Jeannine Carter

Corporate Culture, Cross-Cultural Issues, Diversity, Leadership

Travels from Menlo Park, California, USA

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Jeannine Carter Profile

  • Former Head of Diversity Engagement, Facebook

  • Founder & Chief Innovator of Inclusive Innovations

  • Internationally Recognized Leader in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging)
  • Jeannine Carter is the former Head of Diversity Engagement at Facebook. Her inspirational style delivers a rare blend of impactful stories and lessons learned with actionable strategies for race, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging [DEIB] related efforts.

    She is an internationally recognized leader, consultant, facilitator, and speaker in diversity, inclusion, racial healing and justice, and cultural and systemic change. Jeannine’s mission is to provide clients with proven and transformative strategies to mitigate and end all forms of discriminatory hierarchies of human value and lead impactful DEIB related endeavors. She is laser-focused on ensuring that underrepresented people are seen, heard, valued, and achieve their purpose.

    Across the span of her career, Jeannine has helped Fortune 500 companies, professional services, law firms, profit, nonprofit organizations, and public sector organizations in various capacities to implement large organizational DEIB initiatives and accomplish their goals.

    She has held internal senior leadership positions at companies, such as Deloitte & Touche, Denver Public Schools, Newmont Mining Corporation, and Facebook. While at The Kaleidoscope Group, a firm she co-founded, Jeannine also served as an external DEI consultant serving multiple industries. Today, she continues her life’s work as the Founder & Chief Innovator of Inclusive Innovations LLC.

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    Jeannine Carter's Speech Descriptions

    Why is D & I Important: Business Case for D & I

    • Pioneering the most current and effective approaches of integrating DEI+culture
    ◦ What Exactly Are We/People Talking About When They Say/We Say DEIB?
    ◦ What Do All of These Terms Mean? Definitions of Diversity; Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and other terms that you hear of in this space.
    ◦ How Did We Get Here?

    ▪ Overview of D&I Industry Journey
    ▪ Overview of DEIB efforts
    ▪ Systemic Inequities
    ▪ When You/We Hear the Word Journey What Do People/We Mean?
    ◦ DEIB Challenges & Opportunities
    ◦ History of Race & Its Role in DEIB

    Best Practices
    • From top leadership to the org to employees, what are the best practices?
    • What Can YOU do (on an individual level)?
    • What Can TEAMS do?
    • What Can Overall Orgs do?
    ◦ Change Management associated with the work

    Next Practices
    • Future of/in DEIB
    ◦ Where Is DEIB work headed?
    ◦ What needs to change?
    ◦ What are the Challenges & Opportunities?

    Educational Concepts
    • How Do We Handle the Discomfort of Having D&I Related Conversations?
    • Challenges Assumptions about Differences
    • What Does Inclusive Leadership Mean/Look Like?
    • Are There Such Things as Inclusive Behaviors? What are They?
    • Cultural Competency in Education

    What People are Saying about Seeing Jeannine Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Effective with both leadership and staff. As one C-Suite leader said, “approach with the team opened us up to conversations we’ve never had as a leadership team before.” I highly recommend Jeannine Carter, as a Diversity and Inclusion expert, an outstanding HR Leader, and as a great team member. Jeannine was hired by Newmont, a nearly 100 year old, Fortune 300 global company, as the Corporation’s first Director of Inclusion and Diversity, with the mission to develop from scratch a successful, high impact, long term inclusion strategy for the company. In this, Jeannine succeeded way beyond our expectations, in creating a very sustainable long term global strategy for the company, implementing new diversity and inclusion policies and guidelines, launching Newmont’s first Business Resource Groups, and in building strong support for the program with our global employees, management, executive team and Board of Directors. Building on the strategies Jeannine implemented, Newmont is now seen as a leader in Inclusion and Diversity, in our industry and in the Fortune 500. We are very fortunate to have had Jeannine get us started, and her strong strategic and change management skills would be of high value to any organization.”
    – Newmont

    She helped in “connecting with my team on a deeper level and building trust and openness gives us even more support and power in our daily work”.

    She “finds ways to weave in personal stories, current events, historical references all while engaging employees in the discussion”.

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