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  • Ford Saeks is more than a hall of fame keynote speaker, he’s a research-based thought leader.

  • He is the President and CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Inc., an integrated marketing services firm.

  • He helps businesses not by talking at them about success, but by talking them through the steps to get there.
  • Ford Saeks is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of “street smart” experience, and one of America’s “Top Marketing Mentors.” Ford got his start in business at an early age, when he tried to sell tickets for recess to his kindergarten class. He built his first real business at the age of 16, reaped profitable rewards and was labeled “A True Entrepreneur.”

    Over the last three decades, Ford has founded 10 more companies, received three US Patents and multiple trademarks, and developed a nice collection of intellectual property. His patented products have sold millions and continue to sell worldwide through retail stores, mail order catalogs, mass merchants and the Internet.

    Ford Saeks is the author of several books and audio and video programs, and he is known as one of the top information marketers on the planet. He is currently President and CEO of a firm best known for positioning people and their products and services for profit through proven marketing and innovative publicity campaigns.

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      An Entrepreneur almost since birth, when he tried to sell tickets to his kindergarten class for recess, Ford Saeks is now positioned as one of America’s top marketing mentors and speakers. Ford’s sales-producing, profit generating solutions help people reach success in their new or existing business ventures by making every dollar count.

      For over twenty-five years, Ford Saeks has been actively involved in the successful growth and operation of multiple business ventures in a variety of industries. He built his first business at age 16, reaped the profitable rewards and was labeled “A True Entrepreneur.”

      Since then, he successfully founded ten more companies, received three US Patents, multiple trademarks, and developed a nice collection of intellectual property. His patented products have sold millions and sell worldwide through retail stores, mail-order catalogs, mass merchants and electronic retailers. He took risks, used his instincts, and figured out what worked in highly competitive marketplaces. Today, Ford focuses his time with a marketing services company that he founded in 1994.

      Ford’s extensive background in the business world provides his clients with a unique advantage. Ford is best known for positioning people and their products & services for profit through proven marketing and innovative publicity campaigns.

      Thousands of people benefit from his Television Show “Profit-Rich Marketing,” his “Success Strategies” column in business & trade publications, listen to him on numerous radio & television interviews, and benefit from his customized consultations, corporate presentations, public seminars and training resources.
      He shares real life advice as someone who has been there in his own ventures and with his many clients.

      Ford Saeks speaks nationally and internationally on increasing marketing results & sales performance, Internet marketing/electronic commerce and maximizing corporate and personal potential. His clients include startup ventures, entrepreneurs, corporations, associations, and convention groups interested in reducing risk, gaining a competitive edge, and increasing profits.





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    Ford Saeks's Speech Descriptions

    Ford draws on his 30 years of experience in marketing to help his clients increase performance; double, triple and even quadruple sales; and reach greater success in their business and personal lives. In his presentations, Ford shares his sales-producing, profit generating solutions to help his audiences reach success in their new or existing business ventures by making every dollar count. His programs cover topics like creativity in action to produce profitable results, how to monetize social media marketing efforts, secrets of sales success and business growth acceleration.

    Superpower Success - Unleash Your Inner Superhero To Bust Through Barriers & Ignite High Performance

    Regardless of your title — owner, leader, manager, or team member — you’re faced with internal and external challenges that block your full potential. Ford’s powerful self-discovery process demonstrates ways to shift your mindset to create immediate and long-term results that help you accomplish what seemed impossible. Perfect as an opening keynote for your conference or event.

    Discover Proven Ways to:

    - RETHINK your mindset to unlock your superpowers and focus on success
    - REFRAME by getting clear on what you want to do, be, have, or become
    - REFOCUS on superpowered instinct and develop your business intuition
    - REIGNITE your mission by creating your mind map
    - REFLECT on the changes and powerful progress you’ve made
    - REWARD your efforts by setting mini-goals and then celebrating them!

    Business Growth Acceleration - How to Skyrocket Your Findability, Uniqueability, and Profitability

    Every organization in the world is seeking to close the gap between where they are now and the accelerated revenue growth they want for their business. Regardless of those goals, the gap, in short, always comes down to how they think (mindset), their vision (strategies), and execution (tactics).

    Ford understands that leading and managing growth can be challenging, especially when faced with increased competition, changing buying behaviors, multigenerational workforces, and squeezing profit margins.

    You’ll discover:

    - How to drive revenue growth and profits through operational excellence
    - The 3-part formula to turbo-charge response rates of your marketing & sales efforts
    - How to improve leadership communication that elevates team accountability
    - Which methods work best to skyrocket lead generation, even on a limited budget
    - How to get higher per-ticket sales from new & repeat customers
    - Unique ways to deliver remarkable customer experiences that create brand advocates
    - The non-technical approach to expand your influence and build a solid online reputation
    - Ways to avoid generational landmines that can destroy your business and brand’s reputation

    Ford’s Accelerated Growth System will help you close that gap to transform how you develop and lead your culture, strategically plan your growth to build strong relationships, deliver exceptional customer experiences and quickly add profits to your bottom line.

