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Inspiring millions with his journey from remedial reading classes to a PhD in engineering, Dr. Calvin Mackie is an internationally admired motivational speaker. The inventor, entrepreneur, and prominent African-American community leader is an advocate in the areas of STEM education; the mentoring, training, and promotion of African American males; and rectifying the communities that have been damaged by Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill.

Dr. Mackie served on the Tulane University faculty from 1996-2007, where he received tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2002. His eleven-year academic career ended in June 2007, when Tulane University disbanded the engineering school in response to financial hardship induced by Hurricane Katrina. Mackie founded the personal development and educational consulting firm, Channel ZerO Group, in 1992 and co-founded an alternative energy company, Golden Leaf Energy, in 2009, where he currently serves as senior vice-president.

A New Orleans native, Dr. Mackie has been an outspoken voice in the recovery of his community. Appointed by former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco to the board of the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA) – the guiding agency to lead the state’s rebuilding efforts – he served selflessly for two years, working hard to construct change in his region. He is featured in Spike Lee’s HBO Katrina documentary, When The Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Parts (HBO 2006), and its successor If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don′t Rise (HBO 2010).

As the chair of the board of the Louisiana Council on the Social Status of Black Boys and Black Men, he is working to level playing fields, rid social and economical barriers that persist in the black community, and publicize ignored inequalities that are stopping the nation’s minority’s ability to reach their full potential. As the founder of STEM NOLA, he helps local youth unleash their greatness and transcend personal and societal barriers by exposing, inspiring and engaging them in STEM-based activities and opportunities.

In addition to speaking at numerous Fortune 500s, Dr. Mackie has addressed the National School Board Association, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Science Foundation (NSF) and is a frequent speaker at national teacher trainings, school districts, mentoring and technical development conferences.

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      • Dr. Calvin Mackie’s life is living proof of the well-known phrase: “it doesn’t matter where you come from, only where you are headed.” Growing up, Calvin spent most of his summers catching up in school in remedial math classes. Today, the Presidential Award-winning, Ph.D.-possessing, electrifying speaker just presented his latest speech to the National Society of Black Engineers, sponsored by Walmart. Dr. Mackie knows that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve a dream and with a fierce determination he shows his audiences how to do the same.

    Having conquered the platforms of Coca-Cola Company, DuPont, NASA, and MIT, Dr. Mackie is an excellent speaker to add to your line-up. For ten years, Dr. Mackie has spoken in front of Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, civic and educational institutions, and international conferences.

    His keynote speeches address intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development, mentoring colleagues to bring value to both parties, the importance of education to reach your full potential, and identifying and overcoming obstacles in the workplace to be more productive and profitable.

    Mackie’s relationship with his audience transcends race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and age. Possessing instant social, political, cultural, and technical credibility, Mackie was featured in Spike Lee’s HBO Katrina documentary, When The Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Parts (HBO 2006), and it′s successor If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don′t Rise (HBO 2010).

    Author of the best selling A View from the Roof: Lessons for Life and Business, Dr. Mackie founded Channel ZerO, an educational and motivational consulting firm. He enjoyed a successful career in academia as an engineering professor at Tulane University and the University of Michigan before focusing his career on consulting and professional speaking.

    His speaking programs guarantee intelligent decision making, ensure personal and professional excellence, and allow entire organizations to buy-in to the objectives of the management teams.

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Dr. Calvin Mackie's Speech Descriptions

Calvin Mackie has an electrifying presentation style that enables him to motivate others to take decisive action. If your company or organization requires an inspirational opening or thought provoking closing, Calvin can deliver the message and unify your employees in furtherance of a common theme or mission. He has presented to Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, trade associations, government agencies, colleges and universities, and international conferences.

Dr. Mackie has the unique ability to connect with his audience in a way that rallies the workforce and creates buy-in for the common objectives of the management team. He works with your leadership group to create alignment on the issues in your company that require a renewed commitment or a new direction. He brings an extraordinary perspective to sales and marketing meetings and can rev up the energy so that the entire team is focused on hitting their goals. His engineering background allows him to have a special rapport with more technical staff members who can connect with his thinking and draw inspiration from his charismatic approach.

    Calvin’s keynote presentations and workshops address the following issues:

    • Developing an internal framework to make intelligent decisions in the workplace
    • Integrating intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development to become a good corporate citizen
    • Synchronizing personal greatness to achieve professional excellence
    • Overcoming obstacles and confronting adversity to enhance career effectiveness
    • Building profitable relationships to emerge on the leadership track
    • Mentoring colleagues to bring value to the organization

    Programs Include:

    LIFE is for the Living: Choosing to Live a More Fulfilling Life of Purpose

    Learn the 6 lessons of LIFE (Living Intelligently For Ever) that can lead to intellectual, spiritual, and emotional stimulation.

