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  • He is the chairman of The Futurist Institute and the president of Prestige Economics, which is consistently ranked the most accurate independent financial market research firm in the world.

  • Since 2010, he has been listed as the #1 financial market forecaster in 12 out of 28 categories including foreign exchange rates, energy prices, metal prices, and economic forecasts.

  • He is the author of the recent Amazon #1 Best Seller Recession-Proof: How to Survive and Thrive in an Economic Downturn.
  • One of the world’s most reputable economic forecasters, Jason Schenker ranks #1 in his outlooks for 12 out of 28 different categories measured by Bloomberg News. He is the founder, president, and chief economist of Prestige Economics, the most accurate independent financial market research firm in the world.

    For over a decade, Mr. Schenker has shared his expert analysis and stunningly accurate predictions on the economy, energy, commodities, foreign exchange, and other financial topics with audiences and media outlets around the world. He is frequently quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Bloomberg News.

    He is the author of two Amazon #1 Best Sellers, Commodity Prices 101, and more recently, Recession-Proof: How to Survive and Thrive in an Economic Downturn. In August 2016 he is releasing a timely one-of-a-kind book, Electing Recession, which investigates the U.S. presidential election’s impact on the economy.

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      Mr. Schenker is the President of Prestige Economics and Chairman of The Futurist Institute. He has been ranked one of the most accurate financial forecasters and futurists in the world. Bloomberg News has ranked Mr. Schenker a top forecaster in 46 categories, including #1 in the world for his accuracy in 26 categories, including for his forecasts of the Euro, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc, the Russian Ruble, the Chinese Yuan, crude oil prices, natural gas prices, gold prices, industrial metals prices, agricultural commodity prices, and U.S. jobs.

      Mr. Schenker’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He has appeared on CNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, Fox Business, BNN, Bloomberg Germany, and the BBC. He has been a guest host of Bloomberg TV and a contributor for Bloomberg Opinion. Since 2004, Mr. Schenker has given keynotes for private companies, public corporations, industry groups, and the U.S. Federal Reserve. He attends OPEC and Fed events and has advised NATO and the U.S. government.

      Mr. Schenker has written 36 books. Fifteen have been #1 Best Sellers, including: The Future After COVID, Jobs for Robots, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, Commodity Prices 101, Recession-Proof, Futureproof Supply Chain, Electing Recession, The Future of Finance is Now, The Future of Energy, The Future of Travel, The Author Institute Method, The Dumpster Fire Election, and The Robot and Automation Almanac for years 2018, 2020, and 2021. Mr. Schenker was featured as one of the world’s foremost futurists in the book After Shock, and he contributed to the book World Emerging from Pandemic from National Intelligence University that was commissioned by the Strategic Multilayer Assessment. Mr. Schenker was ranked one of the 100 most influential financial advisors in the world by Investopedia in 2018.

      As the President of Prestige Economics, Mr. Schenker advises executives, industry groups, institutional investors, and central banks. He also founded The Futurist Institute, for which he created a rigorous course of study that includes The Future of Work, The Future of Transportation, The Future of Data, The Future of Finance, Futurist Fundamentals, The Future of Energy, The Future of Leadership, The Future of Healthcare, The Future of Quantum Computing, and The Future After COVID. Mr. Schenker is also an instructor for 20 LinkedIn Learning courses on risk management, audit and due diligence, recession-proof strategies, economic indicators, leadership visibility, economics, finance, jobs, data, entrepreneurship, and profitability.

      Mr. Schenker holds a Master’s in Applied Economics from UNC Greensboro, a Master’s in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding from CSU Dominguez Hills, a Master’s in Germanic Languages and Literature from UNC Chapel Hill, and a Bachelor’s in History and German from The University of Virginia. He also holds a Certificate in FinTech from MIT, a Certificate in Supply Chain Management from MIT, a Certificate in Professional Development from UNC, a Certificate in Negotiation from Harvard Law School, a Certificate in Cybersecurity from Carnegie Mellon, and a Professional Certificate in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston. Mr. Schenker holds the designations FLTA® (Certified Futurist and Long-Term Analyst), CMT® (Chartered Market Technician), and CFP® (Certified Financial Planner).

