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Jerry Yudelson

    • is a professional engineer, a consultant to leading companies in the green marketplace and the most prolific author in the business of green building. He’s widely known throughout the U.S. and Canada and has spoken in the past two years in Australia, Dubai, Germany and the U.K. to a variety of conferences and events. To each presentation, Jerry brings thought leadership, a wide-ranging intellect and the most up-to-date information about the green marketplace.

Prolific Author. Jerry is the most prolific author in the field of green building and green development, with 11 books published through 2009 and two more on the way in 2010. His topics include European trends, sustainable retail development, green homes, the green building revolution, the business case for green building, marketing green building services and green developments.

Keynote Speaker. Jerry has keynoted more than 50 green building, business, industrial and development conferences, seminars and meetings since 2007; he’s a significant draw among architects, engineers, builders, developers and others in the green building, green products and green development and real estate marketplace. In addition, he frequently keynotes business conferences where the attendees need a good overview of the green market.

Topical and Relevant. Each of Jerry’s books and published articles is designed to advance the market transformation toward green buildings, green products and green development. In each talk, audiences get the most up-to-date information and perspectives, things they can put to use in their own work.

Engaging and Funny. Jerry is a strong advocate for transforming our cities, products and buildings into more environmentally respectful urban places that are less impactful place for all species. Jerry’s wit and warmth touch audiences and move them to action.

Well Respected. In 2006, Jerry was named a National Peer Professional by the U.S. General Services Administration. From 2007 to 2009, he was the nonresident Research Scholar for Retail Real Estate for the 70,000-member International Council of Shopping Centers. He was named Green Building Advocate of the year in 2004 by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. He holds an MBA with highest honors from the University of Oregon.

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Jerry Yudelson's Speech Descriptions

    Jerry has crafted unique presentations for business, professional and trade audiences designed to keep them informed about the important green building and green development trends and help them uncover opportunities they might have overlooked. Each of these talks is customized for a particular audience. Here are general outlines of the presentations.

    Why Are They Greener Than We Are? European Green Building Trends
    Based on two years of on the ground research in Western Europe, Jerry profiles the leading European green building trends, with case studies, technology analyses and institutional innovations that U.S. architects, engineers and building owners can put to use in North America. Jerry’s 2009 book, Green Building Trends: Europe (Island Press) presents these trends in detail. In his recent presentations of this topic, the audience reaction has been overwhelmingly favorable.

    Greening Existing Buildings
    From the Empire State Building to the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago, greening existing buildings is the hottest development in the green building field. In the first half of 2009, nearly 500 million sq.ft. of existing buildings registered for green upgrades. Jerry’s 2009 book, Greening Existing Buildings (McGraw-Hill) presents this information in detail. In his presentation, Jerry talks about the motivations and actions of building owners and others creating this major new trends.

    The Race to Zero Carbon Building
    Jerry’s work in making the business case for green building leads to the ultimate: buildings and developments that are neutral or positive with respect to global warming. Jerry makes the case that every new building/development should be zero carbon. Audiences learn how to make this case for in their next project and the strategies for getting to zero carbon without breaking the budget. Jerry shows how to use tax incentives and new technologies in this “race to zero”.

    Getting Green Done
    Jerry’s 2008 book, Green Building through Integrated Design, is the first to profile most of the LEED Platinum projects in the U.S. Through interviews, case studies and new methods, Jerry shows audiences how the experts are “Getting Green Done” on conventional budgets. Audiences learn new processes and procedures to enhance their next green building projects and get motivated to change processes to achieve improved outcomes.

    The Business Case for Green Development
    Designed for the skeptical business audience, Jerry shows how commercial, retail, hospitality and mixed-use developers are using the business case for green development to make decisions to provide certified green projects for 100% of their work. This talk uses case studies, the latest research and good common sense to make the case. Jerry’s new book, Sustainable Retail Development (Springer, 2009) makes the compelling argument for green development to the retail industry. Jerry has already presented this talk to retail industry audiences in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

What People are Saying about Seeing Jerry Speak

Rating Entries

    “Jerry Yudelson delivered the keynote address at our Forums,
    superbly weaving wry humor with pointed insights in an
    overview and forecast of the industry that people were quoting
    repeatedly throughout the rest of the day.”

    —Mark Gundenas

    National Marketing Director

    Developing Green

    Green Building Forums

    Swinerton Builders, San Francisco

    “Thank you for your most excellent keynote… Your clear,
    candid and seasoned perspective on green development was one
    of the highlights of our program this year.”

    —Raphael Bostic,

    Associate Director

    University of Southern California Lusk Center for Real Estate

    “Your talk did an excellent job of informing practicing planners
    about the emerging business case for green development.”

    —Laura Huntoon,

    Associate Professor of Planning

    Lunch Presentation, 2007

    University of Arizona, Tucson

    “Thank you so much for your presentation. Your remarks were
    informative and inspiring and I heard many good comments
    from participants as well. We appreciate greatly your
    willingness to speak – it added a great deal to the quality of the

    —Mary M. Lydon

    Executive Director

    ULI San Diego/Tijuana

    “Thank you for helping us make our first Green Opportunities
    Conference a tremendous success. Your expertise provided our
    very diverse audience with a much greater understanding of the
    sustainable movement.”

    —Cynthia Buffington

    Executive Director

    MCAA Green Opportunities Conference

    Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc.

    “The group truly enjoyed your style, presentation and content.
    You not only enlightened the group, but you convinced them
    of the importance and many of them said they are now going
    back to their organizations to follow up based on your

    —Stan Ross,


    USC Lusk School Annual Retreat

    Carlsbad, CA

    “Jerry Yudelson was our closing speaker for BuildPoint this year.
    His knowledge, insight, practical directives and humor
    captivated the audience. Many commented that Jerry was the
    best speaker at the event.”

    —Nancy Splaine

    BuildPoint Conference

    Albuquerque, NM

    “Your presentation on the Green Building Revolution provided
    our attendees with valuable information that I’m sure they will
    be able to use to better position themselves in our changing

    —Kathleen Magee,

    National Marketing Director

    Dealers Meeting

    Automated Logic Corporation

    Tucson, AZ

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