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  • Serial entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler's life and presentations are packed with actionable advice on how to achieve more.

  • Itzler is the founder of Marquis Jet and Zico Coconut Water, as well as part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

  • Itzler is the best-selling author of the entertaining and enriching memoirs Living with a SEAL and Living with Monks.
  • Serial entrepreneur and in-demand motivational speaker, Jesse Itzler uses his life as proof that happiness is action. Whether running 100 miles nonstop or unplugging to go live in a monastery, Itzler is constantly seeking new adventure while finding ways to help others push their boundaries and achieve more.

    Itzler started his career as a rapper, leveraging his marketing skills to nab himself a music contract and a spot on MTV. He wrote and performed songs for over 50 professional sports teams, including the Emmy Award-winning song “I Love This Game.” Reinventing himself, he ventured into the business world making himself a millionaire through creating companies like Marquis, the world’s largest prepaid private jet card company, and Zico Coconut Water.

    Itzler is the best-selling author of the humorous but empowering book Living with a SEAL, which tells how he invited Navy SEAL David Goggins to live with him on the condition that he comply with his every command. His latest book, Living with Monks, captures his time living with Russian Orthodox monks in an upstate New York monastery.

    In addition to being a frequent speaker at company events and conferences centered on growth, risk-taking, and performance, Itzler runs the program Made of Challenges, a series of unique, end-to-end weekend experiences that combine aspects of a wellness retreat with next-level athletic challenges.

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      Jesse Itzler only eats fruit ’til noon, loves Run-D.M.C., and enjoys living life “out of the box.” In fact, he doesn’t even have a box. The author of the New York Times bestseller, Living with a Seal, cofounded Marquis Jet, the world’s largest private jet card company which he and his partner sold to Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets. Jesse then partnered with Zico coconut water, which he and his partner sold to The Coca-Cola Company.

      He’s a former rapper on MTV and wrote and performed the NBA’s Emmy Award-winning “I Love This Game” music campaign and the popular New York Knicks anthem “Go NY Go.” When he’s not running ultra-marathons, eating vegan food or being a dad to his four kids, Jesse can be found at the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks games, where he’s an owner of the team. He is married to Spanx founder Sara Blakely.

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    Jesse Itzler helps people break their limits to hit a new normal of satisfying accomplishment. From training with the Navy Seals to managing multiple businesses, Itzler knows the keys to reaching higher levels of achievement – without losing your mind or running yourself into the ground. Itzler’s programs leave audiences pumped and equipped with specific steps you can take to improve your mindset, business, health, and personal growth, teaching you to access your reserve tank so you can push through and achieve more.

    Life and Business Lessons Learned Living with a Navy SEAL

    Jesse channels his book Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet and shares lessons learned during his month of living and extreme fitness training with a Navy SEAL to illustrate the importance of increasing your mental toughness meter.

    Create Winning Habits, Winning Routines and a Winning Mindset

    What major goal are you going after? Run a 5k, lose weight, take your business to the next level?

    In this presentation, Jesse taps into pieces of his “all-in” group coaching program, Build Your Life Resume. The focus is on taking specific steps toward personal growth areas, in business, family, personal, or physical and challenging ourselves to tap into reserve tanks we all have, but so few of us access.

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    Jesse was absolutely amazing. I heard him at a real estate expo. I have read a lot of professional developments books, listened to a ton of podcasts, seen a lot of keynote speakers.... and Jesse was at the top. He keynote was a culmination of so many important topics. From sharing how grit made him a successful entrepreneur, to building a life resume, how crucial and important time/each day is, getting out of your own head, doing hard things, doing the things that fill only your buckets.... the list goes on. Not only did he state what I have heard and read many times, but he shared his own example how each one changed his life. I am a teacher by trade. I have been teaching 20 years. I started a photography business, am an independent consultant for a skin care company, and recently became a realtor. I have not experienced extreme success in any of my entrepreneurial journeys. Jesse THANK YOU for sharing your life journey. Since I saw you speak on Tuesday, I have been obsessed watching all of your interviews/speeches online. I am teaching a new elective this year to my 8th grade students starting in April and you can BET I will be speaking of you!!! How cool would that be if I had enough money to hire you to speak at my School!! I wish everyone had the opportunity to hear you speak live! THANK YOU!


