Jos Dirkx Profile

  • Jos Dirkx is CEO and co-founder of Beenova AI which transforms lives through technology, inclusion and well-being skills.

  • Dirkx is an experienced daychair, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

  • Dirkx is energetic, personable and motivates the audience through exciting stories and engaging, data driven narratives.
  • Jos Dirkx dares to go where others don’t – she has lived an extraordinary life across fifteen countries. From warzones to boardrooms, she turns global insights from business, innovation, and education across a range of industries into relevant takeaways for forward-thinking organizations while seamlessly connecting her audience to must-know, global trends around great ideas, technology, inclusion, and education.

    Her keynotes have inspired thousands around the world. Her experience as an award-winning founder, author, World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, and Abundance360 member make her an engaging and inspirational highlight at any event. Jos sets the bar for the new world of work — where creativity, connection, and collective intelligence drive our brightest breakthroughs when we need them most.

    For the past 20 years, Jos helped companies and communities unlock their potential by clearly demonstrating why teams stop innovating and how to keep ideation alive. Underpinned by an emphasis on the concept of range, Jos empowers her audience with what it takes to turn creative intelligence and inclusive practices into a driving force for profit and purpose.

    Jos speaks with passion and authenticity about important, global trends: bringing to the forefront the essence of consistently, high-performing teams in a rapidly changing world. Jos speaks five languages, has written two books, and is finalizing her third, Why Great Ideas Die, a how-to guide for 21st-century innovation, featuring global thought-leaders, ground-breaking research, and real-life experience on mastering our cognitive and somatic capacity for relentless ideation.

    Alongside her team, she received a letter of recognition from Former First Lady Michelle Obama for her work on girls’ health. Jos was selected as a 50 Global Heroes Ending Violence Against Children (alongside others like Hilary Clinton and Maria Eitel), a 2019 Woman To Watch, a Women Deliver and Gates Foundation Young Leader, a Nike Girl Effect Challenge winner, a Microsoft YouthSpark winner, an Ashoka Changemaker, and has spoken at global events from the TEDx Stage to Glowork in Saudi Arabia, to World Economic Forum: Women in Leadership in Dubai. Her work and research have been awarded and featured in publications worldwide. Jos and her team have built solutions and products reaching over 85k users globally and have recently received a grant from the Dutch Government to design learning solutions for change in education.

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    Jos Dirkx's Speech Descriptions

    Exponential Education - What You Need to Know

    Upskilling students and employees for long-term success

    Suited to: Executives, HR, educators, school owners, school district leaders, International Baccalaureate program directors, anybody who loves learning.

    Learning is deeply personal. Education – informal or formal, school or street , at work or in the classroom – builds our collective, human potential.

    There is no space more important to disrupt – our world depends on education for strong mindsets, healthy bodies, expansive thinking, and responsible relationships – even responsible relationships with the technology we’re building (technology that is learning exponentially faster than we are!). Education is more important than ever.

    This session focuses on how technology can exponentially change the future of learning, looks at ways in which education is currently being disrupted, and highlights advanced technology for schools and corporates to take learning further.

    Inclusive Workplaces and Education

    What it takes to build inclusive workplaces, technology and learning spaces

    Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, ass-kickers

    The rise of inclusive tech is hugely important for our global future – we’re not only responsible for aggregating and sharing inclusive data, we are responsible for building products and AI that tell accurate stories.

    How do we actually leverage AI to decrease bias and increase diversity and diverse voices?

    This dynamic and insightful talk focuses on how we can leverage inclusive algorithms to leverage global voices.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Why Great Ideas Die and How to Build Inclusive Workplaces

    Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, ass-kickers

    We keep hearing about it. We keep reading about it. And, we know we have to do SOMETHING about it. But, how do we really get to the root diversity and inclusion and making it work across organizations?

