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  • For decades, Dr. Moore has been tech companies' go-to expert for management strategy.

  • When it comes to the tech industry's newest challenges, Dr. Moore leads the way in research and solutions.

  • Since bursting onto the scene with his now classic book, Crossing the Chasm, Dr. Moore has written several best-sellers, many of which are required reading in business schools.
  • As new challenges and opportunities arise, the tech industry has continuously looked to Geoffrey Moore for fresh ideas on management strategy. He has cofounded three firms, authored seven best-selling business books, and built a career on helping companies navigate the market dynamics surrounding disruption.

    Dr. Moore is chairman emeritus of The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute, and TCG Advisors, three consulting groups he co-started. He divides his time between advising start-ups and an impressive ensemble of high-tech enterprises including Salesforce, Microsoft, Intel, Box, Aruba, Cognizant, and Rackspace.

    Dr. Moore focuses on developing bold strategies, action plans to execute them, and the skills to reinvent elements that aren’t clicking. His latest book Zone to Win is a practical guide for established enterprises trying to create long-term success while balancing acquisitions, mergers, innovation, and growth in an ever-disrupting market. His first book, Crossing the Chasm, focuses on start-ups transitioning to larger markets and has become a business classic selling over 1 million copies.

    Prior to his career in consulting, he worked as a training specialist, sales professional, and marketing executive for Regis McKenna, Inc.

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      Geoffrey Moore, Ph.D. is a best-selling author and a managing partner at TCG Advisors, a consulting practice that provides business and marketing strategy and organizational services to prominent high-technology companies, as well as those from other sectors. He is also and a venture partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures. Recognized as a leading business consultant to large companies facing formidable strategic challenges, he works with established enterprises, dividing his time between consulting on strategy and transformation challenges with senior executives and developing mental models to support the practice.

      With this focus in mind Dr. Moore has written Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution . His book shows businesses how to meet Darwinian challenges, whether producing commodity products or customized services. For companies whose competitive differentiation is still effective, he demonstrates how innovations in execution can boost productivity, whether a company is competing in a growth market, a mature market, or even a declining market. For companies in danger of surrendering to competitive pressures, he shows how to overcome inertia by engaging the entire corporate community in a commitment to innovate.

      Dr. Geoffrey Moore has made the understanding and effective exploitation of disruptive technologies the core of his life’s work. His books, Crossing The Chasm, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game, and Living on the Faultline are best sellers and are required reading at leading business schools.

      Highly regarded as a dynamic public speaker, Dr. Moore is the founder of The Chasm Group. Earlier in his career, he was a principal and partner at Regis McKenna, Inc., a leading high tech marketing strategy and communications company, and for the decade prior, a sales and marketing executive in the software industry.

      Geoffrey Moore holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from Stanford University and a doctorate in literature from the University of Washington.

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    Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, Geoffrey Moore walks your company through the steps of developing business models or strategies that will generate long-term growth and success. One of the tech industry’s most influential managerial strategists, Moore is constantly researching emerging challenges within the field as well as viable solutions. Some of his areas of expertise include bending the newest rules of disruption to your advantage, business models to drive innovation within tech giants, and prioritizing and allocating resources for exponential results.

      Chasms, Bowling Alleys, Tornadoes, & Main Street: Marketing High Tech in the 21st Century

      Drawing on his best-selling books, Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado, Moore traces the path markets take through the Technology Adoption Life Cycle and explains what vendors must do to succeed at each stage.

      Darwin and the Demon: Innovating within Established Enterprises

      Caught between the Darwinistic forces of globalization and commoditization, and the demon of corporate inertia, established enterprises are increasingly challenged to innovate. Moore leverages his life cycle models to outline a broad range of innovation strategies and align them with a category’s current stage of market development.

      Core vs. Context: Reallocating Resources for Competitive Advantage

      When processes no longer result in marketplace differentiation, they go from being core to context, but all too many continue to consume the bulk of an enterprise’s resources. Building on the material in his most recent best seller, Living on the Fault Line, Moore explains how the resulting decline in revenues and margins can be overcome through aggressive resource reallocation and human capital renewal.

      Outsourcing & Offshoring: Productivity, Perception, and Risk

      Navigating the resources of the global economy is not for the faint of heart. But as competitive pressures increase, enterprises must find ways to leverage the work of others so that they can focus more and their unique value-adds. Drawing on recent consulting engagements with leading-edge firms, Moore outlines the current state of the art.

      Orchestrating the Stack: Next-Generation Strategies in Enterprise IT

      Enterprise IT has consolidated around a handful of gorilla vendors, each of which is looking to increase its territory as computing architectures move beyond the current Internet-enabled client-server approach to a future platform built up from modular services and next-generation languages and protocols. Moore outlines each gorilla’s game plan to give CIOs and other interested industry observers an early start in handicapping this race.

      Provocation-Based Selling: How to Break-and-Enter Established Markets

      Selling disruptive innovations requires a special approach as markets are self-organized to privilege incumbents and exclude challengers. The key is to win over the ever-elusive executive sponsor. Drawing on six years of experience as a venture partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures, Moore explains how start-ups have learned to get past the gatekeepers and capture the attention and support of line-of-business executives.

      Complex Systems vs. Volume Operations: The Challenges of Business Model Migration

      As markets globalize, and current offerings commoditize, more and more companies are looking to changing business models as a source of new competitive advantage. But not all business models can cohabit in the same company. Drawing on recent consulting engagements with leading-edge firms, Moore surveys the landscape of business models and lays out rules of engagement for companies expanding into unexplored territory.

      Managing Company Culture-No Hot Tubs Required

      While it is generally acknowledged that company culture has a huge impact on the success of enterprises, there have been few models that help executives understand and leverage culture as part of the management toolkit. Building on the material in his most recent best seller, Living on the Fault Line, Moore lays out models and methods for a no-nonsense approach to the topic that has deep implications for leadership and change management initiatives.

      Five Stages of Marketing Maturity: Where is Your Organization?

      Based on twenty-five years of marketing experience in the high-tech sector, Moore lays out his Marketing Maturity Model, tracing the evolution of a start-up’s marketing from a nice home page to global domination. Along the way he gives audience members a complete set of diagnostics to see where their organization fits in the progression and what elements they might want to focus on next.

      Core vs. Context: The Primer

      The core versus context model is described in chapter two of the book, Living on the Fault Line – core being anything that contributes directly to competitive differentiation and leads to customer preference in purchase decisions. Context is everything else – all the things that you or your company or product must do to pass muster but which do not differentiate you from others in the same market. The key lesson for investors is that the New Economy, with the help of the Internet, enables companies as never before to outsource their context in order to focus on their core enterprises.

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      “Moore′s frameworks – his theory of innovation types, his ideas about the impact of business architecture on innovation, and his model for resource recycling to fund ongoing innovation efforts – all have relevant application in today′s rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace.”

      — Ed Zander, CEO, Motorola

      “Geoff Moore is the master at creating a vocabulary for management strategy that captures the competitive dynamics of the times. His models are helpful both for focusing innovation strategy and for improving productivity, and they have played an important role in the continuing evolution of our company.”

      — John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems

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    Books by Geoffrey Moore:

      Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution

      The Darwinian struggle of business keeps getting more brutal as competitive advantage gaps get narrower and narrower. Anything you invent today will soon be copied by someone else—probably better and cheaper.

      Many companies thrive during the early stages of their life cycle, only to fall slack during periods of inertia and die out while others surge ahead. But as Geoffrey Moore shows, some notable companies have figured out how to deal with Darwin in their mature years—making changes on the fly while fending off challenges from every quarter.

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