      Before founding Prestige Economics, Mr. Schenker worked as a Risk Specialist at McKinsey and Company, and worked previously as the Chief Energy and Commodity Economist at Wachovia (Wells Fargo). Since 2012, Mr. Schenker has been one of the 100 CEOs on the Texas Business Leadership Council, a non-partisan organization that advises Texas elected leadership at the state and federal level. He is also a member of the Bretton Woods Committee. In 2021, Mr. Schenker oversaw the launch of The Author Institute to help leaders write books and share their stories. He also co-founded NFT Degree, a joint venture founded to protect the provenance and authenticity of human capital assets.

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    Whether the next recession is in two months, two quarters, or two years, Jason Schenker will prepare you with actionable strategies to harness opportunities and stay standing when things get turned upside down. Mr. Schenker shows you how his predictions are rooted in facts and figures while debunking and confirming the other outlooks circulating media outlets. One of the world’s most trusted forecasters, he reviews timely, easy-to-follow data on global markets, monetary policy, commodity prices, and energy prices, extracting meaning and implications for your industry and business.

    The Future of Business in the Metaverse Economy

    The Metaverse is here. Are you ready? Technology is rapidly expanding that will offer increasing opportunities for personal, professional, and recreational activities to happen online — in a digital world known as the Metaverse. But the Metaverse is not just one place, one company, or one technology; it's a growing ecosystem of new technologies that will present new opportunities, challenges, risks, and rewards. Jason Schenker, Chairman of The Futurist Institute, shares his analysis, insights, and futurist scenarios for the most significant trends and technologies that will shape the future Metaverse and more. Topics for this talk include the Metaverse, AR, VR, XR, NFTs, blockchain, Web3, DeFi, and more. The goal of this talk is to prepare attendees to win big in the Metaverse economy.

    Cold War Two Economics

    Cold War Two has started, and a second iron curtain is falling over Europe. Jason Schenker addresses the economic, financial market, political, and geopolitical impacts. Drawing on his national security work for NATO, the Pentagon, and the Department of Defense, Jason Schenker shares his expectations for the future escalation in this expanding conflict between the United States, the European Union, Russia, and China. This session includes a discussion of the economic and financial market impacts, as well as potential scenarios for the next stage of Great Power Competition. Financial market topics in this session can include global oil and gas, agricultural commodities, industrial metals, precious metals, the dollar, international debt markets, foreign exchange impacts, sovereign debt and bond markets, and equities. Ideally suited to share economic views on the Second Cold War, Jason Schenker holds master's degrees in German Studies, Economics, and Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding (NCRP). Risks ahead are significant, but there are also opportunities and reasons to be optimistic.

    Economic Deep Dive with Jason Schenker Inflation and Jobs - Pillars of Concern

    The labor market and inflation are critical concerns for various industries and the U.S. economy as a whole. Drawing on U.S. labor market and other proprietary data, economist and financial futurist Jason Schenker will share forward-looking expectations for the labor market and specific industries. He will also share an evaluation of raw materials costs, manufacturing inflation, consumer inflation, supply chain disruptions, and implications for interest rates and business activity through 2024.

    Futureproof Supply Chain

    Supply chain disruptions have been widespread in the wake of the COVID pandemic. The Russian War on Ukraine has added even greater stressors to the global supply chain and the global economy. Jason Schenker discusses the economic and financial market drivers behind the disruptions and the forward-looking implications. This talk will also focus on technological developments ahead for the future of supply chain. Supply chain has been a vanguard industry for recent technology disruption as well as the adoption of automation and robotics. But what disruptions lie ahead? This session helps companies, industries, and individuals prepare for the future to be futureproof.

