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  • Gordon's principles for building positive and powerful teams have been put to the test and proven by major league sports teams like the Atlanta Falcons and world-class companies like Southwest Airlines.

  • Gordon is the international best-selling author of The Energy Bus, You Win In The Locker Room First, The No Complaining Rule, and several other game-changing publications.

  • Gordon's tactics for shaking out negativity and living with purpose have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Fox and Friends, and the Golf Channel, among many other media outlets.
  • Leadership expert, author, and motivational speaker, Jon Gordon helps groups shake out the negative and get on “the Energy Bus” to results. He is the author of the recently released The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to deal with Negativity at Work and The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy, the international bestseller that has captured the hearts of readers world-wide. His book, You Win In The Locker Room First is a Wall Street Journal best seller that outlines the 7 key principles for building a thriving team and vibrant cultures.

    Jon’s transformative presentations have drawn the attention of some of the nation’s top coaches and business leaders. He’s helped the Atlanta Falcons, Southwest Airlines, Bayer, and the Jacksonville Jaguars build trust, enhance communication, and take on the real problems that were holding them back. His acclaimed work and ideas have been featured on CNN, NBC’s Today Show and in Forbes, Fast Company, O Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

    Some of Jon’s most recent speaking engagements include his keynote on grit at Cornell’s Entrepreneurship Summit and a riveting TED talk on the secrets of success which he delivered with only 2 hours of notice.

    Jon is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Masters in Teaching from Emory University. He and his training/consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams.

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      Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous NFL, NBA, MLB coaches and teams, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, hospitals and non-profits. He is the author of numerous best-selling books including The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, The Seed, You Win in the Locker Room First and The No Complaining Rule.

      Jon and his tips have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The Golf Channel, Fox and Friends and in numerous magazines and newspapers. His clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Atlanta Falcons, Campbell Soup, Dell, Publix, Southwest Airlines, LA Clippers, Miami Heat, Pittsburgh Pirates, BB&T Bank, Clemson Football, Northwestern Mutual, Bayer, West Point Academy and more.

      Jon is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Masters in Teaching from Emory University. He and his training/consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams.

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    Jon Gordon's Speech Descriptions

    Sought-after speaker Jon Gordon shares key steps to handling leadership, teamwork, culture, sales and service with constant positivity. The upbeat best-selling author illustrates his proven principles for purpose and success that have influenced numerous leaders and teams in professional sports, business, healthcare, and education. Not only will audiences leave fired up, they will receive simple but powerful tools to maintain that spark for months to come.


    It’s a fact.

    Positive Leaders create positive and productive teams. Positive teams create a positive culture within the organization. Positive organizations are more Customer-focused and outperform neutral or negative organizations.

    People who are conditioned to experience more positivity in their work and life are more emotionally agile and tend to grow in their lives and careers. They become more optimistic, more resilient, more open, more accepting and more driven by purpose. Positivity then energizes those around them and allows for stronger connections and inspired teamwork that generates positive change and results.

    The Driver of Positive Change is a performance based training and communications program inspired by the principles of Jon Gordon’s best-seller, The Energy Bus. This program will certify leaders and managers with a license to lead and provide them with a roadmap to sustainable success for themselves and their teams.

    Participants will be moved to act by simple, E-motional, action-oriented, high energy, habit-changing exercises. They will leave prepared to make positive contributions towards getting their team and customers on the bus and moving in the right direction.

    Those who become certified as a Driver of Positive Change are sure to make an immediate positive impact in your organization by having:

      • The tools to be a more positive person and leader.
      • A greater understanding of the link between positive teamwork and greater productivity.
      • Clarity of vision for themselves, their team and their organization.
      • Agreement and alignment of the values and behaviors necessary to build a winning team.
      • A lasting emotional commitment as leaders to drive positive change within your culture.
      • A plan to lead, communicate and coach more positively.


    We spend so much time focusing on the numbers...the wins and losses...the bottom line...that we fail to remember what it is that drives those numbers.

    It’s culture and people.

    Based on the best-selling book Soup, Culture of Greatness is a powerful culture building program designed for executive and leadership teams.

