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  • Known internationally as one of the best athletes of his generation, Derek Jeter broke record after record during his 20 years as the New York Yankees’ shortstop.

  • Jeter is credited for leading the Yankees to an unprecedented era of success through his consistent work ethic and practice of taking full accountability and responsibility 100% of the time.

  • Jeter’s insights on performing and leading in high stakes environments are easily translatable to executives and managers in any industry.

  • One of the most famous athletes of his generation, Derek Jeter’s name is synonymous with “baseball” worldwide. While the retired Yankees shortstop holds a long list of records and accolades, he is ultimately respected and beloved for his winning attitude, hard work, and team-oriented mindset.

    Jeter played his entire major league baseball career for the New York Yankees, and is credited for reinvigorating the team’s performance and popularity from the 1990s onward. He had been a die-hard fan of the team since childhood, attending their games with his grandfather who lived in New Jersey. Jeter was inspired by them to take up baseball and later, drafted by the Yankees out of high school. Though he struggled his first three years playing on their minor league Tampa team, he worked relentlessly to improve one skill at a time, and debuted in the major league in 1995, going on to earn “Rookie of the Year” and lead his team to the 1996 World Series victory the following season.

    Some of Jeter’s honors and accomplishments include five World Series Championships; the Yankee record number of hits, games played, bases stolen, and doubles; 14 All-Star selections; and 5 Gold Glove Awards. His consistency, likeability, and work ethic made him a sought-out spokesperson, securing him contracts with Nike, Gatorade,Fleet Bank, Ford, VISA, Discover Card, Gillette, and Skippy.

    Jeter’s number was retired by the Yankees in 2017, a few years after his final game in 2014. He is currently the CEO and partial owner of the Miami Marlins. He is the founder of the Turn 2 Foundation, which has been working to help youth stay off drugs and succeed academically since 1996.

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      Derek Jeter is a living legend. During his 20-year career with the New York Yankees he led the Bronx Bombers to five World Series titles and an unprecedented 17 postseason appearances. Although his focus was solely on team success during his career, he managed to rack up an impressive collection of individual honors, including being named the 1996 Rookie of the Year, five Gold Glove Awards and Silver Slugger Awards at shortstop, two Hank Aaron Awards, and 14 American League All-Star selections. His most cherished individual honor however would be being named the New York Yankees captain in 2003.

      A sure fire first ballot hall of famer, Derek Jeter collected 3,465 hits, 1,311 RBI and a .310 career batting average while playing for the Yankees, and set many MLB postseason and World Series records. Beloved by all baseball fans, he was highly respected for how he conducted himself both on and off the field during a long career in one of the most intense media markets. Since his retirement in 2014 he’s remained active in the sports world, launching a new venture called The Players’ Tribune, which allows athletes and fans to connect in ways they never have before, essentially creating a new avenue for athletes to have a voice on issues that matte to them most.

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    Retired star athlete, Derek Jeter imparts key advice on how to lead and perform under pressure. As one of baseball’s most famous names, he had to physically and mentally keep himself and his team focused and ready for anything while constantly in the spotlight. Offering a rare behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs of his high profile career with the Yankees, Jeter keeps audiences sucked in as he delivers sound wisdom that any business leader or manager can apply to their own team, whether they need to get employees on board with a major change or rally them after a down point to refocus and prepare for “the next game.”

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