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  • As the founder and CEO of 9Lenses, Miller is revolutionizing the consulting industry by providing faster and easier access to data and organizational intelligence.

  • Miller is a four-time CEO known for developing and executing extraordinary turnaround and growth strategy.

  • Miller is one of The Washington Business Journal’s "Top 12 CEOs to Watch."
  • Founder and CEO of 9Lenses, Edwin Miller used his extensive experience in turnaround and growth strategy to revolutionize the consulting industry. His 9Lenses software platform accelerates the pace of information discovery and simultaneously simplifies its organization, allowing consultants and leaders to effortlessly tap into organizational intelligence.

    A four-time CEO, Miller is extraordinarily skilled at business model assessment, identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses, and developing and executing strategies that get organizations back on the right track. He has turned around four companies and has worked across numerous sectors including finance, Internet services, federal government, automotive, and the intelligence community. His successful track record has made him one of The Washington Business Journal’s “Top 12 CEOs to Watch.”

    Miller is the author of 9Lenses Insight to Action and SnapShot9: What’s Your Picture? He is a managing partner at (i)Sage and serves on the board of directors of Spotlight Ticket Management, Jobularity, and Astreya.

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      Edwin Miller, the CEO of 9Lenses, is an accomplished four-time CEO recognized as both a growth and a turnaround thought leader. His proven skills of leadership, motivation, and business model assessment and creation are demonstrated in both public and private theaters. He has successfully transformed domestic and international organizations through both organic and acquisitive means. His experiences span many different technological, horizontal, and vertical markets.

      Drawing from these experiences, he created a new and innovative framework for assessing business, which utilizes the new concept of social discovery. This concept allows business leaders to gain insight into their companies by gathering real-time information from employees at every level, and across every practice area that drives their business. He founded 9Lenses to use this framework to help companies identify, educate, and resolve all information gaps in any aspect of business.

      As a speaker, Miller specializes in high-energy presentations that motivate executive audiences about opportunities for transforming their enterprise. His presentations draw on his rural Georgia upbringing, his tenure as a four-time CEO of both public and private companies, and his experience creating high performance teams to drive innovation.

      In November 2011, Miller published the book, 9Lenses – Insight to Action: A Social Approach to Business Optimization, which is a comprehensive guide to creating a social enterprise that is fully aligned toward business goals.

      Miller serves as chairman of the Board for Callis Communications, as a board member of Spotlight Ticket Management Systems, as a managing partner of (i)SAGE and is an adjunct professor and research fellow at George Mason University.

      Miller has been active on the speaking circuit with both Vistage and the Young President’s Organization, as well as with engagements at numerous conferences on entrepreneurship, business financing, technology creation, business restructuring and corporate culture development. Venues have included Comdex, Internet World, Internet Wireless World, various Wall Street and venture capital investor conferences and eBusiness World. He has been recognized by a number of publications for his achievements including “Next 40” 2000 and “Rising Star” for the greater Washington area by Washington Business Forward magazine. He was profiled in Fast Company as a thought leader in a feature titled How to Do Business Deals in the Internet Marketplace. The Washington Business Journal named him a “Top 12 CEO to Watch” and American Venture magazine selected him as number nine of the “Top 40 under 40 Leaders in the Emerging Growth Technology Industry.”

      Miller is the 2011 Chairman of MindShare, an exclusive, invitation-only organization for CEOs of the most promising, high tech, emerging growth companies in the Washington DC metro area and is a member of Young President’s Organization.

      Miller holds a BS in Management with dual minors in French and German, graduating Cum Laude, from Liberty University, where he was also a Division I scholarship athlete and an MBA from George Washington University.

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    Edwin Miller's Speech Descriptions

    Drawing from the wealth of expertise he’s acquired turning around four major companies, Edwin Miller helps your organization connect the dots between people, insight, content, data, and software. The four-time CEO plots out a roadmap that will show you how to efficiently bring these elements together to optimize your business. A high-energy speaker, Miller will open your eyes to the numerous opportunities to spur growth and innovation in your company.

