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With over 4 decades in broadcasting, there is no major sports event that Len Berman has not covered. He has been to many Super Bowls, World Series and Olympics, and his good-humored expert journalism is much sought after from many outlets.

NBC’s Today Show featured “Spanning the World,” a monthly collection of sports bloopers created by Len, for 20 years. He also came up with another NBC show, Sports Fantasy, in which ordinary viewers took on famous sportspeople.

Leonard has won eight Emmys and taken the title of New York Sportscaster of the Year an extraordinary six times. His book for children, The Greatest Moments in Sports, went straight on to the New York Times bestseller list. His other books are Spanning the World, And Nobody Got Hurt! and And Nobody Got Hurt 2!

Len writes a “Daily Top 5″e-mail for The Huffington Post which is read by many thousands across the USA.

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    Emmy Award Winning Sports Analyst

    Len Berman is an Emmy-Award winning sportscaster and New York Times Best Selling Author who has covered just about every major sports event including multiple Super Bowls, World Series, and Olympics during his 40-year career in broadcasting.

    He is the creator of “Spanning the World,” a monthly collection of sports bloopers, which was a 20-year staple on NBC’s Today Show. He is also the creator of Sports Fantasy, which aired on NBC and pitted regular viewers against famous sports stars.

    He is the recipient of eight Emmy Awards and 6-time winner of New York Sportscaster of the Year. His newest kids book, The Greatest Moments in Sports (Sourcebooks) immediately debuted on the New York Times Best Seller List. He has previously published three books: Spanning The World (HarperCollins), And Nobody Got Hurt! (Little, Brown), And Nobody Got Hurt 2! (Little, Brown).

    His daily Top 5 email is featured on The Huffington Post and is received by thousands around the country.

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Len Berman's Speech Descriptions

Len Berman offers light-hearted presentations that guarantee entertainment for corporate events, featuring hilarious highlights from his NBC show, “Spanning the World,” and stories of meeting some of the most significant figures in the world of sport. With his expertise in the sporting world, Len can speak on motivation, inspiration and endorsement, and of course absolutely anything to do with sport.

If you have a company sports event, Len Berman can raise it to a whole new level by using his renowned skills as a broadcaster to offer play-by-play commentary for you.

For corporate events, Berman offers the perfect antidote to dry seminars and painfully serious speakers. His program features a hilarious compilation of highlights from his "Spanning the World" segments, as well as anecdotes of his experiences with some of the world′s biggest athletes and sports personalities.

Whether he is delivering an after-dinner speech or hosting an annual award banquet, Berman′s wealth of stories and winning sense of humor guarantee an evening of big league entertainment As one of the nation′s top sportscasters, Berman can also make your company tournament or sports outing truly memorable by doing a portion of the play-by-play!

Suggested Speaking Topics:

  • Spanning the World: Sport′s Funniest Moments
  • Motivation
  • Sports
  • Inspiration
  • Endorsements

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Books by Len Berman:

    25 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time

    Discover the greatest baseball players of all time!

    Which guys playing right now will they still be talking about in 100 years? A-Rod? Pujols? How about Jeter?

    Why do the best pitchers receive the Cy Young Award?

    Was Honus Wagner anything but a face on a $2,800,000 baseball card?

    Who was this Babe Ruth guy, anyway?

    Sportscaster and New York Times bestselling author Len Berman had lots of questions about the game of baseball. So he put together a group of experts that included all-stars, Emmy Award winners, writers, radio hosts, and enough World Series rings to fill one hand′s fingers.

    Order Here

    The Greatest Moments in Sports

    Experience all the action of the GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS!

    If you had to pick the greatest thing in sports you′d ever seen, what would it be?

    Was it a miraculous comeback?
    An amazing catch?
    A game-winning buzzerbeater?
    Or something completely different?

    The best thing about sports is that you never know when a great moment is going to happen. And everyone has a different opinion about what the greatest moments are. Sportscaster Len Berman reveals his favorite moments in sports and offers this challenge—what are yours?

    Hear the cheers, create and share your own memories, and let the debate begin! Plus, the included CD features many of the actual broadcasts—you′ll hear all the drama and excitement as it happened!

    Order Here

    And Nobody Got Hurt!: The World′s Weirdest, Wackiest True Sports Stories

    Today Show regular Berman showcases the funniest and most amazing stories in the history of sports in this collection taken from his popular TV segments. Illustrations.

    Order Here

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