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Gregg Lederman is the founder and CEO of Brand Integrity, a passionate engagement company with disruptive and sustainable solutions that don’t just work, they matter.

Gregg is the author of ENGAGED! Outbehave Your Competition to Create Customers for Life, a New York Times and USA Today Bestseller. ENGAGED! was recognized as one of the “30 Best Business Books of 2013” by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. He is also the author of the award-winning Achieve Brand Integrity (published in 2007).

Gregg is also an adjunct professor teaching Executive MBA students at the Simon School at the University of Rochester.

A respected and highly sought-after speaker, Gregg’s message of “Managing the Experience” has transformed the culture in many of today’s leading companies. More than 60 percent of Brand Integrity’s clients are recognized as “best places to work.”

As a member of the National Speakers Association and currently sought after, renowned speaker, Gregg is committed to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism both on and off the platform. Gregg is consistently the highest ranked speaker at the conferences and events he is hired for. His reputation is built on creating a true “Live the Brand” experience in alignment with the content he delivers.

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With over half of his clients on a “best place to work list,” veteran businessman and internationally known speaker, Gregg Lederman shares his proven strategies for delivering customer service experiences that drive loyalty, referrals, and profits. Gregg gets to the heart of what motivates employees, giving managers and leaders buckets of simple actions they can take to foster a work environment that inspires staff to bring brand values to life. Each of Gregg’s highly interactive presentations is packed with exercises aimed to equip audience members with everything they need to make their workplace the kind of organization they would enjoy doing business with.

The Essential Habits of Trusted Leaders

Many leaders and managers are stressed at work like never before. There is too much to do, too little time, and too many distractions. Work-life balance is no longer the challenge. Today (and into the future) people suffer from "life balance" and this makes being a good manager and leader very difficult. But not everyone is struggling. Think about leaders you love to work with. These leaders have earned your trust. What's their secret? How is it that they can lead and inspire their teams with the right balance of both a focus on performance and humanity? How is it that they create the environment where employees are more willing to tap into their personal motivation and become ultra-committed to the success of the organization? Gregg Lederman provides the answers to these questions.

More than 60% of Lederman's clients are on a best place to work list. This is not by chance. It is by design. In this highly interactive keynote, managers are taken on a journey to explore how the most trusted and effective leaders fuel the work environment with the motivational drivers that employees crave most. In addition, audiences go through a powerful self-reflection on their current managerial style while exploring a few inconvenient truths that can prohibit their ability to become even more trusted and effective leaders.

"If you want to change the way managers think, act, and interact, you'll want to bring Gregg in to share his proven and simple method for creating managerial Essential Habits."

Using real-life case studies with financial impact and highlighting compelling realities that managers can relate to, audiences will walk away feeling inspired to:

-Understand the realities of employee engagement, how it impacts their workforce, and what to do to improve it -Create an environment where employees can become more motivated and committed than ever before -Uncover and leverage the three primary drivers that motivate employees: Respect, Relationship, and Relevance -Master an Essential Habit to becoming a more trusted leader within 90 days


Think about the companies you love to do business with. What's their secret? These companies have cracked the code to successfully creating an ENGAGED workforce. What does ENGAGED mean? According to leadership and engagement guru, Gregg Lederman, an engaged workforce is made up of employees who are both motivated and committed to act in the best interest of a company.

The benefits of employee engagement are easy to see and difficult to refute. However, the reality is that 2 out of 3 employees are actively disengaged. Ultimately, it is the manager's responsibility to create an environment where employees are motivated and committed to the success of the company. The problem is that many managers simply don't know how.

In this highly-interactive presentation, best suited for individuals in managerial roles, Gregg takes his audience on a journey through the Eight Principles of ENGAGED. He introduces a proven methodology for developing leaders and equips them with the necessary tools to help them improve both the work culture and customer experience. This methodology, known as the Living the Brand system, has helped more than 60% of his clients become recognized on Best Places to Work lists.

Using real-life case studies and highlighting compelling realities that managers can relate to, audiences will walk away feeling inspired and capable of creating a more ENGAGED workforce.

ENGAGED is customizable to audiences including:

-Leaders, managers, and supervisors looking to align, engage, and motivate employees to create and strengthen a customer-centric work culture.

-Sales professionals who want to deliver a differentiated experience that makes customers want to buy more and more often.

Participants will sprint forward having learned how to:

-Determine how engaged their workforce is.

-Take specific actions to improve the motivation and commitment of the workforce.

-Define behaviors that will bring their brand (core values) to life.

-Use hundreds of powerful reminders to reinforce expectations and create a culture of accountability for consistently living the brand.

-Show real ROI by quantifying the work culture and link it to critical financial results.

The Eight Principles of ENGAGED!

1. Get Every Employee On Stage, Delivering The Experience For Customers
2. Make Happy Employees To Create Engaged Customers
3. Don't Just Announce Your Culture, Make It Visible
4. Sprint From Culture Talk To Culture Change
5. Quantify Your Culture To Turn Common Sense Into Common Practice
6. Any Monkey Can Survey, Start Building Relationships With Customers
7. Put The Carrots Away, Rewards Don't Work The Way You Think They Do
8. Manage The Experience To Build Trust In You As A Leader

Design the Perfect Customer Experience

Every customer (internal or external) goes through a series of typical touchpoints with your company. At each touchpoint, customers interact with your people, products, and/or services in ways that lead them to have a good, bad, or indifferent experience. The best way to ensure more valuable and profitable customer relationships is to thoughtfully design the experience, train employees on how to do it, and ensure accountability throughout your company.