    At the end of this program, you and your leadership team will be able to:

      • Identify the kind of culture you want to create and maintain
      • Identify team and organizational purpose
      • Identify and nurture the ideal candidates who will thrive in your culture
      • Create a compelling vision that rallies your organization
      • Intentionally design a culture that weeds out negativity, improves communication, fosters winning teamwork, and improves overall engagement and performance

    Leadership skills learned throughout this 1-2 day offsite include:

      • Leading with optimism
      • Building trust and relationships with your teams
      • A more effective way to communicate with your people
      • Efficient ways to share your vision
      • Discovering powerful ways to show your employees you care about them
      • Identifying the values to unite your employees


    Anyone in sales knows that sales success doesn't happen by making a few calls and hoping for the best.

    Successful sales is about lasting relationships and hard work and dedication to a profession that is both an art and a grind.

    We've studied and trained the best of the best and have found that there is a pattern of greatness, a formula for success and winning habits that the best sales people do better than everyone else.

    Taking a lesson from the professionals in the sports world, Sales Training Camp is about being mentally strong and focused, fundamentally sound and passionately driven.

    After all, does Derek Jeter need to re-learn how to hit a baseball?

    Does Maya Moore need to be shown how to dribble a basketball?

    Does Peyton Manning need to be re-taught how to throw a football?

    Of course not.

    So, why do they all go to training camp every year?

    They go to refocus, refine, and prepare for new competition, new challenges and new goals.

    In this spirit we created Sales Training Camp a fast paced, inspiring, performance based training and communications program inspired by the bestseller, Training Camp. In Sales Training Camp, we explore the 11 traits of successful sales people through a highly energetic and interactive zoom-focused experience that will make sure you and your team is fundamentally sound and ready for the "Selling Season."

    We understand that whether you are a seasoned sales professional or a rookie just starting out, you need to focus on the fundamentals, tune out distractions, work hard, stay positive and refuel your desire to make an impact.

    So if you have the desire to be your best and bring out the best in your team, we have the program to take your game and your career to the next level.


    How do you keep your people committed and passionate about the work they do and the company they do it for?

    In our consulting with leaders in most every department of an organization, the conversation regarding their people is always the same.

    Employees do not know what their "path" is within the organization. They don't know what the next step is in their career and they have not clarified with their manager what goals need to be achieved to reach the next level.

    Unfortunately, many managers don't make it a priority to set a clear path for the employee and so the valued, talented employee now feels they have to move to another organization to take their career and their life to the next level.

    Based on the best-selling book The Seed, The Y-process is a powerful training and communications program designed to help managers and leaders help their employees find their "Y" and their "Path" by focusing on career development and a proven process for developing leaders.

    In this program you will:

      • Discover the 4 stages of purpose
      • Identify individual purpose at work
      • Help others identify and achieve purpose at work
      • Learn skills necessary to help employees plan their career path
      • Enhance engagement, productivity and performance in yourself, your team and your organization
      • Create a culture of Purpose and Passion for your organization
      • Increase the retention rate of your best talent by reinforcing the "Y" in everything they do at work


    • The Power of Positive Leadership
    • How Positive Leaders Change the World
    • Selling with Purpose
    • 5 Ways to Stand-out and Grow your Business
    • The Secrets to Great Customer service
    • Service Excellence
    • The Power of Positivity
    • Build a Winning Team
    • Winning with Relationships
    • 5 Ways to Think like a Champion
    • The Benefits of Being Positive
    • What Great Leaders do differently

    Jon Gordon on Speaking

    I am here to help develop great leaders and build strong teams. There’s a reason why the best sports teams in the world bring me in to speak: my principles and practices work and get results.

    SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

    GORDON: I love when people come up to me and say they needed that. I want people to be inspired but also walk away with real strategies and practices to better lead themselves and their teams. I am here to help develop great leaders and build strong teams. There’s a reason why the best sports teams in the world bring me in to speak: my principles and practices work and get results.

    SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

    GORDON: I customize every talk, talk to the client, and research them. We ask them to fill out a questionnaire, I create an outline based on all that, prepare the talk mentally in my mind from there, and then go. I don’t use power points or notes. Rather, I connect with the audience and it’s an experience we have together.

    SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

    GORDON: Too many to share here! To focus on a couple, I recently spoke to Advocare and the audience of 10,000 people were so fun and loving and passionate. I also just spoke to GSK and they were an amazing audience. Additionally, I have some great airplane and airport jokes I like to share.

    SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

    GORDON: All types. I speak to a lot of companies (big leadership meetings), associations, pro and college sports teams and school districts.

    I combine individual growth with how it impacts others, so it’s a great combo of how to make yourself better and how to bring out the best in others.

    SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

    GORDON: I love talking about The Power of Positive Leadership and The Power of a Positive Team (proven principles and practices that make great teams great). I seem to get the greatest response from these two talks because it’s what people need most. I combine individual growth with how it impacts others, so it’s a great combo of how to make yourself better and how to bring out the best in others. Many say they take it home to their families, as well.

    SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

    GORDON: I wanted to write books and was told I had to start speaking if I wanted to write and get published. So I did 80 free talks in the beginning and was terrified at first.

    Good speakers want to make their audience feel something. Great speakers feel something and invite the audience to feel it with them.

    SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes? Do you use case studies, personal stories and/or in your speeches?

    GORDON: I tell stories, make people laugh, share some research, and give some real life examples of what works and how it relates to them.

    I use the principle story application method that is the oldest and most successful way to speak and be memorable. Good speakers want to make their audience feel something. Great speakers feel something and invite the audience to feel it with them. You must connect because without connection you won’t get commitment from them.

    SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

    GORDON: Regarding my sports clients, I’ve helped contribute to two national championships for Clemson football, the LA Dodgers reaching the last two World Series, the LA Rams reaching the Superbowl this year, and
    Miami Heat’s Erik Spoelstra receiving “Coach of the Year.”

    Countless companies I’ve worked with have experienced growth and some have even doubled in size. Bona went from 60 million to 100 a million. I recently worked with Snap! Inc. Black and Decker has been greatly impacted. Many companies have built their culture on my books. School districts have also been transformed by The Energy Bus.

    These successes are not hyperbole and are actually documented. They’ve been exciting to see and it’s why I do what I do. Exclusive Interview with Jon Gordon

    "It starts with the culture you create on the inside and if you build a great culture you will have success out in the world. "
    - Jon Gordon

    What People are Saying about Seeing Jon Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Your presentation was by far one of the highlights of our meeting – the ratings on your talk were off the chartsThank you so much for taking the time to
    learn about our strategy, the messaging we wanted to convey and wrapping it all up into a fantastic presentation about Grit and Caring for our Team Members
    and Customers.”

    – Kim Cupelli, Tyson, Vice President of Marketing

    “The locker room and training room have been abuzz regarding your talk! You have been referenced by the team and the staff non-stop!!! You have a unique
    way of being in the room as a speaker not talking “to the room”. I am a huge fan! You have made such a difference in so many lives!!”

    – David Cutcliffe- Head Coach, Duke Football

    “Our Leaders loved Jon’s keynote talk at our Leadership Summit. His preparation and commitment to make sure his time with us would be effective, was
    outstanding. I personally appreciated his willingness to customize his speech and the following Q&A, to our overall learning objectives for the day.
    His energy, enthusiasm and humor didn’t hurt either.”

    – Jeff Lamb, EVP and Chief People Officer – Southwest Airlines

    “What a home run! Jon hit on every emotion by sharing stories we all could relate to. In fact, I was so inspired I personally ordered several of his

    – Debra S. Waller, President and CEO, Jockey International, Inc. and Founder of Jockey Person to Person, Inc.

    “Hendrick BMW/MINI invited Jon Gordon to speak to our Management Team in January to deliver a positive message and motivate our team to kickoff 2011. Our
    team was blown away by Mr. Gordon and his motivating and positive message. Mr. Gordon was also very entertaining and enthusiastic in his delivery!”

    – John Desmond, VP and Market Area Manager, Hendrick Automotive Group

    “Jon spoke at two of our conferences, and his words educated and inspired our team. Jon’s encouraging energy pervaded the room, and the positive response
    we received showed Jon’s lasting impression. His words were motivating and set us up for future success as we continue to grow.”
    – Zach McLeroy, CEO and
    Founder, Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc.

    “Jon Gordon energized and captivated our clients, prospects and staff. His enthusiasm and passion for helping others to succeed were extremely evident.
    Many attendees said he was the best speaker they’ve seen! I would highly recommend Jon for organizations looking to spark a renewed sense of positivity.”

