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  • His best-selling book The Future of Work has been praised by the CEO of Zappos, CEO of Whirlpool, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, and many more global business leaders.

  • As the co-founder of the invitation-only Future If Community made up of the globe's most forward-thinking brands, Jacob has access to the hottest ideas and strategies shaping the modern business world.

  • From freelancing to robots and automation, he addresses the latest work-related trends and how your organization can take advantage of them.
  • Jacob Morgan is moving companies forward by helping them adapt to the changing world of work. He guides companies in revamping their approach to talent management, the physical workplace, and culture so that personal growth, professional development, and performance flourish.

    Jacob’s best-selling books The Employee Experience Advantage, The Future of Work and The Collaborative Organization have been endorsed by numerous global leaders. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, NPR, Fast Company, and CNN. His widely read blog, and his column for Forbes investigate the latest trends shaping careers and the way we work.

    As the co-founder of the Future If Community, an invite only brand council made up of the world’s most progressive business players, Jacob is at the forefront of the latest ideas and practices revolutionizing the world of work, concepts he in turn applies to every one of his speaking engagements. He speaks at over 40 conferences a year on topics ranging from AI and automation, management and leadership, the future of work, the 4th industrial revolution, employee experience, the internet of things, and other related themes.

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      After graduating with honors in business management economics and
      psychology, Jacob was excited to join the corporate world. At his first job
      he was told that he’d be traveling the country, meeting with executives and
      entrepreneurs, and doing all sorts of exciting work. A few months in, he was
      stuck doing data entry, cold calling, and PowerPoint presentations. One day
      the CEO came out of his nice corner office, handed Jacob a $10 bill and said
      “I’m late for a meeting, go grab me a cup of coffee, and get something for
      yourself as well.” That was the last corporate job he ever had.

      Today Jacob Morgan is one of the world’s leading authorities on the future
      of work and employee experience. He is the best-selling author of three
      books: The Employee Experience Advantage (2017), The Future of Work
      (2014), and The Collaborative Organization (2012). Jacob speaks at over 40
      conferences a year on topics ranging from AI and automation, management
      and leadership, the future of work, the 4th industrial revolution, employee
      experience, the internet of things, and other related themes. He also
      provides advisory and thought leadership services to various organizations
      around the world.

      Jacob is also the founder of “The Future If,” a global community of business
      leaders, authors and futurists who explore what our future can look like IF
      certain technologies, ideas, approaches and trends actually happen. The
      community looks at everything from AI and automation to leadership and
      management practices to augmented reality and virtual reality, the 4th
      industrial revolution and everything in between. His work has been endorsed
      by the CEOs of: Nestle, Best Buy, Cisco, SAP, KPMG, Schneider Electric, T-Mobile,
      Whirlpool, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Zappos, Atari, and many others.

      In addition, Jacob hosts The Future of Work Podcast a weekly show where he speaks with senior executives, authors, and business leaders about how the world of work is changing. His Youtube series, The Future in 5, explores the latest concepts and ideas around the future of work with inspiring and educational 2-3 minute snippets which are all professionally shot and edited. He has also contributed to and been cited in publications such as Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN, Glamour, the MIT Sloan Management Review, USA Today, and The Harvard Business Review.

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    Jacob Morgan's Speech Descriptions

    Being a millennial allows Jacob Morgan to bring a unique perspective to his speaking and client engagements without being bogged down by a legacy mentality. Additionally, Jacob is constantly getting the latest ideas, insights, and feedback from the world’s leading companies due to his central role with The Future of Work Community, a brand council of around 50 global brands who come together to explore the future of work. As a result he brings fresh ideas, unique content, and the latest ideas and strategies to his events.

    The list below include some of the more common themes he is asked to speak on but they are by not means the only themes he speaks on. He has also done plenty of niche keynotes around specific industries, companies, and geographies. If you have an idea for a session that isn’t listed below he can explore the possibility with you.