    Innovative Marketing Mastery - Leveraging Your Brand To Build Relationships & Skyrocket Your Sales

    Today’s buyers are savvy, skeptical, and have their B.S. (Belief System) Detectors on high alert. Research shows there is less brand loyalty and that buying behaviors have changed. Stop wasting countless hours on outdated marketing methods, fad sales techniques, and hard to apply philosophies. Get ready to become an innovative marketing master through a proven formula that works for both B2B or B2C business models, and in any economic environment.

    You’ll Discover:

    - Ford’s bare-bones, kick in the butt method that will instantly improve your marketing efforts
    - Innovative ways to expand brand awareness, influence engagement, and gain a competitive edge
    - Ways to identify trends that prepare you to capture new opportunities
    - Non-technical ways to expand your digital footprint, build social proof, trust, and credibility
    - How to craft compelling value propositions that capture attention and inspire action
    - The exact formula for creating rock-star integrated marketing campaigns
    - How to tap into the talents of your team and organization
    - Secrets to create brand advocates

    Flip the switch from idea generation to profit generation and fill your sales funnel to its fullest potential.

    Winning Workplace Strategies - How To Find, Attract, Engage, & Retain Top Talent

    Finding and attracting the best people for your business can be challenging, especially in today’s multigenerational and diverse workforce environment. Discover the secrets of recruiting in the digital age and combine them with successful onboarding that will improve retention, reduce turnover, boost employee engagement, and shrink the time it takes for your new employees to follow your systems and reach their full potential.

    You’ll discover:

    - How to attract the best candidates for your open positions
    - How to create a workplace culture that you and your employees love
    - The most common mistakes with millennials and how you can avoid them
    - Keys to setting clear roles and expectations for your leaders and team
    - Successful onboarding practices to increase engagement and accountability
    - Which policies and procedures work best, no matter the size of your franchise
    - Automated support systems that make employee orientation effective

    Success depends on the quality of its leaders, managers, and staff. Attracting and developing the right people maximizes productivity, shapes a positive culture, and promotes harmony. The simple fact is that leaders aren’t defined by job titles. Being a leader starts with your staff taking personal accountability for their own success, results, and areas of improvement. It’s those individuals who can motivate, inspire, and challenge those around them to do the same who will create a strong foundation for your business’s success.

    Your Digital Footprint Needs New Shoes - Build your online reputation and bring people in.

    Are you overwhelmed and annoyed trying to figure out how to improve your brands online presence? Many organizations struggle with limited staff, wearing many hats and operating on limited budgets. Get ready to take charge of your online marketing steering wheel and change frustration to freedom. Each keynote is customized with case studies and examples relevant for B2B or B2C organizations. Perfect for diverse audiences or roles and experience.

    You’ll Discover Ford’s Proven Methods That Help You:

    - Leverage digital marketing automation to put lead generation on autopilot
    - Gain top search engine rankings for your brand’s products and services
    - Design your very own “social media syphen” to capture targeted leads
    - Easy ways to monitor and manage your online reputation
    - Identify usability gaps of your website that hurt your customer experience and kill sales, and how to fix them
    - Expand your brand awareness and improve customer engagement, especially in local markets

    Remarkable Customer Engagement - Creating a Customer-Centric Culture That Drives Repeat & Referral Sales

    Your customers are bombarded from every direction with some type of marketing. How can you get through and make your touchpoints more effective? The best way to do that is to get to know your customers and their preferences. Where do they come from? What do they do? Who are they? What do they want? And most importantly, how do they want it? Find out with Ford.

    - How to use Google Analytics to really understand customer behavior
    - Leveraging customer engagement software to improve the customer experience
    - Discover ways to examine your sales process to find opportunities for improvement
    - How to survey customers to learn your satisfaction score and improve relationships

    Unlocking the Potential of AI & ChatGPT in Your Business - Embrace the future and stay ahead of the competition.

    Discover the remarkable potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT in revolutionizing all aspects of your business. You’ll discover the secrets to leveraging AI for unprecedented growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

    - Uncover groundbreaking AI advancements that can propel your business forward, streamline operations, marketing & sales, and maximize revenue growth.
    - Master the art of utilizing AI technology by learning the crucial Do’s and Don’ts, ensuring seamless automation and cost reduction.
    - Witness live interactive demonstrations of AI and ChatGPT, showcasing their practical and effective implementation in your business.
    - Learn how to craft effective prompts that optimize AI and ChatGPT performance, enhancing communication and problem-solving capabilities.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Ford Speak

    Rating Entries

      “Ford Saeks is a very innovative and creative person. He is a master in creating concepts to assist business professionals in taking their status to the next level. He spoke at our coaching program and blew the crowd away with his charm, knowledge and expertise in the social media space. We will continue to utilize him for upcoming events and highly recommend him!”
      Kimberly Branch,
      4ward Financial Marketing

