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  • She is Founder and President of Why Millennials Matter, one of the world's most authoritative research and consulting firms on Millennial mindsets and trends.
  • She has developed and led company-wide marketing and training initiatives in global corporations on how to retain and leverage Gen. Y talent.
  • Her strategies and training sessions have turned low-performing multi-generational teams into some of the highest achieving groups in their sector.
  • She was selected by Peter Drucker, "The Father of Modern Management" to co-write the 21st century continuation of his classic workFive Important Questions.
  • Founder and President of the firm Why Millennials Matter, Joan Kuhl is a leading expert on how to engage Gen Y’s employee and customer loyalty. An international authority on Millennial career and consumer trends, Joan has helped organizations worldwide attract and retain the emerging leaders of the work force’s youngest generation.

    With years of experience coaching, mentoring, and managing Millennials at two Fortune 500 corporations, Joan brings a unique perspective to resolving the generational disconnect that so many companies experience today as they struggle to understand the young adults who will soon account for 50% of the work force as well as a crucial portion of the consumer market. Joan’s insights and methods have converted several multi-generational teams into top performers and spurred corporate wide marketing and training initiatives in three global healthcare organizations.

    Joan’s generational diplomacy has captured the attention of acclaimed thought leaders such as Marshall Goldsmith and Peter Drucker. Goldsmith declared her “the Next Generation’s Top Executive Coach” while Drucker collaborated with her to update his famous business resource Five Important Questions resulting in the best-selling publication Five Most Important Questions: Enduring Wisdom for Today’s Leaders.

    Additionally, Joan serves as the Millennial Career Expert and spokesperson for Barnes & Noble College, which operates over 700 college campus bookstores nationwide. She also advises Cosmopolitan Magazine on Millennial career and consumer trends.

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      Joan is the Founder and President of Why Millennials Matter, an international speaker, consultant on career and leadership trends and author. While pursuing a career in the fields of business and healthcare, Joan has used her background of leadership in both the private and social sectors. Joan has over 13 years of corporate management experience working in the roles of sales, marketing, organizational effectiveness, training and development at Eli Lilly, Forest Laboratories and Actavis (now Allergan). She has been recognized for her turnaround tactics leading teams to high performance results and developing corporate wide marketing and training initiatives for three global healthcare organizations.

      After a decade of mentoring and coaching thousands of Millennials (born 1980-1997) from around the world to help them achieve their potential, Joan Snyder Kuhl launched Why Millennials Matter. Why Millennials Matter is a training, research and consulting agency based in New York City that focuses on raising awareness to employers about the value of investing in their future workforce and the millennial customer segment. Its mission is to empower young men and women to achieve their highest potential and cultivate confidence around their career and future.

      Organizations are struggling to attract and retain Millennials (Generation Y) because they lack the insights into what this generation wants out of their employer and the benefits that will inspire their loyalty. The same struggle exists for organizations and global brands that are trying to connect with Millennials as consumers through marketing and product development. Joan bridges the gap in understanding Millennials with practical strategies for connecting with them, engaging them, on boarding them, developing them and garnering their loyalty.

      The experience of coaching and mentoring Gen Y’ers about workforce issues—and being responsible for managing and developing them in a corporate environment— gave Joan a unique perspective. The culmination of this research and hands-on observations led to Joan’s book, “The First Globals: Understanding, Managing, and Unleashing Our Millennial Generation” launched in June 2013 co-authored with International founder of the “Zogby Poll” and best-selling author, John Zogby. As an international speaker, Joan delivers engaging presentations that incorporate the latest research and insights around generational dynamics in the workplace and her personal experiences hiring, developing, coaching and managing Millennials.

      As a sought out keynote and panelist, Joan helps inspire businesses to develop a relevant and scalable strategy to drive engagement and loyalty with Millennials as consumers and employees. Joan’s coaching and leadership trainings have impacted diverse audiences of Millennials across the United States and as far away as Dubai, Argentina, China, South Africa, Australia, and India.

      Joan has a long and active commitment to empowering young leaders to achieve their potential as a mentor and coach. Marshall Goldsmith, NYTimes Best Selling Author and #1 leadership thinker in the world by the Harvard Business Review named Joan Kuhl as “the Next Generation’s Top Executive Coach” and has been a strong mentor and supporter. Since 2005, Joan has spoken to thousands of high school and college students as a spokesperson for’s Program on Career and College preparation for success. Joan serves as the youngest Board Member for the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute named after the former CEO of the Girls Scouts of the USA and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Joan is frequently invited to speak to undergraduate and MBA students including Babson, Baruch, Olin College of Engineering, NYU, University of South Carolina, University of Pittsburgh, University of Toledo, University of the Pacific, University of Rochester, Tufts, Rutgers University, Texas Tech, Yale, LIM College and The United States Military Academy at West Point.