    Why the Future of Work is All About the Employee Experience
    We all spend a lot of time and money trying to create great and meaningful experiences for ourselves. We have certainly all heard about the customer experience, but what about the employee experience?

    In this keynote address Jacob will explore three environments that create employee experiences: digital (or technology), cultural, and physical. Attendees will learn what makes up these three environments, what some of the world’s most forward thinking companies are doing, and how they can start making changes to their organization’s focus on the employee experience as a way to attract and retain top talent.

    The Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work
    In this session Jacob explores the impact that globalization, new behaviors, mobility, millennials, and technology are having on what the future of work is going to look like. Attendees will get a great overview of why and how organizations must adapt to these five trends and how these five trends are changing the way we work, lead, and structure our organizations.

    The Internet of Things
    In the next few years it’s estimated that we will see anywhere from tens to hundreds of billions of connected devices in the world. These include everything from cars and toothbrushes to wearable devices and appliances. But what does the internet of things actually means for consumers and organizations? What should organizations be thinking about and what will this new type of a connected world look like? This keynote session provides an intriguing look at the impact that the internet of things is going to have o our world.

    Innovation Ecosystems and the 5 Types of Innovation
    Innovation used to be something that was done behind closed doors by a small group of people within a company. In this session Jacob explores how innovation has changed and looks at the 5 types of innovation models that companies should practice today (employee, customer, partner/supplier, public, & competitor), and how this forms the new innovation ecosystem. The session is full of stories and examples and takes a look at how the world of innovation is evolving.

    The Robots are Coming!
    A keynote session which looks at the world of robots and automation and the potential impact that this might have on the workforce. There is much debate and conversation going on around robots taking jobs away from humans and what the jobs of the future might look like; all of these things are explored along with a look at some of the fascinating new technologies which are making their way into organizations.

    Millennials in the Workplace
    This new demographic is projected to comprise around 50% of the workplace by 2020 and 75% of the workplace by 2025. This is a generation that doesn’t know what its like to get 200 emails a day, sit in a cubicle, or access legacy technology solutions to find people and information.

    Millennials have a new attitude about work and new approaches and expectations to how work should be done. In this keynote Jacob will explore how millennials are impacting organizations around the world and what these organizations need to do to adapt and attract this new workforce.

    Women in Leadership
    Jacob has a whole section in his new book devoted to exploring why we need more women in leadership positions. This session explores the state of women in leadership, why we don’t have more in senior level roles, and what can be done to help improve the situation, and most importantly, WHY we need to make this a priority for our organizations.

    The Future Manager
    This session explores the role of management is changing and what the key tenets of the future manager are. Essentially it answers the question, what will the future manager look like and how will they help run organizations of the future? The session also provides a brief historic look at management as well as action items.

    The Future Employee
    An exploration of what the future employee looks like and how they will expect to work. The session focuses on the key tenets of the future employee, new crucial behaviors the future employee must possess, and how the overall employee landscape is dramatically changing.

    The Future Organization
    This keynote explores why many organizations today may be in trouble going forward and what they can do about it. The reality is that organizations today need talent much more than good talent needs organizations. The session focuses on what organizations of the future are going to look like and what they need to do to stay competitive in the new work landscape.

    The Freelancer Economy
    A session exploring how the rise of freelancers are impacting and affecting the future of work. Topics such as the fight for talent, benefits of freelancing, an overview of the freelancer economy, and the choices that college students and employees need to make, are all explored in this session. With the majority of the U.S. workforce predicted to be freelancing by 2020, this is clearly an impactful trend.

    The Managerless Organization
    Do we need managers? What are the benefits of managers? What will happen if we get rid of managers and are organizations out there actually doing this? All of these topics and more are explored in this session which look at how successful organizations are operating in a world where there are no managers, no hierarchies, and nobody tells you what to do.

    The 5 Types of Organizational Structures
    Since the beginning of business most people have become familiar with one type of organizational structure, the hierarchy. However today, forward thinking and progressive organizations around the world are experimenting with new ways to structure themselves. In this session Jacob will explore why hierarchy is fading away and what it’s being replaced by. The session is filled with plenty of examples and stories of what companies around the world are doing.

