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Nationally known lawyer, Kenneth Feinberg has been called the country’s “go-to-czar” for resolving the most high profile and sensitive legal claims arising from disaster and mass injury. He has been appointed by a succession of mayors, governors, and presidents to manage such emotionally difficult cases as the Federal September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Victim Compensation Fund, and most recently, compensation for car accidents related to the General Motors faulty ignition switches.

Repeatedly named one of “The 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America” by National Law Journal, Feinberg is one of the foremost proponents of lawyers giving back to their community. He began his career as an administrative assistant and chief of staff for U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy and as a prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney General. His first large settlement case came in 1984 when he served as Special Master in the Agent Orange product liability litigation, which examined ties between Vietnam veterans’ illnesses and the U .S. military’s use of the herbicidal chemical during combat.

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    Kenneth Feinberg has been key to resolving many of our nation′s most challenging and widely known disputes. He is best known for serving as the Special Master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, in which he reached out to all who qualified to file a claim, evaluated applications, determined appropriate compensation, and disseminated awards. He is currently the government-appointed administrator of the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Compensation Fund.

    His book, What Is Life Worth?, discusses the unique insights he′s gained from his extraordinary involvement with highly contentious and hugely publicized conflict resolution cases.

    Feinberg also served Fund Administrator following the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech University, and played a comparable role in resolving the Agent Orange, asbestos personal injury Dalkon shield, and DES (pregnancy medication) cases.

    He has been involved in resolving thousands of disputes involving a wide range of interests and clients. In the commercial sector, he designed, implemented and administered an ADR settlement Program involving Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Zurich N.A. Insurance Company and Hurricane Katrina and other Gulf hurricane claimants. He also has served as Distribution Agent for AIG Fair Fund claimants, and has been the Fund Administrator for a variety of claimant funds totaling more than $1 billion.

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Kenneth Feinberg's Speech Descriptions

When it comes to mediation and litigation, Kenneth Feinberg’s experience is second to none. The go-to-expert in alternative dispute resolution, he shares a wealth of information on the responsibilities and mechanics of delivering just results in high-visibility public interest cases.

Feinberg is a highly sought speaker in the realms of academia and law. He has spoken at several law schools, association meetings, and commencement ceremonies.

Among Mr. Feinberg′s provocative speech topics:

  • Compensating the Victims of Life′s Misfortune: How to decide who gets what?
  • Avoiding Conventional Litigation: When, how and why?
  • Tackling Executive the Compensation Controversy: How to link pay, performance, and risk
  • Social Insurance Alternatives to Private Insurance

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    Books by Kenneth Feinberg:

    What Is Life Worth?: The Unprecedented Effort to Compensate the Victims of 9/11
    As head of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, Kenneth Feinberg was asked to do the impossible: calculate the dollar value of over 5,000 dead and injured as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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