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Dubbed one of the most hilarious motivational speakers in the U.S., two-time cancer survivor Mack Dryden shows audiences how to make the most out of goal setting, eye surgery, and even Moroccan prison. A brilliant entertainer, Mack is renowned for inspiring groups from all sectors as he blends humor, storytelling, and valuable messages to create a memorable experience.

Beginning as a newspaper reporter on his native Gulf Coast, Mack later worked as a writer for the popular show Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He’s appeared in several television shows, including Saved by the Bell, JAG and The Tonight Show as well as feature films. His writing and voice work for Los Angeles-based Premier Radio Networks are heard on more than 500 radio stations weekly.

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    “Awesome!” “Hilarious!” “The best we’ve ever had!” The accolades for this world-class performer go on and on. But whether he’s busting ribs with his uproarious, family-friendly standup, or inspiring with a powerful yet laugh-out-loud motivational speech, Mack is a one-of-a-kind performer who always kills the crowd and thrills his clients.

    An engaging performer with a relaxed style, the writer/comedian/actor has appeared on The Tonight Show with both Johnny and Jay, plus dozens of other TV shows and movies, was a staff writer for ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and brings this performing experience to the platform whether he’s performing his unique standup, delivering a hilarious keynote, or Emceeing an awards show or general session. He writes custom comedy for every client, making his presentations even more special, personal, and memorable.

    Hundreds of thrilled clients think Mack is the funniest motivational speaker and one of the top corporate comedians working today. He has survived everything from the sharks of showbiz, to bouts with two different types of cancer, to a terrifying stay in an African prison—and lived to tell inspiring, motivating and hilarious stories about it all.

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Mack Dryden's Speech Descriptions

Mack Dryden’s elevated thousands of corporate events and association meetings with his critically acclaimed comedy. Yet Mack’s presentations aren’t just simply about getting laughs (unless that’s your request) No matter your industry, his captivating stories are just as moving and educational as they are hilarious.

As both a speaker and host, he customizes his program specifically for your organization so well that you may just think he’s part of your company.

Laugh to the Top: A Hilarious Guide to Achieving Your Goals
Your group has been working hard, soaking up invaluable information and practical solutions from a dynamic, hard-hitting line-up of no-nonsense presenters and workshop leaders.

Now, wouldn’t it be terrific if you could get a speaker to relax the mood for a moment, entertain them with some belly-laughs, and at the same time inspire and motivate them to put the lessons they’ve learned into practice?

Mack gets huge laughs while demonstrating the power and practicality of his Seven Step Formula for goal-achieving—and he walks the walk. He’s been a super-achiever since he was a young man who earned a black belt in karate, won a major literary prize, and traveled across Europe for 15 months living by his wits in exotic lands. In North Africa, a brawl with a would-be robber landed him in a Moroccan prison, and that terrifying experience taught him many powerful lessons that he shares with his fascinated audiences ("Falling on your face is still moving forward!").

For the past 20 years he’s entertained thousands of corporate clients, performed stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show with both Johnny and Jay and numerous other TV shows, acted in movies with such stars as Karl Malden and Keith Carradine, and was hand-picked by Bill Maher for the writing staff of ABC's Politically Incorrect.

Just before taping a pilot for Dick Clark Productions, he was diagnosed with cancer. Mack’s slightly unconventional tale of his triumphant battle against that cruel predator leaves his audiences inspired, deeply moved—and shaking with laughter.

Laughing about cancer? You bet. Mack’s philosophy is "when they're laughing, they're listening." And one sure way to get a group to laugh is to create custom comedy specifically for them, which he weaves into every presentation. With more than 15 years experience doing just that for such organizations as Kodak, General Motors, Pfizer, Nortel, Johnson & Johnson and hundreds more, nobody does it better.

Give your group what you know they want: the motivation and inspiration to achieve their cherished goals—and a welcome break from “serious” business. Give them Mack Dryden’s “Laugh to the Top.”

