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Clinical psychologist Dr. Gary Bradt is an expert in the field of adapting to, and leading through, change. He was awarded a BA in psychology from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh. This was followed by a doctorate in clinical psychology from Hahnemann University and Hospital, Philadelphia, where in he became only the second graduate to be honored with that institution’s “Excellence in Professional Psychology” award.

In 2000 Dr. Spencer Johnson, whose book Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, asked Gary to be his leading speaker in communicating the message of his work to audiences. This opportunity introduced Gary’s proven expertise in helping people to overcome their fears, and to adapt when undergoing change, to many thousands of new listeners.

Dr. Johnson chose Gary as the ideal promoter of his message due to his already exemplary reputation as an executive coach and speaker. He began speaking on leadership development in 1987, helping the clients of a respected leadership development consultancy to see change and challenge as opportunities to transform themselves and their performance.

Gary’s mantra is “Adapt and Ignite!” He can help organizations adapt to new technologies and regulations, he spurs innovative thinking and helps employees to adapt to changes within their companies, be they mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations or new products and services.

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    Dr. Gary Bradt is an author, clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, C-Suite executive coach and speaker on the topic of adapting to and leading through change.

    Dr. Bradt gained national attention in 2000 when Dr. Spencer Johnson, the renowned author of Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life chose him as the leading speaker on the message of that blockbuster bestselling book which has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Cheese gave thousands of people the chance to get acquainted with Gary’s extraordinary ability to cut through their frustration and fear and get to the heart of the matter; delivering powerful tools that help them adapt when going through change.

    Gary Bradt had established a strong following as an executive coach and speaker long before Spencer Johnson asked him to be the messenger for his groundbreaking book. He began his leadership development career in 1987 with a respected leadership development consultancy. There he helped client companies launch proven leadership strategies and transformational processes which turned change and tough times into an opportunity to transform themselves and take performance to the next level. His mantra – adapt and ignite! – is a rallying cry for success in these tumultuous times. He helps organizations adapt to new technologies and government regulations; inspires innovative thinking as industries consolidate; helps employees quickly adapt to major shifts driven by mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations; and gotten customers and employees alike to embrace a new product or service line.

    Dr. Bradt earned his BA in psychology from Duquesne, University in Pittsburgh PA. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Hahnemann University and Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, which in 2007 honored him with the “Excellence in Professional Psychology” award. Only the second graduate to be so recognized at the time, this award underscored Dr. Bradt’s contributions to the field of professional psychology through his achievements as an author, leadership consultant/coach and world-class speaker.

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Gary Bradt's Speech Descriptions

Gary Bradt brings his key concept – Adapt, Ignite, Win! – to his specially customized presentations which will address your group’s specific event objectives. Gary uses simple exercises, apposite anecdotes, humor and thoroughly researched dedicated content to demonstrate how his listeners can navigate change successfully.

Gary prides himself upon the depth of his preparation; when he appears before your audience, he knows exactly who they are and the challenges they face. His message will be perfectly tailored to them, which means his work will be of inestimable value to any level of a company.

These specially crafted and targeted presentations will engage your audience both emotionally and intellectually and give them the confidence to move into the future with a new mindset and skill set. This will enable them to turn challenges into opportunities and changes into improvements.

Adapt. Ignite. Win! Because Change Happens

More than a catch phrase, Adapt, ignite and win is Gary Bradt′s rallying cry for success in a world that moves fast and doesn′t wait for stragglers. Bradt increases the capacity of people and organizations to rise to the challenge of change by delivering highly customized presentations that address the unique objectives of each event.

A clinical psychologist and C-Suite executive coach, Bradt knows how to engage the heads and the hearts of his audiences for maximum effectiveness using masterful storytelling, humor, simple exercises and solid content. Navigating change successfully means being willing to change yourself first, he explains. He shows how learning to adapt leads to new levels of performance and personal and professional success.

Every audience is different. The challenges they face are different. What event planners appreciate most about Gary is his preparation. By the time he gets in front of an audience, he has a deep understanding of the group and the issues they’re dealing with. He’s spent hours creating a message to meet the objectives of the event. Bradt adapts some of his most popular stories and combines them with compelling insights that inspire people to confidently move into the future with practical and usable tools.

Bringing together a group of people for an event is a great opportunity. Adapt, ignite and win is a message that will make the most of their precious time together and will help galvanize a new spirit of possibility whenever change is involved.