    – Bill Bohn, CEO and President Associated Financial Group

    “Jon was a perfect capstone to conclude our week. Year after year the final message has been good, but not great. Jon was GREAT. Many on my team approached
    me and felt a great connection to his authenticity and were inspired by his message.”
    – Gino DeSimone, VP Dental Division, Straumann

    “I can only think of one word to say … AMAZING! You were a huge success!”

    – Kim Yost, CEO, Art Van Furniture

    “He was FANTASTIC! Everyone loved him. It was a home run!”

    – Cindy Sullivan, Vice President, Training and Professional Development, McGraw-Hill Higher Education

    “Jon, awesome performance this week in Atlanta. We can’t thank you enough for exceeding our expectations and delivering on the message our audience needed
    to hear. You truly exemplified just how powerful the outside voice can be!”

    – Chuck Hipp, General Motors

    “It was great fun having Jon speak at our Employee Appreciation Day. He deserves Kudos for signing all of the 1,100 Energy Bus books the night before. He
    knocked it out of the park with his talk!”
    – Gary Vien, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Development, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union

    “Standing ovation! Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed Jon’s presentation!”
    – Dale Gibbons- Director of Conferences, Emergency Nurses Association

    “I would recommend Jon to anyone! He immediately had everyone’s attention and they were taking notes the entire time he spoke. Most importantly his message
    stuck. Months later my team is still talking about him. Jon knocked it out of the park for us. It wasn’t just a home run it was a grand slam!”
    – Tom Cox
    EVP Sales, MSC Industrial Supply

    “Jon did a tremendous job! A great message for our audience and they loved him. The book signing was an amazing experience as was a never-ending line and
    such wonderful, positive comments from the people waiting to get their books signed. He was amazing to watch as he worked his way down the line and signed
    every single book.”
    – Colleen Cunningham- Director of Learning Services, CAI (Capital Associated Industries)

    “As one of the most highly anticipated keynote speakers we’ve had at Silpada’s National Conference, Jon Gordon delivered!”

    – Jerry Kelly, CEO and Co-founder of Silpada Designs

    “Jon, thanks for your energetic presentation at our annual BKD Partner’s conference. I believe you sent our folks home with some real enthusiasm. We
    appreciate the time you invested in learning our standards and values and incorporating those into your message. Many guest speakers say they will tailor
    their message, but don’t do a very good job of it. It was clear to me that you spent the extra time and effort to tailor your program to our culture, and
    that really helped your points resonate with BKDrs. That sets you apart.”
    – Steven B. Rafferty, CPA, Professional Practices Partner

    “Jon’s energy, passion and profound lessons have inspired every member of the Seventh Generation team to reaffirm our values and our commitment to
    strengthening our community. As part of our annual retreat, Jon dished up the right lessons in a pitch perfect manner. He tuned into where we are on our
    journey and encouraged, supported and cajoled us, personally and collectively, to strive for our very best every day. Every member of our community has
    shared our “word” and pledged to fuel one another on our mission to live purposefully as we grow together.”
    – John Replogle, President & CEO, Seventh Generation

    “Jon was an amazing, energized speaker that has the entire Seventh Generation team feeding their positive dog! He has a magnetic way of reminding people
    that positive energy will only fuel yourself and others. Our community has since been expressing gratitude for each other, for what we ‘get’ to do and for
    the opportunity we had to engage with Jon. His message is so simple, yet truly transformational!”
    – Kathleen O’Brien, Director, Customer Strategy and
    Planning, Seventh Generation

    “Jon Gordon’s presentation on The Energy Bus to our U.S. sales organization was top notch. He quickly engaged the group with his “high energy” style and provided everyone in the audience with a powerful and memorable user-friendly framework for taking their own energy management to a new level. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, we will work with him again.”
        – Douglas R. Conant, President and CEO, Campbell Soup Company

    “Jon’s book, The Energy Bus, and talk to our team have been very useful tools in helping us build a positive team and culture where our players overcome negativity and challenges to perform at their highest potential.”
        – Mike Smith, Head Coach, The Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

