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Based in Singapore, Manu Bhaskaran has been following economic, political and security trends right across the Asia-Pacific region for more than two decades, and can provide unbeatable insight into the opportunities and pitfalls offered by investment in Asia.

Mr. Bhaskaran began his career as an economist working for the Singapore government and then moved on to be Chief Economist of an investment bank. Not just a theoretical economist, he travels extensively across the region to meet senior policy and business leaders to gain an in-depth view of the political and economic movements shaping Asia’s future. He can offer a true insider’s perspective on the rise of China and the implications it will have both for the rest of Southeast Asia and for the wider world of international trade and global business.

As the head of the Asian office of Washington DC-based The Centennial Group, a strategic advisory firm, Mr. Bhaskaran analyses macro trends in Asia, advising many investment institutions, government agencies and corporations. Prior to this post he was Managing Director and Chief Economist for SG Securities.

A graduate of Cambridge University and Harvard, Mr. Bhaskaran is widely published both in Singapore and in the rest of Asia; he has a regular column in the Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun and also in The Edge in Singapore. He is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, Vice President and council member at the Economics Society of Singapore and is also on the executive committee of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs.

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    Unique, on-the-ground assessment of the Asian macroeconomic environment for business executives trying to weigh-up the risks and rewards of investing across different countries in Asia.

    Mr Bhaskaran is a leading Asian economist based in Singapore with over 20 years of experience following the economic, political and security issues across the Asia Pacific region.

    He has covered Asian economies and politics in great detail since 1982, firstly within the Singapore government service, then as the Chief Economist of an investment bank. He travels extensively to meet with senior policy and business leaders which gives him much more than just an economist’s view of the region. =

    He therefore provides invaluable insights into the economies of Southeast Asia, China, India, Japan and Korea and looks at risks associated with key political events in the region and their implications. He also comments in detail on the implications of China’s rise, in particular as it moves up the value chain and explores what this means for the rest of Asia and for international trade and global businesses. =

    He heads the Asian office of Washington DC-based strategic advisory firm, The Centennial Group, directing its economic research practice which provides in-depth analysis of macro trends in Asia. He works extensively with investment institutions, government agencies and corporations. Prior to joining Centennial Group, he was previously Managing Director and Chief Economist for SG Securities (previously Crosby Securities).

    The on-the-ground assessment of Asia’s macroeconomic environment is invaluable for business executives, especially those who are involved in asset allocation across countries in Asia or who are with MNCs trying to weigh-up the risks and rewards of investing across different countries in Asia.

    He is widely published in Singapore and across Asia and is a regular columnist for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japan) and The Edge (Singapore). In addition to writing and editing, he is a leading figure in a number of economic institutions. These include the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) where he is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, the Economics Society of Singapore, of which he is Vice President and also the Council, and Executive Committee, of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA). =

    He is a graduate of Magdalene College, Cambridge University and holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

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Manu Bhaskaran provides unrivaled analysis of the economic and political issues and trends affecting Southeast Asia. He addresses which countries are likely to outperform others and where the key investment points are. He can provide economic assessments country by country, analyze the economic trends right across the region and use his in-depth on the spot knowledge to assess the likely political shifts in each country.

  • Regional economic issues and trends: Asian economic integration, trends in credit/debt across Asia, which region or group of countries is likely to outperform, and competitiveness among Asian markets
  • Country economic assessments: Cyclical turning points, secular growth trends, and policy outlook
  • Regional political trends and assessments
  • Country political assessments

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