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Sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer shows groups how to build powerful relationships with customers that will take both them and their customers to success in times of change. Known for his best-selling books The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Black Book of Connections among others, Jeffrey is one of the foremost coaches and trainers in the sales industry, delivering over 100 presentations around the world per year.

Jeffrey’s transformative programs are based on company differentiation and strong ethics, as he teaches that ultimately a salesperson’s job is to help people. In addition to his multiple publications and seminars, he has built a massive online platform from which he frequently offers advice whether on his YouTube channel or “The Sell or Die Podcast” co-hosted with Sales in a New York Minute founder Jennifer Gluckow. He is ranked in the top 1% of non-celebrity speakers by The National Speaker’s Association, perhaps due to the wry sense of humor and dose of energy and reality that he brings to his presentations.

Jeffrey′s syndicated column “Sales Moves” appears in scores of business journals and newspapers in the United States and Europe, and is read by more than four million people every week. He is the founder and president of TrainOne, Inc., which provides classroom and online training in sales, customer loyalty, and personal development.

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      • Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of

    The New York Times

      • best sellers

    The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, The Little Black Book of Connections, and The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude.

      • All of his books have been number one best sellers on, including

    Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless, The Patterson Principles of Selling, The Little Red Book of Sales Answers, The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way,

      • and his latest best-selling book,

    The Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching!

      • Jeffrey’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

    OVER 100 PRESENTATIONS A YEAR. Jeffrey gives public and corporate seminars, runs annual sales meetings, and conducts live and Internet training programs on selling, customer loyalty, and personal development.

    BIG CORPORATE CUSTOMERS. Jeffrey′s customers include Coca-Cola, D.R. Horton, Caterpillar, BMW, Cingular Wireless, MacGregor Golf, Ferguson Enterprises, Kimpton Hotels, Hilton, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, AmeriPride, NCR, Stewart Title, Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Principal Financial Group, Wells Fargo Bank, Baptist Health Care, BlueCross BlueShield, Carlsberg, Wausau Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, MetLife, Sports Authority, GlaxoSmithKline, AC Neilsen, IBM, The New York Post, and hundreds of others.

    IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF READERS EVERY WEEK. Jeffrey′s syndicated column Sales Moves appears in scores of business journals and newspapers in the United States and Europe, and is read by more than four million people every week.

    SALES ASSESMENT ONLINE. The world′s first customized sales assessment, renamed a “successment,” will not only judge your selling skill level in 12 critical areas of sales knowledge, it will give you a diagnostic report that includes 50 mini sales lessons. This amazing sales tool will rate your sales abilities and explain your customized opportunities for sales knowledge growth. This program is aptly named KnowSuccess because you can′t know success until you know yourself.

    AWARD FOR PRESENTATION EXCELLENCE. In 1997, Jeffrey was awarded the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association. The CSP award has been given fewer than 500 times in the past 25 years and is the association′s highest earned award.

    SPEAKER HALL OF FAME. In 2008, Jeffrey was inducted into the National Speaker Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame. The designation, CPAE (Counsel of Peers Award for Excellence), honors professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of performance excellence. Each candidate must demonstrate mastery in seven categories: originality of material, uniqueness of style, experience, delivery, image, professionalism, and communication. To date, 191 of the world′s greatest speakers have been inducted including Ronald Reagan, Art Linkletter, Colin Powell, Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar.

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Salespeople and people who serve customers are looking for new information about their everyday situations, interactions, opportunities, problems and challenges. In short - anyone attending a seminar, workshop or keynote is looking for answers.

Speaking and training coast-to-coast more than 150 times a year, Gitomer provides answers, informs, challenges and entertains sales forces and customer service departments for companies like Sprint, Sony, Northwestern Mutual Life, Inc. Magazine, XEROX, Time Warner Cable, Deloitte & Touche, Federal Express, and Milliken.

Gitomer′s seminars and workshops focus on self-evaluation in each area of training. The attendee learns to change listening and learning habits from the traditional "I know that" to the 21st century strategy, "How good am I at that?" Each participant walks away with new understanding and an individualized game plan for action (and success).

What′s the objective of your next sales conference? How do your customers recognize the difference between you and your fiercest competitors? How are you ensuring that you achieve the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer? What′s the difference between event-based training and personalized results-based training?