    “There was certainly no lack of energy on Jon Gordon’s part as he laid out his powerful “Energy Bus” principles for the 400+ attendees at our Pepperidge Farm National Sales meeting. His dynamic combination of key insights and real life examples drove home the point that strong vision fueled by positive energy is a truly unbeatable combination in business and in life.”
        – Pat Callaghan, President, Pepperidge Farm

    “Jon kicked off the conference with enough positive energy to fill the ballroom! His inspiring message drives home the importance of bringing joy and passion to our work as school leaders. It was a pleasure to work with him to plan his presentations as he truly walks the talk. “He will surely have an effect on schools across Texas,””After hearing him speak, I did something I normally don’t do; I bought a copy of all his books,””What a great way to start a conference” and similar comments were made by many attendees.”
        – Kirsten Hund, Director of Programs, Fisher Investments

    “Jon Gordon was one of the best speakers we’ve had in the last 10 years. Our sales force has leveraged his teachings to fine-tune their mental approach and bring out their best. His dynamic presentation style not only helped to drive his points home but also captivated the crowd. I believe every organization would benefit from Jon’s lessons.”
        – Damian Ornani, Co-President, Fisher Investments

    “Having Jon present at our annual Leadership Conference brought the energy, passion and excitement that our team needed as we wrapped up our two day conference. Comments from our store managers after the meeting reflected the positive energy and direction to help all of us “stay on the bus”.
        – Todd Jones, President, Publix Supermarkets

    “Jon Gordon provided an exceptional opening session for our 55th Annual Food Shippers of America Conference. His enthusiasm and motivational message was just the tone we wanted to kick off our conference.”
        – Nancy Newbourne and Mary Palmer, 2010 Food Shippers of America Conference Co Chairs

    “We’ve always worked at helping our guys become better team leaders and grow as men. Jon’s books and visit with the team are a valuable step towards taking the leadership training to another level, a level that we hope will help each and every member of our program not only next year but for the rest of their lives.”
        – Mack Brown, Head Coach, University of Texas Football Team

    “In the midst of external and internal change at the New York Public Library, Jon’s lecture on Thriving during Waves of Change was very well received by our staff. He tamed many of our fears and uncertainties and by giving real life examples of overcoming adversity and change he showed us how to use change as an opportunity for renewal and vitality. Thank you Jon, for bringing hope and inspiration to all of us who were listening.”
        – Marzena Ermler, Coordinator of Professional Development, The New York Public Library

    “I am always reading to find ways to improve myself and my athletes. I have used the principles from Jon Gordon’s books “The Energy Bus,” “The No Complaining Rule,” and “Training Camp” to teach our Arizona State University players and the USA teams I coached how to enjoy the process and maximize their success. These books have helped create the foundation for our team to build positive healthy relationships, to develop individual toughness, and a Championship culture. I have even had my 10-year old son read them and he is anxiously awaiting his next Jon Gordon book. I have learned and taken so much from John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard over the years and now Jon Gordon is my new favorite author!”
        – Charli Turner Thorne, Head Coach, Arizona State University Women’s Basketball

    “In every business environment, success or defeat is determined by the mindset of its leaders, and the ability to motivate and energize each member of the organization towards a common goal and culture. As the keynote speaker at our 2008 9th, annual awards luncheon, Jon provided our group of 400 award winners with positive strategies for their business and their lives. Jon has an innate ability to genuinely motivate and encourage — our sales associates walked away with a renewed enthusiasm and focus on the simple things they could do to infuse their lives with positive energy. Jon inspired our sales associates and leadership team in such a way they could not wait to start reading The Energy Bus and implementing the philosophy contained in the pages. Great job Jon!”
        – Rei Mesa, President, C.O.O, Prudential Florida Realty

    “Jon, I can’t begin to tell you what an enormous impact your message had on the staff at Organic Valley. Your energy and positive message was contagious and we heard from so many employees who were inspired to change their thought process and begin looking at each day as a celebration. The spirit of your presentation remains at Organic Valley and for many, that hop on the bus has changed lives forever. You are an inspiration to us all and a remarkable example of the power of positive thinking!”
        – Karen Long, Communications Coordinator, Organic Valley

    “We’re on board! Jon’s book and talk The Energy Bus, illustrates what I believe as a leader and coach. It is a great read and has been a tool which reinforces our commitment to stay positive. When we play with great energy we win and that’s what The Energy Bus is all about. Thanks Jon for speaking to our team.”
        – Jack Del Rio, NFL Head Coach, Jacksonville Jaguars

