Ian Khan Profile

  • Ian Khan invented the Future Readiness Score, a KPI based future readiness methodology helping organizations step into the future through the power of data insights.

  • Ian Khan is a multiple documentary film maker, author and has been featured on CNN, Bloomberg, Fox, and multiple other media outlets.

  • Author & Expert on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Future of Work.
  • Ian Khan is a Metaverse, Web 3 Author, Keynote Speaker & Futurist. Featured on BBC, CNN, Fox, Bloomberg, Forbes and a Future Readiness pioneer. Created the Future Readiness Score, he is a highly prolific thought leader who has worked with clients including Intel, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Telus and hundreds of leading organizations.

    Focus Areas

    Future Readiness, Metaverse, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Future of Work, The Great Resignation, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, The Creator Economy


    Ian is a passionate believer in good things. Dedicated to his expertise in helping organizations achieve excellence, he is always hard at work to cut through noise and to find ways to deliver a message of hope.


    Ian is the creator and inventor of the Future Readiness Score, a management and Future Readiness methodology to help organizations address the impact of Disruption before it occurs.

    An advocate of emerging technologies, Ian helps organizations gain a competitive advantage in today’s era of disruption and rapid change. His core speaking topics include technology trends, industry future outlook, and the role of IoT, AI & Blockchain in shaping our future.


    Ian is also the author of over 8 books. Some of these include Cloud Wars, The Internet of Things (IoT) A Concise Introduction, The Internet of Things & the Future of Innovation, Make Me Like You, 21 Steps & Get Ahead, and Meaningful Conversations.

    He is also a contributor to After Shock with Ray Kurtzweil, Ray Kurzweil, George GilderMartin ReesNewt GingrichAlan KayDavid BrinPo BronsonJohn SchroeterDeb Westphal and contributor to multiple industry publications including McGraw Hill, Forbes,,

    A highly sought after expert, Ian has dedicated the last 20 years evangelizing technologies such as Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, and emerging tech. Though his career he Ian has worked with Information Technology startups, SAP EBS Partner Companies, and key Microsoft partner ecosystem providers. Through his two decades of working in the industry, he also gained a complete understanding of where organizations face a maximum challenge as his roles included Sales, Business Development, Management, to managing global marketing teams.


    • Ian is an Adjunct Professor of Technology at the Wroclaw University of Economics & Business, Poland
    • Ian is a Linkedin Learning Instructor and a course creator for Metaverse and related topics


    His works are available on Amazon Prime Video, Emirates Airlines, FlyDubai, and broadcast networks worldwide.

    • Blockchain – Ian is the director of the documentary Blockchain City.
    • Cryptocurrency – Ian is the director of the documentary film “Bitcoin Dilemma”
    • Future of Work – Ian is the director of the upcoming documentary “The Future of Work Debunked”.
    • AI The Next Frontier – The Overview of Artificial Intelligence
    • “The Metaverse Explained” documentary narrator and host

    Contributing Author

    He is also a frequent contributor to industry publications including Forbes,, Entrepreneur Magazine,  McGraw Hill Education, AccountingWeb and other publications.

    Media Recognition

    Ian Khan is a multiple documentary film maker, author and has been featured on BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox, CTV, Global TV, Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Gulf News (UAE), Expansion(Spain), Fast Company, and multiple other media outlets.

    Community Involvement

    Passionate about helping newer generations develop key technology understanding, Ian also works with educational institutions & nonprofit organizations. His recent work includes Chang School (Ryerson University), Schulich School of Business (York University), and others.

    Media Host

    Ian is also the host of the Ian Khan Show, 4Sight, Unbreakable series of podcasts and video series. Ian interviews Futurists, celebrities, Executives, and thought leaders, helping shape the future of the world through meaningful conversations. He also hosts the official Government of UAE Government Experience (GX) Podcast.


    Ian is also a member of the Association of Global Futurists, a member of the National Speaking Association, and the World Future Society.

    Personal Life

    Ian primarily lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and two children and has a local presence in Toronto, New York, and Dubai. He enjoys photography, creative arts, music, nature, and trail walking as hobbies.

    Ian Khan Speaking Videos

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    Ian Khan's Speech Descriptions

    Artificial Intelligence – The Next Frontier
    What are the possibilities of artificial intelligence replacing humans, creating unprecedented automation and augmenting humanity ?