Jeffrey Gitomer customizes and personalizes each speech for every company and industry that he addresses. In his lectures, he covers real world examples of business successes, including earning referrals, networking, loyalty, buying motives, and relationships. As he addresses each of these subjects and more, he gives audiences a clear understanding of how numerous pieces come together to create successful sales.

Being Memorable, Building Friendships And Relationships.

Customer Wellness: How To Understand, Sell, Serve And Keep Customers Into The 21st Century. The seven modules below represent one morning at an annual sales meeting. Other personalized modules may be added or substituted:

1. Sales Philosophy - defining the elements that drive you into the sale. The transition from making money to earning money.

2. Building Your Belief - prospects buy salespeople first. Personal belief is the key to the sale. This session uncovers each individual′s elements of what it takes to become a great salesperson.

3. Attitude Makes Sales - everyone thinks they have a positive attitude. Less than 5% actually do. A test is given, an awareness lesson is presented and an action plan is provided for each participant.

4. Test for Sales Greatness - everyone has different levels of selling skills. This eight-part test reveals the strong and weak areas of each participant′s selling capability and provides an individualized plan for improvement.

5. 15-minute Goal Setting Lesson That Will Change Your Life - setting goals is easy, achieving them is more of a challenge. How is a pad of Post-It Notes worth $100,000? How do Post-It Notes hold the secret of goal achievement? I have the answer.

6. 26.5 Great Ideas in Selling - creative real world techniques and strategies about prospecting, personal promotion, getting voice mail calls returned, overcoming objections that separate you from the pack.

7. 14.5 Principles to Lead Your Own Sales Crusade - the people who went on The Crusades were committed to their cause. They were committed to success. Are your salespeople committed? Presented are 14.5 principles that will make each person a Sales Crusader of the highest order.

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Books by Jeffrey Gitomer:

    The Little Book of Leadership: The 12.5 Strengths of Responsible, Reliable, Remarkable Leaders That Create Results, Rewards, and Resilience

    A new and impactful book on leadership from the perspective of leaders

    What makes a leader relevant? It′s not their place of employment, job title, experience, or status in life′it′s their resilience. The true measure of any leader is his or her ability to react based on past experience and gut feelings, respond in real time to current circumstances, and then to recover quickly and move on with new lessons learned. The Little Book of Leadership combines classic style with the latest innovations to challenges the reader to self-evaluate every facet of their leadership, coaching, and communication abilities in order to better formulate what actions can be taken to improve their natural skills. Ideas and answers are provided for every challenge.

    • Chapters include information about the 12.5 leadership strengths: From insights to legacy and every element in between. Morale, Attitude, Resilience, Opportunity, Guts, Measurement, Coach, Celebration, Next-level, and Lost Secret of Leadership
    • Foreword by Dr. Paul “Doc” Hersey, creator of Situational Leadership
    • Other books by Gitomer: The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, Revised Edition, also by Wiley, The Little Red Book of Selling (Bard Press) The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude (Pearson)

    Whereas other books rely on theory or philosophy, The Little Book of Leadership takes leadership into the real world of business, providing proven methods for becoming a successful leader.

    Order Here

    Social BOOM!: How to Master Business Social Media to Brand Yourself, Sell Yourself, Sell Your Product, Dominate Your Industry Market, Save Your Butt, Rake in the Cash, and Grind Your Competition into the Dirt

    Business social media is the best, least expensive, most direct way of communicating with your customers to be discovered in the last 100 years. By taking complete advantage of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, you can promote and propel your business beyond the next level, beyond your competition, and beyond the economy. Now is not the time to go slow. Now is not the time to worry about a few negative comments from customers. Now is the time to capitalize on the opportunity, crush your competitors, and become the market leader. Business social media will build your brand, your reputation, and your bank account. Do not start tomorrow. Start TODAY!

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    Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource

    Since its initial publication in 1994, Morrow′s hardcover edition of Jeffrey Gitomer′s THE SALES BIBLE has sold over 117,000 copies, and another 100,000 in paperback (published by Wiley).

    But in the 13 years since then, Gitomer has made himself into a sales powerhouse with huge success around an inventively packaged series of books, with his classic THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING at its heart.

    Now at last, Gitomer has taken the title that began it all, and has completely revised it. The Sales Bible is totally reworked to fit into his line of bestselling sales titles. It′s sure to be THE must-have title for sales professionals worldwide who′ve already come to know and trust Jeffrey′s inventive, irreverent sales wisdom through his “Little [Color] Book of…” series.

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