    Social Is Just Getting Started: Why Social Is On The Rise and Here To Stay
    Social technologies have generated plenty of buzz, but the enthusiasm has been mixed with skepticism about harnessing real value. In his motivational and energetic style, Mr. Miller will engage your audience in considering the rise of social technology and why Social 2.0 is revolutionizing the business world.

    Despite excitement about the theory of social, its real power is often lost in a cluttered, disorganized overload of information. In this talk Mr. Miller will share how social technology can transform overwhelming data into actionable insights. The heart of Social is technology meets design meets clarity—it is empowerment.

    What You Can Expect:

      • Learn how Social 2.0 is transforming business culture.
      • Build a sound strategy for using social technology effectively.

    Audience: This content and delivery is designed for any business leader or high impact player within an organization across all functional areas of the business.

    Managing Introverts: Why The Best Ideas Are Often Silent & How To Get Them Heard
    The best organizations have learned to listen to the people who aren't necessarily speaking the loudest. In his motivational and energetic style, Mr. Miller will engage your audience in discovering how to give a voice to the silent insights already inside their businesses.

    This talk helps leaders enable internal listening cultural structures that give a voice to the many introverts among us. These individuals often have amazing ideas but are uncomfortable giving them a voice, perceive their ideas are disregarded, or simply haven't cultivated good habits of providing input. As a leader, Edwin has learned to excel in this area and so have leaders of the best businesses in the world.

    What You Can Expect:

      • Learn how to tap into the ideas already in your organization by giving a voice to the introverts.
      • Build a successful culture of listening.

    Audience: This content and delivery is designed for any business leader or high impact player within an organization across all functional areas of the business.

    The 21st Century Challenge: Accelerating Performance and Listening
    Today’s business environment demands constant acceleration in performance and listening. Finding information is easy; getting the best information and ensuring its relevance is far from simple. What’s more, listening to that information and strategically applying it to improve performance taxes business leaders. In his motivation and energetic style, Mr. Miller will engage your audience in a keynote or offsite venue to share a vision for accelerated performance and listening in the information age.

    Organized, deliberate listening is the only way to meet the necessity of accelerating listening and performance at the same time, with fewer resources. This talk helps businesses navigate the landscape of the 21st Century and challenges businesses will face. In an increasingly competitive world, accelerated listening is key to success.

    What You Can Expect:

      • identify the tools to improve listening and gain actionable insights.
      • Improve strategy development and execution with solid grounding in timely, accurate data.

    Audience: This content and delivery is designed for any business leader or high impact player within an organization across all functional areas of the business.

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    Books by Edwin Miller:


    9Lenses Insight to Action: A Social Approach to Business Optimization
    9Lenses, a web-based social approach to assessing and optimizing a business, provides comprehensive insights into all areas of your organization. It empowers business leaders to use this data as a roadmap to drive improvements and help employees acquire the knowledge and skills to make business excellence sustainable. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or grow sales and customers, the Lenses provide the focus.

    Edwin Miller founded the company in 2011, but has been developing the 9Lenses since his first role in business in 1993. This book is about how people, insight, content, data, and software can come together to create meaningful action for a company. It represents the first truly “end-to-end,” comprehensive framework for understanding the most important aspects of businesses, and provides a dynamic blueprint for optimizing each aspect in the context of all important factors. Through the book, Edwin Miller identifies the nine key lenses that an executive needs to account for as they build successful businesses. Edwin demonstrates that when the nine lenses align, businesses successfully accelerate to the next level.

    Key Product Features:

      • Locate where the greatest opportunities and risks reside for your business.
      • Understand how all stakeholders view your business and see any gaps in alignment.
      • Empower managers to know a group, division, program, or entire business in hours, not months or years.
      • Provide a path to continuous improvement of communication, system process and education for key employees.
      • Build a road map for planning and execution, either independently or in concert with the Balanced Scorecard or another strategic planning framework.

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