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For over a decade Louis Gravance designed and oversaw training for the Walt Disney Company, maintaining its reputation as “the happiest place on earth.” Today he channels his expertise and energy to help other organizations become happier and more productive.

A born showman, Mr. Gravance teaches leaders and employees to bring a certain pizazz to their work – a spirit that will forge emotional connections between company representatives and customers, turning transactions into memorable experiences. He brings 20 years of Los Angeles show business and 12 years as a Disney Traditions “Professor” to his interactive culture-altering training programs. He’s provided turning points for nationally known names like Bank of America, Toys ‘R Us, and BMW of Canada.

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    Louie Gravance is literally changing the consciousness of business in America through his speaking and consulting skills. A premiere example is the work he has done is helping Bank of America navigate what he calls a “culture shift.” MONEY MAGAZINE credits these efforts with “making the banking experience more pleasurable with changes that have improved customer satisfaction.” This was done through an initiative Gravance introduced to high level executives and employees entitled “The Bank of America Spirit.” Gravance was a perfect fit for this project, thanks to skills learned and honed during a twelve-year tenure at The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida.

    Beginning with the training and orientation program “Traditions” at The Disney University, Louie designed, developed, and delivered countless presentations. First, at the University for literally thousands of Disney World employees from all disciplines, and then for visiting corporate clients through the Disney Institute Professional Development Programs.

    He has also traveled North America, teaching “Showmanship in the Workplace” to large companies like ING Financial, Mutual of Omaha, Fisher Scientific, Toys ′R Us and BMW of Canada, just to name a few.

    Prior to moving to Florida, Mr. Gravance began a show business career at the age of twelve. He spent the next two decades in Los Angeles appearing in stage shows, sitcoms, motion pictures and over 35 national television commercials. While at Disney, he led, trained, and performed with the improvisational comedy show “Streetmosphere” at the Disney / MGM Studios from the first year of its inception in 1989.

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An entertainer with golden content, Louis Gravance delivers unforgettable customer and leadership training that grabs audience attention from start to finish. Based on his hit training programs that he designed and delivered to thousands of Disney employees annually, Mr. Gravance takes winning strategies from one of the world’s most iconic companies and molds them to fit your industry, people, and needs. Through an upbeat combination of storytelling and acting, Mr. Gravance will show your group how they can discover their company’s inner magic, draw from it to deliver superior customer service, and turn your brand’s name into an adjective that is synonymous with “excellent.”

Ever wonder how a company like Disney maintains “Service Excellence” on a daily basis? I am often asked, “How does Disney manage to have such happy employees?” Discover some of the techniques and themes used to train and motivate thousands of Disney “Cast Members” annually. THESE ARE UNIVERSAL CONCEPTS THAT CAN BE APPLIED TO YOUR ORGANIZATION. Based on over ten years of experience as a Disney Traditions “Professor”, this talk is particularly aimed at keeping every employee “Emotionally Connected” to their purpose. You will see the power of GOAL FUSION between you and every member of your team. Either “backstage or onstage performers” from such hardworking areas as call centers, sales, health care professionals, custodians and housekeepers must understand their link to the goals and objectives of their employer. This presentation stresses the alliance between employees both seen and unseen. This talk is often utilized by organizations that ask the very most of their service employees whose rewards are not always obvious in the short term.

ALL organizations, whether they’re aware of it or not, are constantly engaging their internal and external customers in a NARRATIVE of sorts. Regardless of what anyone is selling or providing, a STORY is conveyed through every single transaction. This narrative drives everything from customer expectations to employee satisfaction to even your very BRAND ESSENCE.


Whether you’re a food service professional or a pediatrician, virtually ever vocation requires a “performance technique!” Any business, like any venture of showmanship must ask:

For over 30 years I’ve appeared on radio, network television, film, stage, in theme parks, as well as worked with corporate trainers in medicine, retail, foods, manufacturing, auto makers, insurance companies to name just a few. They are all the same business! Many people in the workforce ultimately ask themselves, WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?
This talk stresses that in the workplace, as in life, INVESTING OF YOURSELF IS THE SAME AS INVESTING IN YOURSELF!
Every service transaction is an opportunity to create a “Magic Moment” for both customer and employee.



This is a very interactive workshop that helps introduce story telling and self investment in training. Due to the advances in technology and the demands and regulations of the average workplace, we are creating a generation of trainers that can’t get through a day without the aid of a slide presentation. In fact, let’s be honest, many FOLLOW the slides to keep them on message. Fine training is emotionally driven as well as data driven. These full and half day sessions get people up on their feet expressing themselves in a new way. I will customize a day that will include humor, story telling, improvisation and techniques for sounding as if your giving every presentation for the first time instead of the hundredth.

What People are Saying about Seeing Louie Speak

Rating Entries

“You have the remarkable and uncommon ability to use your natural skills in humor and drama to clearly convey the more serious parts of your presentation. You entertained us, but you also used the fact that you’d gotten our attention to drive home key concepts in your presentation. That’s a rare skill-you were astonishingly good!”
    Elizabeth Lane Lawley Ph.D Rochester Institute of Technology

“You had me in the palm of your hand… I was enthralled by your presentation… I was inspired, and I learned a few things I can apply right here in Columbia S.C.”
    Beverly Shelley SC Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

“We were so impressed with Louie’s presentation and its relevance to our own customer service…our nearly 1800 customer service associates were treated to a lively, humorous, and uplifting presentation.”
    Kim Harm Executive Vice President Customer Service Operations Mutual of Omaha Co.

“Louie is an extraordinarily gifted individual who has the capacity to touch the minds and hearts of a room full of skeptical individuals and change their mindsets in one hour and twenty minutes! WHAT A FEAT!”
    Kathy Pagliughi Regional Director of Stores Kids ‘R’ Us

“Thank you for providing an inspiring and entertaining evening for our Fisher Scientific Customer Service management team! My week long meeting wrapped up today and I wanted to share some great feedback with you. Principles you highlighted made a profound impact on several members of my team. Your stories were funny, entertaining, and correlated very well to our exciting initiatives for next year. Again, thank you!”
    Angela Blackburn Fisher Scientific

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