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Travels from Wisconsin, USA

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With a background that encompasses teaching, a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and more than two decades in business, Frank Bucaro combines all of his experience to speak, train and write with great authority on ethics and ethical leadership.

It is Frank’s belief that leaders must also serve those below them, not only for solid ethical reasons but because it is good for business. Author of many articles, Frank has also published his own book Trust Me! Insights Into Ethical Leadership. He has his own humorous take on the problems of ethics, and offers his audiences practical strategies for separating right from wrong.

Frank is a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest designation for professional speakers that is awarded to fewer than one in five members of the National Speakers Association. He has also received the coveted NSA CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Award, one of fewer than 200 people across the world to do so. Frank has spoken to many prestigious organizations, including the American College of Dentists, BP, the Canadian Pacific Railway, Caterpillar and Blue Cross, amongst many others.

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    Frank Bucaro is an ethics expert, who is a leading crusader– speaking, training and writing–on the power of ethics, values and ethical leadership.

    Coming from a background in teaching, with a Master′s Degree in Religious Studies, Frank′s career in business spans two decades, with the message that servant leadership is not only good business, it is also good for business.

    As an author of numerous articles, and author of the book Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership, Frank has developed unique and humorous insights into the challenges of being ethical. He provides practical ideas to help with difficult decisions as well as strategies for combating the sometimes blurred lines between right and wrong.

    A member of the National Speakers Association, he has earned the designation of CSP which stands for Certified Speaking Professional. This award has been earned by less than 20% of the 3800 members of NSA. He was also presented with NSA′s prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Award for excellence and professionalism, an award currently held by fewer than 200 people worldwide.

    Organizations that have invited Frank to speak include the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, American College of Dentists, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, BP, the Canadian Pacific Railway, Caterpillar, EN/MAX Energy, the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association, Fiserv Insurance Solutions, the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario, Merck, and RE/MAX International. 1997.

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Frank Bucaro's Speech Descriptions

Frank Bucaro uses up-to-date research, humorous anecdotes and an accessible, easy to implement toolkit to help his audiences cope with the challenges of ethical behavior in business. He ensures that every presentation is specifically customized to the client and the audience.

Frank demonstrates how an environment of trust can be built within the workplace, enhancing relationships, assisting leadership and maintaining growth and profitability. He shows how you can make your company “good”–the sort of organization that people want to deal with and admire, and he teaches that it is still possible to succeed even when competing with those who bend the rules.

In terms of leadership, Frank demonstrates that leaders who have a clear understanding of ethics can use them as a key ingredient for business and personal success. He shows how to approach difficult ethical decisions and ensure you make the right choice.

Frank continues to WOW his audiences with outstanding program outcomes through up-to-date research, easy to implement tools, and his uniquely humorous stories and powerful examples. Frank’s customization techniques further ensure that the presentation will provide relevant and useful information and will help to ensure that your event exceeds expectations.

For over 20 years, Frank has spoken to hundreds of clients in various industries about the importance of ethics in business. He has been interviewed on BusinessWeek Online, CNNfn (now CNN Money), RE/MAX Satellite Network, New York Life Satellite Network. His articles have appeared in Best Practices in HR, Affluent, The American Salesman , Business First of Louisville, Corporate Incentive & Travel Online, and American Way (American Airlines magazine), just to name a few.

The Trust Puzzle: How to Keep your Company on the Ethical High Road to Reduce Risks and Drive Profits.
• How an ethical culture will promote profitability and employee engagement.
• How to protect (and improve) your organization’s reputation.
• How to train your team to make ethical decisions… habitually.
• How to handle situations succinctly, when it is not as easy as black and white.
• How to empower your team, in meaningful ways, to make the right choices, time and again.
• Five warning signs that a team is heading into moral bankruptcy and how this affects the success of your organization.

Building an Environment of Trust
Trust is the glue of personal relationships and rewarding working relationships as well. The most trusted organizations in business today can be vulnerable to one poor decision made by a single employee. In this presentation Frank explores five elements of ethics training that will help participants understand the key role of trust a) for effective leadership b) for maintaining uninterrupted growth and profitability and c) for building rewarding relationships.

The Five elements:

    1. The Power of Values-based Leadership

    • Values as the foundation for solid leadership
    • Three things leaders need to do well

    2. Commitment to "High Road" Behavior

    • Ethics vs. compliance
    • "You can′t get there without a map"

    3. Trust and Transparency

    • How transparency relates to trust
    • Negative vs. positive ethics

    4. Enhancing the Moral Compass

    • How do leaders use their moral compass?
    • Moral obligations of leaders

    5. Reputation Safeguarding

    • The reputation you want
    • What you have to do to get it and keep it

High content, entertaining format, and humorous business ethics cases that will help leaders and the organization maintain and grow a high trust environment!

Good Company: Be the Organization That People Want To Work For, Partner With, Invest In and Buy From!
What is "good company"? What does it mean to be "good company"? It is the organization that people want to associate with — the organization that is successful and strong to the core.

Covered in this presentation:

  • Five reasons to operate a business in an ethical manner.
  • Five virtues for effective and profitable leadership.
  • Three ways to foster an ethical culture.
  • Five tips to help determine the right thing to do in challenging situations.

Discover how doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason is not only wise, it is profitable. Examples, humorous stories, and hands-on ideas for maintaining an ethical culture are the focus of this presentation.

This program works well for executive level employees and boards of directors.

Taking the High Road: How to Succeed Ethically When Others Bend the Rules
Problems and consequences attributed to poor ethical decisions can arise when ethical behavior is not defined, understood, or demonstrated.

