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Healthcare customer service expert Jake Poore spends most of his time in the trenches of hospitals. Equipped with a first-hand understanding of the demands and pressures placed on medical employees from all departments, he is the go-to guru for helping organizations create positive and memorable patient experiences.

Having witnessed the disheartening disorganization and subpar treatment his father received while hospitalized prior to a surgery that he did not survive, Jake became passionate about changing the face of health care. After nearly two decades spearheading customer service experiences at The Walt Disney Company, he founded Integrated Loyalty Systems (ILS) to elevate the human side of hospitals.

To date, Jake and ILS have helped over 100 medical institutions create patient centered experiences through in-depth assessments of each facility; strategies tailored to each organization’s culture; and effective training sessions aimed at each individual department.

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    Unlike typical speakers, Jake spends most of his time in the trenches of healthcare institutions. You may find him shadowing a physician in the emergency department, learning of the needs of the sterile processing department, or the delivering food with the food service team.

    As Founder and President of ILS, Jake knows what it takes to create and maintain a world-class service organization. He should… he spent nearly two decades at the Walt Disney Company helping to train and align 65,000 employees toward one end in mind: creating memorable experiences for individuals, not masses.

    Jake has spent the past 15 years fine tuning those blueprints by adding best practices from leaders in service, like Southwest Airlines and Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and applying them to more than 100 top healthcare organizations.

    Through leadership retreats and hands-on workshops, Jake and his team of experts are dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals in the areas of designing and executing cultural blueprints, defining the companies’ service strategy and mapping out and operationalizing the ideal customer and employee experience.

    In 2001, Jake launched Integrated Loyalty Systems, Inc., and for the past 11 years, Jake and Team ILS have helped many healthcare organizations make successful cultural transformations including: University of Chicago Hospitals, UPHS-Penn Medicine, Ochsner Health System (New Orleans), MedStar Visiting Nurses (MD, DC,VA), and National Rehabilitation Hospital (DC). In addition, ILS has contributed to creating patient-centric architectural blueprints for organizations like the University of Colorado Hospitals, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and BJC Healthcare’s Progress West Hospital.

    Jake is faculty for ACHE and teaches a 2-day course on the Chief Experience Officer and patient experiences. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, golf, and photography. He lives in Orlando with his wife and their three beautiful children.

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Jake Poore's Speech Descriptions

An authority on world class-customer service, Jake Poore shares his valuable expertise in creating memorable experiences while connecting with audiences across the country. Jake offers proven methodologies that he’s implemented in some of the nation’s top medical centers; however, he realizes that just like an organ transplant, strategic plans and advice are much more likely to be accepted and implemented successfully when they don’t come from a stranger. That’s why he takes the time to get to know your organization so that he can tailor his programs to your groups’ needs, characteristics, and values.

Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences -Every Patient, Every Day
Patients want to be treated as an individual and not "the kidney in room 103". They tell us that exceptional experiences occur when we consistently meet their expectations on what we provide (the clinical care side), while exceeding their expectations on how we provide it (the service side). Go with Jake as he takes you on a journey, looking at some of the best practices and lessons learned from organizations known for their world-class service, delivered consistently and seamlessly through the eyes of their customers. In this engaging presentation, Jake will share his insights and experiences on the secrets to to success and how you can build it within your own service area.

The Leader's Role in Building and Sustaining Exceptional Patient Experiences
Whether you have a title or not, everyone is a leader. We all have a circle of influence on others. Great leaders do not only take care of our patients and customers, they inspire their colleagues and associates. In this session, Jake Poore will help participants understand both the approach and the tools successful leaders use to elevate experiences to world-class status.

This engaging session will help participants:

    • Discover why most initiatives die
    • Tap into the power of storytelling as a part of your leadership toolkit
    • Recognize their own leadership style and adjust to a more effective one
    • Understand the two dimensions of effective leadership
    • Describe specific criteria to monitor in their physical environment “through the patient’s (customer’s) eyes”
    • Build the “4 Cs” to Sustain Employee Engagement: Communicating, Coaching, Counting (measurement) and Celebrating (recognition)

The Power of Leadership Storytelling
Organizations known for providing world-class service are also known for their ability to tell compelling stories and to motivate others through storytelling. Most employees do not remember models, concepts and graphs, but when told an engaging story, not only do they understand the concept, but they tell it to others, thereby reinforcing the culture.

What People are Saying about Seeing Jake Speak

Rating Entries

“He’s a winner! If we had the opportunity to utilize his talents again, we’d be glad to do so.”
    JoAnn Shaw, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, BJC Healthcare

“Jake is the only speaker we’ve had to earn a perfect 5.0 rating from all our members; and we’ve had over 60 presenters at 19 Leadership Development Institutes over the past 5 years.”
    David Crouch, Chief Learning Officer, Blue Ridge Healthcare

“Jake’s knowledge of OUR [organization] is impressive! Really brings information home and relevant!”
    Great Leader Strategies attendee

“There are storytellers who come in, and you think, oh, that’s a sad story, but they leave and you say, so what?”
“Jake Poore has the ability to tell a story and get every person who hears it to realize the ‘so what’—how I apply that in my role no matter who I am.”
    Carmen Kane, Performance Improvement Administrator, Mayo Clinic

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