Leaders attending this session will walk away knowing:

-How to strategically lay out customer experience touchpoints -How to design the customer experience around key processes and nonnegotiable behaviors -Ways to engage and motivate employees to consistently outbehave the competition by delivering outstanding customer experiences

Gregg Lederman on Speaking

My presentations are for leaders who want to learn how to create habits that help them become even more effective and trusted leaders.

SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

LEDERMAN: My presentations are for leaders who want to learn how to create habits that help them become even more effective and trusted leaders. To help them do so, I take them on a journey where they accomplish three things:

  1. Understand the realities of engagement in their workplace
  2. Learn the three motivational drivers employees crave most: Respect, Relevance, and Relationship
  3. Learn how to build and sustain an Essential Habit that helps them better communicate and reinforce their work culture

SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

LEDERMAN: I immerse myself in the industry to understand the business metrics that are of most importance to the audience. That way I am able to share case examples to ensure a connection between the engagement of employees and their financial success.

Learning about the unique challenges also helps me to determine the stories I can share to help the audience emotionally connect with the messages. This leads to stronger take-home value as I am able to build up an urgency to put the tools and techniques I share into practice immediately.

SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

LEDERMAN: Anyone who has the responsibility of managing or leading other humans will benefit from understanding how to create the Essential Habits that help them to communicate expectations more effectively, thus becoming a more trusted leader.

SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

LEDERMAN: “The Essential Habits of Trusted Leaders” is the most applicable speech I’ve ever given. Audience members are immediately able to put the habit-forming process I provide to use—and not only does it help them become more effective and trusted leaders, but in many ways it is life-changing as it can be used in their personal lives to create more positive habits.

I like to say that I “fell into the speaking business.”

SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

LEDERMAN: I like to say that I “fell into the speaking business.” Quite simply, my clients would ask me to present the work that we did together to either their leadership, board of directors, or at their industry conference. In 2002, I delivered a keynote for a client at an industry conference in San Diego. I was the highest-rated speaker. It was then that I realized the other speakers all got paid and I had only asked them to pay my travel expenses.

SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes? Do you use case studies, personal stories and/or in your speeches?

LEDERMAN: Keeping the audience engaged has never been a challenge for me. In fact, I rarely see the eyes leave the stage and drift toward the ultimate distraction… the cell phone. Why? Because I keep the entire keynote (which usually ranges from 60 to 90 minutes) in high energy mode—not only by telling stories and jokes to keep them thinking and laughing, but also I provide a few interactive handouts.

There are a number of key messages and a few exercises that I weave into the keynote so their participation is a must. Then, when I am done, they can give me a standing ovation and turn around and walk out and get to work immediately putting their newly found habits into action. Keep them laughing and provide simple, easy-to-do take-home value and the audience will love the speech, and, most importantly, they will take action to become more effective and trusted leaders, which improves employee engagement, which improves the customer experience, which ultimately makes the world a better place. Then I know I’ve done my job ☺

The number one success that I see over and over again is that managers and leaders learn the ultimate Essential Habit of recognizing and sharing success.

SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

LEDERMAN: I follow up with many of my clients to ensure they are measuring their success of implementing my tools, techniques, and technology. Here are some of the most noted successes I hear:

  • They become a best place to work—more than 65% of my private clients are
    on a best place to work list, up from 60% five years ago.
  • They increase employee engagement.
  • They decrease employee turnover—especially unwanted turnover, which is only measured
    by a few.
  • They increase customer loyalty scores—usually measured as the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • They increase sales and profits.
  • They decrease cost or cost avoidance associated with safety, quality issues, and workers’
    compensation insurance are the most noted.

Finally, the number one success that I see over and over again is that managers and leaders learn the ultimate Essential Habit of recognizing and sharing success. This simple habit that I cover in my keynote drives every one of the outcomes noted above. Exclusive Interview with Gregg Lederman
Learn What Customers & Employees Crave Most, with Gregg Lederman
In this interview, Gregg Lederman discusses:
    • Common managerial missteps.
    • The research on what employees want.
    • How leaders can earn their employees' trust.
Read the Full Interview

"The number one challenge I see over and over again is the simple act of communicating expectations for “how” an organization lives its brand or lives its core values."
- Gregg Lederman

What People are Saying about Seeing Gregg Speak

Rating Entries

“Gregg’s ENGAGED! presentation rocked it for the IABC audience! He more than engaged (pun intended) our audience of 1,000+ with a thoughtful, high-energy and high takeaway value presentation that was the highest rated from among all of our keynote speakers from the 2014 IABC World Conference. If you’re thinking about hiring Gregg to inspire, engage, and transform your audience, it could be the best business decision you make this year.”

~ Claire Watson, Meeting Planner, IABC

“With all the great speakers/entertainers we had at the conference, Gregg Lederman’s ENGAGED! presentation was by far
the best. He kept the audience engaged and energized, while giving them tools to make their business better. Truly an asset
to the conference”

~ Nichol Druckemiller, Manager, Business Development, American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services

“We just had the most dynamic speaker! Gregg Lederman challenged our audience to think about their business in new
ways and captured their hearts with buckets of takeaway value relevant to their business. He is one of the highest audiencerated
speakers our regional AMA Chapter has ever had.”

~ Peter Piusz, VP, NY Capital Region Chapter of the American Marketing Association

“Gregg’s workshops provided thought-provoking insight to help us delve deeper into how we could further improve our
differentiation and results in the marketplace. His methodology goes well beyond the discovery phase to give businesses the
‘how-to’ advice they need to begin implementing change today.”

~ Mary Kellmanson, VP of Marketing, Wegmans Food Markets Inc.

“Our audience wanted actionable content and Gregg gave it to them! Gregg has mastered the art of providing the ‘right’
amount of content packed with strong takeaway value.”

~ Mary Beth Reidy, Meeting Planner, The Conference Board

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