    Blockchain – The Rise of Cities of the Future
    The state of Blockchain and the rise of distributed ledger technology to change the nature of trust

    The Bitcoin Dilemma
    The Past, Present & Future of Cryptocurrencies

    The Future of Work Debunked
    All about the remote work economy, digital nomads, the great resignation and the future of work realities

    The Internet of You
    Why the future of business relies on humanity & not technology

    The Great Resignation & the Rise of Human Super productivity
    The emerging worker movement to reclaim super productivity & longevity

    The Hero’s Journey at Everyday Work
    Learn what makes people hero’s and why more of us need to embrace the idea that we are one

    Transforming Your Business Mindset
    The rise of the digital nomad and other phenomenon keeping business on 24×7

    Leading Gen Z & Newer Generations
    The new strategy to balance generational gaps at work and peace prevail between GenZ, GenX, Millennials and Others in the Workforce.

    Why Leaders Fail
    7 lessons on why leaders fail and what you can do today to spin that around

    Space; The New Frontier
    New Breakthroughs powering the race to dominate space

    The Creator Economy Wave
    The emergence of the Creator Economy & How Individual Creators will Change the Future

    Digital Domino Effect
    Predicting the future of a digitally driven world

    The Convergence Trifecta
    How Blockchain, IoT & AI will Change the Future of Business

    From disruption to innovation, How to Moonshot into Winning

    Recreating Trust in a paranoid World

    The Smart City Phenomenon
    The Evolution of Data Driven Intelligent Cities & the Future of Urbanization

    The Distributed ledger Economy
    How Blockchain promises to Change the World

    The Blind Side of Trust
    Ensuring Data Privacy in the Age of Big Tech Domination

    The Amazon Effect
    How small business can learn from big business

    The Inverted Impact Triangle
    The Upside-Down Model for Influence in the Age of Data

    Technology Trends for 2022
    Learn about massive disruptive forces at work in 2022

    Hackers Delight
    How is Cryptocurrency Helping Hackers Become More Impactful

    The Dark Web Opportunity
    Building Business in the Dark Web

    Deep Web Exploration
    Mining Data Intelligence from the Deep Web – A primer for businesses

    Foresight & Future Predictions 2030
    Learn about the state of the world by 2030

    Microbiome Wars
    The Race to Create the Next healthcare breakthrough

    The Future is You
    The Rise of Human creativity, individual authority positioning & the transfer of value

    Is the Future Non Fungible?
    The rise of the Non Fungible Token Economy is slowly moving from art to the tokenization of everything else. Is the Future Non Fungible?

    The Promise of the Metaverse
    The upcoming surge of everything meta

    What People are Saying about Seeing Ian Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Ian was an outstanding keynote speaker at FinovateSpring; he is a tour de force! His understanding of how technology will change the world and his ability to communicate that captivated the audience. ”

    “Ian also delivered a keynote at the American Supplychain Association in Chicago last week and delivered a highly resonating keynote on the future of the Supply Chain Industry and the Role of Artificial Intelligence.”

    “Ian presented key technologies that are changing the business landscape. His message highly resonated with the audience.”
    – Big Data Toronto

    “Ian delivered a highly targeted and relevant session covering IoT.”
    -UTC Association

    “‘Thank you’ for your inspiring, informative, and thought provoking presentation.”
    -Windsor Essex Development Corporation

    “An honest & clear message that helps understand what tomorrow will bring.”
    -Cloud Expo

    “Ian presented on key technologies that are changing the business landscape today. His message highly resonated with the audience.”
    -Dina Al Wer, Corp Agency

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    Books by Ian Khan:

    Metaverse For Dummies

    Your first step to understanding what the metaverse is all about

    You’ve probably heard that the metaverse―a word that seemingly went from nonexistent to everywhere ― is the next big thing in technology. What is it, anyway? Written by a leading futurist, Metaverse For Dummies unravels the mysteries of the metaverse, for the curious and for anyone looking to get in on the ground floor. Discover how to carve out your niche in the metaverse with easy-to-understand breakdowns of the major technologies and platforms, a guide to doing business in the metaverse, and explorations of what meta means for sports, education, and just about every other area of life. The book even gives you a guide to safety in the metaverse, including how much of your real life you should share in your virtual one. This book answers all the big questions about the metaverse, in simple terms.

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