      Joan’s advice has been featured in print, news and radio including The Wall Street Journal, CLO Media, CNBC, U.S. News & World Report,, TeenVogue, LevoLeague, HerCampus, National Retail Federation’s STORES magazine and the Leader to Leader journal. Cosmopolitan magazine chose Joan to be a part of their Millennial Board of Advisors featuring her in the magazine’s masthead. Cosmopolitan Magazine has 61 editions around the world. Hearst Magazine International invited Joan to present her insights on Millennials at the Bi-Annual Cosmopolitan Magazine International Editors Conference (COSMIC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A weeklong millennial roadshow in Cape Town and Johannesburg sponsored by Cosmopolitan South Africa followed where Joan spoke to clients in the Beauty, Fashion, Auto, Finance and Retail segments which progressed into global advising opportunities with iconic brands.

      Joan works with clients to amplify their young talent strategy by assessing and developing programs, branding initiatives, onboarding experiences and management training to attract, retain and promote emerging leaders. Joan has partnered with Barnes & Noble College, who manages over 725+ college campus bookstores, to connect with students across the country on topics such as personal branding, networking and developing the right skills for succeeding on the job. Barnes & Noble College selected Joan as a partner for their recent national survey of over 3,500 students from 44 states with over 17,000 responses, The College Student Mindset For Career Preparation & Success. The results of this survey captured today’s student mindset as it relates to their career goals and expectations and uncovered a number of ways colleges and universities can reinvent the traditional career roadmap for students. As their Millennial Career Expert, Joan has served as a spokesperson for BNC at national conferences and provides success workshops for students on campus and online with an expanded digital focus in the 2015-16 school year.

      Joan also serves as a Research Fellow and Principal at The Center for Talent Innovation and Hewlett Consulting Partners led by thought leaders, Sylvia Hewlett and Carolyn Buck Luce.

      Joan championed the launch for a new edition of Peter F. Drucker’s: Five Most Important Questions: Enduring Wisdom for Today’s Leaders to expand its reach and feature up-and- coming leaders of the Millennial generation. Published by Wiley and earning the #2 rank on The Washington Post bestsellers list, this world-renowned business resource connects Drucker’s timeless wisdom with a new generation of leaders featuring contributions from Jim Collins, Marshall Goldsmith, and Judith Rodin, new insights from some of today’s most influential leaders in business (GE and, academia (Harvard Business School and Northwestern University), social enterprise (Levo League) and the military who have been directly influenced by Drucker’s theory of management. Joan is leading efforts to translate #The5Qs into global training programs for aspiring and tenured leaders around the world.

      While serving as Student Government President at the University of Pittsburgh, Joan began honing her leadership skills. She earned an MBA from Rutgers University and studied global business strategies in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Joan became certified in the Principles and Practices of Organizational Development through the Executive Change and Consultation program at Columbia University in New York City. She lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.

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    Joan Kuhl's Speech Descriptions

    Millennial specialist Joan Snyder Kuhl bridges generational divides by empowering young professionals as well as the executives and managers who are hoping to attract and retain them. Joan provides a comprehensive understanding of today’s multigenerational workplace along with strategies that both youth and seasoned professionals can apply to navigate generational differences in the workplace. Leaders and managers will see their younger counterparts in a new light and learn how to leverage each cohort’s talents to maximize their team’s potential.

    Joan also fills in the gaps for companies wondering how to tap into the Millennial market as she gets to the truth of the largest generation’s values and the keys to securing their loyalty as customers.

    Managing Millennials to Unleash their Potential

  • Cultivate and reinforce a culture of engagement for early career talent that benefits all generations
  • Create actionable leadership strategies by increasing awareness about Millennial trends and myths
  • Challenge business-as-usual management practices
  • Align senior management around preferred methods and leadership strategies to recruit, onboard, advance and engage early career talent

    The Evolution of Success / Workplace Power & Influence

    The definition of success is changing as people become more aware about the joy and fulfillment of feeling successful internally versus just externally. The definition of success among rising stars is more than the lines that fill their resumes. It’s important to design a plan for your own self-development that will satisfy your personal and professional goals. Being a top performer and delivering results isn’t enough to move from a cubicle to the corner office—relationship building, clarity of goals, executive presence, authentic communication skills, mindful manners, and that elusive “leadership quality” are all important in order to place yourself in positions of power and influence.


  • Learn the framework that will help you get what you REALLY want out of your life
  • Receive guidance and inspiration from Joan Kuhl in the form of stories, strategies, and data
  • Prepare to cultivate confidence in a credible way that will attract sponsorship, opportunity and influence

    Tapping into Millennial Minds to Accelerate the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

  • Increase awareness about generational dynamics in the workplace with a focus on the Millennial Generation, our youngest employees at work 

  • Preview the 2020 Workplace and how motivating factors across three generations will come together 

  • Learn from case studies from large multinational organizations that are investing and leveraging early career talent 

  • Discuss strategies for unleashing the potential of early career talent as a manager, mentor, and sponsor 

  • Create an action plan centered on individual and D&I team objectives 


    By the year 2020, Millennials are predicted to be 50% of the US workforce and grow to 75% of the global workforce in 2030. The GenEffect2020 Global Ignite program aims to build awareness and provoke action around the six key themes for Millennial Engagement as future leaders and loyal consumers. The program is based on the global research findings of Why Millennials Matter and includes case studies of organizations representing all three sectors: social, private and public.

