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An internationally respected pioneer in executive coaching, Kevin Cashman has been developing top leaders for over twenty-five years. Implementing his approach of, “grow the whole person to grow the whole leader,” Mr. Cashman is one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts and researchers in leadership, having capacitated thousands of senior executives and teams in more than sixty countries. He especially focuses on optimizing executive, team, and organizational performance.

In 1977, Mr. Cashman founded the coaching firm, LeaderSource and later the Executive to Leader Institute, which Fast Company has deemed “The Mayo Clinic” of leadership development. During his time with LeaderSource, Cashman’s clients included Pillsbury, Honeywell, and General Mills. In 2006 LeaderSource joined forces with the executive search firm, Korn Ferry to form the world’s largest and most prestigious provider of talent management solutions serving enterprises on six continents. Mr. Cashman currently serves as Korn Ferry’s Senior Partner.

Author of the best-selling business classic, Leadership from the Inside Out, Mr. Cashman has written five books as well as numerous articles on leadership and career management. He is a regular columnist for and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Oprah, CNN, and National Public Radio, amongst other national media. Recently recognized as a Top Ten Thought Leader by Leadership Excellence Magazine, Mr. Cashman is also known for his work in fostering ethical leadership in corporations as well as his “Pause Principle,” the concept that people must “step back to lead forward” and reflect deeply before taking action.

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    Over the past twenty-five years, Mr. Kevin Cashman has been involved in coaching and developing thousands of senior executives and senior teams in more than sixty countries. He is recognized as a pioneer in leadership development and executive coaching, focusing on optimizing executive, team, and organizational performance. He was recently named one of the top ten thought leaders by Leadership Excellence magazine.

    Mr. Cashman joined Korn Ferry in 2006 via its acquisition of LeaderSource, a firm he founded and ranked as one of the top three in leadership development globally. Between 2006 and 2008, Korn Ferry, LeaderSource, Lominger International, and Lore International joined forces to create a premier global leadership and talent consulting practice.

    Mr. Cashman is also the founder of the Executive to Leader Institute, acknowledged by Fast Company as the Mayo Clinic of leadership development for its interdisciplinary approach to leadership development and executive coaching.

    Mr. Cashman is the author of five books on leadership and career development. His second edition of Leadership from the Inside Out incorporates the latest research, case studies and thought leadership gained over the past ten years. An earlier book, Leadership from the Inside Out, was named the #1 best-selling business book by CEO-READ and was also named one of the top twenty best-selling business books of the decade. He has written numerous articles and papers on leadership and career management, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive, Human Resource Executive, Fast Company, Strategy & Leadership, Oprah, CNN, National Public Radio, and other national media. Mr. Cashman was formerly the host of CareerTalk radio and is currently a leadership columnist for

    A frequent keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events, Mr. Cashman is a senior fellow of the Caux Roundtable, a global consortium of CEOs dedicated to enhancing principle-based leadership internationally. He is also a board member for the Center for Ethical Business Cultures fostering ethical leadership in corporations. Mr. Cashman earned a degree in psychology from St. John’s University.

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Kevin Cashman has inspired thousands of leaders in hundreds of groups from around the world on the urgent, pragmatic and value creating ways to "grow as a whole person to grow as a whole leader."

Kevin's sessions are deep, thoughtful, inspiring and provoke the audience to reflect, to gain insight and to take action. He uses stories, research, leadership models and interactive learning to drive home crucial leadership lessons and practice.

Speaking Topics

  • The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward
  • Pause Powers Purposeful Performance
  • Leadership from the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life
  • Leadership Inside and Out: The Seven States of Leadership
  • Character Driven Leadership
  • Leading with Purpose and Impact
  • Moving from Management Effectiveness to Leadership Excellence
  • Transform Yourself, Transform Your Organization
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    Rating Entries

    “Kevin’s presentation style is authentic and magnetic… in our leadership sessions he is often cited as the highlight.”
        Darryl Robinson, Senior Vice President, URS, Infrastructure & Environment

    “Kevin is regarded by many as the top leadership guru in the space of Personal Leadership. But it is not just his content knowledge that he delivers. Kevin’s inspiration and presence gets leaders to dive deeply into themselves with purpose and meaning.
        Corey J. Seitz, Ph.D., President, Seitz Talent Consulting, LLC Former VP Global Talent Management Johnson & Johnson and Novartis

    “Kevin has a unique combination of passion, purpose and wisdom that engages the audience to ‘go beyond what is to become a leader of life . He is well known and loved as a pioneer in the coaching profession; and Kevin received a standing ovation at both the beginning and end of his session!”
        Karen Kimsey-House, CEO and Co-Founder, Coaches Training Institute

    “Kevin was terrific. His knowledge of leadership content is exceptional and he delivered an inspirational and relevant message to our global audience.”
        Vicki Rawlinson, Global Head Human Resources, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics

    “A world-class speaker on leadership. Kevin is able to get across the deep, insightful levels of leadership with pragmatism and inspiration.”
        Anthony Cerquone, Global HR Executive, UBS

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    Books by Kevin Cashman:


    Leadship from the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life (Revised, Expanded)
    In this 10th anniversary edition, Cashman encourages individuals to strive not for the fiction of “balance,” but instead for “resilience mastery.” The author expands his coaching model to provide equal emphasis on building awareness, building commitment, and building practice.


    The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward
    We live and lead in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. But paradoxically, Kevin Cashman contends that leaders today must not merely act more quickly but pause more deeply. He details a catalytic process to guide you to step back in order to lead forward in three critical growth areas: personal leadership, development of others, and fostering of cultures of innovation. You and your organization will learn to move from management speed and transaction to leadership significance and transformation.

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