    The Uninhibited Powers: Realizing Your True Potential

    Learn to identify at-risk behavior and situations using the EAT (Education, Attitude, Timing) and RAP (Respect, Accountability, and Productivity) theories of success.

    The Uninhibited Power of SEX

    Learn to improve relationships at home, at work, or at school using the
    Something Extra theory of success.

    Free Willie: Identifying and Unleashing Your Innate Abilities

    Learn why education is the only tool or mechanism you can use to create a free and fulfilling life in a diverse and dynamic world.

    Save the Cheetah Cubs: Defining and Defeating External and Internal Competitors

    Learn to confront and resolve the self-defeating attitudes (fear, greed, and ignorance) that rob individuals of everyday happiness.

    Effective Mentoring: Developing an Effective Mentoring/Protégé Relationship

    Learn the mentoring methodology that can help others become productive and effective members of your organization.

What People are Saying about Seeing Dr. Speak

Rating Entries

    “Your story wasn′t prepared from a cookie-cutter handbook of how to give politically-correct speeches. This speech was real. I returned to Michigan State with a whole new mindset.”
    Gerald Dejean,
    Microsoft Corporation

    “Your message was funny, inspirational and spiritual. You helped all of us realize that by getting in touch with our inner being, we have the potential to be the best that we can be, that we must all have a dream and strive to fulfill that dream no matter what obstacles get in our way.”
    Sharon M. Ford,

    “Your impact on our group and our deliberations was immediately felt. The inspiration from your personal struggles and success left us all energized to better leverage our collective wisdom, knowledge, and influence.”
    K.B. Robinson,
    Proctor & Gamble

    “Dr. Mackie is a very special person… a very powerful message… very important to us today… and very important in the future.”
    Chad Holliday, Jr.,
    former President and CEO of Dupont

    “I firmly believe you have only touched the tip of your potential. You message seems to uplift without absolving us of our responsibility.”
    Corporate Representative

    “I got a copy of your Success Manifesto. Its simple and powerful guidelines have been a significant part of how I shape my life. I also look at it as a great responsibility to hopefully instill positive change, which I am eager to assume. I just wanted you to know that your life and your words have inspired and will continue to inspire me as I continue writing my own life story and painting my own life mural wherever the setting may be. I felt compelled to let you know
    how influential and significant your words are to young people like myself. Moreover and most importantly, they have provided me with a plan and drive for action.”
    Daniel Amanio,
    Rhodes Scholar

    Selected Clients:

    Bell South
    Coca-Cola Company
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    Ernst & Young LLP
    Ford Motor Company
    General Electric
    Johnson & Johnson
    McDonald′s Corporation
    National Nuclear Security Agency
    Proctor & Gamble
    Quest Diagnostic
    Sears Credit Corporation
    Shell Chemical (Norco)
    US Army
    US Department of Defense
    US Department of Energy
    US Intelligence Community
    Army Research Laboratory
    Central Intelligence Agency
    National Science Foundation
    100 Black Men of America, Inc.
    American Federation of School Administrators
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    Council of African American Parents
    The College Board
    National Society of Black Engineers
    America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc.
    Kuwait University
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Cornell University
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Georgia State University
    John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
    Michigan State University
    Michigan Tech University
    Mississippi State University
    Morehouse College
    Ohio State University
    Purdue University
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Syracuse University
    Tulane University
    University of New Orleans
    “Stop the Violence – Start the Healing,” Grand Rapids, MI
    Christian Bible Fellowship Church
    Greater St. Mary’s Baptist Church
    New Hope Baptist Church
    Striving for Perfection Ministries
    Zion Hill Baptist Church

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Books by Dr. Calvin Mackie:

    View from the Roof: Lessons for Life and Business

    A university professor. A restaurateur. A Hollywood leading man. The Mackie Men of New Orleans have made success a family tradition. In A View from the Roof, Presidential Award-winning speaker Dr. Calvin Mackie reveals just how they did it. Through a slideshow of poignant stories involving the Mackie brothers′ tough-as-nails roofer dad Willie, readers will learn the hands-on, humorous lessons that propelled Calvin and his brothers to the top of their professions. From the hot gable rooftops of New Orleans to the set of a Spike Lee film, this book will leave readers with a view they′ll always remember.

    Order Here

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