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Since 1980, Eileen McDargh has helped organizations and individuals transform the life of their business and the business of their life through conversations that matter and connections that count. She has become known as a master facilitator, an award-winning author, and an internationally recognized keynoter and executive coach.

She draws upon practical business know-how, life’s experiences and years of consulting to major national and international organizations that have ranged from global pharmaceuticals to the US Armed Forces, from health care associations to religious institutions. Her programs are content rich, interactive, provocative and playful—even downright hilarious.

In 2020, Global Gurus International, a British-based provider of resources for leadership, communication and sales training, also ranked her third as one of the World’s Top 30 Communication Professionals following a global survey of 22,000 business professionals.

Her newest book, Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge and Reclaim What Matters has been generating great response and interest. You can find it on Amazon in paper, digital and audio formats.

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    Eileen McDargh is founder and CEO of the consulting firm, The Resiliency Group (a division of McDargh Communications). Organizations like Cisco, Novartis, Oracle, and Procter & Gamble hire her firm to teach them ways of building resilient leadership teams and workplaces.

    Leadership Excellence magazine, which ranks top thought leaders in management and leadership, continually names Eileen to its top 50 Leadership list. Following a survey of 22,000 business professionals, the research firm, Global Gurus, named her to its list of the World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals. Along with her work as an organizational resiliency consultant, Eileen speaks and writes about resiliency in business, in life, and in relationships.

    As a platform speaker, she has given thousands of keynotes for organizations and associations in dozens of fields, including aerospace, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, public agencies, real estate, retail, technology, utilities, and women’s leadership.

    She is a member of the National Speakers Association (and has served on its Board of Directors), was awarded by Speakers Platform a Top 5 Speaker designation in Teamwork / Leadership two years in a row, was elected into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, and was given by her peers the Legend of the Platform Award.

    As an author, Eileen has written seven books, including The Resilient Spirit: Heart Talk for Surviving in An Upside Down World and Work for a Living and Still be Free to Live! In 2008, the Independent Book Publishers Association awarded her book, Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truth’s for Life’s Complexities, a Benjamin Franklin Gold Award. Her latest book is My Get Up and Go… Got Up and Went. Her other books include 40 Tips For Speaking Up, Speaking Out, And Being Heard and Talk Ain’t Cheap… It’s Priceless. Her articles are found in thousands of publications both on-line and off-line.

    Eileen is also a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Sloan Work and Family Researcher Network, an organization of interdisciplinary researchers and scholars studying work-life issues.

    Before starting her own consultancy, Eileen was the Director of Communications for a national healthcare company, served as senior manager on a U.S. Navy installation project, and taught school in Nassau County, Florida, where she was elected “Educator of the Year.”

    She and her family live in Dana Point, California.

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Eileen McDargh's Speech Descriptions

Resilience expert, Eileen McDargh reframes people’s perspectives when it comes to taking on work and daily issues, as she proves that facing challenges with grit and energy is rewarding for everyone. Eileen engages both the hearts and minds of your group, speaking with them instead of at them. No matter what your business’s greatest problem is, Eilleen will address it directly and effectively while equipping your people with the ability to take action and live and work purposefully even when the ground seems to be shifting beneath their feet.

Eileen is constantly researching, reading, writing and developing her knowledge in leadership, resiliency, women, and work/life integration. Programs constantly grow and change as new information is added.

Radical Resilience: Staying Right-Side Up in a World That's Upside Down
Radically turbulent times demand professional and personal responses that transcend our regular work and life patterns. Radical resilience requires the courage to challenge, commit, and contribute in ways that positively impact both today as well as tomorrow. Based on the length of the presentation, speaker Eileen McDargh will teach participants to:

    • Discover how to adapt, laugh, align, and be agile in order to produce results that put them in control of their ship
    • Learn a four-part model to methodically tackle the tough issues they currently face
    • Explore what great leaders do to inspire teams to stay in the game and thrive (and it has NOTHING to do with money!)
    • Get energized, actualized, authorized, and gratified
    • Develop a personal leadership goal that defies downturns and disappointments

Work for a Living & Still Be Free to Live: The Secret for a Resilient Life
We hear about the need to balance personal and work priorities, but how can we go from burned out to fired up? How can we juggle the many responsibilities and demands on our busy lives? From senior executives to frontline employees, this issue is key to the changing nature of America's workforce and today's world.