    The Economic and Financial Future After COVID

    This presentation focuses on the economic, financial, and business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion includes forecasts for the economy, recession risks, and financial markets, as well as the outlooks for fiscal policy, Fed monetary policy, commodity markets, domestic manufacturing, global trade, real estate, employment and jobs, energy, finance and FinTech, food and agriculture, healthcare, national security, international relations, and travel. Topics in this talk come from Jason Schenker's recent book "The Future After COVID: Futurist Expectations for Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities After the COVID-19 Pandemic." This presentation can be customized for the audience, depending on the client industry and areas of interest.

    Financial Markets, the Economy, and U.S. Elections - a Non-Partisan Discussion

    In this presentation, Jason Schenker, one of the world’s top economic and financial forecasters, shares his outlook for the economy, financial markets, and business. He also offers non-partisan analysis on the importance of Presidential and Congressional elections for financial markets and the economy. This presentation also includes forecasts of major global economies, focusing on the United States. There is also significant discussion of current and near-term Fed and foreign central bank policies, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, the dollar, oil prices, and precious metals prices. Hear market expectations and near-term forecasts from one of the most accurate forecasters in the world, according to Bloomberg News. The presentation will also discuss long-term trends and threats that will become increasingly important for future presidents. This presentation includes topics covered in Jason Schenker’s best-selling books The Dumpster Fire Election and _Electing Recession, _as well as his book Midterm Economics and the forthcoming Midterm Economics: 2022 Edition. This talk will also address increasingly important long-term economic and financial market risks and challenges.

    Growth Hacking Leadership

    In fact, there is. In this talk, Jason Schenker shares insights from his book, Spikes: Growth Hacking Leadership. Developing skills and relationships rapidly can propel you ahead. To leapfrog, you need the right spikes, and this presentation focuses on the spikes companies and professionals need to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment and disruptive economy.

    The Promise of Blockchain
    Blockchain technology offers tremendous hope and promise to drastically improve data transparency and data sharing, while also reducing central point of failure risks for corporate, government, and private entities. There is also a critical difference between blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, bitcoin, altcoins, and NFTs that rely on it. With so much hype around crypto, prices have risen quickly. So, what are the origins and precedents of cryptocurrencies - and what comes next? With a surge in crypto prices, where are the big opportunities and risks now? These are some of the topics Jason Schenker discusses in this talk, including the regulatory, cybersecurity, taxation, and national security implications of broadly available cryptocurrencies. Jason Schenker also explores the differences between the fundamental values of blockchain and digital ledger technology assets, compared to other asset classes, technologies, and investments. This talk is based on the best-selling book by Jason Schenker, The Promise of Blockchain, which was named one of the best books of SXSW and selected for a formal SXSW book reading in 2019.

    The Economic and Financial Outlook: Improvements Against a Backdrop of Risk

    In this session, economic and financial forecaster Jason Schenker will discuss the most important dynamics driving current economic growth, financial markets, and jobs - as well as the outlook ahead. Jason will also explore some increasing risks that will be critical for a number of industries. Some of the most important topics will include sector and industry growth dynamics, global and U.S. economic growth, the labor market, Fed policy, quantitative easing, consumer inflation risks, asset inflation, and taxation risks. Jason will also share Prestige Economics forecasts for growth, inflation, and Fed policy rates for the balance of 2021 and beyond.

    The Future of Work – Technology, Policy, and Disruption Risks from a Board Perspective

    How will the future of the economy, markets, and technology impact the economy, your company, and your board responsibilities? This presentation provides answers. This presentation includes a mix of short-term economic and financial market dynamics (like Fed policy, the dollar, interest rates and equity markets). Plus, this presentation includes a discussion of longer-term technological factors that present disruptive risks. This presentation helps executives, board members, and senior leaders plan for financial market volatility in the immediate term, whether from central bank and Fed policy, fiscal and tax policy, energy prices, equity markets, mortgage and interest rates, or digital currencies. This presentation is ideal for helping attendees develop a vision for the risks and opportunities from markets -- and technology. This presentation includes a discussion of topics from Jason Schenker's best-selling book Jobs for Robots, as well as from his other recent books, Robot-Proof Yourself, The Promise of Blockchain, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, and The Robot and Automation Almanac - 2019. Some topics include self-driving vehicles, IoT, Bitcoin, cobots, robots, automation, quantum computing, the future of work, and the future of the economy.