    Wearables in the Workplace
    Many of us are already familiar with devices such as the Fitbit, Google Glass, or the Nike Fuel Band. All of these are popular “wearables” that consumers use on a daily basis. However, wearable devices are starting to make their way into the workplace and millions of these devices are projected to be inside of our organizations in just a few years.

    But what’s the impact of wearables in the workplace? Are they a good idea? What direction are we headed in with wearables and what should organizations be thinking about? This keynote sessions explores all of those things and much more!

    The 12 Habits of Highly Collaborative Organizations
    This keynote looks at the 12 common variables that successful organizations focus on when it comes to collaboration in the workplace. Each variable is illustrated with an example of a company that is “doing it.” Attendees walk away with clear next steps that they can implement at their organization. This keynote makes sense for organizations that are thinking about or are already deploying some sort of collaboration platforms.

    Engagement isn’t Just a Buzzword
    87% of employees around the world not engaged and many companies around the world say they care about this yet do very little about it oftentimes just “checking off the right boxes” to say they tried. In this keynote session Jacob will explore the factors that contribute to employee disengagement and provide attendees with the tools and strategies they need to fix this problem. This is a great inspirational and motivational session to get your employees excited and energized about your company!

    Jacob Morgan on Speaking

    I want attendees to learn that challenging workplace convention is the best way to evolve an organization…If you don’t prepare for the future of work then you and your organization have no future!

    SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

    MORGAN: I’ll admit I’m a millennial. This means that I don’t have any of the legacy workplace baggage that so many employees have. I like to think this has allowed me to think a bit more creatively and outside of the traditional box. Many of the concepts and ideas I come up with are completely unique to me and have gone on to be used by other speakers and authors around the world. In addition to being a nice thing to see, it also tells me that there’s an unmet need for someone who can think creatively about the future of work. That’s where I come in!

    I really enjoy what I do because I’ve worked in organizations that drain your soul and make you feel like you’d rather stand in the DMV line naked. (I know that’s a tough visual to grasp.) I’m determined to make sure that we all work for organizations where we feel like we genuinely want to be there as opposed to needing to be there.

    I literally wrote the book on the future of work, and with my newest book, I can say the same thing for Employee Experience. These are complex topics but I like to break them down and make them simpler to understand and grasp. I’ve done this for international audiences, business executives, HR leaders, IT professionals, and quite literally everyone in between.

    I always have tons of fun with my keynotes and try to make them as funny, insightful, entertaining, and engaging as I can. I want attendees to learn that challenging workplace convention is the best way to evolve an organization. Hopefully after listening to my keynote attendees will walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and prepared to make some kind of change in their lives and in their organizations. I always say: if you don’t prepare for the future of work then you and your organization have no future!

    SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

    MORGAN: If it’s a private client event for an organization, I always speak with a few members of their team to learn more about what they want and expect. I ask them about talks they’ve had in the past that went well plus talks that didn’t go well and why. I also want to make sure that anyone who wants to, can ask me any questions they might have to get to know me a bit better. I want people to feel as comfortable with me as they can, almost like going to meet a friend for coffee.

    Aside from that, I research the organization, their industry/market, and try to make my talks as customized and personalized as I can.

    SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

    MORGAN: The one that stands out was a keynote I did on the East Coast in 2015 for a group of around 2,000 business professionals. It was an awesome event, but when I showed up to the hotel I was told I didn’t have a room reserved and it was around midnight. Apparently there had been some confusion and they had mixed up the dates.

    Not only was the hotel sold out but so was every other hotel nearby! I ended up having to sleep in one of those meeting suites that look like a room but without a bed. Thankfully they had a little pullout bed in the couch with a nice metal bar that was sticking into back while I was sleeping, which added a special touch. Still, the client and I had a good laugh about it and they were very embarrassed. They wanted to kick out one of their own employees from their hotel room so that I could have it, but I said absolutely not. Sometimes you just have to deal with those seemingly unpleasant yet funny situations!

