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Derek Daly Profile

  • Hall of Fame Race Car Driver and award winning leader in motor sports and entertainment.

  • CEO and founder of MotorVation, a unique provider of consulting and experiential learning solutions.

  • Best selling author of book Race to Win: The 7 Essential Skills of the Complete Champion.

  • Provides audiences with championship insights that can be directly applied to company leadership.
  • Derek Daly has had an extraordinary career in motor racing, both behind the wheel and behind the microphone. From the age of twelve he determined that he was going to be a professional race driver, and since that time he has never let anything get in the way of achieving his dreams.

    It would take a book to list Derek’s achievements in motorsport; in 1978 he began racing in the Formula One world championship and within two years he was in the top ten in the world. In 1983 he began racing in the Indianapolis 500, an event he was to enter five more times. In 1984 he crashed at 212 mph at Michigan International Speedway; fourteen surgeries and three years of therapy were not enough to slow him down. He returned to motor racing and won the 12 Hours of Sebring, one of the USA’s most prestigious endurance races, two years in a row.

    Whilst recovering Derek began working with ESPN as a color analyst, and today he is regarded as the face of motorsport. He has made appearances on NBC, CBS, Fox and Speed Channel, and Moet & Chandon honored him with the Joules Goux award for outstanding contributions to the presentation of motor sport on television.

    Derek Daly’s Performance Driving Academy was described by Motortrend Magazine as “The best driving school in America.” In addition to his driving school, Derek is the CEO and founder of MotorVation, a company providing consulting and learning solutions. At the core of the company’s ethos is the belief that the lessons of teamwork and emotional engagement found in motorsports parallel the lessons which business in corporate America needs to learn.

    Derek’s inspirational book, Race To Win: How to Become a Complete Champion was described by the Irish Times has a “future classic.” His thrilling presentations have motivated teams at Xerox, Bayer, Deloitte, Growmark, USDA and Gallo Wines amongst many others.

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      Formula 1 and Indy Driver, Master of Fast, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, International Racing Champion

      Driving Legend Derek Daly is the epitome of the complete champion. From Victory Circle to the Announcer’s Desk, Hall of Fame Race Car Driver and Network Television Color Analyst Daly has spent nearly three decades as the face of the motorsport world.

      Derek Daly’s professional racing career spanned 17 years, and his experiences are nothing short of breathtaking. Daly’s story is one that precious few have lived to tell. In 1984, Derek suffered one of the hardest crash impacts that a driver had ever survived when he hit the wall at Michigan International Speedway at 212 MPH. After fourteen surgeries and three years in therapy, he returned to full-time racing. He competed in the 12 Hours of Sebring – one of the premier motorsport endurance races in the US – and won the race two years in a row.

      Born in Dublin, Ireland to a middle class working family, Derek’s career path was set at the age of twelve when he attended his first auto race. From that moment, his commitment to the dream of being a professional driver was unshakeable. On the way to his dream he worked as a laborer in the iron ore mines of Australia and, while travelling the race tracks of England, even took up residence in a school bus.

      His dreams became reality when he won Irish, British and European championship events. In 1978, he competed in the highest class of auto racing at the Formula One World Championship, and two short years later Derek was ranked 10th in the world. In 1983 he made his first of six starts in the Indianapolis 500.

      In 1985 Derek started a 10 year association with ESPN as a motor sport color analyst. Since then he’s become the face of motor sports, seen on NBC, CBS, Fox and Speed Channel. USA Today highlighted Derek as “the best new face on sports television” and IndyCar Racing magazine voted Derek “the most popular motor sports television announcer.”

      Moet & Chandon champagne awarded Derek the Joules Goux Award for his outstanding contributions to motor sports television. He was later nominated for ESPN’s Ace Award, and Derek received the 2000 Hall of Fame Award from “Motor Sport Ireland” for his leadership of Irish motor sport.

      Derek became the “voice” of motor sports when Electronic Arts signed him to be the voice of the Andretti Racing high-tech video game. MotorTrend Magazine voted the Derek Daly Performance Driving Academy as “the best driving school in America”. The school boasts title of the most advanced driver training / racing school in the USA, and even hit the big screen when Sylvester Stallone chose Derek’s program for his own race driving preparation for the film “Driven”. Robin Yount, Pete Sampras, Aerosmith, John Oates and Vin Diesel have also have attended the academy’s world-class driving programs.

      Derek Daly is CEO and founder of MotorVation, a unique provider of consulting and learning solutions. Three core beliefs of the drive the company:

        Belief #1: In most team sports, individual brilliance is often the difference between success and failure. In motor sports, individual brilliance has never rooted success.

      Belief #2: To enable people to change their belief systems and subsequently their behavior, it is imperative to emotionally engage them.

      Belief #3: The business of motor sports uniquely parallels the business of corporate America.

      Derek literally wrote the book on how to become a ‘complete champion’. Race To Win was heralded a “future classic” by the Irish Times. Friend, former race competitor and international auto racing superstar Mario Andretti contributed the foreword: “Derek’s book teaches lessons it took guys like me years to learn. Quite honestly, I believe the advice in this book resonates far beyond the racing industry.”

      Using his hallmark “Four Factors of Fast” presentations, Derek has taught the timeless principles of his most valuable asset – speed. Companies like Xerox, Bayer, Deloitte, Growmark, USDA and Gallo wines have depended on Derek’s Complete Champion Model to motivate, inspire and enlighten their teams.

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    Derek Daly's Speech Descriptions

    Derek Daly takes his extraordinary experiences in motor racing and relates them to the business world. With practical analogies from the world of sport and a wicked sense of humor, he shows you how to maximize your performance level to start behaving like a champion.

