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  • Erin King is the world’s leading personal energy management expert.

  • She is the Chief Energy Officer of Strikepoint Media.

  • Her podcast consistently ranks in the top 1% of all downloads on iTunes.
  • Erin King is a bestselling author, global keynote speaker, and the world’s leading energy management expert.

    Erin King started her first two ventures, Jump Digital Media and, before the age of 30. Her third venture, Socialite Agency, was acquired in 2021 by Strikepoint Media (Named 2x to the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies in America” List). 

    Erin is now Chief Energy Officer at Strikepoint and over the course of her twenty year career has advised global brands like Disney, VISA, Adobe, MERCK, Johnson & Johnson, Mutual of Omaha, Hilton, and dozens more.

    As the bestselling author of “You’re Kind of a Big Deal,” she has helped over one million ambitious achievers in over 10 countries, from Bali to Amsterdam, level up how they show up online, offline, and all the time.

    She’s been featured in Forbes, among other global publications, and her podcast, “On Your Terms with Erin King, ranks in the top 1% of all downloads on iTunes.

    While the big arenas are fun, Erin actually prefers smaller middle school stages, where her “Big Deal Energy® Academy” volunteer team shares the importance of “believing in your big.” Off-duty, you’ll find her playing all the outside sports with her husband, Hartman, or hanging out with her huge, crazy Irish family.

    And finally: if kissing your cavapoo (Miss Betty White) directly on the mouth is wrong- Erin does not want to be right.

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    Do you know what “vibe” you’re transmitting out to the world? Are you “high” or “low” energy? Do you have “good” or “bad” energy? Do you “energize” your team, your clients, your connections- or “exhaust” them? What if your “vibe” is actually more critical to your ambition, your alignment, and your ALIVENESS than any other aspect of your personal or professional life?

    In a post-pandemic, AI-assisted, lightning-speed-paced world: your vibe is your ultimate value. Your energy is your most valuable currency - it’s how the world transacts with you. And yet beyond doing the “DUH” (diet, unwind, hydrate) how else are you proactively managing your energetic assets BEFORE you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or worst of all... indifferent?

    Get ready to learn exactly how you can manage your energy like you manage your money- with King’s refreshing and revolutionary system. Your audience will learn exactly how to:


    Your energy is fluid- it changes from moment to moment and season to season. As humans, we are multifaceted, complex beings that can never fit in a box... and yet it’s also true that we each possess certain organic “factory settings”. We possess an essential baseline energy where we tend to feel the most “in flow”- and it’s contagious in the best possible way to those we interact with.

    So what is that baseline energy type for you? It’s very challenging to manage what we can’t measure- so let’s begin to explore who you are at your most energizing essence.

    How you are feeling energetically transmits to how they feel about you. And then how they feel themselves. And THEN how they make the next interaction feel. This energetic ripple affect defines every single moment of our experiences- all based on something as vague as a “vibe.” Attempting to categorize human energy obviously isn’t an exact science, but it is a shortcut.

    Energetic asset management is your powerful, underutilized shortcut to managing the specific vibe you have, so you can optimize the specific value you bring.


    Leverage King’s proprietary energy management system to identify the people, places, projects, and pivots (the “Core Four”) that are impacting the deposits and withdrawals of your energy reserves on an everyday basis.

    Which of your everyday energetic expenses are fixed? Which ones just SEEM to be fixed? Which ones are discretionary? Using King’s proprietary personal asset management system, start your shift from reactive “survive” mode into proactive “thrive” mode.

    Get ready to evolve your mindset from defensive energy “protection” into proactive energy “optimization.”


    Knowing doesn’t equal doing. This is where Erin’s signature storytelling and fiery persona will inspire you to evolve from ideas and “what if” to implementation and “let’s go!” Learn her signature “shortcuts” to activating your Big Deal Energy® especially when you don’t feel like it. Especially when life is coming at you hard. Especially when it all just feels like too much. You’ll walk away with a specific game plan to “control your energetic controllables”- so you actually WANT to be more intentional and strategic about where you spend versus where you save, invest, and reallocate your energetic budget.

    Get ready to reclaim your vibrancy. Get ready to rediscover the real essence of YOU.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Erin Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Erin’s methodology is so actionable, her stories are deeply Inspiring, and her delivery is highly entertaining.”
    – Carrie Huete, Johnson & Johnson, Senior Manager-US Business Dev.

    “The standing ovation, the immediate application…we laughed, we cried, we learned. We can’t wait to Invite her back.”
    – Ida Fields, The Corcoran Group SVP Business Development

    “I’ve hired Erin for multiple conventions over the years and she kills it every. single. time.”
    – Kristin Montgomery, Younique VP of Global Events

    “Erin’s energy and expertise Is a combo that Is truly unmatched and I’ve seen a LOT of speakers.”
    – Buck McMurray, NuSkin General Manager

    “Erin’s virtual talk had my global team laughing, crying and armed with a smart sales strategy.”

    “Erin’s session had the highest engagement of any speaker at our global summit.”

    “I grew my tribe to over 1,000 dynamos using Erin’s PUB method. It’s insane how well it works.”

    “Erin King is my secret virtual weapon. She nails it every. freaking. time.”

    “Feedback off the charts. So relevant and energetic. Can’t wait to have Erin back again.”

    “Erin’s method has rejuvenated how my team shows up to attract opportunities- no question.”

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    Books by Erin King:

    You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity

    Unlock your inner audacity and become the leader you were born to be.

    Women are often told that dreaming bigger and exuding confidence is the key to achieving professional success. While big dreams and confidence might get you started, they won’t fuel you throughout the marathon and over the finish line. In order to keep going through thick and thin, you need audacity.

    You’re Kind of a Big Deal provides the strategies, tools, and inspiration you need to power up your potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and make your biggest dreams a reality. International keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur Erin King helps you step into the role of CEO of your own life and better execute your responses to challenging feedback from the world around you.

    Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace

    When you type, text or tweet- how persuasive are you?
    You are 34 times more persuasive communicating in person than on digital platforms.
    Yet in today’s world, you probably spend the majority of your time trying to influence others to say YES to you using social media, email and, messenger.
    So how can you close this gap between offline you and online you?
    Welcome to the art of Digital Persuasion. Erin Gargan King’s PUB method has been used by some of the world’s biggest brands to help them attract attention, increase influence and open more opportunities from behind the screen.

    Learn How To:

    Change one simple word to attract more YES
    Ignite action from your posts and messages-in just 2.5 seconds
    Differentiate yourself with language that triggers emotion
    Craft the perfect personal, useful and brief message every time
    Understand the psychology behind what influences us online
    Maximize your efforts on social and digital platforms

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