Emphasizing the value of ethics training will help to foster an environment where:

  • Ethical behavior is valued.
  • Ethical behavior is considered the norm.
  • Ethical decisions help to contribute to long-term success.

This program features easy-to-understand definitions of ethics, guidelines for tackling difficult decisions, practical examples, and a generous amount of humor; the result is an upbeat look at a key factor in long-term success.

This program is a general ethics presentation for employees organization-wide.

Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership
In a business climate where corporate leadership is often under the ethics microscope, leaders are increasingly being challenged to find ways to deepen trust, foster collaboration, and build customer loyalty. This program will help participants gain a clearer understanding of ethics, show how ethics is a key ingredient in business and personal success, and will provide practical ideas to help with difficult decisions.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Two types of ethics and which will serve you and the organization best.
  • How to identify the "ethics gap."
  • Five virtues that will enhance an ethical and productive workplace.
  • Five key challenges to businesses and how to overcome them.
  • Four points to consider in making the best decision.

This presentation combines timely and useful material with humorous stories for an experience that is informative, practical in application, and entertaining in delivery.

This program works well when the audience is made up of key leaders and managers.

What People are Saying about Seeing Frank Speak

Rating Entries

    “I have worked with hundreds of speakers in my conference planning career. I place you right at the top of the list. Not just for your skill and passion (which is what I believe transcended to our participants resulting in all of the many contacts and immediate praise) but down to little details like the nice personal note I just received. I decided to sit and listen to your words and advice. It reached me and touched on so many of the virtues I believe are visible with many of our loyal members.

    We are working on our post conference Evaluations however the instant reactions indicated the “Perfect Score” objective in our eyes we enjoy observing. Like the Olympic Judging, the Perfect 10 is given few and far between and it′s about as rare for us as it is in Olympic history.”
    American Credit Union Mortgage Association (ACUMA)
    (Event booked by

    “Your presentation on ethical leadership was outstanding and highly relevant. The standing ovation you received says it all. Thanks for being such a memorable asset to our meeting.”
    Stephen A. Ralls, DDS, EdD, MSD
    Executive Director, American College of Dentists

    “Frank Bucaro is one of the most versatile and effective trainers my team has ever encountered. He customized a program specific to our industry and our customer relations and delivered the message with incredible vigor and passion. His techniques and subject matter appealed to employees in all departments as it can be applied towards not only professional but personal lives too…. His sessions have left a long-lasting impression that will be talked about for years to come.”
    Michelle Hoyt, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
    Ryland Homes, North Central Region

    “Thank you for guiding us through the creation of our Code of Ethics… Ethics can be a serious, dry topic and your well-placed humor helped to keep the session light yet dutifully focused on a very important moment in our company’s evolution. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
    Scott Jamieson, President & CEO
    The Care of Trees

    Faith Regional Health Services Comments from Attendee Survey:
    • This is the best speaker I have heard in years.
    • The entire program was incredible.
    • One of the best motivational speakers I have heard!
    • The best workshop I have ever attended!
    • Did a great job of presenting things, incorporated jokes at appropriate times.
    • Best seminar I have ever attended. Wish all employees of the hospital could have been here.
    • Can’t wait to buy and read your books. Thank you! Your talk was excellent. Very enjoyable!
    Faith Regional Health Services Comments from Attendee Survey, Dec. 2005

    Selected Clients:

    American College of Dentists
    American Payroll Association
    Bank Marketing Association
    Benedictine University
    Blue Cross Blue Shield
    Boise Cascade
    Canadian National Illinois Central Railroad
    Canadian Pacific Railway
    Culligan Dealers Association of North America
    Eastern Michigan University College of Business
    ENMAX Energy
    Fiserv Insurance Solutions
    Grand Island Chamber of Commerce
    Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario
    Illinois Development Council
    Illinois Hospital Association
    Illinois Rural Health Association
    Livingston Internationalv
    Million Dollar Round Table
    Minnesota Land Title Association
    New York Life Insurance Company
    North American Building Material Distribution Association
    North American Wholesale Lumber Association
    Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business
    Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
    Ontario Sales Congress
    RE/MAX International
    Ryland Homes
    Stewart Title Guaranty Company
    Talecris Biotherapeutics
    University of Texas Houston Health Science Center

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Books by Frank Bucaro:

    Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership

    This eBook focuses on the demanding roles that leaders must play in their organizations. Ethics and the role it plays in leadership development is the mainstay of this eBook.

      Chapters include:

    • Law and ethics don′t always mix
    • Managing adaptation
    • How to develop a code of ethics
    • Ethical challenges for Boards of Directors

    “If you read only one book on developing the leader inside you, this is the book to read and re-read. Frank Bucaro has set forth, in a very simple but powerful framework, numerous insights into the core values of leadership. This could be the book that finally redirects the attention of leaders to the new bottom line – a loyal customer base developed through ethical leadership.”

    Allen Riggs,
    CK Franchising, Inc., Dayton, Ohio

    Order Here

    Taking The High Road: How To Succeed Ethically When Others Bend the Rules
    This book is about the role of ethics and values in business today.From ethical reflection to steps in making ethical decisions, this book gives hands-on information and applications to make the best ethical choices possible.The fact that businesses today can be successful and ethical is the premise and foundation of the book.

    “This is a”hands-on” approach to ethical decision-making. In the years I have been speaking on the subject of Ethics, clients have continually asked me to put a portion of my material into a simple, easy read, practical format. Here it is and the material can be applied to business, personal life as well as family life. If we all had a few tools and insights to make better decisions, our world might be a little bit better place to live and work.” — Frank Bucaro

    How to order :
    Click here to learn more about this book and to order it securely online from When the screen comes up, simply click “add it to your shopping cart” to order.

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