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Dr. Lawrence Chimerine is one of the country’s leading consultants on business trends and financial forecasts. Dr. Chimerines’s no-nonsense analyses and practical advice have drawn cliental from the world’s most powerful business entities including numerous Fortune 500 companies and several organizations of the federal government.

Dr. Chimerine’s extensive expertise stretches over five decades of experience in the field. After receiving his PhD in Economics from Brown University, Dr. Chimerine was the manager of the U.S. economic research and forecasting for the IBM Corporation for fourteen years. He later went on to assume the chairmanship at Chase Econometrics and was also appointed chairman and CEO of the WEFA Group. In the 1990s he founded Radnor International Consulting and served as managing director and chief economist at the Economic Strategy Institute (ESI) in Washington, D.C.

During this time, Dr. Chimerine has also served on many governmental advisory boards, written a plethora of books and articles, and appeared on several mainstream media programs such as Good Morning America and The Lehrer News Hour. He has been a praised keynote speaker for numerous organizations and corporations.

Currently, Dr. Chimerine is the president of Radnor International Consulting. He is frequently called upon by congressional committees to testify on key economic issues.

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      • Lawrence Chimerine, Ph.D. is president of Radnor International Consulting Inc., and partner and member of the Investment Committee of Strategic Capital Advisors in West Conshocken, PA. He is the former chairman, chief executive, and chief economist of Chase Econometrics and The WEFA Group.

    With more than 25 years as an economic consultant, Dr. Chimerine has lent his advice to an impressive resume of major Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and government agencies, providing private consultation on the state of the U.S. and world economics, specific industries and sectors, and the impact of economic conditions on decision making, budgeting, and strategic planning. He serves on numerous corporate boards, is a member of various professional associations, and has held teaching positions at three universities.

    From 1965 to 1979, Dr. Chimerine was manager of the U.S. economic research and forecasting for the IBM Corporation. He left IBM to assume the chairmanship at Chase Econometrics, and in 1987, was appointed chairman and CEO of the WEFA Group. During the 1990’s, in addition to founding and operating Radnor International Consulting, Dr. Chimerine was managing director and chief economist at the Economic Strategy Institute (ESI) in Washington, D.C.

    Dr. Chimerine has earned a valued reputation as a leader in the economic arena. He has served on numerous governmental advisory boards, including the House of Representatives Task Force on International Competitiveness, the Census Advisory Committee, and the Economic Policy Board of the Department of Commerce. He is frequently called upon to testify on key economic issues before congressional committees, including the House and Senate Budget Committees, Joint Economic Committee, Senate Finance Committee, Senate Banking Committee, and the House Committee on Monetary Policy.

    His latest books include, Business Opportunities and Practices in the Far East and the Handbook for Raising Capital, both published by Dow Jones-Irwin. He has published numerous articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Week, World Policy Journal, American Economic Review, and The President, and is a frequent speaker at such organizations as the Detroit Economic Club, the Commonwealth Club of California, the World Affairs Council, the Wharton Symposium, the National Association of Business Economists, numerous trade association meetings, as well as to many corporate boards and other corporate groups.

    Dr. Chimerine appears regularly on the Lehrer News Hour, Adam Smith′s Money World, Wall Street Week, Today, Good Morning America, Crossfire, C-Span, CNBC, This Week, ABC Evening News, NBC Nightly News, and other popular television programs.

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Lawrence Chimerine's Speech Descriptions

Dr. Chimerine is not afraid to take a different view from his colleagues on financial forecasts and it’s paid off for him. His projections, based on his expansive knowledge of economics and business history, have often been right on.

Dr. Chimerine’s programs are vital to anyone who’s tied to the economy, covering topics like the influence of technology on markets, short and long-term financial trends, global outlooks, and what all of these items mean for you and your organization. You will gain a clear understanding of economic conditions, projections, and the strategies you can implicate to take advantage of change in an uncertain era.

Key Business And Economic Trends And Issues:
Dr. Chimerine will discuss the current economic and business situation in the United States and in major foreign markets, and the short term and long term outlook for the U.S. and global economies. Dr. Chimerine will analyze the key factors that will impact economic and business performance in the years ahead, as well as the outlook for financial markets, and for important sectors and industries. Finally, he will discuss the implications of key economic trends for business planning and decision-making.

The New Business Realities:
The business environment in the U.S. and abroad is changing more rapidly and more profoundly than ever before - no business can operate successfully without an understanding of these changes, and without adapting to them. Dr. Chimerine will discuss the origin of these new business realities, and others that are likely to develop in the years ahead, and the implications for key management priorities and strategies.

Competing Successfully In The New Economy:
The U.S. and global economics are currently more competitive than ever in economic history. The intensification of domestic competition in part resulting from the Internet and other new technologies, coupled with growing foreign competition, has changed the competitive balance and mix in virtually every industry. Dr. Chimerine will discuss the new strategies for success in this more competitive environment, including strategies for dealing with the increase in risk and uncertainty that it has created.

Technology, The Internet And The New Economy:
The Internet and other new technologies have not only transformed the U.S. economy but are having profound effects on the way companies produce, market, and distribute their products and services. Dr. Chimerine will discuss how these technologies are affecting the U.S. economy, and how they are altering various economic relationships. He will also discuss how leading edge companies are using the Internet in all major business functions and activities, and the important applications for the future.

Business Planning In The Global Economy:
Spurred by rapidly growing foreign trade and cross-border investment globalization is growing at a rapid pace. This integration of the global economy is already affecting every company in many ways, resulting in new competitors as well as new opportunities. Dr. Chimerine will discuss these and other effects, as well as how various industries can identify the best opportunities that globalization is creating, how to compete successfully against foreign competitors, and how to organize for success in the global economy.

Business Planning In The New Millennium:
The rapid changes in the business environment are forcing companies to become more agile, nimble and proactive to remain successful. They also require a different approach to short term and strategic planning than most companies have employed in the past. Dr. Chimerine will discuss how the planning process is changing, and the new methods that can help companies plan, and deal with risk more effectively.

The Election and Economic Policy
Major economic policy changes are likely in the next several years, after the next Administration takes office. New legislation, and shifts in budget priorities, are most likely in the areas of health care, technology policy, tax rates and incentives, and even social security. Dr. Chimerine will discuss what to expect under different Presidential and congressional election result scenarios, and how they will impact the sectors most directly affected and the economy in general.

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    “ Thank you for your outstanding speech at our meeting. Your views on the economic situation and future projections have been right on! “
    N. Stephenson
    Hickson Corporation, GA

    “ You gave us excellent insights as to what is happening in the economy and you fostered a discussion that, in fact, took up most of the lunch conversation at several tables!“
    G. Grayson
    The Conference Board, NY

    “ The opening session attendees were unanimous in praising your performance. They enjoyed your message and your delivery. In short, you were a hit. “
    E. Emmett
    The National Industrial Transportation League, VA

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