    Economic and Financial Market Outlook

    This presentation includes a discussion of economic and financial market outlook, as well as the outlook for jobs, growth, central bank policy, financial market risks, currency rates, interest rates, and commodity prices. Topics from this talk come from award-winning Prestige Economic retainer research and includes some critical forecasts.

    The Future of the Economy, Markets, and Technology

    How will the future of the economy, markets, and technology impact your working, personal, and investing lives? In this presentation, leading financial expert and futurist Jason Schenker provides answers. This presentation focuses on short-term economic and financial market dynamics as well as the technological factors that present longer-term disruptive risks and opportunities. This discussion helps executives and senior leaders plan for financial market volatility in the immediate term as well as develop a vision for the risks and opportunities from new and emerging technologies. This presentation includes a discussion of topics from Jason Schenker's best-selling books Jobs for Robots, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, The Robot and Automation Almanac as well ashis books, Robot-Proof Yourself, Futureproof Supply Chain, and The Promise of Blockchain. Some topics include self-driving vehicles, IoT, Bitcoin, robots, automation, quantum computing, the future of work, Cold War Two, and the future of the economy.

    Futureproof Oil and Gas: Supply Chain, Finance, and Data Disruption Risks and Opportunities in the Energy Patch

    This presentation includes a discussion of the supply chain, finance, and data disruptions that could impact oil and gas in the next five years. Topics from this talk include automation, market financialization, blockchain, fintech, AI, IoT, quantum computing, fake news, and other topics. Material for this talk come from Jason Schenker's books Jobs for Robots, The Promise of Blockchain, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, The Robot and Automation Almanac, Futureproof Supply Chain, and The Fog of Data.

    Technology and Disruption Outlook for The Future of Work

    This presentation looks at historical changes in US and global work dynamics as well as a discussion of the rise of e-commerce and implications for The Future of Work in all industries. This discussion addresses the impact of technology for the economy and the future workforce, including the use of robots, cobots, automation, AI, blockchain, and quantum computing. Topics from this talk come from Jason Schenker's books Jobs for Robots, The Promise of Blockchain, Robot-Proof Yourself, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, The Robot and Automation Almanac, Futureproof Supply Chain, and The Fog of Data.

    Disruptions Ahead - A Conversation with Jason Schenker

    This fireside chat is a discussion with Jason Schenker about how disruptions in the future of the economy, markets, and technology will impact a company or industry. This discussion focuses on short-term economic and financial market dynamics as well as longer-term disruptive technological factors that present disruptive risks and opportunities. This discussion helps executives and senior leaders plan for financial market volatility in the immediate term as well as develop a vision for the risks and opportunities from new and emerging technologies. This discussion includes topics from Jason Schenker's best-selling books Jobs for Robots, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, The Robot and Automation Almanac as well as his books, Robot-Proof Yourself, Futureproof Supply Chain, and The Promise of Blockchain. Some topics include self-driving vehicles, IoT, Bitcoin, robots, automation, quantum computing, the future of work, the future of the economy, and Cold War Two.

    Navigating the Fog of Data

    Rapidly increasing volumes of data have made the push to derive data implications more challenging. In this interactive session, Jason Schenker describes the best ways to navigate data challenges and how to derive valuable data insights across your organization. You’ll learn what opportunities your data can provide, best practices to adopt, challenges to avoid and the overall potential value for data in the supply chain and material handling industry.  Share your data nightmares and dreams as well as discuss best practices with your peers in a learning and discussion environment.

