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Trend spotter, futurist, and change management expert, John Krubski has spent more than three decades helping client companies and teams make sense of data in an age of information overload. He has helped organizations as diverse as DreamWorks, National Grid, Mercedes-Benz, and Sneaker Villa go from information chaos to calculated action in record time.

Krubski is the founding director of the Institute for Applied Decisional Sciences, in addition to being the founder and CEO of itlcINSIGHTS, a 20-year-old thought leadership consultancy. He is the creator and architect of The Index of What Matters Most (TiMM), a revolutionary research methodology that aims to decode the “cultureography” of individuals, groups, or activities with a holistic perspective rather than focusing on minute shifts in year-to-year respondent trending. Having been used with over 35,000 respondents, this methodology has uncovered priceless insights into how and why people make the decisions they make and value what they value. As a speaker and consultant, Krubski transforms that data into actionable takeaways tailored to his audience or clients, who range from Fortune 100s to small family businesses.

Krubski is the author of several practical books packed with easy-to-digest substance and strategies. His most recent book, Productive Meetings Every Time…Guaranteed!: 7-3-1 Fast Track Thinking, marks the beginning of a series grounded in fast track thinking. Another book in the series, Fast Track Team Planning, will be released in the fall of 2016.

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    John Krubski is a seasoned, experienced, professional speaker. He has worked with a wide range of speakers bureaus (large and small, better known and less known) in the US and Canada over more than two decades.

    Having taken an extended hiatus from speaking to work on developing the Index of What Matters Most, playing a pivotal role in setting up the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, and developing a one-day workshop around Creating the Do-it-Yourself Future you Deserve—not to mention qualifying as a Top100 speaker resource for Vistage/TEC, and authoring CRACKING THE AMERICA CODE; A Plan to Get US Back on Track, John Krubski is better equipped than ever to provide clients with original insights, innovative thinking, and actionable strategies for strategic direction, innovation, dealing with change, management, motivation, competitive advantage, Thought Leadership Marketing, and more.

    Recent speaking highlights include LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing Research Association), Global Shop (the largest annual convention of retailers in the US—rated as top speaker over the past three years), The Marketing Research Event (Boston and San Diego), and the New York Small Business Expo—among other venues.

    Krubski’s keynotes and presentations focus on what you can do with the information he provides and can be tailored to address specific issues relating to your industry, organization, or company.

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John Krubski's Speech Descriptions

John Krubski provides detailed information about trends on the rise along with shifts in consumer demographics, and what your group or industry can do to take advantage of these changes.

Attendees leave every session with a clear understanding of what they learned at that session and how they might put their new learning into action fast as individuals and an organization.

Thinking Whole
Thinking Whole can change the way you think in 45 minutes. It is a holistic system for achieving creative critical thinking in groups and individuals. It is the result of decades of practical, actionable, experience combined with years of rigorous academic, psychological, philosophical, medical, and metaphysical inquiry.

Cultureography – A proprietary perspective on How Americans decide what they decide and value what they value
Based on more than 35,000 respondents, and an original, proprietary, research methodology (The index of What matters Most) we have developed an understanding that there are eight distinct and different decisioning systems in the American population. This is the ultimate macro segmentation only made possible with the innovative approach that yields innovative understanding of how people make decisions intrinsically.

Acquire, Retain, Grow Clients In 45 Min
Can you turn first sales calls into lasting relationships? The best sales call is not a sales call at all. It is an intensive, accelerated working session that leaves the client with a) something useful and b) an appreciation that you deserve a place at the inner circle table because you offer something your competitors do not: immediate effective impact on their business.

Aging With Energy, Excitement, Purpose...
and... the PLAN! On turning 70 I am elated about how much I will achieve in the next 30 years; and that's a good thing because research shows that having a purpose is likely to extend your life a good bit. In fact, the common trait of centenarians is a sense of mission. Purpose is good; an action plan is better. This presentation shows you how to make a plan to get you past your 90's in style, with vigor, and make the latter decades the best time of your life.

Breaking Genius Leadership
Upgrade your leadership skills in 45 minutes. The best leaders, since time immemorial, share two defining traits: They have the ability (both natural and developed) to achieve clarity in apprehending circumstances and the power to activate people through communication for effect. Both are teachable and learnable - and this presentation can get you there in 45 minutes.

Experience, Research, Insights
I started an advertising agency at the age of 24 - without the benefit of having worked at one. I have worked in large corporations but I have never stopped being a small business owner - a serial entrepreneur. I also created the Index of What Matters Most to America's Small Business Owners for the Guardian life Insurance company. I can share meaningful, actionable, learnable insights and processes in 45 minutes.

Machine V MOI
We are so enamored of AI that we tend to forget and undervalue OI. That's Organic Intelligence. When you apply the same tools to Mind Ordered Intelligence that we have turned largely over to machines, wondrous things can happen. There is such a thing as an algorithm for creative critical thinking in Organic Intelligence. This is a presentation on how that works and how you can benefit from this knowledge.

Six Generations Changes Everything
Everything you believe about Generations is changing. The biggest New New Thing is the simple, but staggering, thought that we now have six contemporaneous generations. The second game changer is that we are dealing with Demi-Gens - values and attitudes cohorts that hold together for 7-10 years instead of the traditional score.

Unleash Collective Native Intelligence
Stop grossly under-utilizing your biggest resource in 45 minutes. Every member of your team, every member of your organization is the product of multiple native intelligences. They are more than job titles and occupations. Why not benefit from the totality of all that intellectual diversity? Multiply the number of intelligences by the number of people and you unleash exponential possibilities.This presentation shows you how.

