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With more than 25 years of business experience, including numerous stints as CEO of fast-growing national companies, Jack Daly knows how to help companies achieve greater sales and profitable growth.

One of his most notable accomplishments was as founder and CEO of a mortgage company based in California. He helped the company achieve robust growth, especially in its first two years with 750 employees, 22 office nationwide and a production of $350 million per month in mortgages. The company reported $42 million in profits in its initial three years.

Jack has written many books including Hyper Sales Growth, which details systems and processes that businesses can use to grow profitably and at an accelerated rate.

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      • Jack Daly is an expert in sales and sales management inspiring audiences to take action in customer loyalty and personal motivation. He delivers explosive keynote and general session presentations.

    Jack brings 20 plus years of field proven experience- from a starting base with the CPA firm Arthur Andersen to the CEO level of several national companies. Jack has participated at the senior executive level on four de novo businesses, two of which he subsequently sold to the Wall Street Firms of Solomon Brothers and First Boston. As the head of sales, Jack has led sales forces numbering in the thousands, operating out of hundreds of offices nationwide.

    Amongst a career of highlights, here are a couple noteworthy examples:

        • In 1985, Jack relocated to California from the east coast and started a mortgage company with 3 colleagues. As CEO, Jack led the company through robust growth in its initial 18 months to 750 employees, 22 offices nationwide, producing $350 million per month in mortgages, and in it’s first three years the company reported profits of $42 million.
        • In 1998, working as a senior partner in a 5 year-old privately held Enterprise, Jack helped the company to be recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and ranked #10 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing firms nationwide.

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, Jack currently resides in San Clemente, California. His education includes an MBA from Wilmington College and a BS from LaSalle College. Jack held the rank of Captain in the U.S. Army.

    A nationally known professional speaker, Jack leads with content, delivers with contagious enthusiasm, and leaves his audiences wanting more and committed to taking action. His use of real life anecdotes and his ability to say what most people “just think” leaves a message that stays with them for years. An accomplished author of books, DVDs, and business articles, Jack is committed to getting his audiences involved and taking action. He believes that success is by design, not chance. Using this formula for success, he has helped companies realize greater sales and profits! He brings to you many years of “street tested” techniques and proven methodologies designed to pull higher results from your sales and sales management efforts.

    Thousands of companies and professionals have benefited personally, financially, and professionally using the concepts Jack teaches. Jack has spoken to companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500, Inc. 500, YPO, EO, Vistage, Trade Associations, Conventions, Non-profits and Schools. Jack Daly speaks from experience and has helped thousands of individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

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Jack Daly's Speech Descriptions

As an expert in sales and sales management, Jack Daly delivers keynotes and presentations on how businesses can achieve success by using proven techniques and strategies. These include developing appropriate job descriptions to attract top talent needed for a specific position, coming up with methods for initial communication with new job candidates, and creating training and development programs that would increase the chance of new salespeople producing results early in their career and continuing this success throughout.

Jack has helped companies in a myriad of industries achieve greater, more systematic, and duplicatable results in their sales efforts through the different levels of the “Coach Program.” How those results are achieved for each company is unique. However, Jack has found 5 main areas in which he continually sharpens the axes of his client companies:

Finding the Right People: Sales organizations get results because of proper talent. Too often, companies have no process for finding and tapping into sales talent in the marketplace. Jack has worked with many clients on the identification and appropriate development of job descriptions and creation of the specific profile for those who will be tasked with excelling in the profession. Once appropriate descriptions and profiles are created, Jack assists client companies create ongoing, continuous, and systematic recruiting strategies designed to attract top talent.

Getting the Right People to Join the Team: Too many times, even if we get the hitters to the table when we are hiring, we fail to land them due to a lack of preparation. Jack works with clients on appropriate strategies for interviews and initial communication with new candidates.

Getting Salespeople Producing Results Quickly: Companies complain about long “ramp-up” times for salespeople. Jack can assist in the creation of training and development programs that increase the chances of new hire success earlier in their career with the company.

Continually Growing Salespeople: Companies do not place a high priority on the ongoing development of their sales staff. “If you’re not training, you’re not gaining!” Jack can work with client companies on continuous training and development initiatives for their employees.

Keep Good Salespeople: Turnover in a sales organization is not a bad thing! However, turnover of top performers IS a bad thing. Jack can assist companies develop appropriate initiatives to encourage top performers producing at ever-increasing numbers.

Suggested Topics:

Let′s Get Everyone Aligned, Committed And Excited
Effective leaders foster win-win relationships with their associates. Jack details specific strategies, immediately implementable, that truly make a difference. This presentation challenges each participant to examine where they are, and where they are going. Maps provided!