The message of Adapt and Ignite! can be tailored to address:

  • Leadership at any level
  • Sales organizations
  • Organizational change
  • Industry consolidation
  • Organizations in transition
  • Technology-driven change
  • Regulatory change
  • Industry-driven change
  • Internal Reorganization
  • Market-driven change
  • Personal change
  • Increasing personal performance
  • Empowering the team
  • Individual and group accountability

What People are Saying about Seeing Gary Speak

Rating Entries

We recevied nothing but positive feedback about Roger Dawson. Excellent presentation and message – was clear and the audience was completely engaged!
– Jamieson Laboratories Ltd
(Event booked by Speakers Platform)

Thank you for the absolutely fabulous presentation you did last week. It was more than a home run. I guess the bases were loaded and you hit a home run. They just haven′t stopped talking about the quality of the presentation and the impact of the presentation. Our goal of arming the organization with some practical doable things at the end of the presentation was clearly, clearly well met.
-Bristol-Myers Squibb

In short, he was great — perfect for our theme of “Change and Opportunity…” And, for what it′s worth, very approachable and someone who seems like a very good guy. I would strongly recommend him.
– AstraZeneca Canada

He was an incredible speaker. What I really liked was the actual tools he gave us to use. All too often speakers tell you to do something but not how to do it. It wasn′t just an abstract lecture, but a fun, inspirational, how-to event. Really enjoyed it.
–Medical Group Management Association

It′s rare that you can take home more than one good point from a one day course, with yours there were too numerous to name. Thank you for a very enjoyable and fulfilling day.
–Annie Penn Memorial Hospital

The group LOVED you and your message. Personally, I learned so much from you that I applied immediately in both my professional and personal life. Thank you for helping us create such a memorable program. -Actelion Pharmaceuticals

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time and effort to be a part of our National Sales Meeting last week in Montreal. The feedback to your presentation on Monday evening has been everything from ′Fantastic′, ′Awesome′, ′Wow′, ′Very thought provoking′, etc.
– GlaxoSmithKline Canada

I have actually used Gary to work with my teams 3 times…. I have never met anyone that wasn′t touched by Gary′s message and his approach. I actually sent his book to everyone in my family…. I really can′t imagine a group that deals with real life issues daily, that is under tremendous stress and that wants to do a better job wouldn′t love Gary′s message and his delivery.
– Harland Clarke

Gary was one of the best speakers I′ve heard or contracted in my 18 years with NCL. He was outstanding and resonated fully with the audience. We would absolutely like to utilize Gary′s talent at other upcoming meetings.
– Norwegian Cruise Lines

A ten on a scale of ten. Gary’s presentation had relevant topics that captured the attention of our audience. Very positive response overall from our attendees, and our CEO was exceptionally pleased with the level of professionalism and forethought placed on the session′s contents.
– Marine Corps Community Services

This year’s NA LIM was the highlight of my PMI career to date, and it was due in very large part to your professional, inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes – our leaders responded exactly as we had hoped would be the case. You were without doubt the finest keynote speaker I have ever had the privilege to work with, and I hope very much that we have future opportunities to work together.
– Project Management Institute

Excellent. Way beyond my expectations. I wish you could have heard the feedback I was getting. Life change took place today.
– Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

Dr. Bradt is an excellent presenter, and his metaphor of the ring in the rubble opened my eyes to situations, present and past. I have used it almost daily with life situations and it has provided me a greater understanding of why things happen as they do, and the purpose behind them. His book is fabulous too.
– Alberta Canada Provincial Government

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Books by Gary Bradt:

The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity
Change always creates hidden opportunities. A leader′s job is unearthing them. In The Ring in the Rubble, change authority Gary Bradt reveals the secrets to moving beyond the rubble of disruption, fear, and uncertainty that change often creates, to finding the golden ring of opportunity that always lies beneath.

Each chapter of this breakthrough book delivers a powerful principle for leading change, supported by engaging real-life experiences of the author and other well-known business executives that illustrate how to put principles into action. Bradt asks penetrating questions that help you dig deeper and pinpoint the best ways for applying these principles to your specific change effort.

You will discover how Richard Schulze weathered a devastating event that threatened to destroy everything he′d worked so hard to build-and became the founder of Best Buy in the process. You′ll see how a 65-year-old man, nearly broke after having suffered a string of disastrous setbacks, dug through the rubble to emerge as Colonel Harland Sanders, who remains the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken to this day. Change itself doesn′t dictate the eventual outcome of your situation; how you think about and handle change is what makes all the difference. You′ll never find the ring if you don′t start digging!
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