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Entrepreneur and social activist Dr. Farrah Gray went from public assistance to self-made millionaire by the age of fourteen. Dr. Gray dispels fallacies about success and how to achieve it while rallying people to take on poverty and violence as a community. He is the author of Reallionaire which chronicles his complicated rise to wealth. The best-seller has been endorsed by Former President Bill Clinton, Pierre Sutton, Stedman Graham, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, and is required reading from some elementary classrooms to university business courses at Harvard and Princeton.

At age six, Dr. Gray started selling painted rocks and homemade lotions door-to-door in an effort to help his mother and their struggling inner Chicago family. At the age of eight, he co-founded the Urban Neighborhood Enterprise Economic Club in Chicago’s south side as the forerunner of the New Early Entrepreneur Wonders organization that he subsequently opened on Wall Street in New York City. The organization enlists, educates, and engages “at-risk” youth by creating and developing legal ways for them to acquire additional income. Dr. Gray raised $15,000 to start businesses by using asking for donations via a five-person policy: if the first person said no, he asked that person to introduce him to five people who might say yes.

By age 12 he’d moved to Las Vegas where he became a co-host for a local show called “Backstage Live.” This opened up the door to speaking opportunities, which brought in assets that Dr. Gray used to start a food company inspired by his grandmother’s cooking. He made his first million dollars by the age of 14.

Dr. Gray uses proceeds from his speaking engagements to fund his non-profit foundation The Dr. Farrah Gray Foundation, which helps develop entrepreneurial skills in inner city youth. It also offers grants and scholarships for at-risk young people to attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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    By age 26, Dr. Farrah Gray was already a 20-year veteran of the business world. Raised in the impoverished south side of Chicago, Dr. Gray defied the odds and became a millionaire by age 14.

    At the age of 21, he received an Honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters from Allen University. This was in recognition of his ingenious economic mind and distinguished commitment to the development of values such as leadership, integrity and scholarship. In his rise from poverty to national and international prominence as an entrepreneurial icon, pre-eminent power speaker and an international bestselling author he has inspired millions around the world.

    Dr. Gray’s first book Reallionaire was named as the #1 Essence Magazine Best-selling Nonfiction Paperback book remaining on the Essence Best-selling list for nearly three-years.

    Reallionaire was endorsed by Former President Bill Clinton, Pierre Sutton, Stedman Graham, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Reallionaire has become required reading and part of classroom study from elementary school to entrepreneurship departments on college and university campuses such as Harvard University and Princeton.

    Dr. Gray’s follow-up books Get Real, Get Rich and The Truth Shall Make You Rich are a no-holds-barred rejection of the fallacies we′ve all heard–and believed–about success and how to achieve it.

    Gray’s books have been translated into nine different languages including Russian, Korean, Indonesian and Vietnamese languages with book sales in Africa, Australia, and Europe and in Central and South America countries.

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Dr. Farrah Gray's Speech Descriptions

From Oprah Winfrey to Suze Orman, people have raved about Dr. Farrah Gray’s accomplishments and the “priceless advice” he offers. The inspiring young entrepreneur shows why upholding high standards of leadership and integrity are beneficial to everyone, including those who practice them.

Dr. Farrah Gray has been speaking publicly since he was 10-years old with a myriad of past engagements that include universities, colleges, governmental agencies, professional and nonprofit organizations, executive retreats, conferences, conventions, public and private schools.

Suggested Speaking Topics:

  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Public Service Commencement Speaker
  • Financial Literacy
  • Diversity

What People are Saying about Seeing Dr. Speak

Rating Entries


    “I know Farrah Gray and we have discussed his future. His motivation determines what he will do. His attitude determines how well he will succeed at making a difference.”
    -Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States of America

    Farrah Gray Dubbed by Oprah Winfrey as an “all-star” with “priceless advice.”
    O, The Oprah Magazine

    “Farrah Gray is the ultimate American success story. “
    Good Morning America

    “America’s Reallionaire.”
    ABC 20/20

    “We are impressed by your list of accomplishments, your enthusiasm and your optimism.”
    -Bishop T.D. Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes

    “(Farrah) I can’t imagine where you’ll be 20 years from now I hope your running for office and making this world a better place.”
    -Donny Deutsch, Host of CNBC’s THE BIG IDEA and Chairman, Deutsch, Inc.

    “Gray brings this clear cut frontal perspective to everything he does. His list of accomplishments is truly incredible.”
    -Marc H. Morial President/CEO National Urban League

    “His name is synonymous with success and triumph…and is already considered to be an entrepreneurial icon, business mogul and best selling author.”
    Ebony Magazine

    “You are just the best & the real thing.”
    -Suze Orman, New York Times Bestselling Author

    “Indeed, you are making it happen.”
    -Stedman Graham

    “Farrah Gray: acclaimed entrepreneur shows how to chart your own path to financial freedom.”
    -Jet Magazine

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Books by Dr. Farrah Gray:

    Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out

    A remarkable teenager who went from public assistance to a million dollar net worth shares his story and offers 9 key principles to success.

    Farrah Gray is no ordinary teenager. He wears a suit and tie; he has an office on Wall Street and another one in Los Angeles . . . and he sold his first business at the age of 14 for more than a million dollars. He invested that money in a partnership with Inner City Broadcasting, one of the most prominent African-American owned businesses in the country, and now is heading the relaunch of their signature magazine, InnerCity. According to People magazine, Farrah is the only African-American teenager to rise from public assistance to a business mogul without being in entertainment or having a family connection.

    Reallionaire tells Farrah′s extraordinary and touching story. When he was just six, Farrah′s mother became seriously ill, prompting his decision to provide for this family, and he spent the first $50 he ever made taking them for a real sit-down dinner. At the age of eight, he founded his first business club. By fourteen, with a million dollars in his pocket, Farrah was well on his way to business success.

    Each stage of Farrah′s progress is marked by one of the principles of success he learned along the way, creating not just an extraordinary story but also a step-by-step primer for others to create success in their own lives with honor; charity and compassion.

    In the tradition of great motivators and leaders, this is both an instructional book and a story to inspire others to live life to the fullest. And readers don′t have to be interested in business to enjoy it. In fact, Farrah is a role model for everyone.

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    Get Real, Get Rich: Conquer the 7 Lies Blocking You from Success

    Raised in the impoverished South Side of Chicago, Farrah Gray defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire by the age of fourteen. His success is due, in part, to his emphatic rejection of the most pervasive lies about what it takes to succeed. In Get Real, Get Rich, Dr. Gray debunks seven common myths that people perceive as barriers to achieving their goals, in chapters such as The Born Lucky Lie, The Money Lie, and The Work Hard Lie. Listeners are presented with a new way to think about the road to wealth, as well as practical strategies they can use to propel themselves toward success.

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    The Truth Shall Make You Rich: The New Road Map to Radical Prosperity

    The bestselling author of Reallionaire challenges common misconceptions about success and lays out the road map to a richer life

    Raised in the impoverished south side of Chicago, Farrah Gray defied the odds and became a millionaire by age fourteen. He was the youngest person to have an office on Wall Street, and the youngest to receive an honorary doctorate. Now, at 24, he is an inspiration to millions and the bestselling author of Reallionaire, #1 Essence Bestseller.

    In The Truth Shall Make You Rich, Gray shares the secret to his success: an emphatic rejection of the seven fallacies most people believe about money and success: the Born Lucky Lie, the Celebrity Lie, the Money Lie, the Debt Lie, the Google and Gates Lie, the Wall Street Lie, and the Work-Hard Lie. By revealing the truth behind the myths, Gray empowers readers to blaze their own paths and make their own millions.

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