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  • As President of the marketing consultancy FutureCast, Fromm has driven and delivered some of the decade's most cutting-edge research on Millennial consumer trends and how to market to them.

  • For 25 years, Fromm has been at the forefront of predicting consumer trends, offering real-time insights and actionable data that will help your organization allocate its resources wisely and efficiently while better engaging Millennials and Gen Z.

  • Fromm has co-authored three revealing books Marketing to Millennials, Millennials with Kids, and his latest, Marketing to Gen Z.
  • Jeff Fromm is one of nation’s leading authorities on Millennials and how to market to them. As President of the marketing consultancy, FutureCast, he’s spearheaded some of the most cutting-edge research in the last ten years on the Millennial mindset and the dramatic financial influence they have on Baby Boomers and GenXers. As a speaker, he goes beyond theory, showing companies the best practices for winning and keeping Millennial allegiance.

    Fromm is the co-author of the best-selling books Marketing to Millennials and Millennials with Kids. His third and most recent book, Marketing to Gen Z explores the values and mindset of Millennials’ successors – the socially-conscious cohort that grew up during the Great Recession and will comprise an estimated 40% of consumers by 2020. Fromm frequently contributes to and has delivered over 500 keynotes around the world.

    Fromm holds a marketing degree from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Over his 25+ years in marketing, he has played a pivotal role in building and innovating nationally known brands, including Hallmark, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Prior to establishing FutureCast, he was executive vice president of Barkley, the largest employee-owned advertising agency in the United States.

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      Jeff Fromm is a subject matter expert and professional speaker on consumer trends, marketing and innovation. He has keynoted over 500 times all over the world – well not Antarctica.

      He is a contributing writer for Forbes and co-author of three books: Marketing to Millennials, Millennials with Kids as well as Marketing to Gen Z.

      Jeff is president of FutureCast, a consumer trends consultancy that is a division of ad agency Barkley. While others talk about trends, Jeff and his partners are applying trends to create marketing and innovation best practices. His humorous stories and provocative new strategy paradigms are supported by hard research and real client profit growth.

      Jeff has more than 25 years of brand marketing consulting experience. He serves on the Board of Directors at Three Dog Bakery and Tickets for Less.

      Jeff graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and attended The London School of Economics.

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    Jeff Fromm's Speech Descriptions

    In an economy with endless options, stiff competition, and well-informed consumers who demand more, maintaining an emotional and passionate relationship with satisfied customers today requires more effort and creativity than ever before. Top Millennial and marketing expert, Jeff Fromm tosses out-of-date marketing advice aside and equips companies to embrace the new “participation economy”, create “brand love”, and keep it strong.

    Marketing to Millennials

    Millennials are the largest and most influential generation of consumers ever and are no longer
an unreachable audience. With more than 80 million Millennials living in the U.S. today, the brands investing time and resources in understanding and connecting with these content-consuming, hyper-connected consumers are the ones that are winning big. This educational presentation will challenge participants to unlearn and reimagine what they thought they knew about the Millennial generation including their influence and impact on older generations.

    Marketing to Gen Z

    Generation Z — born between 1996 & 2010 — is driving a new era of empowered consumerism. Gen Z is a powerful consumer force in our market. This group represents up to $143 billion in direct spending a year and has the potential to influence more than $665 billion in family spending.

    Having internalized the lessons of the Great Recession, this generation blends the practicality and work ethic of older generations with the high ideals and digital prowess seen in youth culture earning them the title of “Old Souls in Young Bodies”.

    Learn how today’s teens and young adults are rewriting the rules for brand behavior through their “old school” values, new American pragmatism and desire to co-create the new rules of marketing
and the role innovation plays in creating ongoing value. Gen Z is pivoting away from past generations to create a unique identity all their own. As they continue to form their own brand preferences and develop personal buying behaviors, they will have
a strong influence on the direction our market
will go. Is your brand Gen Z ready?

    Leverage Profit Growth Through Youth Culture Trends

    Today’s consumers have new expectations. They are hyper-connected, content-consuming and more likely to bypass traditional forms of marketing and listen to their peers. Do you know how to find your next profit opportunity?

    Jeff will uncover ways your organization can navigate, and, more importantly, prioritize and quantify youth culture influence to increase sales and profits. Jeff will show the financial impact on consumer spending and brand preference across generations by delving into how the youth culture of today
    is directly influencing the attitudes and purchasing decisions of older generations.

    Attendees will receive tangible examples, useful “how-to” ideas, take home new tools to identify and then capitalize on profit driving trends.

    Today’s Modern Workforce

    Your external brand is only as strong as your internal culture. More than half of today’s managers are Millennials, and this cohort already accounts for the largest generation of employees.