In this insightful and interactive program, speaker Eileen McDargh will teach participants to:

    • Understand why traditional models of balance no longer work in these times of change
    • Discover how to conduct their own life CAT scans
    • Acquire the skills to "sail" within the five critical areas of living
    • Create their own action plan for juggling the demands of their fast-paced lives
    • Develop personal strategies for creating "a life by design not by default"
    • Learn at least three methods for effective self-management and self-improvement that they can put to work immediately

In Her Own Voice: A Retreat for Resilient Women
You've given much of your life to your work, your family, your friends, and your community. You've been busy beyond busy. And now it's your time. In this retreat led by speaker and consultant Eileen McDargh, you will discover the life you are meant to live, be supported and taught skills for leading a life by design and not by default, let your voice finally be heard above the chatter of others, and allow your body and soul to be nurtured by the warmth of nature in a luxurious environment.

You will learn how to powerfully and positively shape the direction of your future and explode the myth of balance to replace it with a model that recognizes the challenges of life. From a place of self-leadership, supported by a community of women, you will walk away with skills and insights for the next part of your journey.

Leveraging Your Career to Fit Your Authentic Self
A good career fit is not like squeezing into Spanx. It means thinking, listening, and sensing where, when, and how to go from good work to great work. Once you get there, you will feel great, stop the busywork, and start the work that matters. It begins from the inside out.

In this session led by speaker Eileen McDargh, you will:

    • Discover the difference between "ugh" work, good work, and great work
    • Through exercises, learn how to identify what is your authentic work
    • Learn how to ask for what you want and three possible steps to leverage yourself into your great/authentic work
    • Understand the difference between a mentor and a sponsor
    • Explore the six qualities of charisma and how to develop them in order to attract the right people and work

Eileen McDargh on Speaking

I want people to walk out glad they gave me the most precious thing on earth: their time.

SPEAKING.COM: What do you want people to learn/take away from your presentations?

MCDARGH: I always ask my client what do THEY want as a result of my presentation, which in turn drives how I craft a program. Likewise, if they ask for something I am not qualified to deliver, I decline the engagement.

Personally, I want people to walk away with insights and ideas that can change in how they approach work and life. I want them to realize their own beauty and possibilities as contributors to their profession, organization, and community. I want them to have concrete tools for managing an upside down world. And lastly, I want people to walk out glad they gave me the most precious thing on earth: their time.

SPEAKING.COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event? How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

MCDARGH: I have intense conversations with my clients, beginning with a pre-program survey. I ask them to send me more information than they think I would ever need so I can understand the context of the meeting. Depending upon the client, I might ask what is the “elephant in the room”, because it’s much easier for an outsider to talk about the elephant than an insider.

If I am closing a conference, I ask to come in early (if logistically possible) so I can observe the sessions before me. If I can tie to something they already heard, it gives the conference a more coherent feel.

If I am playing the role of facilitator, I work with whoever is the “owner” of the outcome. These are normally high level, management off-sites of 2 days. I design the process and then interview all the team (no more than 25) with the same set of questions. From that I consolidate the information and create issue statements written in third person. This prevents an individual from hijacking the event on a single pet peeve and also allows me to surface the most pressing issues/ideas. It also always involves an individual assessment of communication behavior, which helps the team begin to understand and value the different people in the room. To fully address outcomes, future strategies, and so forth, it’s absolutely necessary that people appreciate the richness that comes from an assembly of differences.

I’ve spoken to a couple hundred while standing on a folding chair because there was no money for a stage.

SPEAKING.COM: Have you had any particularly memorable speaking engagements / unusual situations arise while on the road?

MCDARGH: Oh my! My work has been full of so many memorable situations from speaking in Malaysia to a worldwide collection of customer service folks representing global airlines to the first International Coaching Federation of the Philippines, from leadership programs for the women of P&G to conducting management retreat in India. I’ve spoken to a couple hundred while standing on a folding chair because there was no money for a stage and 15,000 in a conference center for a direct sales organization. I’ve been the host/moderator for the day-long LEAD 2015 conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame and will do the same work later this month for the 25th anniversary of a Window Between Worlds: Art Transforming Trauma.