    Disruption Ahead: Economic, Political, and Technological Outlook

    This presentation includes a discussion of the economic and financial market risks in the years ahead. It will also include a discussion of the political dynamics in 2022, and how those risks will impact policy, the economy, and financial markets. Finally, this presentation will include a discussion of some of the biggest coming disruptive trends - and it addresses the technology risks, challenges, and opportunities beyond 2022 that attendees need to prepare for.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Jason Speak

    Rating Entries

    I had the pleasure of working with Jason on AICPA’s ENGAGE which went digital for the first time this year. He came highly recommended and proved to be one of the most polished and professional speakers I have worked with. Jason delivers highly topical and relevant content in an extremely compelling and engaging way – which is not easy to do in the virtual world! I’m excited to see his live (in-person) performance in 2021 which will no doubt be even more powerful. Many thanks Jason, I look forward to working with you again soon.
    – AICPA

    Jason spoke for NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence at our conference The Riga StratCom Dialogue 2017 (panel Terminator Meets Asimov – The Impact of Robotisation on our Freedom and Society). Jason Schenker is an economist and futurist who draws from range of fields. His reading of statistics offers educated insights about the future of work, which are often provocative but always entertaining.
    – NATO

    Jason Schenker is one of the best public speakers I know. During a recent invited talk to our Research and Development group at Walt Disney Imagineering, he spoke about robots, jobs and the economy. Based on his deep understanding of social, economic and technical developments and interdependencies, he is able to reveal jaw dropping insights that are relevant personally to each audience member, their present day lives and jobs, and offers actionable recommendations for future economic and job choices. He has an uncanny ability to explain complex processes and effects simply, clearly and in an entertaining fashion that leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait to savor the next presentation by Jason!
    – Disney

    Well respected forecaster with valued opinions about the economy and commodity markets; the oil market in particular. I had the opportunity to interact with Jason when I was at OPEC. He does a superb job explaining the market perspective. He is a very active analyst and his reports and surveys about economic sentiment are essential to read. I especially recommend his analysis on commodity markets and market forces.
    – OPEC

    Jason did a fantastic job tying in the issues of the day (from COVID-19 and the Presidential elections) to the longer-term issues of business positioning based on global demographics, economic expectations, and transitioning supply chains. He took a very technical subject matter and left our 600+ members laughing, better informed, and better positioned for the days ahead. Outstanding job. Thank you Jason!
    – National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA)

    It’s rare that you come across a speaker who makes economics fun and exciting. I had the pleasure of working with Jason planning a 1-hour session for a leadership meeting. He was a pleasure to collaborate with on the session concept and content, and his professionalism and communication throughout the process was stellar. Jason’s presentation to our leadership team “knocked it out of the park”! The material was relevant, he was engaging, funny, practical and demystified some common industry jargon. Jason’s personality and presentation style is infectious and raised the energy in the room tenfold. If you are looking to have an engaged and excited audience, Jason is an excellent choice
    – Texas Mutual Insurance Company

    Jason did a great job speaking at the Rocky Mountain Dry Bulk Summit hosted by Dome Technology. His content was timely, relevant, and very helpful for the business executives in attendance.
    – Dome Technology

    Jason was our kick-off keynote for Drillinginfo’s 2019 Energy Disruptors conference. He was terrific – incredibly knowledgeable! He spoke about energy, financial markets, and emerging technology trends, and it was a perfect set-up for the rest of the conference. We referenced back to Jason’s themes and points during discussions the rest of the day. In the post-survey results, event participants said Jason’s talk was “excellent” and Jason “simply knew what he was talking about.” As an organizer, it was a pleasure working with Jason. He was flexible and worked with us to structure his topic according to our needs as the conference agenda shaped up, he shared one of his books with all the attendees, and he was responsive in all respects. I’d highly recommend Jason for your next event!
    – Drillinginfo

    Jason delivered a dynamic and highly entertaining speech to a crowd of over 50 financial industry experts, academics and media at a Retirement Security Summit hosted by the Alliance for Lifetime Income. Jason was a pleasure to work with, his remarks were thought-provoking and well-received, and he was both humorous and engaging during a lively Q&A session with the event’s attendees. Thank you, Jason.
    – Alliance for Lifetime Income

    Robots and artificial intelligence are hot topics today. Last summer, Jason gave our Town Hall Los Angeles members informative, insightful glimpses from his new book, Jobs for Robots – Between Robocalypse and Robotopia. Jason tailored his presentation to the audience, mostly individuals and institutions from the private sector, and highlighted data and trends relevant to the greater Los Angeles region. Many attendees complimented Jason on his presentation’s quality — everyone learned a lot, we laughed too, no one was bored!
    – Town Hall LA

