Julie Holmes Profile

  • Over 20 years of experience in enterprise technology.

  • Julie Homes is a serial inventor, tech founder and entrepreneur with products that are loved in over 60 countries and growing.

  • She is dedicated to capturing the dynamite of AI and innovation making technology easy to understand and apply.
  • Julie Holmes is a serial inventor, tech developer, and strategic innovator with a keen understanding of the rapidly evolving technology landscape – especially when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a dynamic innovator, entrepreneur, and popular keynote speaker, she brings over two decades of leadership experience in enterprise technology to the microphone with the goal of helping businesses innovate and differentiate.

    With AI and other new technologies transforming the business landscape at a breakneck pace, Julie’s expertise and down-to-earth approach are highly sought by brands such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, Expedia, and American Express. She’s quick to help leaders and teams decipher the constant stream of new tech and map out what they need to do not just to survive but thrive in the next normal.

    Whether coaching leaders to build tech-ready teams or showing sales professionals how to “tech it up a level” so they can close more deals, Julie demystifies the world of innovation and technology, making it engaging, practical, and valuable.

    Of course, Julie doesn’t just talk about innovation and technology; she delivers it. As a 7-figure founder of two innovation companies, Julie has designed and delivered tech products that are helping businesses grow their brands in over 60 countries and counting.

    In short, Julie Holmes is your expert guide for spotting innovation opportunities in this tech- dominated era and navigating the complex landscape of AI and beyond.

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    Julie Holmes's Speech Descriptions

    Becoming AI-Empowered: Embrace AI to sell smarter, serve better, and save time

    Dive into the world of AI, where 90% of front-runners invest to stay ahead, yet only 14% feel ready to harness its power. This session is your bridge over that gap, offering:
    - Insights into AI’s transformative role in business.
    - Strategies to select AI tools that elevate your operations.
    - Techniques for blending human insight with machine efficiency.
    - A toolkit of AI applications to streamline tasks and enhance outcomes.

    Upgrade Your Teams: Build an AI-empowered organization

    With 57% of leaders pivoting their companies towards an AI-driven horizon, it’s time to navigate your team through this change, not just to adapt but to lead and excel using AI. This keynote unpacks:
    - The UPGRADE Framework: A seven-step strategy to integrate AI seamlessly into daily workflows.
    - Insights on leveraging AI to supercharge problem-solving, productivity, and creativity within your team.
    - A concrete action plan for embedding AI into your team’s ethos, ensuring you’re at the forefront of innovation.

    Get Your AI Shift Together: Defining Your AI Strategy Playbook

    Despite over 90% of organizations acknowledging AI’s critical role in securing a competitive edge and fostering innovation, fewer than 10% have an AI playbook. This program provides:
    - Techniques for developing a unique AI playbook that resonates with your objectives and sets you apart.
    - Guidance on simplifying AI for strategic use and achieving real business results.
    - Steps for embedding AI in your operations, addressing obstacles and ethical questions.
    - Julie’s expert tools and insights for practical AI strategy implementation.

    Kissing Customers for Love & Money: Innovate and improve your service and sales to make hearts go pitter-patter

    In a competitive landscape, this program introduces transformative strategies, enhanced by AI, to make your business irresistibly appealing to clients through impactful interactions. Key takeaways include:
    - Strategies to forge deeper client connections, setting your business apart as a trusted, standout choice.
    - Techniques to turn your team into creative powerhouses, with AI enriching each client interaction for greater brand impact.
    - Access to Julie’s Customer Journey Map™, utilizing AI for deeper insights and customized customer experiences.
    - Tips for cultivating loyal, enthusiastic clients who champion your brand.