    The challenges in diversity and inclusion are hard to pinpoint, yet even harder to correct – in this talk, Jos looks at how slight changes offer extraordinary results when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

    Inclusive Communication

    Suited to: C-suite, HR, business leaders, Diversity and Inclusion strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, ass-kickers

    Get to the heart of energetic awareness so that your message inspires, influences and creates change. In this interactive session, you learn the skills required to speak in public with confidence and clarity.

    We will look at practical ways in which you can manage your nerves, conquer your fears and feel more confident – all to leave a lasting impact.

    Girls Do Good: Leadership and World-change for Kids

    Suited to: Little world-changers, classrooms, kids’ communities, and budding entrepreneurs

    For all the world-changers out there…are you ready to be the superhero of your own story? Then, let’s build an interactive session together that looks at how you can build out your dreams and get inspired by kids around the world who have made their own dreams come true.

    Tell your teacher you want to change the world and to give me a call – let’s create world-change together!

    What People are Saying about Seeing Jos Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Thanks to your participation and generosity, we managed to inspire the business sector and the young people of Bogotá. We managed to impact more than 250 people in person and more than 2000 through our digital channels.”
    – Chamber of Commerce Colombia

    “Hugely engaging, passionate and provocative in the most positive of ways, we were delighted to host Jos on our panel.”
    – PwC

    “Awesome two-day program! I loved the way it was interactive…Jos makes you feel completely human. She is so amazing and follows her dreams with courage. Best two days at work. #investinyourself.”
    – Dell EMC

    “I am so GLAD – we achieved that energy we wanted! Thank you so much, Jos , it was super! Honestly, thank you for your keynote. We achieved our goal of shocking, surprising, encouraging and calling for action. Thank you…!”
    – Ahlstrom Muksjö

    “Jos is so inspiring! She’s hands-on and we would not hesitate to recommend Jos!”
    – L’Oreal

    “Jos is incredible – I would recommend her in a heartbeat…She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I would go to her without a second thought…”
    – Meltwater

    “Jos, you’re phenomenal…We love the way you underlined the importance of having a deep sense of self-awareness as a key role to future proof business and personal success…”
    – General Electric

    “At TED, we seek collaborative relationships with partners who are as interested in surfacing great ideas and stories as we are. That’s precisely what we found in working with Jos…”
    – TED

    “Jos is naturally elegant while presenting…she helped us craft our presentations to make them exciting and engaging. We are all looking forward to working with Jos again…!”
    – Van Cleef & Arpels

    “Beyond Jos’s leadership, what really stood out was her ability to inspire and motivate.”
    – Evolvence Knowledge Investments

    “Jos is an insightful leader, a visionary and highly motivational…”
    – IBM

    “Jos is just amazing! What impresses me is that she’s so humble and kind, considering her huge background, having won awards in media and being a world traveler. And despite all this she remains so beautiful in and out, and so simple and kind…”
    – IBM

    “Jos, you give us courage to speak authentically – because you speak authentically…! Thank you!
    – Natalie Rose Institute

    “Jos makes a difference through her ability to lead a team; through her thoughtful approach to issues – seeking to understand both the issue and context.”
    – YPO

    “Jos, thank you very much for being our speaker and sharing your expertise and knowledge, leveraged from your own experiences and travel”
    – Dell EMC

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    Books by Jos Dirkx:

    Girls Do Good: A colorful guide to changing the world with stories of real-life superheroes!

    Did you know Laura Dekkers is the youngest person to sail the world solo? Or, that Lily’s Kangaroo Cup invention helps thousands of Parkinson’s patients? Did you know Halima escaped her child marriage at age 15 and courageously returned to school, now striving to be Malawi’s Minister of Education? Our world is filled with amazing stories. For our audience of socially conscious thinkers and future peace-builders, we’ve captured a few of our favorites to spearhead our movement, “Girls Do Good: A Colorful Guide to Changing the World with Stories of Real-Life Superheroes.” With a foreword by Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Leymah Gbowee and influencer and businesswoman Huda Kattan, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create an ever-lasting impact in the lives of girls and boys around the world, by rewriting the narrative, telling untold stories and re-inspiring tech and creativity in education.

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