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One of the nation’s most highly regarded generational experts and cultural translators, Lynne Lancaster can help you transform your corporate culture and employee relations so that you no longer suffer from generational gaps in recruiting, retention or communication. Her keynotes and workshops provide deep insight into the hottest talent trends with practical guidance as to the best way to engage with them.

Ranked as a top five speaker on, Lynne’s distinguished client roster includes AT&T, Best Buy, Cisco, General Mills, the National Security Agency, and U.S. Bank among others.

Co-author of the bestselling books When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace, Lynne’s firm undertakes large-scale research including surveys, focus groups and interviews to gauge the generational impacts on the business world. Her insight in this area has led to appearances on CNN, CNBC and NPR, and in Time, The Washington Post and the New York Times.

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    Are you struggling with generational gaps in recruiting, retention, or communication? Do you need to engage the newly-hired Millennials in the room without turning off the Generation Xers and Baby Boomers? Are you looking for an insightful presentation on the hottest talent trends accompanied by practical, applicable solutions? Savvy, engaging, and entertaining, Lynne delivers sparkling keynotes and workshops tailored to your strategic issues.

    Lynne Lancaster is one of the nation’s foremost generational experts and cultural translators. With clients that range from AT&T to Best Buy, Cisco, General Mills, the National Security Agency, and U.S. Bank, Lynne was named a Top Five Speaker for 2010.

    Lynne is one of The Generations People who make up BridgeWorks’ multigenerational team of experts, speakers, and corporate entertainers. Individually and together they deliver highly customized, high energy keynotes and workshops that entertain and enlighten audiences and leave them with plenty of practical, take home tips.

    Lynne is co-author of the best-selling books When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace (HarperBusiness 2010). Her firm routinely conducts large-scale surveys as well as focus groups and one-on-one interviews to discover firsthand the ways in which the generations are shaking up today’s business world. Lynne has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and National Public Radio, as well as in Time, Washington Post, and New York Times.

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Lynne Lancaster's Speech Descriptions

Lynne Lancaster uses cutting-edge research, statistics and case studies in her multimedia presentations that highlight what you need to do to attract and retain the brightest stars of each generation. She analyses the challenges of having four generations in the workplace and shows how you can engage them all without alienating any.

Lynne draws on her bestseller, The M-Factor, to address the issues raised by the influx of eight million “Millennials” into the workplace. She demonstrates how you can make your workplace attractive for young talent without alienating your other generations.

As well as exploring workplace and workforce issues, Lynn shows how you can refocus your marketing system to maximize your sales to all the different generations in the marketplace.

    Rocking the Workplace: Managing and Leading Four Generations
    If you think you′ve heard the generations topic before, guess again. The team that brought you the best-selling book, When Generations Collide, uses cutting-edge research, multimedia, stats and case studies to highlight what it′s going to take to attract and retain the best and brightest talent of every age.

    Find out...

    • What makes the generations so different?and so perplexing?
    • How will demographic shifts drastically change the ways we recruit, retain and manage in the next decade?
    • How do you engage one generation without alienating another?
    • What can leaders do now to plan for succession and win the war for talent?

    The M-Factor: Seven Ways the Millennial Generation Is Shaking Things Up at Work
    Eighty million Millennials are flooding into the workplace and clashing with the generations already there. Learn the seven surprising trends that shaped this influential generation and the best tips and techniques for managing them. Based on the best-selling The M-Factor (HarperBusiness 2010).


    • How you can win the war for young talent and become the place Millennials want to work
    • The keys for bridging communication gaps between texters, tweeters, and traditional communicators
    • How to handle entitlement?
    • What it takes to engage Millennials without alienating the other generations.

    Selling and Marketing to the Generations
    Markets are becoming increasingly segmented and one size no longer fits all clients and customers. This presentation reveals the hot buttons and preferences of Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials that marketers and sales people need to know to connect. This isn′t about inventing a new selling system - it′s about adding a generational lens to your already successful approach.


    • What should sales people do to customize their message to each generation they sell to?
    • What should managers know to coach all the generations on their sales team?
    • How can marketers target campaigns to one generation without turning off another?
    • How can you put a generational lens on your company′s selling system to make it even more impactful?

    Just for Associations: Engaging Four Generations of Members
    Generation gaps are making it nearly impossible to meet the needs of every generation of members. This program reveals how to connect with each cohort and create loyalty with every generation. You can′t afford not to see the association world through a generational lens.

    Topics include...

    • How do you convince the generations to get involved with your association and stay committed?
    • How can you connect with loyal traditional members while getting the young ones in the door?
    • How can you engage four very diverse generations of staff?