    Think Like an Inventor: Deliver big results in 100s of little ways

    In a world where innovation is crucial but seldom realized, this program combines AI with inventive strategies for everyday breakthroughs:
    - Leverage ‘Little Big Bangs’—small innovations, amplified by AI, for significant impact.
    - Hear success stories of minor tweaks leading to major wins, inspiring a culture of innovation.
    - Spot and grow daily innovation opportunities to improve processes and satisfaction.
    - Empower your team to turn ‘what ifs’ into real results, fostering creativity and impact.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Julie Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining – what more could you want in a speaker? Julie spoke in Dublin recently and gave an absolutely brilliant talk. She was totally focused on what benefit she can bring to her audience vs just dishing out some ‘standard presentation’. And she was generous with her time AFTER she had spoken! She is down to earth, practical and she is also great fun!”

    “Absolutely fantastic! She is the best speaker we have had for four years; the productivity savings across my team will be immense even if we only implement 10% of what she showed us today. What’s more, Julie’s massive positivity is motivating!”
    – Daniel Cope

    “Julie Holmes was incredible! Every association should be including AI strategy and execution programs for their members – they need it, want it, and love it!”
    – Susannah Porr, Executive Director, National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors

    “We selected Julie to speak at our National Sales Conference. She delivered humor, energy, and highly practical advice. She engages with the audience and gets them up on their feet and involved. She commands the audience, connects, and teaches. Julie is a top-class speaker who really ticks all the boxes that event organizers like me are looking for. A fantastic speaker you simply must have at your event.”
    – Tracey Cockerton

    “Julie provided our leaders with a clear roadmap that everyone knew they needed but didn’t know how to create or even where to start. A hugely actionable outcome!”
    – Charlie Lawson

    “Having seen her speak online, I brought Julie in to speak to our first post-pandemic leadership conference. She was BRILLIANT! The session was every bit as well organized, professional and full of positive energy as I’d hoped. Best of all, my leadership team went away with practical, transferable new techniques that are already helping improve our clients’ experience working with us!”
    – Owen Napier @ Computeam

    “Julie was the opening keynote speaker at our annual conference and brought fresh perspective and new ideas to our group! Our participants shared feedback like, “Extremely entertaining and good ideas!”, “Hope we have another opportunity to work with her” and “High energy, great presentation.” As a conference organizer, I highly recommend Julie. She was great to work with and took the time to understand the group. A true professional that is fun to partner with! ”
    – Beth Helberg, MBA, CFE @ Association of Fraud Examiners

    “We were tasked to find a high-energy, leading female speaker. I booked Julie and watched her on the big stage at the 100,000-person Musikmesse event in Frankfurt and to 1,200 entrepreneurs (plus the Greek Prime Minister) at the EU Investment Fund Conference in Athens. Julie was excellent and received incredible feedback. We’ll be sending Julie on the plane to a lot more conferences!”
    – Jonathan Curran @ Pro-Motivate

    “Julie presented to my organization today and all I have to say is “Wow!” This was my second time seeing her on separate topics and she was charismatic, endearing, brilliant and insightful. I highly recommend Julie as a speaker to any organization. She made good on her promise of what we would gain from the event. I came away with practical, application “to do’s” that I’m implementing.”
    – Healther LaDue @ Franklin Pierce University

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    Books by Julie Holmes:

    Little Big Bangs for Leaders: An Explosion of Clever, Innovative Ways to Improve What You Do and How You Do It

    You know you need to innovate to survive and thrive but that word sends shivers down your spine. Innovation is too big, too overwhelming, too time-consuming. But, what if there was a way to innovate your business and your leadership that was fast, easy and virtually free?

    Introducing Little Big Bangs: incremental innovation for dynamite results (without all the collateral damage).This handy little big book is a resource book chock full of ideas, tips, and inspiration that will help you improve employee engagement, increase your influence and grow your leadership skills. While most innovation books focus on big, overwhelming initiatives, Little Big Bangs for Leaders gives you dozens of immediately actionable innovative tips that are virtually free and faster than a firecracker. And unlike other leadership books that tell you how to lead, this book is going to give you innovative approaches that will explode your leadership potential.

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