    Achieve, Lead, and Succeed @ Work

    The transition from college to career emphasizes achievement and standing out in a competitive crowd. The following phase of your career introduces pressure, promotions, people, and purpose that can overwhelm everyone, especial rising stars. Building a network and gaining access to innovative skill development and education will accelerate your career. But these opportunities are controlled by your own motivation. This session with help you enter your career journey with of your ultimate goals and values in mind, setting you on a path for fulfillment inside and outside of work.


  • Learn specific skills you can develop to thrive at every position level
  • Uncover potential detours you’ll want to avoid in the transition from individual contributor to leader
  • Learn how to connect with others and build relationships that can make a huge difference in your confidence—all while helping you discover the best path for your personal and professional goals

    Why Millennials Matter to Your Business and You
    Leveraging our global research and expertise as well as our proprietary framework around key segments of the global talent pool, this workshop will unite generations by uncovering shared values and desired benefits. We will focus on the best strategies for both men and women in the initial phases of their careers to build alliances and influence across diverse teams.


  • Learn the six key themes that impact millennial employee engagement to better understand the common values, motivators, and workplace styles of each generational cohort
  • Develop an international leadership strategy to work with and lead teams located in different countries
  • Build a heightened awareness of the tools and behaviors that will help inspire and integrate unique talents and knowledge bases
  • Magnify your team members' working relationships as peers, protégés, sponsors, and supervisors

    Drucker's Five Most Important Questions

    [This talk requires purchase of Peter Drucker's Five Most Important Questions. Bulk pricing available.] This workshop will serve as an introduction to an inspiring tool for organizations and the people who lead them. Peter F. Drucker developed the five questions concept as a solution for business leaders who were looking for a management resource with a simple method to help them think through what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what they must do to be successful.

    The new spin-off Millennial edition bridges the gap between young talent and tenured leadership by offering a common language for business discussion and strategy. The Self-Assessment Tool presents the five most important questions for any organization to ask. As the lead Editor, Co-Author, and Global Drucker Challenge judge, Joan will introduce participants to the self-assessment process and share actionable advice on how to use this resource within one's organizations and for their own leadership development. Drucker’s wisdom is timeless and even more relevant to today’s youngest generation of aspiring leaders.

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    Books by Joan Kuhl:

    Peter Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions: Enduring Wisdom for Today’s Leaders

    Co-authored by Peter Drucker and Frances Hesselbein

    Enduring Management Wisdom for Today’s Leaders From Peter F. Drucker.
    Peter Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions provides insightful guidance and stirring inspiration for today’s leaders and entrepreneurs. By applying Drucker’s leadership framework in the present context of today’s leaders and those who lead with them, this book is an essential resource for people leading, managing and working in all three sectors—public, private and social. Readers will gain new perspectives and develop a solid foundation upon which to build a successful and bright future. They will learn how to focus on why they are doing what they’re doing, how to do it better, and how to develop a realistic, motivational plan for achieving their goals. This brief, clear, and accessible guide — peppered with commentary from distinguished management gurus, contemporary entrepreneurs and dynamic millennial leaders —will challenge readers and stimulate spirited discussion and action within any organization, inspiring positive change and new levels of excellence. In addition to contributions from Jim Collins, Marshall Goldsmith, and Judith Rodin, the book features new insights from some of today’s most influential leaders in business (GE and, academia (Harvard Business School and Northwestern University), social enterprise (Levo League, Pencils of Promise and Why Millennials Matter) and the military (United States Military Academy), who have been directly influenced by Drucker’s theory of management.

    First Globals Understanding, Managing, & Unleashing the Potential of Our Millennial Generation

    Veteran pollster John Zogby teams up with leading Millennial Management Consultant Joan Snyder Kuhl to provide a detailed analysis of why Americans born between 1979 and 1994 are truly more globally aware and sensitive, how they want to make their workplace and planet a better place, and how we begin to understand them and position them better to play out their destiny. First Globals are a transformative group and Zogby and Kuhl provide a clear road map for managers, marketers, change-makers, parents, and First Globals themselves.

    Our book is a revisionist examination of who First Globals really are, what they have to offer, and how they are the best equipped of all to thrive and solve the problems of our shared world today and tomorrow. It is a call to action, a handbook for those who lead and want to lead, and a more holistic depiction of an outstanding group with so much potential.

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