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Always ahead of the curve in the fields of technology, market, industry and education trends, Jim Brazell has been forecasting the future for over two decades. In his work as an analyst at the IC2 (Innovation, Creativity and Capital Institute at The University of Texas at Austin) and the Texas State Technical College System he has led research and development projects investigating emerging international high-technology regions, international technology commercialization and the design of video games for military training, amongst many other areas. His expertise lies in drawing together innovation, education, R&D and other areas to create the bigger picture.

Jim has been asked to speak at many prestigious events, including giving keynotes to the Texas Economic Recovery Conference, Florida Futures Forum, National School Board Legislative Network and the International Conference of Technology Policy and Innovation, amongst many others.

A summa cum laude graduate (Bachelor of Science, Sociology) from Bradley University, Jim is a George Gilder Fellow in High Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Public Policy. He has offered his services as a volunteer to many organizations, including the Defense Learning Strategies Consortium, the National Science Foundation’s Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative and the Society for Design and Process Science.

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    Jim Brazell is a Texas technology forecaster, strategist, and public speaker focused on innovation and transformation. For two decades, Jim has been ahead of the curve in predicting technology, market, industry, and education trends. Today, he is a member of the Thornburg Center for Professional Development. Clients for his forecasting and professional development work include Global 100 companies, state governments, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

    Jim has delivered 30 speeches to audiences including keynotes for the Texas Economic Recovery Conference, Florida Futures Forum, California Science Teachers Association, National Career Pathway Network Conference, League for Innovation in the Community College STEMtech, National School Board Legislative Network Luncheon and the 25h Annual Career Conference in Wisconsin.

    As an analyst to the IC2 Institue (Innovation, Creativity and Capital Institute at The University of Texas at Austin) and the Texas State Technical College System (2002-2009), Jim led research and development projects, including analysis of emerging international high-technology regions; international technology commercialization; technology forecasting; design of video games for military training and workforce preparation; and robot/math education in the state of Texas. Jim is known as a boundary spanner and a big-picture thinker who connects the worlds of innovation, workforce, education, entrepreneurship, economic development, and R&D.

    Jim has presented papers at international academic conferences including next generation STEM learning (Society for Design and Process Science, 2012), solutions to the financial crisis (2009), and energy sustainability (2007) at the International Conference of Technology Policy and Innovation.

    Jim has served as a volunteer with the Defense Learning Strategies Consortium; the National Science Foundation’s Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative; the Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Committee; the Corridor NanoBioTech Summit; and the San Antonio Information Technology and Security Academy. Today, Jim volunteers with the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s information technology committee, MATEC NSF Networks, Enzoology: Exploration Nation, and the Society for Design and Process Science.

    Jim is a 1995 George Gilder Fellow in High Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Public Policy. He graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Bradley University. At Bradley University, Jim was the co-principal investigator of Interlabs, the sociology of cyberspace course and the social informatics minor.

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Jim Brazell's Speech Descriptions

Jim Brazell offers a wide range of keynotes, all of which can be tailored for a specific audience. In the realms of community, workforce and economic development, he can speak on emerging technologies and their implications for economic competitiveness, innovation and security, looking ahead to see what trends you and your company need to follow.

Speaking for schools and education conferences, Jim offers case analysis of how highly effective schools have used technology and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) for educational reform to meet the demands of 21st-century.

Jim also offers speeches and analysis that look at ways in which educators can start thinking like futurists – to see what is next for their school, pupils and district. He demonstrates how teaching styles can be transformed in order to engage students.


INNOVATION NATION: Emerging Technology and Strategies for Economic Competitiveness, Innovation and Security

America′s competitiveness depends on innovation and collaboration. Innovate America is designed to move communities from why they need to change to how they can achieve innovation. Explore emerging technologies, jobs, educational practice and economic development strategy. Learn how you can enhance global competitiveness through local, regional and national collaboration.

TECHNOPOLIS PHENOMENON 2.0: Trends in Technology, Innovation and Public-Private Partnership

Join sociologist Jim Brazell for an analysis of the structure and strategy of technology, how innovation works to transform economies and the story of next generation global high technology regions Including San Diego, CA, Central Florida, Washington D.C., South Korea and Finland.


WEAVING A WEB FOR THE 21st CENTURY: The What, Why and How of STEM, Common Core Standards and College and Career Readiness

Jim delivers case analysis of highly effective schools, teachers, and leadership culture illustrating the "how" of educational transformation. Jim′s background in the sociology of science and educational technology lend to his analysis including: (1) a shift in the definition of the well rounded student in the 21st century, (2) a shift in pedagogy, (3) the centrality of technology processes, languages and architectures across and among disciplines, and (4) the organizing principle of innovation and design across disciplines in the P-20 system of education. Jim′s analysis includes how model schools meet high academic standards for all students.