Unusual? No group is ever alike and that’s the beauty of my work: the celebration of difference.

SPEAKING.COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message?

MCDARGH: There is not a single group that can’t benefit from resiliency. That is not the answer I should give, but truthfully, life is far too complex for all of us. Having said this, I believe that health care, education, and corporate groups experiencing change can especially benefit from my programs.

SPEAKING.COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why?

MCDARGH: That’s like asking me “which one of my books do I like the best?” (or “Which one of your children do you like the best?”) Certainly Radical Resilience: Staying Rightside Up in an Upside Down World is a favorite. I also enjoy The Art of “Balancing” an Unequal Life and a hard-core skill-builder like Surviving & Thriving with Difficult People.

Why do I like these topics? I think the material is solid, I have fun, my audience has fun, and we all learn together. I wouldn’t give any of my programs if I didn’t think they offered value and since everything I do is so customized, it is difficult to select a favorite!

SPEAKING.COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements?

MCDARGH: I started my speaking career unintentionally. I was offering adult-ed classes at the local colleges, because I felt I could do a better job than the instructor at the college. Years before I had taught and I thought I could create something more useful and fun.

At any rate, the Steel Service Center Institute from Cleveland got a copy of the course catalog. They contacted me through a meeting planner in Palm Desert, and asked if I would deliver a version of a program at their conference. This was YEARS ago. They gave my name to the Copper & Brass Institute, word spread, and the rest, as they say, is history. Prior to that happening, though, I didn’t even know speaking was a business.

SPEAKING.COM: How do you keep your audience engaged and actively listening during your keynotes? Do you use case studies, personal stories and/or in your speeches?

MCDARGH: I anchor key points with gestures! Believe it or not, the gestures become memorable and attendees take them back into the workplace. I also use music, picture only slides, humor and—always— case studies and true stories that resonate with the human experience, because they’re memorable. Depending upon the group and the amount of time, audience members also share their stories.

The teacher appears when the student is ready. It has little to do with the teacher. It has everything to do with the student.

SPEAKING.COM: What are some of the successes you’ve helped clients achieve?

MCDARGH: One of the largest health care networks in Florida still uses my learning points within their hospitals to keep employees focused and positive. A global pharma company relayed that my work with their regulatory team created a cohesive unit that withstood the ups and downs of changes and mergers. I have a memento from a surface driller in the Arctic who said I taught them how to give praise and feedback. The most memorable and humbling feedback I’ve received, though, came from a young woman who slipped me a note, asking me to read it only when I got on the plane. The note said she had been contemplating suicide and now she saw that she had so much more to live for and offer.

As I write this, I realize I have only shared those contents with my husband. Perhaps my impact is not with massive P&L shifts but rather with shifts of the human heart. Please know that I’m not the one making the change; rather, I am a conduit for what is already present in each individual. It is true: the teacher appears when the student is ready. It has little to do with the teacher. It has everything to do with the student. Exclusive Interview with Eileen McDargh
How to Foster Resiliency, with Eileen McDargh
In this interview, Eileen McDargh discusses:
    • What it takes to be resilient.
    • Strategies for dealing with people who drain you.
    • Keeping your employees energized.
Read the Full Interview

"True resiliency is about growing THROUGH either challenge or opportunity to become wiser and stronger."
- Eileen McDargh

What People are Saying about Seeing Eileen Speak

Rating Entries

    “When it comes to creating a team that’s high-performing and resilient, the first person I call is Eileen McDargh. Eileen has worked for my organization on two major projects. Both times, we brought together senior leaders – from different departments, around the world — so they could better understand one another, address critical issues, create action plans, and present a united front. As a result of her efforts, we became an energized, resilient team, committed to each other and our vision. She has the ability to draw together disparate groups, distill out the issues, and create an experience that is practical, provocative, and profound, yet playful. Everyone involved thought this was one of the most magical moments of their career. Eileen knows how to take strong leaders and make them stronger.”

    Rob Kowalski, Senior VP Global Head of Drug Regulatory Affairs and U.S. Head of Development, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.

