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Travels from Washington, USA

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Having recently returned from a humanitarian aid trip to Haiti, Greg Bennick practices what he preaches about teamwork, leadership and creative solutions. On that trip, on the schooner Liberty, which was one of the first ships to arrive after the earthquake, Greg and his teammates distributed 10,000 pounds of food and medical supplies.

Greg has spoken to a huge range of clients in his career as a motivational keynote speaker, including to TEDx, Fortune 500 companies, major universities and public gatherings. He prides himself on providing customized presentations that reach out to his audience on a very personal level. He regards himself not only as a motivational speaker but an entertainer, one who uses entertainment as a vehicle for ideas.

Combining speech with action in a unique blend of highly focused learning points and great good humor, Greg provides a combination of all the things you would want from a speaker.

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      • Greg Bennick makes people laugh while inviting them to think. He speaks about getting involved in ideas, leadership, and creativity. He follows up his words with actions: he recently returned from a humanitarian aid trip from Haiti where he was part of the crew for the Schooner Liberty. They were one of the first private vessels to arrive in the south of Haiti after the earthquake, and were able to deliver ten thousand pounds of food and medical supplies for distribution amongst people who had yet to see help.

    But even more important than “about Greg” is “about your audience”. What the audience takes away from any presentation is what matters most. Did you audience have fun? Are they inspired?

    Greg thinks that experiencing a keynote presentation should be ENTERTAINING. He uses entertainment as a vehicle for ideas. He reseaches his audiences and your group in advance to make every show perfect. Imagine: a presenter who will entertain, educate, and who makes promises and then delivers on them? Yes, there is one and you found him.

    Greg will customize his presentation to your event′s theme in order to maximize the overall impact. As a motivational keynote speaker, Greg does more than just make people laugh: he empowers and inspires. Greg speaks from experience. He has been called upon to be a guest speaker before an enormous range of clients from all walks of life, including TEDxPugetSound (an idea conference devoted to sharing innovation), Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and public audiences worldwide.

    Greg creates a visual display of words and action every time he takes the stage. It′s the synthesis of ideas and action that makes him unique. His approach to audiences and clients is unique and visionary. He connects with individuals with sincerity, focus, and a sense of humor. Its a great combination.

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Greg Bennick's Speech Descriptions

Greg Bennick provides highly customized presentations that motivate his audiences to connect with their creativity and motivation so that passion becomes action. He will show how teams working together can pool their creativity for effective collaborative action that will be so much more effective than just one person walking alone.

Greg can include various topics important to your organization as directed. Using his experience of involvement with the World Leaders Project (a project he initiated which involves him meeting face-to-face with world leaders) he outlines the difference between vulnerable and confident leaders and shows you how you can be the latter.

In the area of teamwork, Greg will teach you how human compassion and empathy, combined with patience and dedication, can create productive harmony within the most diverse teams.

    Greg Bennick offers entertaining presentations that explore how we GET INVOLVED with creativity and motivation to turn our passion into action. His keynotes explore how to live, create, and work together more effectively by exploring passion and purpose. He can customize this core concept to include messages specific to your event.

    A special note from Greg about his presentations:

    My speech title is “Get Involved: Turn Your Passion Into Action”. We need to live fully and to find meaning in what we do. Does your group know best how to make that a reality?

    I theme my keynotes by using an example of someone from the client’s community who embodies the ideas of passion, having a sense of purpose, engaging with creativity and utilizing collaboration. I then offer perspectives on these ideas while using their person as a model. This material is researched thoroughly in advance.

    The keynote is adaptable to conferences and events with leadership or teamwork themes, and is funny all throughout with constant audience involvement and participation. I look forward to working for you!

    In the presentation, you will hear about creativity and collaboration, and how they translate into action. Greg can also include topics important to YOUR organization:

    LEADERSHIP: What are the qualities and strengths of vulnerable and confident leaders, and how does it benefit you to know the difference? Greg′s real life experience with leadership includes the World Leaders Project, an initiative Greg started that had him meeting face to face with world leaders (specifically the President of Guyana with other meetings currently being scheduled) to discuss dynamics of power, control, and effective balance. You need a speaker who talks the talk and walks the walk. And one who is funny. Greg is all of those in one.

    TEAMWORK: What are the greatest hurdles to effective communication? How can we transform being let down by others in the past to being inspired to try again in order to work together effectively? Greg sits on the Board of an international organization dedicated to increasing human compassion and empathy. He knows teamwork. Teamwork demands vigilance, patience, commitment, and determination. Add to that a focus on why impossible dynamics can be unraveled and made possible, and you have a great presentation.

    Greg entertains as well as educates. His goal as an entertainer and keynote speaker is to keep every audience engaged and laughing while offering insights and ideas.

What People are Saying about Seeing Greg Speak

Rating Entries

    Hundreds of groups around the world have asked Greg to discuss his process, various projects, and perspectives over the years. These clients range from universities and collectives seeking fresh perspectives on ideas both new and old, to companies and organizations looking for customized entertainment for banquets and specialized events.

    “Greg Bennick was a highly entertaining keynote speaker with a great message on the value of teamwork and serving your customer. He was the only keynote speaker during our event to receive a standing ovation!”

    Marjorie C. Bynum, CAE, Vice President, Education & Communications
    and Managing Editor, CRM Magazine
    SOCAP International

    (Event booked by

    “Greg, you were very easy to work with, you invested a great deal of time in research, preparation and rehearsal, and you greatly exceeded our expectations. You were the perfect choice to be our Atlanta keynote presenter and you are by far the most engaging speaker we′ve ever hired.”

    — Diane Vanderbilt, Winzer Corporation (auto parts distributor)

    “I booked Greg for a Managers Appreciation Dinner this past February. The audience LOVED him. They laughed, they participated, and they demanded an encore! I′d recommend him to anyone.”

    — Joanna Nelson, MSI HVAC

    “Your performance was extremely effective. We were impressed with your ability to weave our key messages into your presentation in a way that was both humorous and informative.”

    — Ron Ostrowski, Boeing Corporation

    “Your ability to customize the show to fit the interests of the legal community was outstanding!”

    — Elaina Spring, Miller Nash LLC

    “After listening to your presentation, I can truly say that what I remember is life changing.”

    — Cassie Recchio, Green River Community College, 2009

    My client thought I was a genius for finding such an amazing entertainer and passed that praise along to my boss…I then passed that praise along to my parents as a sign that my college education wasn′t a waste. So, from both a professional and personal angle, thank you for an amazingly successful and highly entertaining event.”

    — Tyson Flandreau, for Safeco

    “A juggler and inspirational speaker: it′d be hard for anybody to balance such extremes, but Bennick seems to do it with grace.”

    Seattle Times

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