The Changing Lives In 45 Guy
45 minutes can change your life. I believe that because I have seen it happen, helped it happen, innumerable times. The key to change is understanding things well enough to be brief and making a plan that works the same way. As a consultant, I did this for my clients, now I want to teach everyone how to do it for themselves.

Bespoke Keynotes, Etc.
There are times when "off the shelf" and "standard" just doesn't fit your needs. We recognize that and are prepared, capable, and willing to craft a keynote, workshop, or off site entirely to suit your specific requirements. Just ask. We'll talk. Together we will come up with something so uniquely you that it'll make your head spin ... with delight.

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Partial Client List

    • Nissan Motors
    • Coty Fragrances
    • National Home Builders Association
    • AT&T
    • Ralston Purina
    • TGI Friday’s
    • Rocher Chocolates
    • Wisconsin Power & Light
    • Mastercard
    • Chiat Day Advertising
    • Southwestern Bell
    • Coca Cola Company
    • Home Improvement Research Institute
    • Direct Marketing Association
    • Johnson Worldwide
    • Fleet Bank
    • IBM
    • Sara Lee Corporation
    • Brown-Forman
    • CitiBank
    • VF Corporation
    • L’Oreal
    • DeLoitte & Touche
    • MCI
    • US Army Recruiting Command
    • Wrangler
    • Sears
    • PepsiCo
    • Volkswagen USA
    • Microsoft

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Books by John Krubski:

Breaking Genius – for Teams and Organizations: How you can use Thinking Whole to achieve repeatable moments of genius, on demand, for your team, your organization, and your self

Learn how you and your team can do in one day what a mob of McKinsies (et al) and million$ can’t get done in months. Breaking Genius took 25 years of real-world consulting practice and 7 years of rigorous scientific and academic research to complete. It is teachable. It is learnable. It ensures repeatable moments of genius for anything you do.

John Krubski, co-author: “For more than 25 years, I have been soliciting clients with an offer: “Put your team in a room with me for one day and I will guarantee that, by the end of that day, they will get to a consensus, a vision, and an action plan. If I fail to deliver, you don’t pay (when was the last time you heard THAT from a consultant?). Either way, your team will learn something new about your business, change their minds about something they believed about the business, and have the most intellectual fun they have had since experiencing the best teacher that has ever stretched their thinking. I have never left any money on the table.”

Overpromise? Hype? You Decide.

“You helped us do in one day what a mob of McKinsies couldn’t pull off in a year and a half with millions. Thanks.” – CEO, Fortune 75 Company

“A day with Krubski can provide answers to some of the most serious, deep-seated questions an organization or a family can ask…” – Mitzi Perdue author of HOW TO MAKE YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS LAST

“The 7-3-1 schema constituted the backbone of a discussion that had never systematically taken place and was priceless (they said) for the transparent thinking it engendered.” – Agnes Mura AMI Coaches

“It is a very powerful process that helps a diverse population of participants move toward consensus. Breaking Genius did an excellent job of encouraging all the voices to be heard. Within an hour, 7 key “facts” were identified and supported by all the participants.” – Bill Bergquist, Ph.D., Pres. The Professional School of Psychology

“We were able to leverage this process with some great brands such as Pepsi, Starbucks, O’Connor Davies, First Capital, Novartis, and Biomet, to name a few. It was the starting point for anything we did creatively.” – Marc Sampogna, Founder, Canopy Brand Group

“Here’s the most incredible part: Krubski was able to do this with us in a total of four hours across two sessions.” – Gary Brode and Raji Khabbaz, Silver Arrow Investment Management

“It’s now possible to combine fact with intuition and create something new that just might change the world for the better.” – Scott P. Bennett, CMO, Customer Centric Solutions

Alex K Krubski, co-author: “I have applied the principles of Breaking Genius in grades 9-12 for the past decade, shared them with my colleagues across subject areas, worked to integrate them into my curriculum, or implemented them on the fly. I have carried these tools with me to meetings, workshops, and postgraduate classes, and each time I have met with the same success. The simple elegance of Thinking Whole cannot be overstated. The processes are formulaic (in the best sense of that word), simple to remember, easy to implement, and each time they work to create a container for our thinking where great things happen.

Productive Meetings Every Time…Guaranteed!: 7-3-1 Fast Track Thinking

My Promise To You In writing this book it is my purpose and my hope to leave you with three actionable deliverables. 1. Provide you with a code-breaking key that lets you get to the heart of any meeting— fast—without having to depend on what the meeting organizer does or fails to do. 2. As a meeting attendee—help you build a platform for getting the most value out of any meeting you attend. And as a meeting organizer—to give you the tools to make your meetings more focused and, meaningful to the attendees. And ultimately more actionable and enjoyable for everyone. 3. Give you the skills to master any amount of information under any circumstances with confidence with the certain knowledge that you will always be able to extract exactly what you need when you need it.

Cracking the America Code: A Plan for Getting US Back on Track
The America Code began as a marketing exercise and evolved into a fresh perspective on the fundamental American operating system. Based on a body of work encompassing more than 35,000 Americans, this book gets to the core of what makes America America and Americans Americans.

The America Code is in our genes. It lies at the heart of how we got here—both literally and historically. It is the compass towards our future. The Code explains how we decide what we decide and why we value what we value. To the clever reader it also provides a blueprint for motivating and influencing Americans in the market, in the workplace, and at the voting booth. The Code can teach us many things about the third largest country on the planet in terms of both land area and population. “American” is more a nature than a nationality. Being here doesn’t automatically make you American any more than joining a team makes you an athlete. But you don’t have to live in America to carry the America Code; which is why so many immigrants feel arriving here is more of a homecoming than a journey to a strange land.

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