How The Best Get Better - The New Rules Of Selling
Ten "new rules" are examined and a game plan suggested to enhance participants′ visibility, value and volumes in any market. Street-tested and current, the techniques energize each individual to take action.

Change? Try Revolution!
If an angry mob is headed toward you, get in front and call it a parade. That angry mob for many of us is change. Move from "accepting" to "embracing" change and you are on your way to dominating and leading it.

Focus Precedes Success - Start With A Personal Marketing Campaign
Wouldn′t it be great if business came to us, instead of us searching for it? Jack moves each participant closer to such a world through the concept and creation of a personal marketing platform.

How Much Is A Customer Worth?
Just what is our business? Our mission? And who exactly are our customers and how do they perceive value? On top of it all, why bother? Participants leave more caring and more understanding of the strength of listening and the power of each individual!

To Be Understood, You Must First Understand:
People are different. We know this and we learn to adjust to people intuitively. We can, however, learn to do so more effectively. The four social styles - Analytical, Driver, Expressive, Amiable - are each explored, with actions to optimize each of our relationships.

What People are Saying about Seeing Jack Speak

Rating Entries

    “When I first heard Jack Daly speak at the national conference earlier this year, I just knew we had to bring him to Milwaukee. He takes powerful material, adds his personal street smarts and actual experience, and delivers a wallop of words that every CEO needs to hear once in a while. And I want my top sales person to hear the same message with me.”
    Peter Gottsacker,
    Wixon Fontarome

    “On behalf of Inc. Magazine, I would like to thank you for your participation in our annual Growing the Company Conference. Your session was evaluated by attendees based on a scale of 4 (excellent) to 1 (poor). Your average score was 3.96… the highest scoring session!”
    Beth Sheehan,
    Conference Producer,
    Inc. Magazine

    “What rave reviews you received for your presentation at the RPMA conference. The comments I got were that everyone wanted more. This is the 12th year for the conference, and I think yours was the best review I’ve received in all 12 years.”
    Vicki Miller,
    Executive Director,


    “I didn’t need to tell you what it takes to hold the attention of an ′All-CEO′ group such as mine, because you did it. All too often, speakers come from theory without practice. Your background indicated ′you’ve been there′ and your presentation showed it. The most frequent comment heard was the amount of immediately implementable action ideas delivered.”
    Dick Swanson,
    The Executive Committee (TEC)

    “Your insights and observations were right on target with our group. In fact, the sound strategies and techniques you shared with us can only be surpassed by the contagious energy and enthusiasm that charged your presentation from beginning to end.”
    Sharon L. Allen,
    Managing Partner,
    Deloitte & Touche

    “Wow! I can’t get your program out of my head. All the management training I have had over the years condensed, bottled, shook up, and sprayed all over the room in a one hour shower. Like good champagne.”
    David Peters,
    Architectural Security Group

    “It would be difficult to find a better source of sales and sales management expertise. Jack has spoken to the CEO peer forums I run for Vistage International on four different occasions and each time delivered truly exceptional value. My CEOs are still talking about his material and recommendations for building a more effective sales team. In addition, his real world experience as a CEO in building a high performance culture has been invaluable to the CEOs I work with. Please contact me personally if you would like a more detailed description of what Jack has to offer.”
    Allen Hauge,
    Group Chair,
    Vistage International

    Client List:
    AMCOR Sunclipse
    Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    Aussie HomeLoans
    Authentic Specialty Foods
    Automated Logic
    Business Connect
    Chapman University
    Cold Stone Creamery
    Coldwell Banker
    Commonwealth Bank
    Deloitte Touche
    Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)
    Ewing Irrigation
    Fannie Mae (FNMA)
    Favorite Staffing
    Four Hands
    General Electric
    Golden West Dental
    Great Clips
    Grocers Insurance Group
    Horizon Foods
    Inc. Magazine
    IRTA Barter
    Juniper Networks
    Knox Company
    Lloyds Group
    M5 Network
    Medi Comp Inc
    Midcoast Aviation
    Monin Gourmet Flavorings
    Monrovia Nurseries
    My Office Products
    National Checking
    Nelson Technology
    Norcross Footwear, Inc.
    Office Furniture USA
    PBA Health
    Ryland Homes
    SARES-Regis Group
    Sherwood SCUBA
    Shorewood Realtors
    Software Solution Partners
    ST Media Group
    Stewart Title
    Teldata Control, Inc.
    The Phelps Group
    Tiburon Technologies
    Transperfect Translations
    Venture Bank
    Vistage International
    Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)

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