The Perfect Host
Whether your event is a general session, an award show, or anything in between, your Emcee can be the difference between a couple of hours of drudgery and a rollicking good time. As a comedian, actor, and host, Mack Dryden has delighted corporate audiences for more than a decade with his quick wit and uncanny ability to customize his clean material for any situation. He has Emceed major events for such Fortune 500 companies as International Paper, Southwestern Bell Global, Pfizer, and Peterbilt Trucks.

As a staff writer on ABC's Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, he honed his skill at writing hilarious, up-to-the minute special material. He's performed on everything from The Tonight Show to An Evening at the Improv and shared the stage with such stars as Rosie O'Donnell, Jerry Seinfeld and the Osmonds. All this experience has given Mack an astonishing ability to put an audience at ease and turn a usually-dull occasion into a fun-filled laugh-fest.

Celebrating Cancer Survival
The funniest two-time cancer survivor in the country inspires and motivates with his hilarious stories of beating the Grim Reaper to spread laughter in his uniquely warm, family-friendly style. Cancer survivors and care-givers leave Mack’s celebration speeches refreshed, thoroughly entertained, and re-energized to pursue new goals and lend support to victims of this cruel disease.

What People are Saying about Seeing Mack Speak

Rating Entries

“Mack was a big surprise, as an MC he was brilliant and his story is very inspirational. He came to our events at night which we really appreciated and I know our clients loved.”
   KAO Australia (Engagement arranged by

“You helped us address a very serious subject in a fun and enjoyable manner…I have heard nothing but rave reviews …I hope we can work with you in the future…”
   Robin Sitver, PFIZER

“…you hit big time in every category for us: client handling, content sensitivity, eye on the watch, pitching in to help, handling things on the fly, enthusiasm, humor, and all-round great guy. So thank you a million-fold.”
   Richard B. Willaims, Michael Carson Productions (New York)

“Amazingly in this day and age, you got huge laughs, kept it clean, and were truly inspiring.”
   Anish Jain, Institute of Business Forecasting

“Mack presented a wonderful, thought-out and prepared message…some of his funniest and best received comments were from the information we provided him… we couldn’t be happier.”
   Rick Murray, President, Arizona Dental Association

“…our members are very sophisticated media professionals… and we were all caught up in your unique brand of insightful humor. We were thrilled with your thoughtful presentation.”
   Tony Quin, Radio Broadcasters Marketing Association (Atlanta)

“Nothing about ‘Escrow’ is sexy or funny, but you did your homework and left us rolling in the aisles with your unique style of comedy.
   Sandy Burrows, California Escrow Association

“Your performance (for PETERBILT) as our roving reporter… was a complete smash! Thank you for your humor and your attention to all the little details that are so important to our clients.”
   Mike Main, Murphy-Main & Associates (Dallas)

“You are a powerful, highly motivated and motivating speaker who sprinkles the lessons you share with both humorous and personal anecdotes that drive the point home. Don′t take my word for it; there are over 150 others at the conference whose words I′m just echoing.”

“You were extremely professional, flexible, and you were only concerned in doing what was right for our program, not simply seeking laughs.”
   Alan Williams, SBC GLOBAL MARKETS

“You were not only an outstanding performer and host, you did it under very difficult circumstances. We had 150 award winners to recognize on stage in one hour, and you kept it fun and upbeat without ever letting it resemble a rodeo.”
   Dan Nace, EventSource Productions

“You took a dry subject like software manufacturing and made it hilarious. The material was clean, professional, funny and even inspiring.”
   Brian Kindilien, Surfcam CAD/CAM Systems

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Books by Mack Dryden:

Fluffing the Concrete: Making the Most of Foreign Prison—Or Anything Else
“One would think that being thrown into a North African prison in leg-irons might be an exception to the adage that comedians can find humor in anything. One would be wrong. Fluffing the Concrete is a fascinating, harrowing, and hilarious look behind the impenetrable walls of a foreign prison-and into the mind of one of the funniest humorists and compelling motivational speakers working today.”
    Paul Ruffin, author of Here’s to Noah, Bless His Ark and Castle in the Gloom


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