    “It′s great when so many people want to take credit for selecting the speaker. You were a smashing success…your presentation left your leadership team with plenty to think about during the remaining days to the conference.”
    Joe Phelan, Vice President, Operations / American Airlines

    “She not only exceeded our expectations; she energized the audience and set the precedence for a dynamic conference day. The crowd, comprised of both men and women, from various industries, found Eileen motivating and informative…”
    Four Corners Conference

    “Best speaker yet. Very energetic–down to earth. Excellent way to start the day.”
    Scripps Mercy Hospital

    “Hello! We just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your wonderful words at our company meeting last month. Your message of family was essential for a company that is growing as rapidly as SCT and the music and dancing added amusement to a normally humdrum event. Plus, it is always nice to work with a true professional that still knows how to have fun! We are all certainly looking forward to the faces of our clients when you address them in April!”
    SCT Utility Systems

    “Your keen insight and outside perspective helped us uncover the issues related to trust. You kept our management retreat focused and on task. I′m receiving accolades that this was time well spent. We look forward to working with you on Phase II of the project!”
    3M HIS Senior Management Retreat

    “I can′t count the number of employees and managers who expressed to me that they were motivated by your presentation on Career Resilience. People told me you made them laugh and cry at the same time… a hallmark of an excellent presenter. To summarize, the presentation was a huge success. Thank you for the time you have spent with our organization. Your personal style, professionalism and deep insight have been a true inspiration.”
    3M HIS Human resources

    “With 400 plus accomplished business and political professionals from more than a dozen countries, simultaneous translation into four languages, and the final day of a long conference–you really delivered. Even our toughest critics were bowled over; one member told me you were our best speaker in 30 years. What impressed me as much as your remarks was the feeling that, from the beginning, you were more than a speaker–with your hands-on approach and genuine involvement in getting to know our members, our issues and our expectations, you quickly became a partner in making our annual convention a success.”
    International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Assoc.

    “More, more, more! Great subject matter and presentation”

    “A powerful message. You really made us think.”
    GTE Directories Sales Corporation

    “An outstanding message and excellent delivery provided a stimulating and informative convention session.”
    Copper & Brass Servicenter Association

    “You were just what we needed…attendees said you were the best we′ve ever had…simply outstanding…”
    GTE Sales Directories Corp.

    “Eileen′s ideas gave new life to the words ′employee motivation.′ Our managers could not wait to get back to the stores to try them out. We were especially pleased with the time she took to become familiar with our company and the industry… gained instant credibility by using pertinent examples.”
    Blockbuster Video

    Thank you for giving us such a great experience.”
    Virgin Atlantic Airways

    “The audience was completely captivated and by the end…brought all 400 Finance Officers to their feet in enthusiastic applause…revitalized and raring to go…a great success.”
    CA Society of Municipal Finance Officers

    * Multiple Programs

      Finance and Insurance
      American Family Insurance
      AVCO Financial Services
      AT&T Capital Corporation
      Bank One
      CA Society of Municipal Finance Officers
      Colonial Insurance*
      Eastern Heights Banks
      Farmers Insurance Co.*
      Farmer′s Insurance Field Offices
      Federal Business Development Bank of Canada
      First Bank Systems
      First Federal Bank
      Florida Credit Union League
      Franklin Life
      Imperial Thrift & Loan
      Insurance Education Assoc.*
      Jefferson Insurance
      Kansas Credit Union League
      Life Communicators
      Long Beach Mortgage
      Massachusetts Credit Union League
      Million Dollar Round Table
      Nebraska Credit Union League
      North American Mortgage Corp.
      New York Insurance Executives
      Oklahoma Bankers Assoc.
      Oregon Credit Union League
      Principal Financial Group
      Shearson Lehman
      So. Dakota Credit Union League
      State Compensation Insurance Fund*
      Texas Credit Union League*
      Toyota Motor Credit Corp.*
      Transamerica Insurance
      Utah Credit Union League
      Western Claims Management Assoc.

