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  • Hall of Fame Speaker and Cyber Security Expert
  • Lost his multimillion-dollar business to cybercrime; Live-hacks audience members; CEO & President, The Sileo Group; Inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame; Certified Helicopter Parent

    John Sileo left hi-tech consulting for two reasons: to start a family and to launch a software startup in the earliest stages of cloud computing. Six successful years, a multimillion-dollar business and two precious daughters later, he lost the business and his wealth to cybercrime.

    Because the cybercriminal, a company insider, masked the crimes using John’s identity, John was held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The losses destroyed his company, decimated his finances and consumed two years of his personal life as he fought to stay out of jail.

    John Sileo has shared his story and hard-earned lessons as an award-winning author, 60 Minutes guest and keynote speaker to the Pentagon, Schwab and thousands of audiences ready to defend their data. John specializes in the human element of cyber security and uses humor, audience interaction and cutting-edge research to keep his message relevant and entertaining.

    John is CEO & President of The Sileo Group, a Denver-based technology think tank. He graduated with honors from Harvard University and was recently inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame.

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    John Sileo's Speech Descriptions

    John Sileo makes a difference by ENGAGING audiences in ID Theft Prevention, Cyber Security, Internet Privacy & Anti-Fraud Training.

    John leverages his own captivating story of losing his business, $300,000 and his reputation to identity theft and data breach in order to move audiences from complacency to immediate action. Whether serving as a keynote speaker at The Pentagon or an identity theft expert on The Rachael Ray Show, John is among America’s foremost experts on identity theft, cyber security, fraud prevention, social engineering and online privacy.

    Here’s what makes John different as a keynote speaker on technology, identity, privacy, and security:

      • John isn’t just an expert on identity theft, he’s an expert at presenting relevant content in a memorable way.
      • All of John’s keynote and breakout speeches are highly interactive, which keeps the audience engaged.
      • John’s lessons come directly from first-hand experience, which helps him connect authentically.
      • John’s keynote speeches are non-technical, highly actionable and leadership oriented.
      • John effortlessly connects personal and workplace protection, empowering your audience to “own the data”.
      • As a Fortune 500 client put it: “I’ve never learned so much I was doing wrong and had so much fun doing it!”

    Here are Some of John’s Most Requested Keynote Speeches:

    Spies, Hackers and Online Attackers
    Bulletproof Your Privacy & Profits

    "Think Like a Spy"
    Aggressive Identity Theft & Fraud Countermeasures

    Fraud Jujitsu Bootcamp
    Manipulation Defense & Persuasion Preparation

    Online Reputation Strategies
    Building, Defending & Extending Your Digital Identity

    Additional Topics (Keynote, General Session, Breakout and Webinar)

    Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach
    Extinguishing Unprofitable Privacy and Security Hotspots

    The 7 Secrets of Safe Social Networking
    Harnessing Social Media without Sacrificing Security

    Your Financial Practice as Hero
    Leveraging Privacy and Security to Increase Your Profits

    Ethical Corporate Espionage
    Using Digital Intelligence to Your Competitive Advantage

    What People are Saying about Seeing John Speak

    Rating Entries

      “Every organization that values its employees (not to mention the privacy of company data) should bring John in to speak”
      Preview Properties

      I attended Pfizer’s Annual Information Security Officer’s Conference. The InspirationalSpeaker was Mr. John Sileo. John’s presentation was captivating, to say the least. His story is phenomenally sad. John rose above it all and now provides fantastic advice to companies and individuals on how to protect their identity.
      I left John’s presentation as equally inspired as when I left Mark Sanborn’s presentation at Paisley’s User Conference this year. [If John speaks there next year,] I’ll be sitting in the front row!
      R. LaChance

      “Fantastic presentation! It really made me think about how I handle day to day activities and the information I give out. I have already caught myself doing a “STOP” before giving out personal information.”
      T. Vander Hart

      John was right on! His presentation was high energy, very clear and very helpful. Thank you for all of your helpful tips. I have already opted out!”
      J. Carson, President
      Prudential Utah Real Estate

      “Your presentation was the perfect way to start the day. Very upbeat and informative. Though I consider myself a careful person you made me think of several things I need to take care of to protect my identity, along with my wife′s and children′s identity. Thanks.”
      R. Myers CFO Mark Shale

      ohn Sileo is the real deal. He speaks because he has someting to say but alsobecause he is interested in his audience! If you host speakers, do yourself a favor and hire John Sileo. John is an expert through personal experience and he will remind you of all that is good about offering a speaker to an audience.
      L. MacNeill, Director of Cultural Programs and College Relations

      I am president of The Botsford Group, a financial planning firm which places emphasis on asset protection and risk management. I read Stolen Lives and it definitely had an impact on me, and I felt the information would be very beneficial to our clients as well. John Sileo spoke at our annual client reception, and the response was extremely positive; many of our clients got busy the next day, taking steps John recommends to protect their identities. He is very professional and entertaining, a job will done!
      E. T. Botsford, President, The Botsford Grou

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    Books by John Sileo:

    Your Data is Showing: 12 Privacy Tools for the Surveillance Economy

    You’re being watched! And tracked, analyzed and sold.

    Welcome to the surveillance economy, where your surfing habits, fingerprints, social media feeds, private conversations and personal identity have become the primary inventory driving tech-company profits. In other words, YOUR PRIVACY IS THE PRODUCT!

    Your Data is Showing walks you through 12 simple tools to help you regain your privacy and drastically limit the information that is collected and shared about you and your family.

    Take 60 minutes and start to take back control of what is rightfully yours.

    Privacy Means Profit: Prevent Identity Theft and Secure You and Your Bottom Line

    Praise for Privacy Means Profit:

    “You would be an idiot to hand out the keys to your house or your business and to give away your credit cards and passwords and then hope for the best. Not following John Sileo’s advice and protecting your privacy is just that: hoping for the best. This book is the answer to giving yourself peace of mind.”—Larry Winget, five-time New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and TV personality

    “Whether you are leading a large organization or your family, Privacy Means Profit is a sobering, practical, and readable guide for preventing information theft and regaining peace of mind.”—Patrick Lencioni, President, The Table Group; author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Getting Naked

    Stolen Lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple
    Will your life get stolen? Will your identity be used to commit a crime? Not if you learn to think like a spy. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting 10 million Americans every year. Stolen Lives is a privacy wakeup call that gives us an insightful and engaging way to protect our greatest financial assets — our identity. It moves us to action by combining a 10-minute-a-day approach with an easy-to-remember system for protecting our private information — think like a spy. Prevention is not difficult, but it takes organization and discipline. Stolen Lives provides both in a simple and easy-to-implement program that protects your wallet, trash, computer, financial assets and personal information as a part of your everyday habits. This book can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in just a few minutes a day.

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