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I’ve been a reporter for 50 years. In my first job in Portland, Oregon, I helped invent TV consumer reporting. I moved to WCBS in NYC, then to 20/20 and Good Morning America on ABC.

As a consumer reporter, I exposed con men and thieves, confronting them with hidden camera footage that unmasked their lies. I put some out of business, and helped send the worst of them to jail. The Dallas Morning News called me “the most consistently thought- provoking TV reporter of our time.” The Orlando Sentinel said “he has the gift for entertaining while saying something profound.” My media colleagues awarded me 19 Emmys for criticizing business.

My epiphany, after years of reporting, was seeing that business does much less harm than big government. Competition keeps business in check much better than government regulators do.

We don’t need “experts” to manage our lives. We do need limited government, a referee that keeps the peace. That’s all. Then free minds and free markets make good things happen.

Now that I take a skeptical look at government, my media colleagues no longer give me awards. The mainstream media are tilted so far to the left, that they called me conservative.

I suppose they call me that because I now say the free market is a good thing — but what’s conservative about the market? It’s unplanned, unpredictable, scary, noisy. “Libertarian” is a better term for my beliefs.

After 28 years at ABC news, I left when 20/20 refused to air some of my segments about free markets.

Fox then gave me my own show, and never restricted what I could say. But after 7 years, I left to start this, Stossel TV, to reach more young people. I raised funds to open a little studio in Manhattan. We make at least one video per week. Each averages more than a million views.

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Market Competition and Education in America

John Stossel has years of experience reporting on the state of education in America. After Stossel’s “Stupid in America” TV special revealed the flaws and issues of government-run education, 600 union protesters appeared outside ABC’s offices screaming “shame on you!” He answered the protesters—and today offers an insightful presentation on how market competition is the key to transforming the state of our schools and educating the generation of tomorrow.

Risk and Regulation: Do Our Rules Keep Us Safe?

Many of America’s politicians believe strict regulation is what keeps us safe, but what if the opposite is true—that regulation actually harms us more than helps us? John Stossel delivers an insightful speech about the downfalls of overregulation, and how more freedom can spur innovation—and raise the bar for safety.

Business and Media: Enemies?

With years of experience in the field, John Stossel has seen first-hand the ways in which the media can impede business efforts and halt innovation. In his speech, he shares why he believes there is such a strong media bias against business interests, and offers ideas for what can be done to change it.

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Books by John Stossel:
    Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel–Why Everything You Know Is Wrong

    John Stossel—award-winning journalist, tireless consumer-rights crusader, and anchor of ABC′s newsmagazine 20/20—has built his reputation on his willingness to debunk conventional wisdom, no matter the source. In his latest New York Times bestseller, which has sold more than 200,000 copies in hardcover, he busts the myths, lies, and downright stupidity clogging media outlets on all sides of the spectrum. Taking a shovel to the heaps of misinterpretations and outright mistakes passing for “fact” these days, Stossel proves:

    —That contrary to popular belief, Americans have more free time now than ever before;
    —How DDT could actually save millions of lives annually, if only we hadn′t been wrongly convinced it caused cancer;
    —That Republicans don′t shrink government—they expand it;
    —Why bottled water is a rip-off (hint: not only doesn′t it taste better than tap, it′s no healthier either!);
    —How “defective product” lawsuits end up depriving us of safer products;
    —Why it′s okay to marry your cousin;
    —And much, much more.

    Bursting with facts, sharp insights, and plain old common sense, Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity is a modern muckraking classic.

    Order Here

    Give Me a Break

    Ballooning government? Millionaire welfare queens? Tort lawyers run amok? A $330,000 outhouse, paid for with your tax dollars? John Stossel says, “Give me a break.”

    When he hit the airwaves thirty years ago, Stossel chased snake-oil peddlers, rip-off artists, and corporate thieves, winning the applause of his peers.

    But along the way, he noticed that there was something far more troublesome going on: While the networks screamed about the dangers of coffee pots, worse risks were ignored.

    In Give Me a Break, Stossel explains how ambitious bureaucrats, intellectually lazy reporters, and greedy lawyers make your life worse even as they claim to protect your interests. Taking on such sacred cows as the FDA, the War on Drugs, and scare-mongering environmental activists — and backing up his trademark irreverence with careful reasoning and research — he shows how the problems that government tries and fails to fix can be solved better by the extraordinary power of the free market.

    He traces his journey from cub reporter to 20/20 co-anchor, revealing his battles to get his ideas to the public, his struggle to overcome stuttering, and his eventual realization that, for years, much of his reporting missed the point.

    Stossel concludes the book with a modest proposal for change. It′s a simple plan in the spirit of the Founding Fathers to ensure that America remains a place “where free minds — and free markets — make good things happen.”

    Order Here

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