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Glenna Crooks, PhD, is one of the most sough-out policy advisors in both public and private sectors when it comes to healthcare. Glenna uses her vast experience, research, and original approaches such as the Centricity Principle™ to dissolve seemingly unsolvable problems into manageable affairs.

Academically trained as a social scientist, Glenna served as policy advisor in public health to the Reagan administration. Shortly after she worked for biopharmaceutical giant, Merck, first in policy and then as Vice-president of World Operations in their then newly formed Vaccine Business, growing global sales from $400 million to $ 1 billion within three years.

Her newest venture is SageMyLife™ – which helpf individuals, families and businesses become aware of the ‘pit crews’ in their life: the networks of people who help them achieve their goals for health, happiness and success.

Glenna is interested in all aspects of health and health care, but especially those related to the value of health as a contributor to prosperity, success, and life satisfaction. She is the author of various books, three benchmarking studies in policy operations, and adjunct professor of Health Policy at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

As a philanthropist, she played a key role in creating several Foundations and donated proceeds from her books to improve the health of women and children in the developing world. She currently donates cards, prints and posters of my mu shin style of Zen calligraphy to fundraisers for children with special needs.

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    Glenna Crooks, Ph.D., as founder and President of Strategic Health Policy International, Inc. solves some of the toughest health care problems of our times by distilling chaos and complexity into recognizable trends and patterns and easily digestible, action-oriented insights.

    Her clients are businesses and governments globally and her Centricity Principle™ approach has been used to create successful organizational, national and global change strategies.

    She is also the founder of Best Edge, a company devoted to helping the highest-performing executive women stay in the game and confront the unique challenges they face as women working to solve health care problems and have satisfying personal lives.

    She derives her expertise from her professional history in senior positions in government as a Reagan appointee and as an executive in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. She has worked as a global problem-solver for more than twenty years.

    She was the first Vice-President for Worldwide Operations of Merck’s newly-created Vaccine Business, growing sales from $400 million to over $1 billion during the 1991-1994 formative years. Prior to that, she developed policy operations at Merck & Co., Inc. for markets globally and, during those Most Admired Corporation years, her policy group was recognized as the best in the Fortune 500.

    She has lead marketing operations, strategic planning and joint venture relationships globally and continues to be involved in research ethics, regulatory approval strategy, product pricing, government purchasing planning, patient advocacy, professional relations and public relations in a number of drug and vaccine product categories.

    Glenna devotes her time to academic, professional, and philanthropic endeavors as well. She is adjunct professor at the University of the Sciences of Philadelphia, Founder and Chairman of Causeway Collective, and an officer on the David A. Winston Health Policy Fellowship Board. She served on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative Board of Scientific Councilors and was a member of the Institute of Medicine committee to advise the Department of Defense on bioterrorism countermeasures. She was founding Vice-Chair of the Partnership for Prevention, a member of the National Council of the Institute for Child Health and Human Development, Chairman of the National Commission on Rare Diseases, and received the Congressional Exemplary Service Award for Orphan Products Development. She is a recipient of the highest award in public health, the Surgeon General’s Medallion, awarded by C. Everett Koop.

    She is the author of Covenants: Inspiring the Soul of Healing, is a frequent keynote speaker at national and international conferences, and was recently named a Disruptive Woman in Health Care for the productive contributions she has made during her career. She was awarded a Ph.D. from Indiana University.

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Not only does Glenna Crooks demystify the problems surrounding modern healthcare systems, she offers groundbreaking solutions and pathways to a better future in medical care.

With over three decades of experience and more than 1,000 healthcare policies analyzed, Glenna is a rare find, delivering a message of leadership, collaboration, and hope. She is a frequent speaker at internal company Board and staff meetings, company-sponsored meetings with customers and partners, and trade association conferences.

Radical Proposals for Health Reform. There is no shortage of proposals for reforming health care, but few are as radical as those Dr. Crooks suggests. Her proposals address not only the health needs of people, but the need to support, enhance and sustain other sectors of the economy, particularly during the current global downturn. Dr. Crooks is one of the few policy pundits addressing the role of health in economic productivity. She views health care as an investment rather than a cost and proposes practical ways to realize returns on those investments.

Health Care Leadership in an Era of Chaos and Reform. Having counseled Presidents of nations and companies, as well as health care executives in for-profit and non-profit sectors of health care globally, Dr. Crooks has a comprehensive perspective on the requirements of leadership during times of chaos. Her studies of how leaders create change during times of transition is captured in her Centricity Principle™ approach which is based on insights gained from their efforts and is now being used by strategists to guide their efforts in major public policy challenges.

Making Strategy a Reality. Dr. Crooks has analyzed over 1,000 health policy projects to determine the commonalities among successful projects, has recognized a clear pattern among those that are successful and has distilled the results into a simple guidance that has been used successfully by strategists in government, professional societies and companies to implement health reform projects. This Centricity Principle™ approach is highly accessible, allows for cross-disciplinary collaboration and high levels of efficiency. This session can be offered as a presentation or as a practical workshop.

Covenants: Inspiring the Soul of Healing: We work within an increasingly challenging climate and it is not just our patients who need care – the health system and especially those who work for healing within it are ailing as well. Looking back at the origins of healing is one way to look forward to its potential, and that is what Glenna Crooks has done. She suggests that America’s heath-care woes might well be solved by marrying ancient notions of covenant healing with modern-day collaborations among healers, patients and communities. She proposes that we, in health care, radically challenge the relationships that are foundations for healing enterprises today. It will take real leaders to make that happen. Who better than us? What better location than in our centers? Where better than in our own communities?

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Books by Glenna Crooks:
    Covenants: Inspiring the Soul of Healing

    “This excellent book punctures the myth that some ‘villain′ is responsible for all the problems of our health care system, and forces us to acknowledge our own personal responsibility. It also highlights the need for covenants that bind the healers and the sick, and the critical need for ethical codes and community values. A health system increasingly driven by remote financiers should heed the author′s call to build on our historical roots nourishing local control and mutual responsibility.”
    Jack Meyer, Ph.D., President, New Directions for Policy, and President, Economic and Social Research Institute

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