    “Jon, we had great feedback from our customers about your talk. We took a big step towards moving past the old negativity and building a positive relationship and vision for the future. Thank you for helping our customers get on the Bona Bus. I have to tell you that you had a major impact.”
        – John Rauvola, EVP, BonaKemi USA

    “Jon’s book The Energy Bus and his presentation to my firm were both contagious and impactful. As a result of Jon’s talk we went from a bus full of passengers to a fleet of of drivers!”
        – Matt T. Russo, Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, New York

    “I cannot thank you enough for engaging the UniCare associates during the Fueling the Future event in Orlando, FL. Your message was unequivocally the highlight of the training event. Your enthusiasm was infectious, your message was poignant, and your willingness to stay and sign the books was appreciated. You truly personify the type of boss, team player, and individual that I – along with the rest of my team – hope to be. Thank you for driving your bus into our lives, welcoming us aboard, and fueling us for future success. We have a great seat, a nice view, and we’re ready for the ride of our lives.”
        – Justin Lee Patton, Corporate Trainer, UniCare

    “What an exhilarating start to our school year! It is often a daunting task to find a speaker who touches all hearts and minds in a diverse group of educators. Jon Gordon did just that, creating an energy “burst” across rows of 500 educators and coaches! His message is one easily taken into classrooms, meeting settings, coaching situations, and personal lives. Our Principals were amazed at the enthusiasm brought back to the buildings with a determination to implement Jon’s ’10 rules for the ride of your life.’ We’re confident Jon’s message and books will have a lasting impact on our school district.”
        – Roxanne DeWeerd, Superintendent, Hudsonville Public Schools

    “For the members of our management team, your amusing anecdotes and entertaining delivery underscored a powerful message of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for reminding us that even the smallest success is worth celebrating. By simply recognizing how lucky we are to do what we do each day, your presentation inspired a renewed enthusiasm in this dedicated team of professionals.”
        – Katharine Monahan, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

    “Jon’s Energy and Passion put our entire company on ‘the Bus.’ We have had a record month in sales & I attribute our success to the “ENERGY BUS!”
        – Dave Heffner, Vice President of Sales, Dental Express

    “We believe the idea of aligned team focus with energized individuals can deliver remarkable results. We as individuals and teams can choose to think about what is possible, be positive and to make a difference for the good each and every day – life is too short not to be on the right bus. Jon Gordon is a brilliant, friendly reminder of the power of this type of thinking.”
        – Tracy VanBibber, Sr. Vice President Sales, Dial Corporation

    “Having Jon present to us at our annual conference was like catching lightning in a bottle. His energy, passion, and charisma not only set the tone for our convention, but left every franchisee with a spark to take back to their restaurants.”
        – Matt Andrew, President, Moe’s Southwest Grill

    “Jon Gordon was a huge hit at the 6th Annual Texas Governors Conference for Women. His session was one of the most anticipated presentations at our Conference and judging by the response of the crowd in attendance, Jon delivered. Energy is truly a topic that people want, need, and flock to. I’d highly recommend Jon as a featured speaker at future events.”
        – Andrea Feiner, Program Director, Texas Conference for Women

    “Jon Gordon’s concept of the Chief Energy Officer teaches us that attitude alignment isn’t just little but a non-linear leap that makes the ultimate difference between abundance or lack of happiness, success, performance, motivation, ability to be team oriented, and our reality of achieving our personal goals in all parts of our lives.”
        – Ken Fisher, CEO of Fisher Investments, Forbes columnist, author of The Only Three Questions That Count

    “On behalf of our senior management team I wanted to write a quick note to say thank you Jon for your presentation at Ace Mortgage’s Annual Conference! Our management team really appreciated what you did for us. Without a doubt your presentation made the most significant impact on our team. Thank you for being you; you are GREAT!”
        – Andrew S. Voyles, CRMS, Senior Vice President, Ace Mortgage Funding, LLC