    Jason Schenker knows the business world and knows what is important to them. His “Economic Outlook” session for our conference has become a staple of the event and much anticipated by the attendees. The information he provides is invaluable; he is astute, controversial, and accurate in his assessment and analysis of global situations and markets. Our attendees, who are treasury and finance professionals in the corporate world, find Jason and this session to be invaluable. His speaking scores are always some of the highest among the over 400 speakers at our conference. In our world, Jason Schenker is a rock star!
    – Association of Financial Professionals

    Jason Schenker frequently speaks at our trade association (ISRI) events and is always one of our most popular speakers. Jason’s outstanding presentation skills, prescient forecasts, and ability to connect the dots between what’s happening in the global economy, the policy arena, commodity markets, manufacturing & technology and what it all means for our industry have been invaluable. I can’t recommend Jason highly enough.
    – ISRI

    The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) would like to acknowledge Jason Schenker, who recently joined us at our annual conference as a General Session speaker, and presented to an audience of almost 400 to share his wisdom and insight about “Our Disruptive Future Economy: An Economic, Financial, and Technology Outlook.” The feedback from the audience about Jason’s presentation were all in agreement: Jason definitely exceeded our expectations. His program gave insight on the timely topic of planning for financial market volatility in the immediate term. Attendees enjoyed his practical view of the likely timing of new technologies changing the way we live and left them thinking about the economy and its multiple influences. His presentation style was thoughtful, energetic and entertaining, which is not easily done with the subject matter. Jason has been able to figure out the way to bring economic forecasting and outlook down to an understandable level. He was very engaging and did an amazing job presenting a lot of information. I would recommend Jason to any professional group seeking to educate its members on how the future of the economy, markets and technology impact people’s professional, personal and investing lives. He was a pleasure to work with. We would have no hesitation inviting Jason back to speak at another ERA Conference.el
    – Electronics Representatives Association (ERA)

    Jason came to Toledo to speak to our local YPO chapter. He absolutely killed it. He taught us about crypto currency and it’s dangers and opportunities. The members genuinely loved his energy and message. I would highly recommend Jason!!!
    – YPO

    The best way I have found to gauge speaker quality is to monitor the number of people on their phones during a presentation. Jason is the only speaker we have had at the Filter Manufacturers Council where I did not see a single person glance at their device. He is consistently the highest rated and most requested speaker at FMC events. Jason has presented several times on industry specific topics as well as on more general financial and political content. He has also worked on research projects for the FMC to help us understand more about what we can expect in our industry years down the road. I highly recommend Jason as a speaker and as an advisor.
    – Filter Manufacturers Council

    Jason is a knowledgeable, engaging, and charismatic professional who has an uncanny ability to connect with an audience and deliver insightful messages. While presenting alongside Jason at a conference in 2018, the breadth of his knowledge quickly became clear to everyone in the room as he described various key factors impacting the copper market. His message was clear, his views were forthright, and his delivery was engaging.
    – CME Group

    Jason is a very insightful forecaster who can make economics enjoyable and fascinating when faced with a large crowd. He has unique insights into global trade that are unsurpassed!
    – N.C. State University – Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

    I had an opportunity to work with Jason Schenker when I was running market research team. He did an excellent job of explaining market direction and helped us create our perspective. He is a very hardworking researcher and was always available when we needed him. He was also running quarterly surveys, and so he was measuring the sentiment of the market in the short term. I strongly recommend his work to any executive who wants to gain a perspective on the market and understand market forces.
    – Baker Hughes

    As a user of Prestige’s services for over five years, I have consistently found the research, information and commentary to be timely, insightful and directly relatable to our business. It is summarized at just the right level for our planning process. Additional, Jason is always available for more in-depth discussions or insights. The services provided by Prestige are an important part of our strategic and operational planning process.
    – RegO Products

