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  • As the co-founder and managing director of the IXL Center, Patel capacitates global corporations in innovation and business strategy so that they can maintain a competitive edge in a volatile market.

  • With six patents to his name, Patel's technological innovations and vision were key to securing Motorola's position as a telecommunications powerhouse in the 1990s.

  • Patel is the Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program at the Hult International Business School and a partner and member of the Clinton Global Initiative.
  • Change maker, Hitendra Patel has helped over 50 global corporations foster innovative cultures that produce tangible results. The internationally regarded thought leader is a co-founder and managing director of the IXL Center, a global consulting center that develops organizations’ capabilities to create breakthrough products, businesses, and solutions.

    Patel is a professor of growth and innovation at Hult International Business School, where he also serves as the board director of the Hult Prize, a foundation that provides promising young entrepreneurs with $1 million of seed funding. Since 2010, he has been a partner and member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), collaborating with other scientists, businessmen, and government representatives to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

    During the 1990s, Patel was a driving force at Motorola, mapping the way for their new technology and products. He holds six patents and is currently working on his fifth book, DOTS!, which examines why some people have greater capacities for innovation than others. In recent years, he has sparked imaginations and guided initiatives at Johnson Controls, Hewlett Packard, LG,, CEMEX, Cadbury, Verizon, and P&G.

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        • Hitendra is the Managing Director of the IXL Center and Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program at the Hult International Business School. He has coached new emerging leaders and managers of new and fast growth businesses.

      Hitendra was a senior leader and co-founder of Monitor Group′s Innovation Practice and was responsible for Asia and Latin America. Prior to Monitor, he was a senior manager at Arthur D. Little. As a management consultant, he has made lasting impact with all types of companies by helping them identify new engines for growth and develop their own capacity to innovate.

      Hitendra has also contributed to and published articles at the national and regional level on the topic of economic development in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Singapore, US and the UK.

      Prior to consulting, Hitendra worked at Motorola in the portable energy space and is the owner of six patents. He is also a founder of various venture-backed companies.

      Hitendra is the co-author of 101 Innovation Breakthroughs, The State of Innovation at the Firm Level in Singapore, and Greenovate — Companies Innovating to Create a More Sustainable World. His fourth book, Connectivate!, will be released in December, and he is in the process of writing his fifth book — Thinking and Acting Differently to Make Innovation Real.

      Hitendra has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, a BSEE from Washington University in St. Louis and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Iowa State University. He is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and a Charter Member at TiE-Boston.

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    Hitendra Patel delves into what you need to know to keep your organization relevant and prosperous in quickly changing times. Seamlessly incorporating real-life examples and case studies, the globally renowned advisor and trainer shows you how to develop and execute initiatives that will democratize innovation and permeate every level of your company. You will enhance your ability – both individually and as an organization – to leverage megatrends, harness your imagination, and convert small ideas into big ones through trial and error.

      Demystifying Innovation - Understand what Innovation is and how Innovation happens in organizations
      Learn about how companies are leveraging mega-business-opportunity trends, nuances in basic human needs and winning business models to develop innovation breakthroughs. In addition, find out how you can kickstart innovation in your own organization. This is a popular, entertaining and easy-to-understand presentation with takeaways that could be applied on Monday morning.

      Thinking and Acting Differently - Managing the core business is different from creating a new business
      Rarely is a manager punished for missing an opportunity but many an innovator has been fired for taking on risk. Most managers are short-term focused, risk-averse, and have a command-control style while innovators need to think long-term, be comfortable with ambiguity, be willing to take risk and leverage other people’s knowledge and competence. To be a great leader, you have to do both - utilize the power of AND. You have to think short-term and long-term, take incremental risk and breakthrough risk, be disciplined and creative - in essence you have to keep your eye on the ball and look around. This is a great talk for getting out of your "sand box" and for leadership development in any company.

      The world is connecting. Are you connecting bigger, bolder, and better and also cheaper and faster than your competition? CONNECTIVATE! is based on Hitendra’s latest book incorporating a collection of 50+ compelling stories about companies whose breakthroughs are changing the world. Find out how these companies have found new ways to connect people and businesses to create and capture new value.

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      • Pierre-Francois Robert-Tissot, Hult International Business School
      • Thaise Graziadio, IEL RS, Porto Alegre, Brazil
      • Marcos Graciani , Amanha Magazine
      • David Brennan, Etisalat Academy
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