      Real Estate
      Edina Realty (The Dozen)
      California Escrow Assoc.
      California Assoc. of Realtors
      Century 21 Pacific
      Century 21 Int′l
      Century 21 No.CA
      Coldwell Banker Relocation*
      Coldwell Banker Int′l
      Employee Relocation Council*
      Prudential Real Estate
      Prudential Relocation
      Prudential Referral Network

      Aerospace & Manufacturing
      American Airlines Cargo Managers
      Autotype America
      3M Health Info. Systems*
      3M Speciality Chemicals
      3M Unitek
      Amoco Canada
      ARCO Products*
      Calcomp Corp.
      Copper & Brass Service Center
      Dow Chemical Co.*
      Frito Lay
      Henkel Surface Technologies
      Hughes Aircraft Co.
      Hughes Communications
      McDonnell Douglas
      Northrop Corp.
      CII Carbon, Corp.
      Scythes Inc.
      Steel Service Center Institute*
      US Steel

      BellSouth Cellular
      Electric & Gas Industries
      GTE Directories
      GTE Northwest*
      GTE California*
      GTE Hawaiian Tel*
      GTE Midwest
      GTE Telops
      Midwest Gas Assoc.
      Pacific Bell*
      Pactel Cellular
      So. CA Gas Company*
      So. New England Telephone
      Western Area Power Administration

      Assoc. of Texas Professional Educators
      CA Assoc. of School Business Officials
      CA Institute of Technology*
      CA Assoc. of College Stores
      CA State University-Bakersfield
      Chesterfield County School System
      Henrico County School District
      Horry County School District
      Insurance Education Assoc.*
      Nat′l Assoc.of College Stores *
      Nat′l School Boards Assoc.
      Norwalk/LA Mirada School District*
      Redondo Beach City Schools*
      San Diego Schools*
      San Diego School Administrators*
      Texas Assoc. of Professional Educators
      The Getty Foundation
      Westmont College*

      Healthcare & Biomedical
      3M Health Info.Systems *
      Abbott Labs*
      Arkansas MGMA
      American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists
      Assn. of CA Nurse Leaders
      Bayer (formerly Miles Labs)
      Beckman Coulter
      Bench Int′l *
      Daniel Freeman Hospital
      Downey Community Hospital
      CA Assoc. of School Nurses *
      CA Dietetic Assoc.
      CA Medical Group Managers
      Central Admixture
      GA Medical Group Managers
      Health Net*
      Huntington Memorial Hospital
      Jerry L. Pettis VA Hospital*
      Kaiser Foundation Health Plan*
      Kaiser Permanente*
      Kansas MGMA
      Louisiana MGMA
      Medical Economics
      Medical Group Management Assoc. *
      Mid-Atlantic Medical Services Minnesota Directors
      of Nursing
      Mississippi MGMA
      Missouri MGMA
      North Carolina Baptist Hospital
      Nat′l Medical Computer Services
      Nat′l Nurses Society on Addictions
      Nat′l Seating & Mobility
      Nat′l Assoc. of Rehabilitative Nurses
      Nat′l Health Care Recruiters
      New York MGMA
      Newbery Rehab Center
      Nichols Institute*
      Novartis *
      Pfanstiehl Laboratories
      Regency Health Services*
      Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
      St. John′s Hospital
      Scott Health Care (Molynke)
      Scripps Mercy Hospital
      Society of Diagnostic
      Medical Monographers*
      Amer. Assoc. of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses
      Tennessee Medical Group Management Assoc.
      Texas Medical Group Managers
      Wisconsin Homes & Services for the Aging

    Achievers Canada*
    Argentina Supermarket Assoc.
    Assoc. of Commuter Transportation*
    Assoc. of Legal Administrators*
    Assoc. of Manpower Franchise Owners and Truckload Carriers Assoc.
    CA Assoc. of Temporaries
    CA Dietetic Assoc.
    CA Grocers Assoc.
    CA Payroll Assoc.
    CA Personnel Employee Labor Relations Assoc.
    CA School Nurses Assoc.
    Club Managers of America
    College Athletic Business Mgmt. Assoc.
    Dallas Chamber Women′s Conference
    Home Economists in Business*
    Human Resource Assoc. of Canada
    Illinois Management Assoc.
    Int′l Personnel Managers Assoc.
    Int′l Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Assoc. *
    Iowa State Health Association
    ITT Management Assoc.
    Lions Club Int′l*
    Nat′l Assoc. of College Stores *
    Nat′l Assoc. of Colleges and Employers
    Nat′l 4H ATV Safety Council
    Nat′l Assoc. of Tour Operators
    Nat′l Assoc. of Wholesale Grocers
    Nat′l Credit Union
    Administrators (NCUA)
    NE Law Library Consortium
    Paper Industry Mgmt Assoc.
    Photo Marketing Assoc.*
    Port St. Lucie Business Women
    So. CA Personnel Managers
    Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers*
    Specialty Coffee Industry
    Twin Cities Personnel Assoc.
    Wis. Homes & Services for the Aging
    World Airline Consumer Relations Assoc.
    Young Presidents Organization