    Jason is one of the most intuitive, insightful and dynamic people in the energy forecasting space. He incorporates complex micro and macro variables and events to support his commodity price forecasting and his track record of success speaks for itself.
    – BP

    I have worked with Jason for over five years and am always impressed with his insight. Jason is a true economist, moving fluidly across subjects and industries, but always tying views back to the big picture. While his written pieces are top-notch, his speeches, podcasts, and office discussions truly set him apart from his peers. I highly recommend Jason and Prestige Economics.
    – Calpine

    Jason has been providing my company with valuable insights for several years. He serves in a sense as the “Chief Economist” keeping us up to date on global macroeconomic trends and how they tie to factors that effect our business. His financial forecasting is an important tool we use in considering our future portfolio strategies. Jason understands our business and helps paint a picture of the economy tailored specific to our companies needs. Jason’s unique skills as a futurist also help to identify future trends that may impact our business whether it’s fintech or advances in AI. I enjoy listening to his weekly podcast.
    – Vistra Energy

    Jason did a spectacular job for us as a featured speaker at an “Energy of the Future” type dinner. Jason is engaging, super smart, current, fun, and obviously a great thinker and strategist. We love working with him and consider him a HUGE FRIEND of the firm.
    – Tudor, Pickering, and Holt

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    Books by Jason Schenker:

    The Author Institute Method: The Quick and Easy Way to Become an Author

    Are you ready to become an author? Books are the business cards of leaders. Leaders tell their stories and share their experiences. This is why leaders write books. Being an author signals leadership, authority, and experience. In The Author Institute Method, you will learn how to tell your story, write a complete book, and publish your book in a short amount of time. If you want to lead, it’s time for you to become an author.

    The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2022: The Futurist Institute

    What will 2022 hold for automation, robots, and artificial intelligence? The Robot and Automation Almanac is a collection of essays from leading robot and automation experts, executives, and investors. Each of the essays focuses on the “one big thing” that each author sees in the year ahead: an opportunity, a risk, a challenge, investment themes, an overlooked trend, a perception shift, a step change, or a trend change.

    The Future of Travel: Trends and Technologies Shaping the Decade Ahead: The Futurist Institute

    What will happen to travel in the wake of COVID — and in the decade beyond? A collection of essays in The Future of Travel: Trends and Technologies Shaping the Decade Ahead from The Futurist Institute answers this critical question. Leading experts, futurists, and executives in travel, leisure, and hospitality contributed essays focused on the most important future trends impacting these industries, including the associated opportunities, priorities, perception shifts, and challenges that will shape the decade ahead. Buckle up and come along for the ride as The Futurist Institute presents these big ideas and visions for the future of travel.

    After the COVID Vaccine: Futurist Scenarios of Risk and Opportunity After COVID-19 Vaccines are Widely Available

    The impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented in many ways, but what could the future hold after there is widespread availability of a vaccine? In After the COVID Vaccine, top-ranked forecaster and Chairman of The Futurist Institute, Jason Schenker, offers futurist perspectives onthe opportunities, risks, challenges, and threats to businesses and organizations as their leaders weigh strategic options for embracing the new normal, reverting to the old normal, or finding a middle way forward.

    Electing Recession: The Impact of Presidential Elections on Financial Markets and the Economy

    What Does the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Mean for Financial Markets and the Economy? In Electing Recession, top-ranked financial forecaster and best-selling author, Jason Schenker, offers a compelling analysis of the impact U.S. presidential elections have on the economy and financial markets, including equities, currencies, and commodities.

    Recession-Proof: How to Survive and Thrive in an Economic Downturn

    In Recession-Proof, top-ranked economist Jason Schenker presents a series of proactive strategies to help you survive and thrive in the next downturn. He reveals strategies usually reserved for CEOs, central bankers, and ultra high net worth individuals. This book has been ranked an official #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

    Commodity Prices 101: A Primer on the Financial Market Drivers of Commodity Prices

    Commodity Prices 101 was written to help investors, analysts, and executives gain critical commodity market knowledge to meet the challenges posed by volatile commodity markets and prices. This book has been ranked an official #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

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