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Ask any American over the age of forty for their top three memorable sporting moments and it’s odds-on that the victory of the USA over the USSR for the Olympic title in Lake Placid in 1980–the “Miracle on Ice”–will be there. The goaltender for that legendary team, Jim Craig, is in huge demand all around the world for his talents as a motivational speaker, spokesperson, marketing and sales strategist and thrilling storyteller. His company, Gold Medal Strategies, based in the Boston area, provides motivational speakers and sales training for some of the most prestigious companies in the USA.

Jim inspires, entertains and provides his audiences with many new ideas and plenty of food for thought. In his post–hockey career he has matched his wonderful achievements as an athlete with those as a sales and marketing strategist and executive.

Jim’s motivational and instructional talks have been requested by more than five hundred organizations and corporations, among them Coca-Cola, Coors, Walt Disney, Fidelity, Dunkin’ Donuts, John Hancock, KPMG, NBC, Ocean Spray, Evergreen Financial and Sun Life Financial.

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    Gold Medal Strategies
    Inspiration-Driven Leaders and Sales Development

    Olympic gold medalist Jim Craig, goaltender for the 1980 U.S. “Miracle on Ice” hockey team, is in demand from coast to coast and internationally as a motivational speaker, spokesperson, marketing and sales strategist, and master storyteller. He is president of Gold Medal Strategies, a Boston-area based motivational speaking and sales training company.

    Jim is an inspiring and entertaining speaker with a strong and memorable message – and his charisma and personality make him a favorite for meet & greet and autograph sessions. He has not only achieved great things in the athletic arena, but as a sales and marketing strategist and executive.

    Over the past 30 years, Jim has inspired, instructed, and provided strategic and winning direction for employees and associates from more than 500 organizations, and some of the world’s most recognized brands. His talks have motivated, inspired, and instructed employees of Coca-Cola, Coors, Walt Disney, Fidelity, Dunkin’ Donuts, John Hancock, KPMG, NBC, Ocean Spray, Evergreen Financial, Sun Life Financial, to name just a few.

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Jim Craig's Speech Descriptions

Jim Craig brings his experience of winning with the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team as well as thirty years of sales and marketing experience to help inspire you or your employees to reach their goals.

Jim has developed a set of “Gold Medal Strategies” for success, which he will tailor to every audience to give them a truly personalized and directed experience. Whether talking of the power of teamwork, conflict management, the rewards of risk-taking or how to recruit for results, you can be sure that Jim will provide the inspiration for your personal gold medal run.

Jim Craig guides, motivates, and inspires your employees and associates through a 45-minute to one hour speech that is customized to your organizations needs and objectives.

Your business is faced with a unique set of challenges which Jim Craig understands. When speaking to your organization, Jim enlists and draws from his experiences with the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team and his 30 years of sales & marketing experience to customize a speech that is tailored to driving the organization to meet their goals. Jim Craig has developed 9 “Gold Medal Strategies” for Success to assist companies and individuals on what it takes to succeed.

With Jim Craig you hit the trifecta in a motivational and teamwork coach:

  • An Olympic Gold Medalist and Hall of Fame athlete
  • A Hall of Fame sales consultant
  • A business owner and winning entrepreneur

Listed below are Jim’s 9 Gold Medal Strategies for success along with some of his favorite speech topics:

Gold Medal Strategies:

  • Great Teams Think of Themselves as Winning Underdogs
  • Great Teams Have a Shared Dream
  • Great Teams Make Personal Sacrifices
  • Great Teams Hold Each Other Accountable
  • Great Teams Are the Product Of Meticulous Recruiting
  • Great Teams Have a Real or Invented Enemy
  • Great Teams Stay Young In Outlook and Spirit
  • Great Teams Manage Through Ego and Conflict
  • Great Teams and Great Companies Win!

Speech Topics:

  • Power of Teamwork
  • Fundamentals of Winning
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Goal Achievement
  • Conflict Management
  • Transformational (Change) Management
  • Accountability for Action
  • Confidence Building
  • Rewards of Risk Taking
  • Recruiting for Results

What People are Saying about Seeing Jim Speak

Rating Entries

“Jim has worked with us as both a corporate host and a motivational speaker. His professionalism and people skills set him apart from others in his field. His achievements on the ice, and in the board-room, translate into a unique and worthwhile team building or marketing event.”
Retail Sales & Marketing, Time, Inc.

“Jim was a pleasure to work with, and obviously an outstanding speaker. You could probably get 2000 quotes like this from Allianz employees.”
KRIS HORSTMAN, Director Meeting & Event Services
Corporate Marketing & Communication Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

“Jim inspired my team and helped us all understand that great things are possible if you are willing to stay the course, pay the price, face adversity and perform as a team.”
IMI Americas

“John Hancock Financial Services has worked with Jim for more than 10 years now. We maintain our strong relationship with Jim, and enthusiastically keep bringing him back, because he always motivates and inspires our clients.”
TYLER S. CARR, Senior Vice President
John Hancock Bank Channel

“Jim Craig has presence. His appearance at the Frozen Four made the event special for all who attended…we look forward to working with him again.”
PETER WYMAN, Senior Vice President
Ocean Spray

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