    Industry (Retail, Travel, Service, Software)
    American Airlines*
    Arbonne Int′l*
    Auto Type America
    Blockbuster Video
    Bricker & Eckler Law Firm
    Budget of So. CA*
    Career Partners Int′l*
    Certified Grocers
    ConAgra *
    County General
    Dow Chemical*
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Great Clips
    JC Penney
    Madison Travel*
    Manpower *
    Midwest Drilling
    Northwest Fabrics & Crafts
    Northwest Airlines
    Nissan Motors
    Personnel Group of America
    Rosemount Measurement
    SCT Corp.
    So. CA Food Brokers
    STO Corp.
    Sunkist Growers
    The Framing Experience
    Thomas Temporaries
    Toyota Motors*
    U.S. Travel*
    U.S. Travel Affiliates
    Walker Interactive Systems
    3M Dental Products
    3M Health Information Systems*

    Public Agencies
    CA Council on Quality
    CA Society of Municipal Finance Officers
    CA Parks & Recreation*
    City of Redondo Beach
    City of Los Angeles*
    City of Porterville*
    City of Downey
    City of Riverside*
    City Clerks Assoc. of CA*
    Community Redevelopment Agency
    Drug Enforcement Admin.*
    HUD Management Agents
    Int′l. Bridge, Tunnel and Tollroad Assoc.
    Ohio Parks and Recreation
    League of CA Cities*
    Los Angeles Airport
    Minnesota Dept. of Transp.
    San Diego Zoo & Wildlife
    CA Fairs & Expositions
    U.S.Armed Forces (Germany)
    U.S. Postal Service
    U.S. Postal Service Inspector General

    CA Yacht Club
    Club Managers Assoc. of America
    Coco′s Restaurants
    Los Angeles Athletic Club
    Far West Concepts
    Marriott Hotels
    Restaurant Enterprises

    Bakersfield Women′s Conference
    Crystal Cathedral Women′s Conference
    Excellence in Action*
    Four Corners Business Conference
    ICAN *
    Louisville Chamber of Commerce
    Peak Performers Network*
    Women′s Forum Idaho
    Women on the Move

    *Multiple Programs

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Books by Eileen McDargh:

Work For a Living and Still Be Free to Live!
If you are an overworked executive, an entrepreneur, a stressed-out employee who knows there’s more to life than receiving a paycheck, then this book is for you. In this latest revision, you’ll find information that is both timely and timeless.

Here is step-by-step supportive advice-based on the experience of real people who have made advantageous career choices—that will enable you to find and maintain a life by design and not default.

Work for a Living & Still Be Free to Live is a totally engrossing, valuable book that leads the reader through an evaluation of his/her strengths and needs and demonstrates an intriguing method to define a true work pattern. How to integrate it into the reader’s life is the triumph of this guide-which is a virtual map to job and personal success.

Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truths for Life’s Complexities
Whether you are a world-weary worker juggling the demands of a hectic life or a seeker of soul-satisfying experiences, this deceptively simple book is your key to refresh, renew, rethink and recharge.

From an unexpectedly arduous backpacking trip, Eileen McDargh discovers truths from the experience. Deep in grime, grit, and grace-filled mornings, she finds insights for business, for relationships, for family, for life, and for the soul.

Whether musing on wild onions or mosquitoes, river crossings or thunderbolts, Eileen shares lessons for understanding the mundane and the magnificent, the difficult and the delightful, the ordinary and the extraordinary. “Mountains” become a lyrical metaphor for coping with life’s complexities.

You’ll be reminded of what you may already know but have likely forgotten in the tension of time constraints, work worries, and family frustrations. McDargh will jar your memory, evoke new awareness, and spur you to action.

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