Jessica Cox

Adventure / Travel, Disability, Inspirational, Motivation & Inspiration, Motivational Speaker, Overcoming Adversity

Travels from Arizona, USA

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Despite being born without arms due to a birth defect, Jessica has lived an otherwise normal life. After overcoming her self-esteem issues, Jessica earned a degree in psychology and got her airline pilot’s certificate.

Earning her pilot’s certificate also earned her meetings with heads of state, an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, and even a meeting with the Pope. Putting an emphasis on the way we think versus our physical limitations, Jessica has shared her positive message in her travels to more than 20 countries.

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    Jessica Cox has famously eliminated the words “I can’t” from her vocabulary.

    Although born without arms as the result of a birth defect, she has never allowed that to be a limiting factor. While she suffered from self-esteem issues early on and physical challenges throughout her life, Jessica managed to overcome and achieve — earning a college degree and a Taekwondo black belt, learning to drive a car with her feet, type with her toes, and in 2008 fly an airplane. That feat landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records and led to an audience with the Pope, meetings with heads of state, and a great deal of media attention.

    Recently married, Jessica continues her journey.

    In the present, she has turned the tables on her so-called “disability”, allowing it to enable her as a motivational speaker and advocate in the USA and beyond. In the future there is no telling where her feet will take her

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Jessica Cox's Speech Descriptions

Never seeing herself as a victim, Jessica shares her inspirational stories of success and overcoming failures in a “two-handed” world. Jessica’s seminars help people find inner strength and overcome their own challenges in business or any walk of life.

Using the four elements of creativity, desire, fearlessness, and persistence, Jessica’s speaking engagements encourage her audiences to overcome the seemingly impossible.


Motivational Speaking Services
Turning the “Impossible” into “Accomplishment”

What limits people in your group from attaining their highest potential? How can they push limitations aside?

Jessica believes in combining creativity, desire, persistence and fearlessness; with them, nothing is impossible. In her presentation, she digs deep into her experiences living armless in a two-handed world and how these four elements helped her achieve the seemingly impossible.

Think Outside The Shoe™

Are you letting fears stand in the way of your opportunities?
Is it easier to come up with an excuse than a creative solution to a challenge?
What handicaps do you and others harbor that you do not need?
How soon should you give up when confronted with a difficult challenge?

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