    A motor racing team requires multiple leaders; all of them working at the top of their game, if it is to succeed. Derek Daly explains just what leaders need to take the chequered flag; a combination of brilliance, innovation, resilience and belief. Derek will help you to realize how your team can make those tweaks to their performance gains that will let them ahead of the opposition.

    Culture of Extraordinary: How to shift from Good2Great2Extraordinary

    Remember Good to Great back in the 90’s? Today, it has shifted from Great to Extraordinary. Align this
    platform with the right culture, and your team can develop something truly unique; a Culture of
    Extraordinary. Imagine your team learning how to think and act differently as they push themselves to
    the edges and boundaries of what might be possible. Your team will embrace what it means to go
    beyond their best. Derek uses powerful, real-life sports analogies in a unique, compelling and often
    hilarious manner that leaves audiences in awe. Even the US Government DoD enjoyed this topic.

    The Speed of Wow: How Fast Can You Get Fast?

    If the speed of your business continues to increase in the next 10 years, ask yourself; How Fast can you
    get Fast?  Derek takes your team down the success road to understand the critical difference between
    going fast and being fast. They will grasp how Trust and Preparation become the cornerstones of
    teams who push against boundaries. They will learn how to achieve trailblazing performance and
    understand why corporations sometimes struggle to emulate these valuable traits. This topic has
    energized both male and female audiences from California to the Czech Republic.

    S.A.F.E.: The Crucial balance between Safety with Speed

    Having survived the hardest crash impact a driver had ever survived, Derek shares his near death
    experience that led to a safety initiative in racing that continues today. Your team will learn how his sport
    continues to develop the safest high performance equipment and work environments; that has literally
    saved lives. Understanding this will empower your front line employees to make quick decisions, with
    limited information, in compressed time frames. You will understand that Compliance does not replace
    Responsibility. Learn how your team can make critical performance gains by embracing intelligent
    risks, as it activates its own S.A.F.E. model (Speed, Agility, Framework, Execution). No one remains
    emotionally neutral as they grasp his breathtaking global experiences.

    What People are Saying about Seeing Derek Speak

    Rating Entries

    “From the first time we spoke, I was completely convinced that Derek was the right choice. He was engaged, enthusiastic, completely on point and well prepared. He interpreted well where we are at a company and how to convey the message of leveraging speed to your advantage in today′s business environment… He was exceptionally well prepared, passionate, succinct, illustrative and entertaining and the team was riveted. They are still talking about it today, two days later. I have worked with many professional keynote speakers in my years of leading national sales meetings and have rarely come across someone as exceptional as Derek. I would highly recommend him to other organizations looking to take their business to the next level and create a winning culture.”
    Holly Rush, Senior VP Sales, Luxottica USA

    “…. a wonderful job …a unique approach to how people look at developing their business…..”

    –Robert Chambers, Market Coordinator, Accelerent

    “…feedback from the sales team has been terrific….”

    –Scott Dorsey, CEO Exact Target

    “…you were fantastic…. such great feedback….”

    –Giinger Kreill, Life Sciences, Deloitte

    “…everyone loved him….you have a real winner with him.”

    –Kevin Hamilton, Vice President, Xerox

    “…one of the most motivational speeches I have ever heard…”

    –Scott A. Goorland, Director, Florida Power & Light Company

    “Your keynote was a topic of conversation for the remainder of the two-day investigation symposium. Your name is already spreading through Abbott Labs.”

    -Yvonne Burke, Program Manager, Management Controls..Abbott Labs

    “…a joy to work with and I would not hesitate to refer or recommend him to any group…”

    –Joel Dandria Executive VP, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

    “Please accept a specially engraved Rolex GMT Perpetual timepiece as an extra token of appreciation and gratitude…”

    –Roland Puton, President & CEO, Rolex Watch USA, INC.

    “…a pleasure for me and all of my team having you with us in Argentina…. feedback was VERY positive as evidenced by the standing ovation…”

    –Rogerio Vivaldi, Vice President and General Manager, Genzyme

    “…a great focal point for our event and he delivered the energetic, on-topic and entertaining message we desired for our audience.”

    –Brian Mollett, Motorola

    “…I’m honoured to have heard you….on the edge of my seat the entire time…”

    –Ron King .Mechanical Contractors Assoc of America.

    Partial Client List:

    US Government Department of Defense
    Federal Reserve Bank
    Bank One
    Frito Lay
    Association of Legal Administrators
    City of Indianapolis
    Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau
    Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
    Florida Municipal Electric Association
    Kimbell Office
    Gallo Wines
    Precision Machined Parts Association (PMPA)
    Mechanical Contractors Association of America
    Readymix Concrete
    Valspar Paint
    Dental Labs of America
    Penske Automotive
    Syngenta Biotech
    Caesars Palace
    Zurich Insurance
    Sate Farm Insurance
    First Energy

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    Books by Derek Daly:

    Race to Win

    In Race to Win, Derek Daly draws upon his experiences as a former F1 driver, broadcast television announcer, and motivational speaker to explain the 7 essential skills of the Complete Champion.

    Now in its 2nd Edition, Race to Win has been revised and updated to include examples and insight on current drivers such s Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Race to Win offers valuable analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of racing legends such as Michael Schumacher, Mario Andretti, Ayrton Senna and Jimmie Johnson. Daly also provides a comprehensive understanding of the qualities that separate the best drivers from the rest.

    Daly provides a simple formula for success with his Champion’s Pyramid – a seven- component construct which lists and ranks the qualities necessary for the best drivers to win consistently, on any team, with any car, and on any track. Race to Win provides insight that hardcore fans will devour. The book is also a pragmatic guide for up and coming drivers, coaches, and team managers. Beyond that, the knowledge in this book applies to every individual with the desire to develop themselves into a champion, be it in racing, business, or life.

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