with a set of skills they can instantly apply.

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Although packed with humor, there’s a serious business message behind Marc Hogan’s presentations. His account of his personal journey into comedy, complete with setbacks, triumphs and even a few tears and tantrums, will inspire an audience to see new possibilities and will teach them to take personal action to achieve their personal goals.

Earning high acclaim from past clients such as Tesco, Barclays, Volkswagen, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BAA, Virgin Media, KPMG, Select Group, and Bechtel, he has acquired an impressive reputation as a motivational speaker who can engage an audience with his natural ability to make people feel at ease and interact.

    Funny Business

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a stand-up comedian? To have the crowd roar with laughter at every word you say...or does the thought of dying on stage scare the hell out of you?

    Well guess what, it scared Marc too. However, following a challenge from Jim Lawless, of Taming Tigers fame, Marc found himself preparing for the Olympics of comedy, the Edinburgh Festival.

    Marc’s only weapon in the cut throat world of comedy was his 7 Keys for Success, developed during 10 years of business experience. His journey into comedy, complete with setbacks, triumphs and even a few tears and tantrums, shows just how the skills of stand up comedy can help you change the way you do business.

    Funny Business, a 60 minute inspirational and exhilarating speech, will take you and your organisation on a hilarious journey that reveals the home truths of business and comedy, leaving you with a set of practical skills for business and life.

    7 Keys to Success

    An ex-sales and marketing professional with over 10 years experience, Marc’s S.A.L.E.S. and Inspirational Communication programmes have inspired audiences across the UK to improve their communication and influencing skills. They love his unique approach to personal and business achievement underpinned by his 7 Keys for Success.

    He will leave your people motivated and energised with a set of skills they can instantly apply.

    Marc’s 7 Keys for Success:

      1. Opportunities are all around us.
      2. Edit your editor.
      3. Ask and you’ll receive.
      4. All the world’s a stage.
      5. If at first you don’t succeed... review!
      6. Take risks (little ones).
      7. Be a compass not a weathervane.


    Whether you are conscious of it or not, we all sell everyday. Some of us are paid to sell a product or service to our customers, others need to present our ideas to the Board, ask for a pay rise, or even try to convince our children to eat their greens.

    No one likes to be “sold” to and God forbid that somebody tries to “close” us. So, what if, rather than your customer being “sold to” you could solve their problems for a fair and reasonable fee?

    Marc’s 5 step S.A.L.E.S. system will not only inspire your team, improve their communication skills and increase their sales. It will also ensure that they and their customers enjoy the process a whole lot more!

    Depending upon audience size and organisational requirements, the S.A.L.E.S. system can be delivered as either an inspiring 90 minute keynote speech or for those looking for more in-depth knowledge it can be learnt over a one or two day training event.

What People are Saying about Seeing Marc Speak

Rating Entries

    “Marc delivered a very well structured and impactful series of presentations to our network partners, which was extremely well received. His style is very engaging as well as amusing, and his content was tailored to be very relevant to our target audience. Thanks to these talents and his boundless energy, we certainly achieved our aims of opening minds and challenging attitudes in order to seize new opportunities and drive business improvements … with a good dose of fun!”
    Ian Plummer – Head of Retail Operations, Volkswagen UK

    “A great way to close our day. Engaging, entertaining, very funny and most importantly on message. Marc’s story resonated with the business themes and his energy captured the business intent. Excellent!!!”
    Mark Richards – Managing Director, Barclays Wealth International

    “Marc opened our annual sales conference as we wanted to begin with an entertaining yet uplifting selling skills presentation and he certainly delivered, his delivery and content was exactly what we were looking for. His sales techniques are neatly entwined within his Edinburgh festival experience which in itself is compelling journey to listen to. He included the audience and made several key observations throughout his presentation that prompted you to question your own style or technique. A great start to a great conference – thank you Marc!”
    Jim Hutchison – UK National Sales Manager, Honeywell

    “Thank you for your engaging and entertaining contribution to our ‘Striving for Excellence’ event. Your humorous and thought provoking workshop brought with it some very tangible messages for all staff to take away when working through every day challenges within the NHS. Your ‘7 keys for success’ certainly appeared to inspire everyone in the audience for taking service improvement projects forward!”
    Dr Lesley Young Murphy – Deputy Director Community Services, NHS Newcastle and North Tyneside Community Health

    “Brilliant, inspirational and thought provoking with good use of humour. I would have no hesitation in inviting him back or recommending him.”
    Jerome Cornwall, Grant Thornton UK LLP

    “I wanted a speaker to wrap up our conference who could inspire our sales teams. I didn’t want a sportsman a mountaineer or an astronaut. That might be uplifting, but does it truly inspire and drive change? Most of us don’t run, row or climb. Marc started where many of us started and then he got brave. Really, really brave. He was funny, challenging and wise. More than that, Marc inspired change; many made promises, several committed to a change in attitude and at least one made a major life change. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
    Lee Farnsworth – Vice President Neurosciences EAME, Allergan Ltd

    “Excellent! Some of the best corporate training I have ever seen!”
    Bernadette Rogers – EphMRA

    “Marc delivered an extremely thought provoking, interactive and entertaining session which not only challenged our thinking but also exceeded our expectations. He left us feeling empowered and motivated to take action. Simply put, an outstanding performance!”
    Graeme McKinnon – Commercial Director, Expense Reduction Analysts

    “I just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday – you were a complete hit with staff. We thought the way you adapted to make the speech personal to us was superb and the message went out loud and clear that part of giving good customer service is being self-aware. Well done!”
    Suzanne Smith – Communications and Marketing Manager, West Kent Housing Association

    “Dear Marc, thank you for a brilliant and extremely funny presentation, perfectly tailored to our audience. A lot of the delegates came along, not knowing quite what to expect, and they walked away feeling totally inspired and keen to try out the new techniques they had learnt. Thanks again!”
    Kate Serby – Enterprise Officer, University of Hertfordshire

    “Thank you for doing such a brilliant job!”
    Jennie Harnaman – Event Manager, The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

    Selected Clients:

    Barclays Wealth
    Grant Thornton
    Virgin Media
    BAA Heathrow Express
    Select Group
    Badenoch and Clark
    Anglian Water
    The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management
    DSGI Business
    Royal Sun Alliance
    PETA Training and Consultancy Ltd
    DX Group
    Tetra Pa
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
    Pearson International
    Hospitality Industry Training (HIT)
    University Of Hertfordshire
    National Association of Hospice Fundraisers

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