    If you have an audience that wants to have fun, be inspired, and get doused with awesome future of work knowledge then I’m a pretty good fit!

    SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

    MORGAN: I’ve given keynotes to pretty much any type of audience you can think of all over the world. I’d say it’s less of a business profile or demographic and more of an audience with a certain set of attitudes. My talks resonate best with people who are looking to explore new ideas, concepts, and ways of thinking about work. I want to challenge attendees and get them to move beyond their comfort zone. If you have an audience that wants to have fun, be inspired, and get doused with awesome future of work knowledge then I’m a pretty good fit! This can be anyone and everyone from HR/People leaders, business executives, IT professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, innovation leaders, and everyone in between. We all have jobs, and we all deserve to work for great organizations.

    SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

    MORGAN: It would be weird if I only picked one topic, because it might imply I don’t like the others! It’s kind of like having kids and picking your favorite one. I love all of them equally. None of my speaking topics are based on what’s popular or makes the most money; they are based on things that I genuinely care about and am passionate about. However, since my new book is going to be all about employee experience, I’d have to say that may be my favorite one…just don’t tell the others.

    SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

    MORGAN: I always wanted to be an actor and did all sorts of theatre work when I was younger. I never planned to be a speaker or an author; it just sort of happened. Speaking felt like a natural evolution of the stage work that I had done when I was younger so it just made sense. I never had any speaking training and never had a speaking coach. I just treat it like theatre and try to have fun with it. I get energized and excited when I’m in front of a large group of people, especially when I get to share something that I’m so passionate about!

    I’d like to think that the content I present is so unique and interesting that it also helps capture the attention of the audience. It’s not something they will hear anywhere else!

    SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes? Do you use case studies, personal stories and/or in your speeches?

    MORGAN: I try to use many different things. It’s not uncommon for me to throw in personal stories. I’ve had many talks where my parents, wife, or dogs make an appearance on a slide in front of thousands of people. It makes the talk more personal and I think it makes me more human and less of “a guy on a stage.” Of course, I infuse plenty of humor, because I love to hear laughter! I use tons of examples and case studies, too. However, I’d like to think that the content I present is so unique and interesting that it also helps capture the attention of the audience. It’s not something they will hear anywhere else!

    SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

    MORGAN: As a speaker I’ve received countless emails from executives and employees who have told me about various changes they have made to their lives or organizations. This ranges from an entry-level employee learning to speak up more to share her experiences and ideas inside of her company to an executive at a global organization learning to embrace vulnerability in the workplace. Perhaps the best compliment I can receive is an email that says, “you helped me think differently about X.” That’s really all I want to do. It’s a magical thing to be able to get someone to change the way they have thought about something for many years. It’s why I do what I do! Exclusive Interview with Jacob Morgan
    The Future of Work, with Jacob Morgan
    In this interview, Jacob Morgan discusses:
    • The major trends that are changing the way we work.
    • The Employee Experience and why it's crucial to your business' future.
    • Building a career as a freelancer.
    Read the Full Interview

    "The way we think about and approach work has fundamentally changed. We are more comfortable living a more public life where we share, communicate, and collaborate in front of the whole world to see."
    - Jacob Morgan

    What People are Saying about Seeing Jacob Speak

    Rating Entries

    Jacob spoke to our customers at four of our events across the United States on the future of work and unlocking human potential. His sessions were both informative and engaging and we received excellent feedback from attendees. When it comes to the future of work and collaboration Jacob is both very knowledgeable and extremely passionate. I highly recommend him!”

    – Jim Fields, VP of Marketing, SAP

    “When it comes to the future of work, Jacob is both extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. He also has an interesting spin on the kinds of things that can be done to engage and stimulate creative thought in the workplace. I participated in a session he ran and found it to be engaging and informative. I highly recommend Jacob as a speaker!”