    “This year our local chapter of SHRM is celebrating its 50th anniversary so our theme for our annual one day conference was “Investing in the Profession, Investing in You.” We wanted a keynote speaker who could motivate our participants and provide them with tools to immediately apply to their personal lives and carry into their workplaces. Jon, your presentation did just that. The Energy Bus, 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy was very well received. The energy in the room was contagious! A number of the participants have asked us for your contact information so they can have you come back and present at one of their company meetings. We wish you the very best as you spread the word and hope to see you again in the near future.”
        – Sharon A. Harkins, SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) Madison, WI Chapter

    “When I book a speaker, I hope they will either motivate, inspire or educate our members. You did all three with such ease. Your message was right on target for our group, with practical “take home value” for each person individually and for their organization. You certainly combined the three qualities of a truly professional presentation – you spoke from your heart, sprinkled it with humor, and gave interesting stories to prove your point. Our member evaluations showed they really enjoyed your presentation. Some of their comments were: Great Speaker! Excellent presentation! Love it! Loved the presenter! Excellent, I’m buying the book – “The Energy Bus” Bring him back! – Again, our thanks and appreciation.”
        – Betty Doran, PHR, Director of Human Resources, Collins College East Valley Human Resource Association

    “WOW! You set such a positive tone to the start of our convention. To feel the energy you shared with us left us not just feeling good but feeling terrific about the ride ahead! Your message of enthusiasm transcends both professionally and personally. The personal stories that you shared with us touch the heart of the human spirit. I have had many of my mangers tell me how they are now committed to be the driver of “their bus.” The results of faster service times for our guests tells more of the action they have taken from your talk and the “10 rules for the ride of your life” from your book, The Energy Bus. Your shared excitement for life is contagious! Thanks again!”
        – Steve McCans, President, McCans Sonic Group

    “Jon, you were AWESOME !!! Your message on energy, vision, and a focused work ethic has my managers back on track. In the competitive environment we find ourselves today, you just have to be better than our competition in all areas. As you said, it starts with Energy, and they jumped on The Energy Bus because the time is NOW!! They have a renewed focus to apply our sales management strategies in a way that is positive and motivating. Thanks for the ride on The Energy Bus.”
        – Jack Karaszewski, Executive Vice President Southeast Region Retail, CTX Mortgage Company

    “At our annual Summit in the Rocky Mountains, we gave Jon the unenviable task of delivering the keynote address on the final morning to an audience of 250 weary restaurant managers and headquarters staff. Not easy. Fifteen minutes into it, I had people whispering to me “that this was good!” For the next 75 minutes Jon had the entire group listening intently to his every word, cheering at all the right times, taking copious notes and leaving the meeting on a terrific high with actionable steps to return and become their own CEOs. You could feel the energy. I highly recommend Jon Gordon!”
        – John Puterbaugh, Vice President, Human Resources, Noodles & Company

    “Jon, you were absolutely terrific at our general sales meeting today – your presentation was inspiring and applicable to each of us, professionally and personally. I believe the concept of acting as a “Love Magnet” encouraged our already generous sales professionals to go above and beyond expectations. You succeeded in mesmerizing the audience with your message and sincere, enthusiastic delivery. And judging by the crowd around the book table, you left many people hungry for more!”
        – Linda H. Sherrer, President and CEO, Prudential Network Realty

    “Using powerful facts and insightful stories, Jon Gordon infused our agents with a new level of contagious, courageous and compassionate energy! The practical advice he shared would benefit anyone seeking to enhance their ability to be a more successful, consultative sales professional.”
        – Patricia Encinas, Chubb Agency Education, Chubb Insurance

    “My compliments for inspiring, engaging, and captivating our group of top level and achievement oriented business executives. Your educational, often humorous, and on target message was applicable not only to them but to their spouses, employees, and children. I have no doubt that steps were taken that very day to implement transformational steps into their lives. Thank you for making a difference, and your extra effort was visible and impactful.”
        – James McPartland, YPO – Young President’s Organization Southern California Chapter

    “It’s not always easy to be positive yet somehow you make it seem that way. Many thanks for the great session with our team. You provide an easy to follow process that builds energy and will make our team great. I can still feel it!”
        – Danny Deaton, EVP National Retail Production, CTX Mortgage Company

