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Kenneth W. Gronbach is a nationally recognized expert in the field of Demography and Generational Marketing who uses his research and quick wit to transform how people see the world as well as the field of demographics. He regularly provides counsel to Fortune 500 companies in addition to large and small privately held businesses across the United States.

After thirty years in marketing and advertising, Kenneth became fascinated with demographics when his research unveiled that the Japanese motorcycle industry had practically collapsed overnight because the chief demographic who bought them, Baby Boomers, were retiring and decreasing spending while the Generation Xers replacing them numbered 9 million people less.

Since his discovery, Kenneth has become a big name in demographics, connecting to laymen audiences through his comedic presentation style and straight forward informative narration. His entertaining personality and valuable content have solidified his reputation as one of the best speakers out there teaching organizations how they can forecast the future by following the people who will shape it today.

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    Kenneth W. Gronbach is a gifted keynote speaker and nationally recognized author, expert and futurist in the field of Demography and Generational Marketing. He makes the science of shifting demography come alive with real life examples which make it relevant to today’s culture, business climate and economy. With nearly three decades experience in retail advertising and marketing, Ken saw the direct results of shifting demographics in his clients’ profits. Eventually, his passion for the subject changed the direction of his career, to the benefit of readers of his books and attendees of his keynotes and other presentations.

    As a Keynote speaker, Ken entertains his audiences with his own special brand of wit, humor and common sense, making complicated concepts clear with real-world explanations anyone can easily understand. Ken’s overall perspective is macro – a view from 30,000 feet, and very big picture. Even non-technical audiences will take away immediately usable information from his presentations. Ken is always positive, upbeat, and pro-America.

    Custom research: Business prospects rise and fall according to the critical mass of customers heading toward them. Demographers are able to forecast markets, societal phenomena, and economics with uncanny accuracy because they count the large groups of people who drive economic events, not wealth or fiscal policy in isolation. Solid, objective, impartial demographic information is available from the micro zip-code to the macro continent, while Ken’s uniquely detailed demographic research and analysis has become mission-critical for a growing number of executive-level clients who understand the essential wisdom of using historic human data in addition to transaction records to predict future results.

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“You were a fantastic keynote speaker. Your message, materials, and delivery were superb! Our attendees and I enjoyed and appreciated learning more about the demographics and how it relates to and impacts agriculture. The books were also a hit. You made me look good as an economist and I appreciate that, it was a big job!”
Clark Seavert, NW Agribusiness

“Ken was absolutely fantastic !!! In more than 30 years of hiring speakers and hundreds of events….he was one of the best ever! He was funny, entertaining, optimistic and enlightening. He just made everyone feel better about a lot of things in our country.”
Judi Sullivan, Community Bankers of Michigan

“We got great feedback on Ken’s presentation. He was terrific!”

“You gave a brilliant and humorous presentation filled with positive and forward thinking ideas that will help us achieve our goals. For sure, people were buzzing and excited with the presentation based upon the feedback we continue to receive through [the day].”
Anne Danaher, Executive Director, Jewish Family Services

“Over the course of many classes I have used “The Age Curve” as a reference in many different research contexts. Most recently it was a topic of Diversity Management and how to gain a competitive edge through managing a diverse workforce well. My big ending in this case was how dramatically the focus of “diversity” will shift to generational diversity and some of the implications to management. Your work is always a great closer.”
Senior Manager: Mercedes Benz

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making me look good in DC by giving a presentation that I hear from numerous sources was well received.”
Marc L. Aronson, President & CEO Pennsylvania Association of Notaries

“Your talk at our annual conference is still the talk of the College.”
Marci Hosier, Bryant and Stratton College

“I think your lecture alone was worth the cost of the whole conference.”
Indar Maharaj

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Books by Kenneth Gronbach:

Decades of Differences

The changes going on in today s workplace including diverse generations, shifting demographics and evolving technology are forever changing work and leadership as we know it. Now, with Decades of Differences: Making It Work, leaders have the concrete tools they need to become razor sharp, extremely adaptable and fully prepared to effectively lead and manage both the changes and the change-makers. The authors are leadership and demographics experts who combine years of research and experience to explain shifting demographics in a way we can actually understand. With their insight, you ll also know what to do about it whether you re a top-level executive, current leader, aspiring leader or someone being led. Section one looks at who the different generations are and what they think about each other.

You’ll examine how to lead and manage and be led and managed by Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. In section two, the focus switches to how the demographics shift is impacting leadership and the overall workplace and what companies can do about it. From recruiting and staffing to succession planning and performance management, you ll gain practical strategies for creating a more collaborative and united workplace environment. There s no better way to prepare to meet the demographic challenge.

The Age Curve
For years, marketers have held on to unwavering beliefs that have dictated how they market to their consumers. But the hard truth is that the changes we see in marketing and business are based on one undeniable factor—the size of the generations we are selling to. As each generation ages, what they buy and how much they buy will change. Each product and service has a “best customer” that sustains a business. As these customers grow up, the smartest marketers will stay ahead of them—and their money. In The Age Curve, marketing guru Kenneth Gronbach shows executives and entrepreneurs how to anticipate this wave of predictable demand and ride it to success.

Common Census

Generational marketing is founded on the rise and fall of the size of populations, and their effects on economics, social issues and business — in whatever geographical confines they may exist. In the United States, generational marketing is particularly pronounced because there is an enormous rise and fall in populations. Huge numbers are preceded by small numbers, and then followed by small numbers. They significantly change things in the economy. They significantly change things in education. They significantly change things in government. They significantly change things in business. And these are all very predictable things. Generational marketing is understanding what’s next.

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