      “Your opening general session and your breakout session were both extremely beneficial and served as a wonderful kick-off to our conference. Participants really enjoyed your high energy and practical take-away information. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
      Allison Manny,
      Director of Development & Education,
      Community Health Care Services Foundation

      “It is obvious that Ford is passionate about improving results. His dedication and enthusiasm inspires me to ′think outside the box′ and set higher standards for myself. His wealth of knowledge and ideas are amazing.”
      Niki Williams,
      Marketing Coordinator Complex Marketing,
      Comcast Spectacor

      “Ford put much effort into understanding our company and developing a program that would successfully meet our training objectives. His attention to detail and extensive preparation were impressive, and we look forward to inviting him back in the future.”
      Suzanne Erker
      Bank Of America

      “Thank you Ford! Ford walked us through step-by-step what we need to do to optimize our website, YouTube, Google listings and make the most of our bank marketing.“
      Megan Cassell, CFO

      “I have worked with Ford and his group for several years. Ford’s group created my website and I have hired him as a consultant. Ford is one of the most professional, intelligent, and experienced professionals I have met and I have interviewed more than 1000 of the top names in business leadership.”
      Dr. Diane Hamilton, Founder & CEO

      “As someone who knows the franchise industry, I can say that Ford Saeks KNOWS FRANCHISING. Ford is a great resource and has helped me with my digital presence and marketing too, he’s generous and smart, and a nice guy on top of it all!”
      John Francis, CEO


      4Ward Financial Marketing
      AMA – American Management Association
      American Marketing Association
      Bank of America
      Card-X Systems
      CMD – Center for Management Development
      CareerTrack / Fred Pryor Seminars
      CAPS: Canadian Assn. Of Professional Speakers
      Channel Three Productions
      Citation Shares Aircraft-Cessna
      Coach Ken Mastermind
      Comcast Spectacor
      ConsultingWorld Conference
      Dynamic Performance Institute
      Entrepreneur′s Organization (EO)
      EXFO UV, Inc.
      First Union Bank
      Floating Swimwear, Inc.
      Emmerich Financial Group, Inc.
      Friends University
      Gage Research & Development, Inc.
      Global Spectrum
      Health Care Providers, Inc. (HCP)
      Independent Computer Consultants Assn.(ICCA)
      Insurance Women of America
      International Speakers Network(ISN)
      Les Brown Enterprises
      LS Radio Network
      Mayer Motivations Inc.
      Mission Valley Bank
      National Seminars Group, Inc.
      Nationwide Marketing Group
      New York State Telecommunications Association
      New York State Assn. of Health Care Providers, Inc.
      Next Financial Services
      National Speakers Association Convention(NSA)
      Peak Performance Mastery
      Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
      Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
      Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
      Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA)
      Proudfoot Consulting, Inc.
      Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
      Quantum Expositions, Intl.
      Real Estate Mastery Conference
      Richwood Banking Company
      Rockhurst University
      Tom McCarthy Enterprises
      Total Action Products
      The Success Training Network (TSTN)
      United States Postal Council
      Viking Corporation
      Visionary Apps
      Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce
      Wichita State University

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    Books by Ford Saeks:

    Superpower!: A Superhero’s Guide to Leadership, Business, and Life

    Superpower! is a guidebook for taking personal accountability of your success. That’s where all the power and responsibility is – within you. Think of it as a handbook with stories and steps to help you rethink, reframe, refocus, and reignite your leadership, your business, and your life. The strategies and tactics offered here are like tools. Not every tool is right for every job. Choose the ones that are right for you and your situation. I’ve included a variety of scenarios. The idea is to help you develop a diverse set of skills so you can arm yourself with an arsenal of superpowers, helping you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

    – RETHINK your mindset to unlock your superpowers and focus on success
    – REFRAME by getting clear on what you want to do, be, have, or become
    – REFOCUS on superpowered instinct and develop your business intuition
    – REIGNITE your mission by creating your mind map
    – REFLECT on the changes and powerful progress you’ve made
    – REWARD your efforts by setting mini-goals and then celebrating them!

      Marketing Magic!: Innovative Tips on Marketing, Media, and Public Relations from Some of America′s Cutting-Edge Leaders
      Innovative Tips on Marketing, Media, & Public Relations from some of America′s Cutting-Edge Leaders.

      Imagine sitting down with 18 of America′s most notable marketing experts and learning their most innovative and effective strategies and techniques! Marketing Magic! presents cutting-edge ideas from men and women with proven track records and long lists of satisfied clients. There′s treasure in every chapter!

      Featuring Ford Saeks, Brian Tracy, Jay Conrad Levinson, Robert Bly, Merrie Spaeth, Bette Daoust,Ph.D., Allen Stam, Bob Pritchard, Charles Clarke, Kelly McDonald, Ed Bond, Don Benton, Jill Lublin, David Edstrom, Ken Banks, Rosemary Walter, Rick Cooper and Richard Tyler.

      Order Here

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