    With up to five generations in the workplace, organizations need to understand the new employee engagement framework required to attract and retain top talent. How will this next-gen workforce impact your organization, both internally and externally? Attendees will discover how Millennial and Gen Z employees approach collaboration, flexibility, and purpose while completely reinventing the values and environment of today’s modern workplace. Jeff will discuss these generational shifts and take the audience through a mapping exercise to evolve today’s internal cultures for tomorrow’s demanding workplace.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Jeff Speak

    Rating Entries

    “We enjoyed having Jeff speak at our Third Annual Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium. Jeff provided important and timely information regarding Marketing to Millennials and his presentation was engaging and dynamic. A great addition to our stellar lineup of Keynote Speakers!”
    Deborah Brenner, President & Founder, Women of the Vine & Spirits

    “Jeff is an incredibly engaging speaker- he can take a marketing driven message and make it relevant to every business unit within an organization. We have had him speak at the same event two years in a row now, and the feedback has been unanimously positive from the team. He is collaborative and tailored his presentation to our business strategy- I would highly recommend him!”
    Jessica Sheets, Director, Organizational & People Development, Sonic Drive-In

    “Jeff shared a dose of real-life work examples mixed with new marketing models to create genuine excitement at our 2016 corporate partner event.”
    Maura Strohsacker, Partnership & Events Manager, Philadelphia Eagles

    “Jeff was able to join us at our inaugural ‘Ritani Retail Partner Retreat’ last year where we espouse the importance of the omni-channel approach to our retail partners. Jeff’s engaging presentation helped drive home the importance of this approach for our collective target audience (Millennials) in an entertaining and relatable way for our partners. I fully intend on leveraging Jeff in future conferences and undoubtedly recommend him to others.”
    Mark Keeney, VP Marketing, Ritani

    “We had Jeff keynote our national meeting two years in a row. In both cases, our attendees gave rave reviews finding it both informative and entertaining.”
    Kay Johnson, Animal Ag Alliance

    “Jeff Fromm is the most engaging, insightful and pragmatic speaker we’ve ever had at our annual event. He had our attendees laughing (who were mostly NOT millennials) inspired and ready to start a movement–and ready to buy a Heineken and DollarShaveClub razor!”
    Emily Meredith, Animal Agriculture Alliance

    “Jeff’s presentation was a major highlight for our annual Golf Business Symposium. He demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of Millennials, and gave the audience a fresh and new ‘outsider’ perspective. Jeff thoroughly engaged the golf industry’s heavy hitters through a perfect mix of education and entertainment.”
    Dr. Joe Beditz, CEO at National Golf Foundation

    “We’ve hosted Jeff at numerous events and regardless of the sector, Jeff’s insights will change the way you think about your next generation of customers and stakeholders. You’ll walk away with big ideas on how to engage the sizable and highly influential millennial demographic.”
    Steph Wissink, Principal, Sr Consumer Research Analyst & Co-Director of Research, Piper Jaffray

    “Jeff Fromm’s presentation on Marketing to Millennials™ was the highest rated presentation in our two day event. His insights, facts and humor were spot on for our audience and certainly provided an eye opening look at how our hotels can reach out to this growing customer base.”
    John Synstegaard, VP Brand Operations at GrandStay Hospitality, LLC

    “Jeff is a trusted authority on the millennial generation. He is captivating, engaging and gets audiences to think differently about marketing to this evasive group. He has also been a wonderful partner with millennial insights and the Marketing to Millennials conference held at Time Inc. in June 2014.”
    Stephanie Sladkus, Publisher People StyleWatch

    “Our client base includes over 200 national and international multi-unit retail and restaurant brands. Our attendees range from marketing to operations to IT to strategy roles and they were highly engaged with Jeff. His examples were fresh and his findings were insightful and actionable.”
    Joe Sciara SVP/Marketing at Service Management Group

    “Jeff is truly a subject matter expert. His presentation combined both cutting-edge information and great entertainment value. He was able to present in such a way that both students and our C-suite business leaders found the information accessible and attention grabbing. We have received great feedback!”
    Angie Peter-Badura, Outreach Specialist, University of Wisconsin Kohl’s Center for Retailing Excellence

    “Jeff provided a dynamic combination of education and entertainment around Millennial consumer trends. The content he had to share was so rich and engaging that we invited him to speak at both of our major events in 2013 and our actively exploring bringing him back in May 2014.”
    Julia Kanouse, VP/Marketing at National Restaurant Association

    “I thought I knew what I needed to know about millennials. But Jeff’s presentation proved me wrong. It was packed full of new information and fresh insights that I can quickly put into practice for my clients that need to evolve and adapt to the changing audience demands.”
    Claire Hovis, VP of Programming, Triangle AMA

