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Jordan Goodman, is known as America’s ‘Money Answers Man’ for a good reason. He has been answering America’s questions about personal finance for over 35 years and specializes in helping ordinary people earn more money in hard times, not by changing their incomes, but by steering them towards the multiple money-making opportunities that banks strive to cover up. In a career spanning newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, live events, tele seminars, and the Internet, he has helped millions of people solve their financial problems and realize their financial dreams.

Jordan is the author of several best-selling books on personal finance, including Everyone’s Money Book. He was on the editorial staff of MONEY Magazine for 18 years as their Wall Street Correspondent and also served as the weekly financial analyst on NBC News at Sunrise and Public Radio’s The Marketplace Morning Report show.

Jordan appears regularly on CNBC, CNN, and other national and local TV shows. He is a frequent guest on radio call-in shows around America answering money questions so that we the audience can “Get Our Financial Acts Together.”

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    Jordan E. Goodman is “America’s Money Answers Man” and a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance. He is a regular guest on numerous radio and television call-in shows across the country, answering questions on personal financial topics. He appears frequently on The View, Fox News Network, Fox Business Network, CNN, CNBC and CBS evening news.

    For 18 years, Jordan was on the editorial staff of Money magazine, where he served as Wall Street correspondent. While at Money, he reported and wrote on virtually every aspect of personal finance. In addition, he served as weekly financial analyst on NBC News at Sunrise for nine years and the daily business news commentator on Mutual Broadcasting System’s America in the Morning show for eight years.

    He is the author/co-author of 13 best-selling books on personal finance, including Master Your Debt Fast Profits in Hard Times, Everyone’s Money Book, Master Your Money Type, Barron’s Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms and Barron’s Finance and Investment Handbook.

    He has also written six special focus editions of Everyone’s Money Book on College, Credit, Financial Planning, Real Estate, Retirement Planning and Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds.

    Jordan is also a speaker and seminar leader on personal finance topics for business executives, students, associations, investment clubs, employees and others.

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Jordan Goodman's Speech Descriptions

    Why is Jordan Goodman in demand across the country?

    Americans in all walks of life, at every socioeconomic level, are clamoring to get more information about how to improve their personal finances in these challenging times:

    • Where are the best investment opportunities now?
    • How can employees get the most from their benefit plans?
    • How can people finance a comfortable retirement?

    What makes Jordan Goodman an expert?

    • Eighteen years at MONEY Magazine, the foremost publication on personal finance
    • Reporter and writer on virtually every aspect of personal finance since 1979
    • Author of three best-selling books in the field of personal finance
    • Daily guest on radio call-in and television shows across the country, including eight years on Mutual Broadcasting System’s America in the Morning
    • Weekly commentator on NBC TV Network’s News at Sunrise
    • Creator of the Money Answers Program

    Who are Jordan Goodman’s audiences?

    Senior executives, housewives, employees, sophisticated investors, professionals, beginning investors, retirees, mutual fund shareholders, college students, bank depositors, business people, trade associations … or any combination thereof!

    What are Jordan Goodman’s topics?

    Whether it’s a keynote address or an intimate seminar, an overview or an in-depth look, Jordan Goodman can speak on any aspect of personal finance, including:

    • insurance
    • the economy
    • stocks, bonds & mutual funds
    • certificates of deposit
    • gold
    • 401 (k) plans
    • credit cards
    • real estate
    • college financing
    • retirement planning
    • taxes
    • financial industry trends

    Specially Tailored Campus Programs

    #1: What every college student needs to know
    Even though you are not yet 21, it′s possible that some of the money choices you are making during college can hurt your future. What money traps should you avoid during college? What can you do to get out of traps you may already have fallen into, especially in regard to credit cards and student loans? What is your credit score and what can you do to improve it? Where can you start investing with as little as $25 per month? Do you know what compounding is and why you should make it your new best friend?

    In Version #1, Goodman lays out the steps to fix current money problems, avoid future ones, and start investing!

    #2: What every college grad-to-be needs to know
    Serious new money matters will confront you when you graduate. Is there anything you can do to lighten the burden of your student loans? What do you need to know about your prospective employer′s benefit plan before you accept a job? What sorts of insurance do you need and how can you get the best prices on your policies? What are the financial implications of getting married? How much does it cost to have and raise a child? What should you be doing long before you apply for your first mortgage?

    In Version #2 , Goodman covers the financial basics that grads-to-be need to know!

What People are Saying about Seeing Jordan Speak

Rating Entries

    “Jordan completely surpassed our expectations. We had record numbers of attendees this year and his content was current to the times and relevant to our audience. He was very flexible to work with during our planning sessions and provided contributions that made the session both dynamic and interactive. He was also very patient when answering all the questions that came in from around the country and stayed for quite a while afterwards with members from our in-person audience. Every single feedback survey gave Jordan the highest marks.”
    (Event booked by

    “Thank you for making this year’s program one the best yet!”
    Angela Flanigan, Million Dollar Round Table

    “Your presentation provided a wonderful balance between the scientific sessions and recreational activities during our meetings for the doctors.”
    Michelle Morgan, Accel Healthcare Communications

    “Your three financial seminars were extremely well-received by overflow audiences on our cruise ships.”
    Helen Kelly, Holland America Cruises

    “You have the rare ability to keep your audience entertained while delivering useful financial information.”
    Jim Sweetnam, American Association of Individual Investors

    “We had nothing but fantastic, rave reviews from each of our attendees, with several of them commenting that you were their favorite speakers that they had ever seen at any of our events!”
    Corey Ludens, the Mattress Firm

    Partial Client List

  • AARP
  • Accel Healthcare Communications
  • Applebee’s Restaurants
  • Ariel Capital Management
  • Arizona State University
  • JP MorganChase Bank
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Financial Women International
  • Freedom Investment Club
  • Holland American Cruise Lines
  • McCann-Erickson Advertising
  • McKendree College
  • National Council on Economic Education
  • National Education Association
  • National Grocers Association
  • South Carolina Board of Realtors
  • Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
  • The Alternative Board (TAB)
  • The Mattress Firm

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Books by Jordan Goodman:

    Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free

    Strategies and tools to live debt free

    The world of borrowing and debt management has changed dramatically, leaving people confused about how best to secure their financial future. This book is the only guide with detailed advice to help you become debt free or master the debt you have, based on the latest laws and new government programs and policies implemented under the Obama administration.

    Is the information and advice on debt management different than in years past? Definitely. In this savvy, engaging guide, bestselling financial expert Jordan Goodman will tell you how to:

    • Win the mortgage game: avoid foreclosure, obtain the best refi, and modify your mortgage even if it is “under water”
    • Clean up your credit report and dramatically boost your credit score
    • Negotiate new terms and payments for burdensome medical bills, student loans, and credit cards
    • Protect yourself from the devastation of identity theft
    • Master the new credit card rules, and avoid the rate and fee traps
    • Learn a revolutionary strategy that will help you become mortgage free in 5 to 7 years, change the way you pay all your bills, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars

    Master Your Debt recommends many pioneering strategies as it lays out an innovative plan for achieving the elusive goal of financial success. The book is filled with helpful web sites, toll free numbers, associations and government agencies, and vetted companies and services to help you implement this advice. In today′s volatile economy, getting out of debt is the key to surviving and thriving, and author Jordan Goodman provides you with the strategies and tools to live debt free.

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