    “Jon’s presentation was regarded by many as the best of our conference. ‘Super,’ ‘Inspiring,’ ‘Great Ideas,’ ‘Phenomenal,’ ‘Wonderful uplifting presentation,’ ‘His enthusiasm rubs off,’ and similar comments dominated our attendee evaluations. We would certainly have him back again.”
        – Ernie Mannino, Associate Executive Director, NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals) Convention and National Principals Resource Center

    “Jon, my entire team is still buzzing about the great program you put on here. Being in the financial field, I’m always looking for a good return on investment. Without question, your program was worth every dollar invested. The simple yet highly effective techniques you teach are invaluable in positioning yourself ahead of the competition, while getting a lot more enjoyment out of the game of life in general.”
        – Rick Brown, Vice President, Countrywide Home Loans

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    Books by Jon Gordon:

      You Win in the Locker Room First: The 7 C’s to Build a Winning Team in Business, Sports, and Life
      NFL head coach Mike Smith lead one of the most remarkable turnarounds in NFL history. In the season prior to his arrival in 2008, the Atlanta Falcons had a 4–12 record and the franchise had never before achieved back-to-back winning seasons. Under Smith’s leadership, the Falcons earned an 11–5 record in his first season and would go on to become perennial playoff and Super Bowl contenders earning Smith AP Coach of year in 2008 and voted Coach of Year by his peers in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

      You Win in the Locker Room First draws on the extraordinary experiences of Coach Mike Smith and Jon Gordon—consultant to numerous college and professional teams—to explore the seven powerful principles that any business, school, organization, or sports team can adopt to revitalize their organization.

      Step by step, the authors outline a strategy for building a thriving organization and provide a practical framework that give leaders the tools they need to create a great culture, lead with the right mindset, create strong relationships, improve teamwork, execute at a higher level, and avoid the pitfalls that sabotage far too many leaders and organizations.

      In addition to sharing what went right with the Falcons, Smith also transparently shares what went wrong his last two seasons and provides invaluable lessons leaders can take away from his victories, success, failures and mistakes.

      Whether it’s an executive leadership team of a Fortune 500 company, a sports team, an emergency room team, military team, or a school team successful leaders coach their team and develop, mentor, encourage, and guide them. This not only improves the team, it improves the leaders and their relationships, connections, and organization.

        The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work

        A story for anyone searching for more passion, purpose, and happiness

        Bestselling author Jon Gordon has inspired countless people in business, education, professional sports, and ministries to work with more passion and purpose, and in his new inspiring fable he shares powerful insights and proven truths to find purpose and happiness in your life and work.

        Order Here

        Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture
        Why it matters who′s stirring the pot

        Only a few months into her new job, Nancy wondered whether or not she should have said yes to the CEO position at Soup, Inc. Sales were declining, bankruptcy and takeover rumors were swirling, and employee morale had never been lower. The company had lost both flavor and heat; and nobody likes lukewarm soup. How was Nancy going to turn it around?

        Sometimes the answer you need is right in front of you. On a lunch break, Nancy steps into Grandma′s Soup House, a little place she hadn′t noticed before, and happens upon an unexpected source of inspiration. New from the bestselling author of The Energy Bus and Training Camp, Soup tells the “stirring” story of how Nancy discovers the key ingredients to revitalizing her company, her team, and herself.

        A recipe for success for anyone in any position, Soup delivers the powerful message that the quality of your career, business, and team is determined by the quality of your relationships.

        People are hungry for positive change and a fresh sense of purpose and passion. If you are ready to stir the pot and lead by example, Soup is a fun and engaging story that supplies you with the tools you need to build a winning team-at work, school, or home.

        Order Here

        Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else
        Training Camp is an inspirational story filled with invaluable lessons and insights on bringing out the best in yourself and your team. The story follows Martin, an un-drafted rookie trying to make it in the NFL. He’s spent his entire life proving to the critics that a small guy with a big heart can succeed against all odds. After spraining his ankle in the pre-season, Martin thinks his dream is lost when he happens to meet a very special coach who shares eleven life-changing lessons that keep his dream alive—and might even make him the best of the best.

        Whether you play sports or the piano or work with numbers, a computer or a scalpel, these lessons apply to everyone who must climb the mountain before reaching its peak.

        If you want to be your best—Training Camp offers an inspirational story and real-world wisdom on what it takes to reach true excellence and how you and your team (your work team, school team, church team and family team) can achieve it.
        Order Here

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