    – Nolan Bushnell, Founder, Atari

    Jacob’s presentation was extremely insightful and well- researched. Additionally, he went out of his way to give our audience useful tips and resources that they can apply within their own organization immediately. I really enjoyed working with Jacob and highly recommend him as a speaker.”

    – Lynn Brown-Reyes, Manager Career Resource Center and Member Benefits, American Marketing Association

    “Jacob delivered a powerful, compelling, and insightful keynote on the future of work with a global perspective. He shared very interesting examples and global practices with 200 of our HR leaders through a session that combined effective presentation skills with knowledge of next practices.”

    – Dr N S Rajan -Member Group Executive Council & Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Sons

    “Jacob delivered a compelling and insightful presentation to our audience of top performers on how the workplace is changing. Attendees walked away more informed, inspired, and ready to lead change in their organizations. I definitely recommend Jacob as a speaker.”

    – Dr. Murray Mazer, Global Head of Innovation & Research, Amadeus IT Group

    “Jacob delivered a compelling presentation at Lowe’s Social Business Symposium. Our audience gave Jacob high marks for his comments. His experience and insight help propel companies forward as they begin the journey to transform the way they work. I highly recommend Jacob Morgan as a speaker and his book “The Collaborative Organization” is a must-read for any one considering social business. The book will help any company build a roadmap for success.”

    – Clarissa Felts, VP Collaboration, Diversity & Inclusion at Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

    “Jacob is an excellent speaker who knows how to educate and engage his audience and he did just that for my class of NYU students! He’s extremely knowledgeable about everything related to the future of work and collaboration. I highly recommend him!”

    – Nathan Bricklin, SVP Wells Fargo and Adjunct Instructor at NYU

    “Jacob Morgan has his finger on the pulse of what makes organizations more collaborative and effective. He deeply understands the drivers that make us want to collaborative, and can effectively speak on how to engage people throughout all levels.”

    – Robin Daniels, Head of Enterprise Product Marketing, Box

    “The power of social to affect how we collaborate with each other has become a critical tool for forward thinking CMO’s and CIO’s. Nobody understands this like Jacob Morgan, and for the first time, we have qualitative and quantitative data to both understand this trend, and take appropriate action for our company or brand. I would highly recommend bringing Jacob on as a speaker for your event or conference.”

    – Ben Watson, VP Marketing at HootSuite

    “Jacob delivered an inspiring and educational presentation on the future of work and collaboration to our management team. He took a complex topic and distilled it down to something that was easy to understand and grasp. This was crucial since English was not the primary language of our audience. I highly recommend Jacob!’

    – Didier Dumont, CEO The Americas, Sodexo

    “Jacob understands the complexity around the future of work and has the keen ability to break it down into practical solution steps that help companies achieve ultimate value and success. He does a great job of educating and inspiring the audience and his passion and expertise are clearly felt. I highly recommend Jacob as a speaker!”

    – Gloria Burke, Chief Knowledge Officer, Unisys

    “Jacob Morgan is attuned to what companies need to do to attract and retain the next generation of workers. He understands what works, what doesn’t, and has a beat on the next wave on insights regarding the future of work. He is a very engaging and impactful speaker and moderator. I highly recommend him”

    – Jeff Winter, VP of Field Marketing, SAP

    “Jacob presented on the future of work and collaboration as part of a successful expert webinar series for Intuit QuickBase. Feedback from the presentation was extremely positive and we were pleased with Jacob’s command of the subject and professional delivery. Jacob is an engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker I would recommend!”

    – Alex Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, The Fast Track, Intuit

    “I had the pleasure of working with Jacob recently on a Social Business webinar for OpenText. Jacob is an excellent story teller and speaks with conviction on the future of work in a way that motivates his listeners. Jacob is very passionate in his content delivery and conveys the perfect amount of insight and advice to help steer customers on the right path to embracing the future of work. We had had many requests from attendees to have him back again!”

    – Kimberly Edwards, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OpenText

    “Jacob is clearly a passionate speaker and he delivered an engaging and informative keynote session at the Harvard Business Review Summit. He did a great job of conveying his ideas while inspiring attendees to think differently about the future of work. His session received great feedback and I highly recommend him as a speaker!”