    ‘’Jesse is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. He’s a great storyteller, hilarious and has practical takeaways.’’
    — Coach K

    “Jesse spoke at our Annual Sales Summit and truly inspired our team. His discipline, and focus to get better every day, told through his unconventional personal experiences, were impactful, on-point and extremely entertaining. The consistent feedback we continue to receive from the entire team is nothing short of amazing! Certainly a highlight of our Summit.”
    -Andy Sonnenberg, National Advertising Director, WIRED

    ‘’Everyone was talking about how much they loved Jesse’s talk and how motivated and inspired they were for the rest of the day. I can’t wait to read the book this weekend, and bring some of that mental toughness into my life!‘’

    ‘’I could not have chosen a better speaker than Jesse Itzler. During his 45 minute presentation I received multiple texts saying that he was the best speaker that we have ever had at Guardian. ‘’
    – MICHAEL HESS, WESTERN U.S. SALES MANAGER, Guardian Retirement Solutions

    “The BEST. Jesse was memorable and impactful. He did an amazing job to close out the summit. He had the audience extremely engaged. He received a standing ovation when finished, and deserved every bit of applause. Most memorable event of the summit in my opinion. As a direct result of his presentation, I immediately implemented some changes that have already made a positive impact on my practice. His talk was very inspiring and motivating.”
    – Wells Fargo

    “Jesse was awesome – standing ovation! Our association was very happy. Thank YOU!”
    – National Association of Realtors

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    Books by Jesse Itzler:

    Living with the Monks: What Turning Off My Phone Taught Me about Happiness, Gratitude, and Focus

    Equal parts memoir and road map to living a less stressful and more vibrant life, bestselling author Jesse Itzler offers an illuminating, entertaining, and unexpected trip for anyone looking to feel calmer and more controlled in our crazy, hectic world.

    Entrepreneur, endurance athlete, and father of four Jesse Itzler only knows one speed: Full Blast. But when he felt like the world around him was getting too hectic, he didn’t take a vacation or get a massage. Instead, Jesse moved into a monastery for a self-imposed time-out. In Living with the Monks, the follow-up to his New York Times bestselling Living with a SEAL, Jesse takes us on a spiritual journey like no other.

    Having only been exposed to monasteries on TV, Jesse arrives at the New Skete religious community in the isolated mountains of upstate New York with a shaved head and a suitcase filled with bananas. To his surprise, New Skete monks have most of their hair. They’re Russian Orthodox, not Buddhist, and they’re also world-renowned German shepherd breeders and authors of dog-training books that have sold in the millions.

    As Jesse struggles to fit in amongst the odd but lovable monks, self-doubt begins to beat like a tribal drum. Questioning his motivation to embark on this adventure and missing his family (and phone), Jesse struggles to balance his desire for inner peace with his need to check Twitter. But in the end, Jesse discovers the undeniable power of the monks and their wisdom, and the very real benefits of taking a well-deserved break as a means of self-preservation in our fast-paced world.

    Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet

    Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler chronicles his month of living and extreme fitness training with a Navy SEAL in the New York Times and #1 LA Times bestseller LIVING WITH A SEAL, now with two bonus chapters.

    Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler will try almost anything. His life is about being bold and risky. So when Jesse felt himself drifting on autopilot, he hired a rather unconventional trainer to live with him for a month-an accomplished Navy SEAL widely considered to be “the toughest man on the planet”!

    LIVING WITH A SEAL is like a buddy movie if it starred the Fresh Prince of Bel- Air…and Rambo. Jesse is about as easy-going as you can get. SEAL is…not. Jesse and SEAL’s escapades soon produce a great friendship, and Jesse gains much more than muscle. At turns hilarious and inspiring, LIVING WITH A SEAL ultimately shows you the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone.

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