THE FUTURE IS HERE: Living, Learning and Working in the 21st Century

Robot cars. Virtual reality phones. Supercomputer toys. This is not fiction, not a dream, not the future—this is the world today. As technology continues to advance, organizations and communities are challenged by the pace of change. Part crowd sourcing, part social media and part workshop, The Future is Here is designed to move your group from thinking to action. Large group interactive sessions and workshops are custom including program title, use of technology (or not) and program activities. Attend Innovation Nation to learn to think like a futurist and to act like an entrepreneur to create the future.

STEM PATHWAYS TO THE FUTURE: Emerging Technologies, Jobs, Schools & Communities

Fueled by industry and government focus on economic recovery, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is now seen as a platform for educational reform. Attend the keynote with Jim Brazell to explore: What does STEM tell us about education, work and society? What are the key skills required of 21st century education, work and citizenship? How are model schools and communities transforming to meet the demands of the 21st Century?

CYBER-STEM: Discover the Role of "Cyber" in U.S. Workforce Competitiveness, Security and Innovation

Cyber STEM is the story of how Networking and Information Technology (NIT) have changed the worlds of play, learning, work and civil discourse in the 21st century. Fully 1/2 of STEM jobs tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are NIT jobs--1/2 of STEM is Cyber. Cyber-STEM is crucial to national and global priorities in energy, transportation, education, healthcare and virtually all industries and has an overall impact on virtually all jobs and aspects of life in the 21st century.

Cyber-STEM delivers an analysis of how education, workforce and economic development practitioners are responding to emerging national priorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by integrating CYBER & STEM. Learn about the growing demand for multi-skill information technology, Cyber-STEM and security professionals across industries. Discover emerging technologies, jobs, career pathways and tools for schools.

STEM+ARTS: 21st Century Strategies for Arts Education and Advocacy

21st Century Strategies for Arts Education and Advocacy delivers stories, anecdotes and analysis of the US and global movement to connect the arts way of learning with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Learn about emerging technologies, jobs, schools and communities integrating ARTS+STEM to define what is next in innovation practice.

Other titles and themes of Jim′s work:

Futuring & Leading Educational Transformation - How to think like a futurist in order to make practical decisions, anticipate change and design what is next for your classroom, school or district.

TEAMS Innovation Practice - How to engage students, achieve rigor and transform pedagogy by design.

The Future is Here: Emerging Technology, Jobs & Open Source Tools and Projects for Educators and Schools

What People are Saying about Seeing Jim Speak

Rating Entries

    “Jim is a powerful story-teller.”
    — Dr. Anne Bryant, Executive Director, National School Boards Association

    “Jim sees things through a different lens… and it’s a perspective that community leaders need to share.”
    — Richard Anderson, County Judge, Marshall, Texas

    “Brazell has mastered the mixed audience. We invite students, parents, faculty, local industry, workforce, and economic development leaders and we get everyone motivated and on the same page!”
    — Dr. Bill Segura, Chancellor, Texas State Technical College System

    “He showed us all where our future is… he is showing us what we need to be doing now with our students.”
    — Alice Gage, CTE Director, Pine Tree High School

    “After seeing Jim’s keynote, we hired him for an 8 hour workshop for all workforce practitioners in the state.”
    — Jennifer Brackney, Workforce Development Division Manager, City of Peoria

    “Jim’s speeches have been a catalyst for workforce, education and economic development innovation in Texas.”
    — Kaki Leyens, Office of Employer Initiatives, Texas Workforce Commission

    “Brazell is compelling. I have seen him captivate educational audiences from the US to Singapore.”
    — Dr. Nelson Heller, President and Publisher, The Heller Reports, A QED Company

    “In Stavanger, Norway, we think of elearning before Jim Brazell and after…”
    — Atle Lokken, Director NettOP, University of Stavanger

    “Brazell addresses the imperative of developmental planning necessary to transition the baton of leadership to the generation that will take us to Mars and beyond.”
    — Dr. Francis X. Kane,“Father of Global Positioning System,” President, Schriever Institute

    Partial Client List:
    National School Boards Association T&L Conference
    Peoria Next
    Maryland School Board Association
    Illinois State Workforce Conference
    Los Angeles County Tech Prep
    Pearland ISD
    National Education Computing Conference
    San Antonio North Chamber of Commerce
    Texas Ed Service Center Region 8
    Austin Community College
    Monroe Community College
    Heartland Region – National Association of Workforce Professionals
    Iowa Manufacturing Conference
    Butler Community College
    Maui Community College
    Alief ISD
    National School Boards Association Annual Conference
    Orlando Science Center
    San Angelo Technical Training Center
    Mt Pleasant High School
    The New York City Department of Education
    Gulf Coast Tech Prep
    Oklahoma State Department of Career and Technical Education
    C-STEM Houston
    Waco Chamber of Commerce
    Community College Futures Assembly

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