    – Adi Ignatius, Editor in Chief, Harvard Business Review

    “I recently collaborated with Jacob on a Future of Work session with Cisco’s partners and customers. As a leader focused on the employee experience, leadership and workforce trends, Jacob’s perspectives into the trends of the future workforce are insightful and spot on. It was a pleasure partnering with him.”

    – Francine Katsoudas SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer Cisco

    “Jacob Morgan was a speaker at our annual Microsoft Enterprise Summit which is the most important gathering of our C-level customers where we share our vision, latest trends, and customer stories around digital transformation. Jacob did a great job of of helping our C-level leaders understand the trends that are shaping the future of work and what they should be doing in their organizations as a result. His session was engaging and informative!”

    – Blijana Weber, CEO, Microsoft Czech Republic

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    Books by Jacob Morgan:

    The Employee Experience Advantage: How to Win the War for Talent by Giving Employees the Workspaces they Want, the Tools they Need, and a Culture They Can Celebrate

    Recently a new type of organization has emerged, one that focuses on employee experiences as a way to drive innovation, increase customer satisfaction, find and hire the best people, make work more engaging, and improve overall performance. The Employee Experience Advantage is the first book of its kind to tackle this emerging topic that is becoming the #1 priority for business leaders around the world. Although everyone talks about employee experience nobody has really been able to explain concretely what it is and how to go about designing for it…until now.

    How can organizations truly create a place where employees want to show up to work versus need to show up to work? For decades the business world has focused on measuring employee engagement meanwhile global engagement scores remain at an all time low despite all the surveys and institutes that been springing up tackle this problem. Clearly something is not working. Employee engagement has become the short-term adrenaline shot that organizations turn to when they need to increase their engagement scores. Instead, we have to focus on designing employee experiences which is the long term organizational design that leads to engaged employees. This is the only long-term solution. Organizations have been stuck focusing on the cause instead of the effect. The cause is employee experience; the effect is an engaged workforce.

    Backed by an extensive research project that looked at over 150 studies and articles, featured extensive interviews with over 150 executives, and analyzed over 250 global organizations, this book clearly breaks down the three environments that make up every single employee experience at every organization around the world and how to design for them. These are the cultural, technological, and physical environments. This book explores the attributes that organizations need to focus on in each one of these environments to create COOL spaces, ACE technology, and a CELEBRATED culture. Featuring exclusive case studies, unique frameworks, and never before seen research, The Employee Experience Advantage guides readers on a journey of creating a place where people actually want to show up to work.

    The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization

    The Future of Work is all about challenging convention around work. It explores and answers several questions such as: How is the world of work changing and what are the trends driving that change? How are these changes impacting the way employees work, the way managers lead, and how organizations are structured? What needs to be done to adapt to these changes?

    The future of work breaks down specific principles for employees, managers, and organizations to adopt in order to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing world. Readers will find valuable examples, research, and unique visuals created specifically for this book. The Future of Work has been endorsed by the world’s top business leaders such as the CEO of KPMG, CEO of SAP, CEO of Intuit, CEO of Whirlpool, CEO of Schneider Electric, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, CEO of PARC, CEO of Zappos, Dan Pink, and Gary Hamel.

    The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools

    The Collaborative Organization it the first and only comprehensive strategy guide to enterprise/social collaboration in the workplace. It features over 300 pages of content covering topics such as developing and mapping use cases, selecting collaboration vendors, full strategy development, ROI, employee adoption, how to structure a collaboration team, and everything else you would need and want to build out a full-scale collaboration initiative.

    The Collaborative Organization features data from an in-depth research project conducted by Chess Media Group as well as pioneering models and concepts around collaboration. The book was endorsed by business leaders such as the CEO of Unisys, CIO of the USA, CMO of Dell, Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review, Founder and CEO of Craigslist, and many others. The afterword was written by Don Tapscott.

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