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Erin King is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and digital persuasion expert. She is the Amazon best-selling author of Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace.

Erin is the Founder and CEO of Socialite Agency, which elevates digital communication styles to attract attention, increase influence, and sell smarter. Socialite’s clients include The Oscars, The United States Navy, ABC/Disney, Nelson Mandela’s Legacy of Hope, VISA, Siemens, Hilton Worldwide, Johnson and Johnson, Hitachi, Mutual of Omaha, Merck, Abbott Laboratories, Synchrony Financial, and dozens of others.

Socialite Agency, the world’s only social media firm specializing exclusively in live events, has helped Fortune 100 brands catapult their social media success via award-winning digital activations and campaigns. Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) awarded Socialite’s work with FreemanXP as “Best Social Media” across the entire meetings industry.

Erin started her first venture, Jump Digital Media, at the age of 25 and cut her teeth building websites for brands like Whole Foods, Black and Decker, and Linksys. Her second venture,, was a Dollar Shave Club-type subscription model for women’s monthly healthcare supplies. Her experience running these digital enterprises has made her a highly sought-after keynote speaker for thousands of people from all industries on stages around the world.

When off-duty, the former world champion Irish step dancer and NCAA Division I athlete can be found in Laguna Beach, CA – biking, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, boating – basically anything outdoors will do for this ball of fire – with her husband Hartman. As a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland, Erin is very close to her east coast, massive, crazy Irish Catholic family.

Her life mantra is “attitude of gratitude,” and right now, her only five-year plan is that someday she will be home long enough for Hartman to finally allow them to get a dog, which will be a King Charles Cavalier named Louise.

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Digital Persuasion: Ignite Your Influence

We are 34 times more persuasive face to face than we are behind screens. And yet, in today's pandemic world, that in-person power is able to be utilized less and less. Your leadership, sales and marketing teams need to close the gap between "online them" and "offline them" in order to communicate as compellingly as possible in today's remote workplace.

You're Kind of a Big Deal: Unlock Your Audacity

What gets us stuck, stalled and frustrated isn't our actions or lack of actions. It's how underprepared we are to respond to OTHERS reactions to our biggest, boldest moves.

Unlocking your audacity, or what Erin calls "Big Deal Energy" is your underutilized key to smashing barriers, leveling up your personal and professional life and stepping into the reality that you were destined for.

My three step "PUB" method has been used by Fortune 500 sales and marketing teams around the world to optimize how they type, text, tweet and meet- and it will help your team do the same.

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“Erin’s virtual talk had my global team laughing, crying and armed with a smart sales strategy.”

“Erin’s session had the highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit.”

“I grew my tribe to over 1,000 dynamos using Erin’s PUB method. It’s insane how well it works.”

“Erin King is my secret virtual weapon. She nails it every. freaking. time.”

“Feedback off the charts. So relevant and energetic. Can’t wait to have Erin back again.”

“Erin’s method has rejuvenated how my team shows up to attract opportunities- no question.”

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Books by Erin King:

You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity

Unlock your inner audacity and become the leader you were born to be.

Women are often told that dreaming bigger and exuding confidence is the key to achieving professional success. While big dreams and confidence might get you started, they won’t fuel you throughout the marathon and over the finish line. In order to keep going through thick and thin, you need audacity.

You’re Kind of a Big Deal provides the strategies, tools, and inspiration you need to power up your potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and make your biggest dreams a reality. International keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur Erin King helps you step into the role of CEO of your own life and better execute your responses to challenging feedback from the world around you.

Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace

When you type, text or tweet- how persuasive are you?
You are 34 times more persuasive communicating in person than on digital platforms.
Yet in today’s world, you probably spend the majority of your time trying to influence others to say YES to you using social media, email and, messenger.
So how can you close this gap between offline you and online you?
Welcome to the art of Digital Persuasion. Erin Gargan King’s PUB method has been used by some of the world’s biggest brands to help them attract attention, increase influence and open more opportunities from behind the screen.

Learn How To:

Change one simple word to attract more YES
Ignite action from your posts and messages-in just 2.5 seconds
Differentiate yourself with language that triggers emotion
Craft the perfect personal, useful and brief message every time
Understand the psychology behind what influences us online
Maximize your efforts on social and digital platforms

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