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CEO, Health & Healthcare, Healthcare Management, Patient Safety

Travels from Washington, USA

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Brian Wong, MD, MPH, CEO

As a nationally recognized “organizational diagnostician,” and CEO of The Bedside Trust, Dr. Brian Wong helps organizations generate relational answers to operational problems. He’s spent the last ten years guiding diverse hospitals in bringing about cultural changes by introducing, illustrating and implementing shifts in thinking about how they interface and solve their challenges together.

On his journey from Family Practice Physician to Medical Director and Board Member, Dr. Wong saw a common denominator in every facility he worked, regardless of size or emphasis… they all lacked the relational tools needed to function at optimal level and best serve their patients. In 2007, he co-founded The Bedside Trust as a vehicle to bring about change to a struggling industry.

Whether speaking to groups, or working as a consultant addressing quality issues, poor physician staff relations, lack of traction and buy-in for initiatives… whatever issue specifically challenges organizations… Dr. Wong approaches every interaction as a personalized problem solving session. His T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Colleague Practice™ (TCP) supplies the tools and guidance needed to engage your workforce in their roles, ensuring everyone shows up as determined leaders with more capacity to do their jobs.

When addressing audiences or partnering with organizations, Dr. Wong’s process includes:

      • •  Analyzing and determining an organization’s current challenges.
      • •  Uncovering what its current state costs an organization.
      • •  Learning how to determine the root cause of an organizations problems and the concept of “Community Intelligence,” as a solution.
      • •  Supplying the clarity and wherewithal to distinguish between symptomatic organizational issues and foundational problems… and securing the understanding and experience to develop curative countermeasures.
      • •  Designing programs to implement the countermeasures.

This interactive, customized approach helps clients and audiences achieve role clarity and a “root cause awareness” leading to significantly greater engagement and the desire to improve and evolve work environments. Dr. Wong’s TCP defines and improves leadership by giving your workforce the relational skills needed to organize and solve problems collectively.

Known as a national authority on designing and improving healthcare, Dr. Wong assists all levels of an organization to become adept at recognizing and curing their own foundational problems. He helps to create self-reliant diagnosticians and problem solvers in every hospital he partners with, resulting in a newfound Community Intelligence driven team, fully focused on the patient.

His speeches, workshops, executive retreats and consults come from firsthand experiences as a physician and executive… and goes to the heart of what ails our industry.

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Dr. Brian Wong's Speech Descriptions

    Every organization has different needs and challenges, so we drill down on yours and tailor interactive sessions that connect how we lead to what matters most to patients, while specifically designing a daily practice that produces immediate results. Some of the key issues we address:

    • Patient Safety
    • Quality
    • Service Excellence
    • Physician Hospital Relations
    • Process Improvement/Throughput Effectiveness
    • Cultural and Organizational Design.

    Where Does Patient Safety Begin? Earning Trust By Becoming Patient Driven Leaders

    Connecting how you lead to what matters most to patients...

    To build patient trust and overcome your organizational challenges, your leadership team needs to realize their roles as team members. Along with leadership, everyone in the organization requires straightforward, essential leadership and business skills that deliver the perspective that their roles greatly affect how they can best serve their patients.

    Together, we′ll use our Operational Work-up™ to:

    • Analyze and determine our foremost patient care challenges.
    • Uncover what our current state costs our patients.
    • Learning how to determine the root cause of our safety challenges and the concept of "Community Intelligence," as an organizational solution.
    • Supplying the clarity and wherewithal to distinguish between symptomatic safety issues and foundational problems...and securing the understanding and experience to develop curative countermeasures.
    • Identifying the structure needed to ensure countermeasure effectiveness.

    Your leadership team/physicians will acquire substantive knowledge and buy-in for the relationship between role and job, and understand that gaining patient trust depends on instituting this knowledge organization-wide, and that patient trust is the first step to improving patient safety. Physicians and leaders will fully understand their roles by learning how to function as T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Colleagues.

    This interactive demonstration will leave you with applicable knowledge to bring back and implement in your community. Our sessions go a step further by providing you with a web/phone based follow-up forum to help ensure implementation.

What People are Saying about Seeing Dr. Speak

Rating Entries

    “Excellent speaker. Standing ovation very deserved. I did not even notice the time passing.” — CEO

    “A very powerful message and speaker. Please invite him back!” — Patient Relations Officer

    “He has inspired me to look at myself and then go and teach my staff. This was a wonderful presentation.” — Administrative Director

    “Excellent. The importance of self reflection cannot be overstated. If you want one, be one! Motivating presentation. How to get past the negativity and resistance. Give it a try!” — Chief Human Resource Officer

    “Wow. Great presentation. I will definitely use with my leadership team. Made this conference very worthwhile.” — CNO

    “Fabulous presenter. I am going to set up an LDI around what he presented.” — Director, Patient Relations

    “Brian, Thank you for humbling each of us. I will promise to take your message back home and share this with all. Mostly, I will work harder to avoid my soul from becoming sick.” — Manager of Customer Relations

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