    “Jeff recently joined us in Toronto and was a great addition to our ICA Speaker Series. He received excellent reviews for his presentation on ‘Millennial Insights and Marketing Trends’. We look forward to having him return to Canada to share further insights into this important cohort.”
    Gillian Graham, CEO, Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA)

    “Jeff’s presentation delivered a refreshing new approach to Millennials — focusing on the what rather than the who of this diverse generation. Everyone walked away with a few “aha” moments, even the many millennials in the audience. He provided entertaining and actionable insights as well as direction— Whole Foods Market was founded on re-imagining the food industry, Jeff reminded us that this generation thrives on disruption and now is the time to continue to stir things up!”
    Patty Fair, Senior Analyst Consumer Insights, Whole Foods Market

    “Jeff’s intimate knowledge about what drives Millennials is unique and truly valuable to our organization. His presentation to our senior marketing leadership opened eyes about the importance of this emerging consumer segment. We will continue to tap into Jeff’s insight and knowledge as we put our marketing plans together for 2014 and beyond.”
    Michael L. Burton, Vice President, Sunny Delight Shelf Stable Brands

    “Jeff’s keynote on Millennials was amazing; our attendees literally couldn’t stop talking about it. He left them with best practices using real, live examples on how to reach this previously mysterious group of customers, but did it in an exciting, energetic way that they won’t forget. CEOs aren’t easily impressed and we had the best event in the entire history of our conference. 300 people left the room energized.”
    Cherryh Butler, Senior Editor Fast Casual magazine & The Fast Casual CEO Summit

    “It was unanimous, Jeff was an amazing resource that inspired our sold out event.”
    Christine Bowen, Board of Directors and Event Chair 2014 Running USA Sports Conference

    “#Inspired. Jeff’s message was inspiring, relevant and timely for our organization. It encouraged us to move into a world of connection through technology greatness, content excellence and shared values. We were left buzzing with possibility and look forward honing our strategy and message.”
    Lori Anderson Social Marketing Manager, WhiteWave Foods

    “Jeff was able to provide great insight and unique information to a group representing many different areas of the company. A true expert in the field and excellent resource!”
    Laura Anderson, Lifestyle Marketing Manager at Target

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    Books by Jeff Fromm:

    Marketing to Gen Z: The Rules for Reaching This Vast–and Very Different–Generation of Influencers

    Today’s teens are a force to be reckoned with.

    Businesses focused on Millennials . . . beware! Their successors are right around the corner–promising bigger challenges, but much greater opportunities.

    Drawn from original quantitative research and interviews, Marketing to Gen Z paints a fascinating portrait of the newest buyers now entering the scene. Having internalized the lessons of the Great Recession, this pivotal generation blends the pragmatism and work ethic of older generations with the high ideals and digital prowess of youth. For brands, reaching this mobile-first and socially-conscious cohort requires real change, not just tweaks to the Millennial plan.

    Marketing to Gen Z offers dozens of examples and insights for connecting and conversing, including how to:

      • Get past the 8-second filter
      • Avoid blatant advertising and tap influencer marketing
      • Reflect their values
      • Understand their language and off-beat humor
      • Adapt content and social media strategies
      • Offer the shopping experiences they expect
      • And more

    By 2020, Generation Z is expected to comprise 40 percent of all consumers. The time to learn who they are and what they want is NOW.

    Millennials with Kids: Marketing to This Powerful and Surprisingly Different Generation of Parents
    While everyone was bemoaning their alleged laziness and self-absorption, the Millennial generation quietly grew up. Pragmatic, diverse, and digitally native, this massive cohort of 80 million are now entering their prime consumer years, having children of their own, and shifting priorities as they move solidly into adulthood.

    Millennials with Kids changes how we think about this new generation of parents and uncovers profound insights for marketers and brand strategists seeking to earn their loyalty. Building on the highly acclaimedMarketing to Millennials, this book captures data from a new large-scale generational study and reveals how to:

      • Enlist Millennial parents as co-creators of brands and products
      • Promote purpose beyond the bottom line
      • Cultivate shareability
      • Democratize customer experience
      • Integrate technology
      • Develop content-driven campaigns that speak to Millennials
      • And more

    A gold mine of demographic profiles, interviews, and examples of brand successes and failures, this book helps marketers rethink the typical American household—and connect with these critical consumers in the complex participation economy.

    Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever

    Identifies specific behaviors and attitudes common to the Millennial generation, and shows businesses how to build a listening and participation strategy, engage new social tools, and incorporate fun into the brand experience.

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