What People are Saying about Seeing Lynne Speak

Rating Entries

    “Lynne absolutely knocked it out of the park. She was a pleasure to work with and delivered a dynamic, engaging speech that truly exceeded all expectations.”
    Association of Women in Finance
    (Event booked by

    “Your enthusiadm for your topic was evident and much appreciated. In fact, many attendees felt your session was the most valuable of the conference.”
    Mary Wright Benner,
    The Conference Board

    “The information and insight you provided regarding the differences in generations were incredibly valuable and useful. I was especially impressed with the amount of research you did on our industry and institution and your ability to tailor your presentation to our audience.”
    Robyn Pennington,
    Director Business Solutions Services,
    The California State University

    “In all my years of chairing this conference, I have never had a keynote speaker who did such a thorough job preparing content and ensuring that the remarks were highly relevant to our audience. Your deep research and focus were very evident and much appreciated by me and my leadership team. In addition… to a client, there was overwhelmingly positive response to your remarks and presentation style.”
    Judy Sloan,
    Deloitte Tax, Deloitte

    “Based on results of our post-event survey, your presentation really resonated with employees. All of the respondents indicated that your presentation helped them better understand multi-generational workforces, with 95% saying they plan to utilize the lessons learned in their interactions with co-workers.”
    Tiffani Orange,
    Diversity and Worklife Manager,
    Ford Motor Company

    American Management Association
    American Society for Training and Development
    American Society of Association Executives
    Council of Growing Companies
    Meeting Professionals International
    Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

    Business Services
    American Rental Association
    Ceridian Corporation
    Deluxe Check
    Lifetouch, Inc.

    American Library Association
    California State Association of Counties
    League of California Cities
    New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

    Newspaper Association of America
    Public Relations Society of America

    Home Builders′ Association
    Construction Industry Manufacturers

    Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
    Tinker AFB

    College and University Professionals Association
    National Association of College and University Attorneys
    National Association of Educational Buyers
    National Education Association
    Pennsylvania Association of Colleges & Universities
    Robert Morris College
    Rose State College
    St. Louis Community College
    Southwestern College
    University of Michigan
    University of Minnesota

    American Bankers Association
    American Express Financial Advisors
    Charles Schwab
    Consumer Bankers Association
    Financial Women International
    Fortis Financial Group
    ReliaStar Financial
    Southern Employee Benefits Conference
    Washington Mutual
    Wells Fargo Bank

    Food Industry
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    Floral Marketing Association
    Food Distributors International
    General Mills
    Land O′ Lakes, Inc.
    Produce Marketing Association

    Healthcare, Medical, Dental
    3M Dental
    Abbott Laboratories
    Adventist Health
    American Association of Blood Banks
    American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
    American Dental Trade Association
    Amerinet Central
    Clinical Laboratory Management Association Foundation
    California Association of Healthcare Admissions Management
    Eli Lilly and Company
    Healthcare Human Resources Management Association of California
    Henry Schein, Inc.
    Johnson & Johnson
    Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.
    Sutter Gould Health Foundation
    Sutter Health

    Dorsey & Whitney Law Firm
    Gray Plant Mooty
    Leonard, Street and Deinard
    Lowenstein Sandler PC
    Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand
    Meritas Law Firms Worldwide
    National Association of College and University Attorneys
    National Association for Law Placement
    Pepper Hamilton
    Tucker Alan

    3M Corporation
    Fibre Box Association
    Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
    Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Inc.

    Best Buy
    Ethan Allen
    Marshall Field′s
    Salon Association
    Wilsons Leather

    Sales and Marketing
    American Marketing Association
    Association of Sales & Marketing Companies
    Bank Marketing Association
    Liberty Database Marketing Services
    Photo Marketing Association International

    Travel and Leisure
    Carlson Companies
    Society of Incentive & Travel Executives
    National Tour Association

    National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
    Minnesota Rural Electric Association
    Alabama Electric Co-operative
    Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives

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Books by Lynne Lancaster:

    The M-Factor: Why the Millennial Generation is Rocking the Workplace
    The definitive guide to turning the Millennials′ great expectations into even greater results.

    The Millennial generation (those born between 1982 and 2000) has rapidly entered the workforce in greater numbers, but its introduction to the workplace has been anything but seamless. In fact, many companies already report attention-grabbing stories about:

    • the mother who called HR to complain when her Millennial daughter got a mediocre performance review;
    • the new hire who dialed the CEO directly to tell him what the company could be doing better;
    • the young employee who revealed a confidential new product on her Facebook page before it was made public.

    Clashes like these are happening in workplaces around the world, and they leave leaders and coworkers scratching their heads and wondering, “What do these Millennials want? Why are they so different? How do we get the good ones in the door? How do we keep them there without alienating the other generations?” Going forward, a company′s success will depend upon knowing the answers to these questions, because they are the keys to motivating this new generation and to taking advantage of the amazing potential it possesses.

    In The M-Factor, Baby Boomer Lynne Lancaster and Generation Xer David Stillman draw on cutting-edge case studies, findings from large-scale surveys, and hundreds of interviews to identify the seven trends essential for understanding and managing the Millennials: the role of the parents, entitlement, the search for meaning, great expectations, the need for speed, social networking, and collaboration.

    Observant, humorous, and savvy, this book—the ultimate guide to Millennials in the workplace—offers valuable insights and practical, take-action tips and solutions that Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xers, and even Millennials can use to bridge generational gaps, be more productive, and achieve organizational success like never before.

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